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[Inpui Special Feature]

After we were notified of the existence of the just released music album of the Evangelical Free Church of India (Aizawl) Choir on the internet, we came across two such videos from youtube.com uploaded by lkungahmar.

What surprises us at, Inpui, was that this music album was officially released only on August 25, 2009 at Aizawl by Mizoram's Health Minister Upa H.Liansailova. But the videos were already out on youtube as early as March 27&30, 2009 (Upload dates on youtube.com by lkungahmar)

We think they are genuine videos from 'ELSADAI' music video album. But, how and why the they were already available on youtube before the official release is still baffling us. Whatever, the reasons be, we suggest you do buy the orginal after watching these two videos.

Here's a review
Pu Darsuo, New Delhi [Mind It, Pu Darsuo has already bought the orginal CD, I Say]

Aug 30, 2009:
Zani khan Aizawl EFCI Choir Album Delhiah kan lo inchawk ve a, en le ngaitlak an hawi hle.

An hlasak threnkhathai chu Pastor Runremthang, Upa Benjamin Shakum le Tv.Solomon V.Hmar phuok anni tawla; phuoktu danghai ruok chu Mizoram tienga Hmar unauhai anni tawl leiin ka hriet chieng ve nawh.

Hi Album-ah hin Hmar Mizo le Lushai Mizo hla bakah, Kohran Ramthim rawngbawlna hmuna trawng hieng Hindustani, Meiteilon le Tripuri hlahai khawm thiem zetin, pakhat sengin an sak a, Kohran Mission field haia khawm hmang trangkaina um ngei a tih.

An thiem dan hrim khawm hih,CENTRAL CHOIRs, (ICI, EFCI, etc) hai thlukin anthiem filawr ve ti thei a nih. Music/Solfa thiem han iengtinam an ngaive ding chu ka hriet nawh.

Aizawl EFCI KTP rawngbawlna a mawi ie.

Bangalore, Aug 30, 2009: Hmar Students Association's promoted Sinlung FC will take on Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology (Dr AIT) on September 5 in their last BMA Football League 2009 match at Nandan Ground here in Bangalore.

The kickoff will begin at 12.45 pm.

Sinlung FC manager Tv Japhet Darngawn said that they are in good position to reach the semi-finals. "Even if the match ends in a draw, we'll still make it to the semi-finals."

Sinlung FC fans are expected to turn up in large numbers to support their team again. "We'll take khuong (drum) and heat up the atmosphere again,"fans-support in charge Tv Lalngaizuol said.

Refreshments for that day will be taken care of by Nk Salomi Lungtau.

Aizawl, Aug 29, 2009: The Zo Re-Unification Organisation (ZORO) has said it is committed to work for the formation of 'Zo Inpui' to bring all Mizo/Zo tribes under one umbrella, Zawlbuk.com reports said.

This decision was taken on August 12, 2009, on the occasion of the International Day of World Indigenous Peoples observed at the I&PR Auditorium, Aizawl.

'Zo Inpui' will be set up as a cultural-based organisation in accordance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

It was also agreed that 'Zo Inpui' would be formed only after consultations with all 'Zofate' from various states.

ZORO Gen. Hqrs. has been entrusted with the task of initiating talks with leaders of all the Zo/Mizo tribes, the report added.

[Dear reader, We are happy to inform you that as a part of our extended 'Learn to Speak Hmar', Pu L. KEIVOM*, our columnist, tells you how and where you should use correct words and letters while writing in Hmar-Inpui Editor.]

Confusion worse confounded.

-John Milton’s Paradise Lost

Delhi Thurawn August 16, 2009 suoka khan Thangnuntluong Ralsun-in ‘Hmar tawng TL, THL & TU hmang dan tlangpui’ ti artikul bengvarthlak tak le vâng tak el a hung ziek a, lawm a um kher el. Ama hi a hmêl en nek nêk daia pa dangdai le inril, thu thiem, a tonhriet le thilthaw mak tak tak, mi tam tak phor ngam lo ding, innui hok hokna khop a ni lai zinga ngaituona fa tak el ni si ziek ngam, pa huoisen le thil thra bawzuina tienga pa tumru le zângkhauh deuh el a nih. Delhi Version Baibul kan buotsai laia kan hmathlir ang thlir ve phak, lekhaa ditsakna chibai mi hung buktuhai laia pakhat a nih.

Ka lawm bêk bêk chu Grammar formula hmanga ‘tl, thl’ lam le hmang indik dan a hung sui hi a nih. Chu chu scientific takin Transitive le Intransitive zawngin a hung thre a. Ei trong rurel (structure) hi Grammar a um le um naw khom hre lo ei pi le puhaiin damtea an hung ser suok pei a nia chu umzie nei taka an hung duong suok a nizie chu hi ei artikul hril lai hin iemani chen a hril fie hlein ka hriet. A san inril tak a um a, chu chu hi hi a nih. Ngaituonaa um thu ei hril suokna dinga hmangruo ei hmang chu thu mal hrang hrang, ri tum tum nei a nih. Chuong thu mal tinhai chu ei hril tum kawk dingin ei rem khawm a, an inhril fie tuo a, umzie neiin a suok hlak. Ei rem khawm indik naw chun a kawk ding a kawk fuk naw a, umzie mumal a nei thei nawh. Chuonga umzie nei taka thu mal rem khawm dan le hmang dan indika ngai hrilna chu Grammar ei ti hi a nih.

Trong hi naa ri hung luthai damtea ei thluokin an indanglamna le umzie a lo thre thrawp, chu chu ri hmang boka ei hung hril suok le hawrop hmanga a ri ei ziek suok chu a nih. Naute ei ni laia inthoka nu le pain trong dan le thu mal tin lam dan an mi lo inchuktir angin ei hung trong suok a. Thil lam harsa tak tak khom an mi lo inchuktir anga lam dan ei inchuk leiin ei hung lam thiem el a nih. Isu zirtirhai kam hawin, “TL le THL lam dan thiem lo le a hmang dan hre hrang lohai hi anni suksuol leia nan nu le pahai suksuol lei?” tiin indon vet ah inla, “An nu le paa inthoka an rochung a nih; inthiem naw el chi khom an ni nawh” ti hi donna indik a ni ka ring. Dannaranin, Vangai Tlang suokhaiin an thiem naw tlangpui. Entirnan, Hmarhai laia Hmar trong thiem tak ni thei ding Pastor Thangngur chengna Vangai tlanga inthoka hung ni si Delhi tlanga Pastor Lalditsak Inbuon le Thralai thruoitu Lalchungsiem Thlawngate hai dam hi TL le THL hmang thua chuh an bo ve map a nih. Scientific deua Thangnuntluong formula anga inchuk ding lem chun an lu inhai zuol mei a tih.

