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INPUI is featuring a series of poems under the title "INSIDE MY HEAD" by Andy Lalfakzuala Varte, who has made "some frail attempts" but is "brimming with life..." Andy loves to write on anything that comes to his 'restless' mind and we do appreciate that some Hmar-Mizo bloggers are still weaving their feelings with words and in style.

Here's the first one in the series (You'll love it).

Have You Seen My Heart?

Have you seen my heart?
It was gone the moment you left.
As you turned you tore it apart,
And now I'm here sad and bereft.

Have you seen my heart?
I can't find it though I try.
I try to move on and play my part,
But all I do is live another lie.

Have you seen my heart?
Without it I am weak and frail;
The skies turn grey and then I start
Calling your name but to no avail.

Have you seen my heart?
Last I knew it was with you;
Bleeding as you chose to depart
The life we had for something new.

Have you seen my heart?
Heartless I die a bit more,
With every sunset that seems to impart
A longing to see you once more.

Have you seen my heart?
I pray one day you give it back,
For it still beats though we are apart;
Bleeding to keep our love intact.

Have you seen my heart?
I sit and wait beside your door;
Praying that you'll have a change of heart,
And together we'll be forevermore.

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  1. Love your style Andy. Hope you find the keeper of your heart soon :)


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