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This song was one of the most popular Hmar songs in 2006-2007. Sang by Pu Lalthankung F Tusing and with direction from Tv Laltlansang Pulamte, it created quite a sensation in Churachandpur district of Manipur and elsewhere.

[Note: This video is only for promotional purpose of the music album]
A saktuhai: Pu Lalthankung F Tusing le Hmangaizo
Hla umzat: 10
Aman: Rs 150
A Rimawi remtu: Ramchullo
A Direktor:
Laltlansang Pulamte
A Kum: 2006

There are 10 songs in this music video album, all of which are creatively composed and picturised. The songs are:
1. A Thlawnin
2. Saltha VR Buongpui
3. Hmangai nunnem
4. Suilung an leng vawng vawng
5. Tuonsin
6. Kanghling (in today's terminology this song is the 'hottest' of all)
7. Hlimlaini par angin vulnawk sien
8. Huivate
9. Kum kha le chen
10. Kan vai duthu rieng sam in

If you want a copy please contact Ruolngul Records, Tuithaphai or Pu Lalthankung Tusing himself. This album is a must have.

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  1. If this was one of the popular Hmar songs, I wonder what the 'unpopular' ones sounded like. :)

  2. This song may not be that good but it was very popular indeed. I think one need to understand the difference between 'popular' and 'good'. Not all popular songs are good and vice-versa. Even kids in Shillong hummed without caring much about the quality of the music. From an entertainment point of view, this song, particularly, the video is a major attraction. I'm sure you many people will watched the entire video even as you may be a bit cynical.

    Let's try to differentiate between popular music and good music. :)


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