Lien lemin hang sui inla, Zo hnathlakhai lai hin ‘R’ aia ‘G’ hmang lem le ‘Tri’ nei lo ei um a. ‘G’ Group hai hi tlang hrang hranga ei um darh hnunga ‘R’ le ‘Tri’ lam thiem lo thla fe peihai chu an ni ring a um. Hi hi ei umna le ei indawrpuihai zira thil um a nih. ‘G’ Group laia mi Raltehai (Galtehai) chu Rûn vadung (Imphal River) kam ei hung tlunga inthokin ‘R” Group lai an inzèl leiin a tawpah an trong thlauthla topin Mizo-Lusei trongah an insung lut vong a. Paitehai laia threnkhat, Mizorama chenghai chun ‘R’ le ‘Tri’ la lutin, trong thar, thothâng thra tak el ‘Dapzar’ an hung ser suok bok a nih.

Trong hi ei insunga inthoka ei hung inchuk tran a nih. Ruol ei hung pawl theia inthokin ei ruolhaia inthokin ei hung inchuk bok a. Trong hmang indik thua nu le pa dittui le fîr hai chun trong hmang dan ding le trong dan indik an nauhai an inchuktir leiin, chuong ang sungkuoa inthoka hung seilienhai chun trong an hung thiem deuh tei hlak. Sikul an hung kai pha leh Grammar zuia trong hmang dan le ziek dan indik an hung inchuk bok a, an hung thiem sap pei hlak. Mizoram sikula kaihai hi Middle School chena khom trong indik taka hmang le ziek an thiem hman ta hle a, High School zo phak chin lem chu hmang tlaka thiem an ni tah. Chu ruol chun cultural history tam tak an inchuk sa a, a san chu trong hrim hrim hi a hung suokna trobul, a neitu hnamhai nunphung hriet chieng naw chun thiem tak tak thei a ni naw lei a nih. Chu hrietna chun anniah hnam aidentiti nghet takin a tu sa bok a nih. Hnam hi trong, trong hi hnam a nih.

Ei ngirhmun tlangpui
Hmar Biel le a se vela Hmar trong hmangna khuohai hi hmun danga chêng Hmar trong hmanghai nek chun an trong hmang inziet bik ding le indik lem dinga ngaina a um tlângpui. Kum 1960 bawr vel chena mihai kha chu ni khom an la ni el thei. Chu hnunga hung seilien, kum 30-40 bawr vel mi, lekha thiem china ngaihai chen khom an Hmar trong ziek hmu thei tlawmte um suna inthoka ei bi chun, beidongum khopin ei tla hnuoi tah niin a’n lang. Hi lei hin a nih ei trong vuina dar vawtu chu eini ngei ei nizie thu artikul ka ziek hiel khah. Ei ngirhmun bi chieng pei si lo le a san suokna ding lampui dap pei si lo, vate lien le ngal sang ostrich anga pilvutah lu phûm a, “Tritna hrim ka hmu nawh” titu threnkhat chun ka artikul kha an ngaimaw thu khom an khekpui hrim a nih.

Ieng leia thri be thei china inngaihai lai chen khom TL le THL hmang dan le lam dan la thiem lo ei um am a na? Chu nek hmana inngaisietum chu: Ieng leia mani trong ngei khoma umzie neia thu ziek thei mi ei vang tah èm ém am a na? Ieng huna inthok khan am ei tlaksietna hi a hung intran a na? Ei mission buoi kakhawk leia ei sikul chim siet ra suok a ni? Inchukna ding lekhabu le chanchin bu, trong indika ziek ei nei naw lei a ni? An naw leh, khawvel dang paw theina lampui um sun chu Saptronga lekha inchuk nia ei hriet leia ei trong hi ei hung ngaitha le thlada tran?

Kum 2003-a muol liem tah, ka ruol dittak L.Rokungin zirtirtu pahnih ruoia kum 1995-a ‘Rokung Hmar Medium School’ ti Pherzawl tlanga a’n din hiel san kha ieng lei am a na? English Medium School ngot ei hung uor a, fee chawi ding nei lo naupanghaiin kaina ding an hung hriet naw a. Kha hmaa thiemna var an kap suokna Pherzawl High School, a khaw neituhaiin ‘Nalanda University’ hming lem an inputtir hiel tlanga meu khan kum sawmli hnunga chun, a hminga High School a la ngîr zing laiin, nunghak tlangval ni tah, lekha khom tiem thei lo tam tak an hung um el tah a nih. Pangzat a um khop el. Chu chu a hmun meua Rokungin a zu hmu chun a lungril a na êm êm a, ama sum sengin Hmar tronga lekha inchukna sikul a hong top a, doka si siin mi tam takin lekha an hung tiem thei pha nawk tah chauh a nih.

