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The 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson’s funeral will be broadcast live on television and over the internet on Tuesday (July 7, 2009 ) at 10.00 a.m (US time) (8.30 p.m Indian Standard Time) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. For online audience a number of legitimate live feeds will be available but may be difficult to access.

There are already talks a new security threat for those planning to watch the funeral online. You should be aware of bogus website claims. Some of these could even hacked into your system for online fraud.
Following are some of the websites that will live-stream Michael Jackson's memorial service at Los Angeles's Staple Center. The event will begin at 9:30 a.m. PST, 12:30 p.m. EST, 8.30 pm Indian Standard Time
Update: Sites airing the service are:

Before, googling on your own to get a live feed of Michael Jackson's funeral, event photos, video or news – or to avoid Internet use problems – follow these tips:

-- Conduct important transactions online on Monday – or defer to Wednesday –to best avoid Internet congestion problems related to the event.

--Look at the domain name before clicking on a link. Stick with established sources, be it CNN, TMZ or Examiner to best avoid spyware and bait-and-switch website techniques.

-- Prepare for popular websites hosting funeral video and live feeds to be inaccessible temporarily. YouTube videos, for instance, may be slow to load. Try again rather than clicking on random sites haphazardly.

-- Get the facts on the Michael Jackson funeral and related memorials in advance. As mentioned, the Michael Jackson funeral is to be held at the Staples Center with a live televised feed expected at the Nokia Theater. Some websites may have domain names with similar spellings or play off the Michael Jackson name. Look for “Official“ websites via a search engine.

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