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Tuolte Vanglai a...

Tuol vang lwm2 ch chawrsawngah ngwt an inchawm thla hlak!Frm Chonga

2. Pa pa1 hi phaia inzin a tuma,a nau han Pa bodis& smiss mi hungphur pek raw an ti ch Bak ding ngwt ngaituo nw ro ti'n a dwn :) Vula

3. Dungsangpa chu a lusip a ban phak nwh-Josh,HKL

4. Bal takpa ch a zuk insil a coat,twnzau,kamis,le dg2 an dwk truk2-Joshua,Sielmat

5. Tiksie pa chu a in a kang a fire brigade hai a miss call thuoi!T2, Rengkai

[Note: Tuolte Vanglai/Tuolte Tales are taken from the '1st Tuolte Vanglai Competition, 2008' organised by 'Hmars' free SMS service (Inpui admin)]

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