Thangtlawm thila la nuomhai chun ei lak ngei ngei dingin, trong bukna phahlaah Mizo-Hmar trong hmanghai le Mizo-Lusei trong hmanghai ngirhmun tlangpui hang buk vak ei tih. Ka hmu dan chun, Mizorama pawl ruk inchuk phak haiin Mizo trong an ziek thiem tlukin Hmar trong hmang BA/MA haiin Hmar trong an ziek thiem ta nawh. Hmar Biela inthoka hung haiin an thiem naw zuol amanih ti ding hielin a um tah. Thla hni vel liem tah khan Hmar Biela seilien, Delhi tlanga sinthaw, ofisar pakhat Hmar trong ziek besana hmangin trong ziek dan indik inchukna dawkan kan hong a. A thranghai chun la hrieng an ta, dawkan kan hong san chu ei ngirhmun inbi chieng theina a ni tâkduoi beiseina lei a nih. Hmar Biela seilienhai meuh khom trong hmang le ziek thuah hieng khopa ei bosàl a ni chun, ieng tik huna inthok khan am hi tluksietna hi a lo intran ning a ta? ti hi sui makmaw a nih. Ei bo tranna ei sui suok thei chun ei bona san bul khom olsam taka sui suok thei ning a tih. Trong chu a hmangtuhaia innghat a ni leiin, ei thiem zuol pei chun ei hmasawn ruolin hma a sawn tiel tiel a, ei thiem naw deu deu ruolin a tlum hmang tiel tiel bok a nih.

Ieng leia Mizoram sikul suokhaiin mani trong hmang le ziek an thiem sia eini sikula seilienhaiin an thiem ve naw am a na? Ieng leia an pastor hai, evangeliz hai le upa haiin thu inril tak tak thiem takin an ziek thei si a, an nina ang chel ve eini rawiin ei thaw thei ve naw? Ei thaw thei naw lei a ni, an naw leh ei thaw pei naw lei? Sir hrang hranga inthoka bia donna hrang hrang pek thei a ni laiin, sîr khata inthoka ka hmu ve dan angin ka hung tar lang ding a nih.

A thluoka buoi
Ka sui chet chetin, a san bulpui nia ka hriet chu ei sungril mit var dan inang naw lei a nih. Miin chieng êm èma an hmu hi ei hmu ve thei tlat nawh. Hmu thei ding chun taksa le thlaraua ei mit hlietu phuhlip thuo tam tak hi a hmatiema phì thlak pei a ngai. Ei phì thlak hma chun ei taksa mitin en kur inla khom hmu thei a ni nawh. Sungrila danglamna nei ding chun thilthawna iengkimah mit phuhlip tlakna Damaska kotsuo tlung phak a ngai vong.

Entirna pakhat hang la inla. Kha hmaa Johan 1:4 “Amaa chun hringna a um; chu hringna chu mihriemhai varna a nih” tia ‘light’ ti ‘var’ tia inlet ding, ‘varna’ (wisdom) tia an lo inlet chu BD inchuk zo, Saptrong khom hrie, hrilfiena bu chen siemhai khomin ei hmu thei tlat naw leiin, kum sawmruk zet eini tronga Baibul ei nei hnung, Millenium chen khom an mi la hmangpui zing a nih. Delhi Version kan buoipui lai hi thil nghok umzie le siem thrat a hun takzie thu ka hril an lo hriet leh BSI le BFW khomin an hung thlak ve tah trawk a nih. Chuong ang chu ei Baibula hin sang tam a um a nih. Ieng leia Saptrong tiem thei chin khoma ei inlet dik naw hi ei hmu suok el thei naw? Ieng leia ‘chawlna tui pang’ ti dam chu trongkam indik lo hulhuol a nih ti ei hriet thei naw? Tuiin pang a nei hlak am a ni? Ieng leia taksa le tisa, inthieng le thienghlim, thil thaw suol le thil suol thaw indanglamna ei hriet thei naw?

Ngaituona ei hmang pei naw lei dam, thil ei sui chet pei naw lei dam, ei ngaituonain a hol phak naw lei hrim hrim dam, ei thil hriet indik le indik naw fie châkna le tumna lungril (inquisitive mind) ei nei naw lei dam le ei ngaituonan a la phak naw hrim hrim lei le thil dang dang a ni thei. Naupang trong thei hlimin thil tam tak hriet fie nuoma chawl loa ram tin an indon anga mihriemin thil um san le a fel nawna lai siem thrat dan ding hriet fie nuoma indon a, zong a, ei dap pei sung phot chun hma ei sawn naw thei nawh. Chu sung po chun ei thluok ei hmang trangkai zing tìna a nih. Chuong anga thil dilsûtna lungril chu ei tlasam. Thluok hmang pei, ngaituona sukche pei ei tlawm. A thluoka buoi ei nih. Ei fak a, ei dawn a, nuhmei pasal ei innei a, ei huongah mawl takin ei inbùm let let a, huou huou thil a ni pha ei pung khawm hlut a. Hrietna le thiemna ram ril paw dinga sechal huoi anga rol ngam le pei chu vairika arasi zong ang a nih.

Ieng leia a thluoka buoi am ei na? Hi hi a tawi thei ang takin, thil ziek le inzomin, hang hril fie tum ei tih. Ei thu hril le ziek ding hrim hrim hi a hmasain ei thluoka inthoka suok lungril ngaituonain a sui a, a hmu chieng hmasa phot a ngai. Chieng êm èma thil ei hriet chu trongkama ei hril suok pha khom a fie deuh tei. Ei ngaituonaa chieng lo ei hril tum pha, ieng anga trong thlumin tuom mawi tum inla khom, a umzie a chieng thei chuong nawh. Ei thu ziek tluong nawna le chieng nawna san tak chu ei hriet chieng lo ei hril tum hlak lei a nih. Chu chu khaw lai hmuna khom, ieng trong khomin, a ni vong. Ngaituonaa ei thil hmu thlalak chu bau amanih zieka ei tarlang hi a nih. Ei ngaituonaa thlalak, negative kha a chieng si naw chun, ieng ang thiemna khom hmangin nam kai inla, a fie thei chuong naw hrim hrim.

Ei harsatna hi chu chauh chu a ni nawh. Ei ngaituona thlalak chu fie hlein hre inla khom, ei hril suokna trongkam kha a fie naw chun a chieng thei chuong nawh. Chutaka chun thu tienga mi themthiem le themtlaw kutsuok a hung danglam tah èm ém hlak a nih. Ieng leia thu ziek tieng dannarana ei themtlaw am a na? Ieng leia thu mawi tak le invaw lawn thra taka rem khawm ei phu suok thei naw? Ei inchuk naw lei dam, ei thaw thrang naw lei dam, inchukna ding lekhabu thra ei nei naw lei dam, trong ziek dan indik lo, ei lo hmang thrang tah hlakin a mi thruoi khawhlo lei dam, ei trong a ni leia ei uksak naw lei dam le thil dang dang lei a ni thei.

