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For years, after the ICI Central Choir music touched our hearts, we haven't had many good gospel choir. Take a look at the latest EFCI Saikot District Choir's music video and let us know your opinion.

Saikot District Choir, EFCI

Hla: Siemtu Hrezing (We, at INPUI, love to hear this song over and over again. The tune is after
'When He Blessed My Soul' performed by the Gaither Vocal Band, Kim Hopper, TaRanda Greene and others at the their Rocky Mountain Homecoming concert. Their video is also given below for you. Enjoy!)

Hla: Harsatna Hmel Hmunah (This video is....similar... to....??? )

Note: The videos are not hosted by INPUI. Source: Lalremlien and TheHoppersFan on Youtube.com

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  1. An va hang thiem ngei. A phani hni hin an thiem ve ve. Pasal e ti lo chun ka mit a hnawng tawp.

    Cheers to EFCI choir and everyone.


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