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The proposed Tipaimukh dam is in the news again. The Govt of India and Govt of Manipur are hellbent on implementing this project at the earliest . People in Bangladesh have taken a strong stand against the proposed multi-purpose dam, which activists say will be the largest dam in Asia, when completed. Sinlung Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Organisation(SIPHRO) is also doing its best to highlight the nature of Tipaimukh dam and its impending effects by holding seminars in Churachandpur.

Today, I would like to share with you a video which my former professor (who is an activist) gave me a a few days back. Take a look at it and by the time you reach half way, you will find enough reasons why we as a community must be united over Tipaimukh Dam issue.

You can also listen to this Hmar song: KAN TLANGRAM PAR TIN RENG AN VULNA (Our Hills Where All Things Blossomed)

Lyrics|Saktu: Nienglawmkim Sungte|Puoktu: T Khuma

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  1. KAN TLANGRAM PAR TIN RENG AN VULNA mp3 hi ka email mumbaihmar@gmail.com ah imi hung thon thei ding?

  2. Sent! A dit dang an um chun hi http://tinyurl.com/c93m2e2

  3. thank you..sikpuiruoia play ding anih:)


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