Chuong laia ei thu ziek dan kalhmang tu chena thruoitu tak nia ka hriet pakhat chu ei sakhuo lekhabu a nih. Kan hung tleirawl suok ve laia mi thiem le thil chinchang hrea ngaihai kuoma Hmar trong ziek inchukna dinga lekhabu thra rawn ding kan indon zata an mi kawkhmu rop chu Baibul a nih. Iemani chena chu thu indik khom a ni ka ring. A san chu, khang hun lai khan, zirtirbu le naupang inchuk ding lekhabu tlawmte ti bak chu Hmar trongin lekhabu a la um naw tluk a nih. Tiem ding um sun chu Lusei trong lekhabu vong a nih. A dang Saptronga tiem ding um sun chu kan text-book a nih. Lusei tronga an phuok le Saptronga inthoka inlet tienami, zieklobua kuta an ziek, kan kawpi sawng tlawmte chu tiem ding kan nei sun chu a ni nawk el.

College kan hung kai hnung chun literechar khawvel paw theina Library a um ta a, a hung zie-um ta hle a. Amiruokchu, kan Saptrong hriet phak ve chin kha a la pase hle a, dere tluk khom a la ni nawh. Sienkhom a baihat hrat zawngin kan nor ve thung a, keini tawkah hma khom kan sawn hlein ka hriet. Hienga literechar tienga mit a hung keu meta inthok le Saptrong Baibul ka tiem ve trana inthok hin, kha hmaa trong ziek inchuknaa enton dinga Baibul an mi lo hril hmu kha ni theiin ka hriet naw tran a. A Hmar trong chu hril lo, khang laia hmang lar tak King James Version (KJV) khom kha literechar a nina le hringna lekhabu a nina muolah thra hle sien khom, Saptrong ziek inchukna ding chun a thra nawh ti ka hung hmu suok bok a. Hi taka inthok hin KJV Saptrong le chu thleka Lusei tronga inthoka a ngiel a ngana inlet Baibul Hmar trong chu trong inchuknaa besana hmang lo dingin 1962 khan thutlukna nghet tak ka siem tah a nih. Chu ngaituona fe pei chunk um sawmli hnungah Delhi Version Baibul hi a hring suok a nih.

Ka ngaidan chun, mi tam lemin Hmar trong ei ziek dik thei tah nawna san laia a pukhawi chu ei Baibul Hmar trong a nih. Chu chun ei ngaituona a thruoi a, tlang ronga hril el ding kha a hriet thei dan intak zawng tak, ruol rem lo èm èma thu rem khawmin hril ei tum a. Chu chun ei Hmar trong ziek chauh khom ni lo, ei Saptrong ziek chen khom khom a thruoi a, a mi chokchawrawi hne khop el. Tu lai hnai ela lekhabu suok, Saptronga Rev. Lalhmuoklien ziek Gospel Through Darkness ti le Mizo-Lusei tronga K.C.Vanlalruata ziek ‘Mizo Hla Kungpui: Hmar Mirilte” ti kawm hnung tieng khan tarlarna thu Saptrong le Mizo trongin mi iemani zatin an ziek a. Hang bi chieng inla, eini rawi ziek po kha chu, a Saptrong khom a Mizo trong khom, a fûk naw top el a nih. Chu chun a thlûk chaua buoi ei ni nawzie le a thluoka buoi ei ni lemzie a hril chieng hlein ka hriet. Hieng ang ngirhmuna intang zing hi thangtlawma lak a hun tah. Ieng tik am ei har suok ding?

[*Editor's Note: INPUI columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and a respected Hmar Mizo litterateur. This article was written by him on Aug 27, 2009, New Delhi.]

[By Pu Dr. Lal Dena]

Lekhabu: Gospel Through Darkness: History and Missionary Work of the Northeast India General Mission (NEIGM/ECCI) 1910-2004.
Ziektu: Rev Lalhmuoklien
Aman: Rs.200/-PP.310.
Kum: 2009

Manipur sim thlanga Zohnathlak po po lo insung khawmna hlak North East India General Mission,1910-2004 chanchin lekhabu ngeia tiem theia ei hmu hi, lawm a um takzet. A ziektu Lalhmuoklien hi Parbung khuoa pieng le seilien, NEIGM (ECCI)-a lukhaitu poimaw tak hai laia pakhat a nih. A ziektu awm tak hrimin hi lekhabu hi a ziek a nih.

A ziektu hin Kristien sakhuo hung lut hmaa Manipur sim thlanga hnamchomhai, abikin Hmarhai trobul, khawtlang nun, hnam nunphung, sakhuo biek dan le khawtlang rorel dan Sura favang bu enin a bi thuok a. Chu zoah Arthington Aborigines’ Mission (AAM) tir J.H.Lorrain le F.W.Savidge haiin Mizorama rong an bawl tran dan le an bulthrut rem chunga Welsh Mission-in rong a hung bawl zom pei dan a sui a. Welsh medical missionary Dr P.Fraser-hai nupa zuia hung, tlangval Watkin Roberts-in Aizawl tlanga inthoka Senvona chanchin thra a hung put lut dan ei hmu nawk a. Roberts chun Thado-Kuki Pioneer Mission (TKPM) an din a; tuoltro ringtharhai hmalaknain kum tlawm te sungin TKPM chun Manipur sim thlang pumpui chauh khom ni lo, Manipur puo tieng North East India le Chittagong Hill Tracts-a chen ram a hung lak a. Chu phing leh TKPM kha NEIGM-in thlak a hung ni a. NEIGM rongbawl dan kalhmang le doctrinal basis (fundamental doctrines) hai fie takin tarlang a. Mingo missionary nupa Paul Rostad le Ella Rostad-in Bible sikul le inchukna sikul enkol a, a ram mihai thruoitu ding mi an hung ser dan le nuhmeihai ngirhmun nasa taka an hung chawikang dan a sui bok a. A ziektu hi NEIGM thruoitu ni sien khom thuoituhai kara buoina thu kha tran bik neia ziekin a’n lang nawh. Amiruokchu, J.P.W.Goodwin & Son, Chartered Accountant, London, hai lekhathon a tar langa inthok hin mission field-a sum hmangna kha a fel fai vong nawh ti a suklang.

