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TUITHRAPHAI, Ccpur, July 6: The Hmar Students Association, Churachandpur Jt Headquarters has issued a statement condemning what it termed "intimidating civilians" and "threatening" of Pu Tlangmawi of Sielmat village by "unknown miscreants".

On 3th July, 2009 at about 9:15 pm Pu Tlangmawi, was "threatened at gunpoint" and later the 'miscreants' fired their guns in the air which frightened women and children.

"We condemned the perpetrators for intimidating innocent civilians and we expect that this kind of incident will not be repeated in future," said the student's statement released in the name of its General Secretary Joseph Sailo.

Sources told INPUI that Pu Tlangmawi was let off "unharmed" after Sielmat village authorities pleaded with the "miscreants".

The exact cause of the incident is not yet known.

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  1. Zawng ruol, mi pawisa demand ching hai popo hi pul vawng raw hai se

  2. vawk hri (swine flu) attack sien


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