Chun hi lekhabu hin mingo missionary nuhnung tak R.C.Paddock rongbawl dan, politiks thlivirin kohran a hung nuoi dan le NEIGM hnuoia pumkhata lo um diel diel anga inlang, R.C.Paddock thruoina hnuoia hnam bing zawnga hung inthre dar a, Tuithraphai Presbytery (Mizo), Convention Presbytery (Paite), Assembly Presbytery (Hmar), Manipur Christian Association (Thadou-Kuki), Manipur Christian Organization (Vaiphei), Manipur Christian Synod (Gangte) hai hung suok dan fie takin a tar lang a. Chuong lai zing chun NEIGM le Evangelical Congregational Church, USA chu kum 1928-a inthoka lo inthlop tah an ni leiin NEIGM chu Evangelical Congregational Church of India (ECCI) a thlak a hung ni thu le unau Paitehai thrang ta loa ECCI hnuoia hnam bing kohran danghai an hung inthlung khawm nawk dan a ziek bok.

A lekhabu tawp tieng hin thu poimaw tak tak, a ram mihai nunphung le khawsakna le intua (contextualization) missionary-hai sin thaw dan, chanchin thra le khawtlang siem thrat (social action) le hnam nunphung intringmit dan hai ei hmu a. Amiruokchu, hnam nunphunga ieng hai hi’m Kristiennaa som lut ding ti hi a ziektu hin fie fakin a hril nawh. Kristien ni hmaa man le muol an lo intuk le inpek hlak, Kristien ni hnung khoma hmang zom pei a la ni hin Baibul thu a kal am? Sikpui Kut hmang dam hi a ziektu’n a ti ve naw niin an lang (phek 245). Mizoram Kristien zaa za insal hiel haiin sorkar huoi hotin Chapchar Kut kum tin an hmang hlak leiin unau Mizohai saw an Kristien ta nawh ei ti thei dim? Sikpui lam le hnam lamhai hin Kristien ringna a tawk poi phak am? Hieng zawnahai hi theological perspective-a inthuk lema a suina ei hmu nawh.

Ieng khom ni sien, Manipur sim thlanga tlawm taka intran NEIGM khan Manipur puo tieng Arunachal, Assam, Tripura, West Bengal le India ram puo tieng Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma le Nepal ram chen chena ram a zauh hi Pathien thruoina lei chauh a nih ti, hi lekhabu hin a sukchieng hle. Chun, hi lekhabua hin mihrang, thruoitu hmasahai thlalak tam tak inchuon a ni a, chu chu a lekhabu hlutna belsatu a nih.

Ieng lekhabu khom soisel bo hi a um tak tak nawh. Hi lekhabu khom hin baksamna tam tak a nei a. Chu hai laia ngaimaw um zuol chauh zuk tar lang ei tih.

Lekhabu, an naw leh, thesis ziek hin citation pahnih-direct citation le indirect citation hmang a ni tlangpui a. Dannaranin direct citation-ah controversial statement (insel buoi theina) hi an quote ngai meuh nawh; quote a lo ni khomin a tan baw suta chai a ni hlak. Hi lekhabu ziektu hin controversial statement iemani zat a quote a; chuhai laia pakhat chauh chu zuk tar lang ei tih. Lamboi Vaiphei: “The party left Aizawl… This happened on May 7, 1910, and the date has been accepted as missionary day simply because of the fact that the Missionary crossed into Manipur area on this day…”.(pp.50-51) ti hi a nih. Lamboi-in singular number ‘The Missionary’ a hmang tlat a, Watkin Roberts a tina mani ding? Watkin Roberts Senvona a lut ni tarik thua ngai dang dang um sien khom, February, 1910 sung ngeia lut a nih ti chu tu khoma ei inphat thei nawh. Chun, article ‘The’ a hmang hin misawnari pakhat bik a kawk. Hi lekhabu ziektu ngei khom hin ICI Golden Jubilee, 1960 hmang truma Roberts lekha hung thon chu phek 47-naah a tarlang. ‘Missionary’ ti kha plural number hmang ni sien chu tuoltro missionary pathum Savoma, Vanzika le Thangchhingpuia a tina a nih ti hre thei ei tih.

Hi lekhabu ziektu hin Douzapao article ‘Controversy over the date of the Gospel landing in Manipur South’-a mi hieng ang hin a quote nawk a: “Considering all these corresponding accounts, May 7, 1910, the day when the three native missionaries from Lushai Hills arrived at Senvon, “had been observed from time immemorial” as a missionary day in this district (phek 51)”. Douzapao hin ‘from time immemorial’ ti umzie a hriet naw lei ni loin, a thil ziek uor a tum taluotnaa a uor khel a ni ka ring. Ieng dictionary khom en la, ‘immemorial’ ti chu hriet phak lo le sui phak ruol loa hla, historical record khel tienga mi tina a nih. Historical term-a hril chun Missionary Day tia hmang hi zani lai el chauh kha a la nih. Official tak lem chun NEIGM leaders’ Conference, 1960 khan an pompui chauh niin an lang. Douzapao article title khom khi bi met a ngai. India South ei ti ngai nawh a, South India ei ti hlak angin South Manipur ti ding a ni lem. Gangte fiemthu thiemha’n Douzapao article hi hei tiem hai sien chu “Gospel chu lenna a batsak na e” ti mei an tih. ‘The arrival of the Gospel…’ ti law law lem sien.

Robert Arthington mission kha mobile mission a ni a; a missionary-hai kha hmun khata kum li neka tam um a phal nawh. Sienkhom, J.H.Lorrain le F.W.Savidge suokna san tak ruok kha chuh, Welsh Mission ramhuola rongbawl an ni lei lem a nih. Kum 1889 khan William Williams, Welsh missionary chu, Shella, Khasi Hills-a inthokin Aizawlah a hang inzin a. Mizoram chu ram awl nia a hriet leiin, Welsh Mission rongbawlna dingin hotuhai kuomah rotna a zuk siem nghal a; chu rotna chu an hung remtipui a. Amiruokchu, missionary zongna le training peknain kum 6 top an aw a. Chu kar chun Lorrain le Savidge kha Aizawlah an hung lut a nih. Welsh Mission tirh D.E.Jones, Welsh missionary hmasa tak Aizawlah 31 August, 1897-a a hung phing leh, Lorrain le Savidge khan Welsh Mission-in an ruoi nuom phot chun Mizoram suoksan loa tirkoa thrang a, Arthington Mission suoksan lem an sèl naw thu an hril a. Amiruokchu, anni ruolcham kha Baptist mi an ni a, Welsh Mission-in a ruoi nuom naw phing leh Mizoram an suoksan chauh a ni lem.

Thado-Kuki Pioneer Mission-in Manipur sim thlanga rong a bawl tran kha a tir chun William Pettigrew, A.B.Mission-in a lawmpui a. Sienkhom, Mizorama Welsh Mission hrietpui a ni nawh thu ziek ngeia a hriet phing leh British official-hai leh thrang kopin nasa takin a dodal a, ringthar hmasahai suknomnatna chen a’n tlungtir a nih. NEIGM sunga buoinaa khom Pettigrew kha a la hung inrol pei a. A.B.Mission-a inthoka NEIGM-a Dr G.C.Crozier hung inson khom kha hun sawt thok thei loin a ma nawk a. R.L Wilson lekhathona (phek 209-212) khom khan hi lai thu hi a hril sa nghe nghe a. Hi lekhathon lem hi chu chipchier taka sut chieng a thra, Rostad-hai nupa sum hmang dan khom hril sa nuola um leiin. NEIGM le A.B.Mission inkar thu hi ziek lo thei lo a nih.

Hrangvunga le a khuo le tui mi 60 Tripura-a Kristien hmasa tak an nih ti hi lekhabu phek 142-naah ei hmu nawk a. Hrangvunga hi kum 1911-a Lushai Hills-a inthoka Tripura-a inpem a nih ti ei hmu bok a. Sukhendu Debbarman, Tripura University-a zirtirtu chun a doctoral thesis-ah kum 1843-in Agartala-ah Kristien 118 um tahin a ziek (Origin and Growth of Christianity in Tripura with special reference to the New Zealand Baptist Mission,1938-1988, phek- 27). Sukhendu hril dan pei chun Fr Barbe ngei khomin hi kum vek hin mi 4 a baptis a, nupa tuok thum an neitir a, nupa innei ta tuok 14 malsawmna a hnipek bok.

Phek 5-naa J.H.Edgar tia ziek hi J.W.Edgar ni lem a tih. Ama hi Bengal-a Chief Secretary ni loin, Silchara DC, Vai Lien voi khatnaa Tipaimukh tienga inthoka hung runtu sipai ruol Cachar Column hai hung zuitu, Civil Officer a nih. Ama hin Tipaimukh le a se vel khom kum 1871-72 lai khan a hang fang chip hle a, ripawt chipchier tak el ziektu kha a nih.

Hi lekhabuah hin factual mistake le grammatical error tam tak a um a, chuong hai chu hril vong seng ni naw nih. Impact hmangna dinga affect dam hmang a ni nuol a; a ruka innei ‘stealing marriage’ ti khom hi eloped marriage ti inla mawi lem a tih. Grammatical errors chu ei hril seng naw ding a ni leiin, pakhat chauh hei tar lang hram ei tih.

Acknowledgement phek ii-naah “because of her prayer this thesis come up” ti hi hei lepse met inla. ‘Come up’ ti hin umzie pathum a nei a: tro suok (spring), hril ding (to be talked about or discussed) le thil um thut (to happen unexpectedly). Entirna: The seed comes up at last. What issues come up at the meeting of the ECCI Executive Committee? I have to leave immediately because something has just come up at home. Chu lei chun, hieng hin ziek lem inla: because of her prayer this thesis could see the light of the day.

Ieng po khom lo ni sien, a tlangpuiin a ziektu hin thu lai tan takin hi lekhabu hi a ziek a, inpak a um em em. Primary sources a hmaa ei la hmu lo tam tak le secondary sources thrahnem tawk tak besana hi lekhabu hi ziek a ni leiin, bel chieng a dawl khop el. Mi tinin, abikin Kohran thruoituhai lem chun tiem seng hai sien nuom a um.

[Note: Rev Jonathan Pudaite ziek ‘The Legacy of Watkin Roberts’ ti khaikhinna ngainuomum tak, Pu L.Keivom ziek chu kar nawk a hung suok ding a nih-Inpui Editor]

[By HT]

New Delhi, Aug 29, 2009:
Inrinni khin HSA Jt. Hqrs, Delhi chun Freshers Meet nei dingin programe a siema, hi hun a hin Hmar Mobile Bible Version 2.0 tlangzar dinga riruong siem anih. Hi ni hin Hall tuolah Laptop pakhat sie ning ata, a dit taphawt hai Mobile phone ah a thlawna install pek pei ning a tih. Holy Bible pumpui chu a lien a Mobile phone naranin a kengnaw leiin hienghin the dar anih. Mani phone nei dan a zirin dit ang ang lak thei ning a tih.

1. Thuthlunghlui
2. Thuthlungthar
3. Thuthlungthar, Sam le Thuvar
4. Genesis to Ruthi
5. 1Samuel to Esther
6. Joba to Isai
7. Jeremia to Malachi
8. Bible pumpui bu khat khatin.

Inrinni zantienga inthokin website a khom download thei dinga sie tum ani bawk.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS OF THE EMPLOYMENT NEWS ISSUE DATED 29.08.09. Employment News issue dated 29.08.09 contains several attractive advertisements from some of the leading PSU/GOVT. Departments as below:-
  1. Public Service Commission Uttar Pradesh invites applications more than 1200 posts of Allopathic Medical Officers, Allopathic Medical Officer Specialists, Lecturers etc.
  2. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan invites applications more than 500 Teaching and Non-Teaching posts.
  3. Railway Recruitment Board, Bhopal declares the results for the posts of Assistant Loco Pilot.
  4. Border Security Force requires 148 Constables (GD).
  5. Prathama Bank requires Officer Scale-I and Office Assistants/Clerks.
  6. Coal India Limited invites applications for various posts.
  7. Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar invites applications for Teaching and Non-Teaching posts.
  8. Harcourt Butlar Technological Institute, Kanpur requires Assistant Professors and Lecturers.
  9. Railway Recruitment Board, Malda declares the results of written examination held on 14.06.09 for the post of Assistant Loco Pilot.
  10. North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health & Medical Science, Shillong invites applications for the posts of Sr. Accounts Officer, Accounts Officer, Hindi Officer etc.
  11. North Malabar Gramin Bank requires Officers in Scale-I.
  12. India Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. invites applications for various posts.
  13. University Grants Commission invites applications for award of Dr. Radhakrishnan Post Doctoral Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences.
  14. Ministry of Labour & Employment offers admission to various Technical and Non-Technical courses.
  15. Railway Recruitment Board, Ahmedabad declares the results of written examination held on 07.06.09 and 14.06.09.
  16. Chittaranjan Locomotive Works invites applications for recruitment against Scouts & Guides Quota in Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ posts.
Employment News issue dated 29.08.2009 contains advertisement for job vacancies of more than 93 Govt. Departments.

Book your copy of Employment News immediately with your local Book Seller.

New York, August 23, 2009: On Sunday night, during one of the year’s most exciting live international television events, a star-studded panel of judges chose Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez, as MISS UNIVERSE 2009 live from Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez, is 18-years-old and she is interested in International Relations.

The triumph of Ms Fernandez, who is 5ft 10in and aged 18, makes Venezuela the first country to win the title two years running and takes the beauty-obsessed Latin American nation to within touching distance of its next pageant goal — to take the record for the most Miss Universe victories from the United States, which is one title ahead with seven wins.

"What do we Venezuelans have?" said Ms Fernandez, from the western city of Merida, after her win. "That we are ourselves." But many would disagree with that interpretation of Venezuela's success? In beauty schools across the country, thousands of dollars are spent on remaking candidates, usually with help from one of the country's largest industries — plastic surgery.

Miss Mendoza had the tip of her nose reshaped, implants and liposuction to remove fat from around her knees, according to the former Miss Venezuela surgeon, Daniel Slobodianik. While Miss Fernandez's surgeries have yet to be revealed, they will no doubt soon be dissected by a media obsessed with the secrets of these living Barbies.

The national fascination with the aesthetic sits uneasily with the socialist values propounded by Mr Chavez, who has denounced pageants as an oligarchic and imperialistic preoccupation and declined to meet with Ms Mendoza after her 2008 victory.

However Miss Fernandez said she hoped that he would receive her "because we are making history". But if the new Miss Universe hopes for good relations with her President, she would be advised to avoid emulating her predecessor, who provoked uproar after a visit to the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay.

In the tradition of incisive political comment upheld by generations of beauty queens, Miss Mendoza lauded the facility as a "such a relaxing place, calm and beautiful". It was so much fun she "didn't want to leave", she said.

The judging panel for the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant included: Dean Cain, actor and producer best known for his TV portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman; Colin Cowie, author/television personality/designer to the stars; Gerry DeVeaux, award-winning producer, songwriter and style guru; Farouk Shami, Founder and Chairman of CHI Hair Care; Heather Kerzner, Ambassador for Kerzner International and their resorts, including Atlantis, Paradise Island; Richard LeFrak, Chairman, President and CEO, LeFrak Organization; George Maloof Jr., professional sports mogul and hotelier; Valeria Mazza, international supermodel; Matthew Rolston, leading photographer and director; Andre Leon Talley, award-winning writer and editor; Tamara Tunie, actress, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit;" and Keisha Whitaker, fashion maven and founder of the Kissable Couture lip gloss line.

Throughout the two-hour event, contestants from over 80 countries and territories around the world competed in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and personality interview. Dayana Mendoza,
Miss Universe 2008, crowned her successor at the conclusion of the two-hour primetime telecast before an estimated worldwide viewing audience of approximately one billion viewers.

Final Results:
First Runner-Up: Miss Domincan Republic, Ada Aimee De La Cruz; will assume the duties of MISS UNIVERSE 2009 if the titleholder for some reason cannot fulfill her responsibilities.
Second Runner-Up: Miss Kosovo, Gona Dragusha.

Rest of Top Five: Miss Australia, Rachael Finch; Miss Puerto Rico, Mayra Matos Perez.

Rest of Top Ten: Miss South Africa, Tatum Keshwar; Miss Czech Republic, Iveta Lutovska; Miss Switzerland, Whitney Toyloy; Miss USA, Kristen Dalton; and Miss France, Chloe Mortaud.

Rest of Top Fifteen: Miss Albania, Hasna Xhukici; Miss Belgium, Zeynep Sever; Miss Croatia, Sarah Cosic; Miss Iceland, Ingibjorg Egilsdottir; and Miss Sweden, Renate Cerljen.

Miss Photogenic Universe™ Award: Miss Thailand, Chutima Durongdej. The general public voted on www.nbc.com for the delegate who exemplifies beauty through the lens of a camera. She was awarded a $1,000 cash prize and a gift from pageant sponsor Diamond Nexus Labs.

Miss Congeniality Universe™ Award: Miss China, Wang Jingyao. This award reflects the respect and admiration of the delegate’s peers, who voted for her as the most congenial, charismatic and inspirational participant. She was awarded a $1,000 cash prize and a gift from Diamond Nexus Labs.

The MISS UNIVERSE 2009 prize package includes: the Miss Universe tiara and jewelry designed by Diamond Nexus Labs; a two-year scholarship from the New York Film Academy worth more than $100,000 dollars to its acting or film-making programs; an eveningwear wardrobe from Carlos Alberto; a custom swimsuit wardrobe from BSC Swimwear Thailand; a shoe collection from Nina Footwear; an assortment of Luxe Collection video cameras from DXG USA; a six-day/five-night vacation for two at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas with air travel accommodations by JetBlue Airways; a year-long supply of Farouk Systems products, makers of CHI, the original Ceramic Technology tools; a Skype kit featuring a laptop computer, webcam, speakers and a one-year Unlimited World plan to talk to friends and family; membership to Gravity Fitness and pampering at John Barrett Salon; a fashion portfolio by leading fashion photographer Fadil Berisha; dermatology and skincare services by Dr. Cheryl Thellman-Karcher; consultations with personal stylist Billie Causieestko and access to an event wardrobe from leading fashion designers; a New York City apartment for the year of her reign including living expenses and professional representation by the Miss Universe Organization to further her personal and professional goals.

Source: Missuniverse.com Press Release Image: AP

We, at Inpui, have come up with this poster to show our support for Bangalore HSA football team Sinlung FC, in their campaign to clinch the Bangalore Mizo Association League 2009.

The BMA is celebrating its 25th year and sources said that the organisers are preparing to make this year's prize, and the cup "very special".

So far, HSA team Sinlung FC has defeated two teams in their last two matches. Yesterday (Aug 22) they defeated Kristu Jayanti 1-0.

Sinlung FC's next and their last league match is with the Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology FC (schedule yet to be fixed). And if captain Tv Zairemthang and his men trash Dr AIT FC, they will secure a berth in the semi-finals.

Passions are already running high. Some supporters of Sinlung FC told Inpui that yesterday's match referee was "really unfair". "Why did he turn a blind eye to the fouls committed by Kristu Jayanti players while he was giving cards to our players?" a visibly upset Sinlung FC supporter said.

Passions on and off the field are going to be fully charged during the next match and we at Inpui are also throwing some 'woods' into the 'fire' with this campaign poster! :)

[By Pu L.Keivom*, Inpui Columnist]

I aw Lalpa, i malsawmna hi chu,
Nang nekin tam takin an ngaihlu lem.

Zing inhma taka inthoka ka thu ziek lai zo tuma mong inson loa ka thrung char char kha chawhnung dar thumah ka zo hràm a. Ka phingtràm chu ka lungin a mi lo dawk tran hi a ni tah zing a. Ka zuk inngaituo luo chun, sunbu chu hril lo, zingbu khom ka la fak nawh ti ka zuk hriet dok phut a. Ei thil invet chilh ei buoipui pha chu phing ruok theinghil khopa mi fentu a um hlak leiin, ka taksa mamaw ka lo ngaisak hman naw chu thil mak a ni nawh. Isu’n a zirtirhai kuoma, “In hriet lo fak ding ka nei” (Joh 4:32) a ti ngirhmun hi a tak ram ngeia mani nuna dai chieng phot naw chun hriet fie tak tak thei ruol a ni nawh.

Bu ka fak khop chun chawl hadam malama thrungna seia zâl inzamin TV ka en a. Prokram en tlak ka zong lai chun HBO-a film pakhat, ‘Shortcut to Happiness’ ti an insuo lai chu ka tong fuk a. Hi film hi ka la en ngai nawa chu an inbiekna tlawmte ka ngaithlaka inthokin, kum sawmthum neka tam liem taa ka tienami tiem ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster’ ti kha angin ka hriet a. Hriet chieng tumin ka en pei a, minit nga hnunga chun a tienami chu a ni chie a, an inchang dan ruok chu tu lai khawvel le inhmè dinga an her rem a nih ti ka hung hmu suok tah pei a. A thupui chu, hausak le hmingthang nuomna leia Setan kuoma thlarau zor a nih.

Setan le Ukil Daniel Webster
Ei thu buon lai hriet chieng ding chun a thu bula inthoka phok suok a ngai leiin, chu chu hang phok vak ei tih. Kum 1937 khan Stephen Vincent Benet ziek tienami tawi ‘The Devil & Daniel Webster’ ti chu Farrar & Rhinehart haiin an insuo a, chu hnung 1938 khan The Saturday Evening Post-ah a suok nawk a, literechar tienga chawimawina insang tak el O Henry Award a dong hiel a. Hi tienami hi kum 1941 khan ‘All That Money Can Buy’ ti hming inputtirin film an siem a, Academy Award a dong bok a. TV-a insuo dinga hming hrang hrang hnuoia an siemhai chu kum 1960-1990 inkar khan a’n khat tawkin a suok zing bok a. Kum 2004 khan ‘Shortcut to Happiness’ ti hmingin an siem thra a, buoina hrang hrang leiin 2007 khan a hung suok thei chauh a nih. Chu film chu a nih ka en ve chuh.
A tienami chu hieng ang hi a nih. America ram New Hampshire-ah loneitu pakhat, mi taima le ni tina Baibul tiem hlak mi a um a, a hming chu Jabez Stone a nih. Hausak tumin nasa takin sin a thaw a, sienkhom vangduoina ngotin a hmuok si. A beidong tawpkhawk chun, “Kei hi Setan kuoma thlarau zor khop hiel ngirhmuna ngir ka ni tah. Inzor ding ni lang, cheng hni mabak insak naw ning” tiin a lungrilin, a tak chun hril suok si loin, a ti a. Chuonga a ti hnung chun a beidongna le lungzingna po po chu zâng huoiin a hriet a, a san hre si loin a hlim a.

A zinga chun zanbu fak hun velah ram dang mi pakhat, zakaw fuol dum hâk, boot ring sei chi tle lep el bun, hâ vâr tak nei, savun mansa dum lien tak khai hi Jabez Stone inah a hung a. Chu pa hming chu Huota (Scratch) a nih. Jabez Stone chu intiemkamna lekha a ziekpui a, a kutpui chiu popin, a thisenin suoi a’n namtir a. Kum sari sung Huota sum le pai a hmang aiah Jabez Stone chun a thlarau pek a tiem a nih. Jabez Stone thlarau inchawtu Huota hi Setan, mihriem taksa puta hung inlang a nih.

An thu intiema inthok chun Jabez Stone chu a ni têlin a hung hmuingil a, a nuhmei le nauhai an hung hrisel a, a ranhai an hung thau a, a lo thlai suok a hung hlawk a, a hausa tuol tuol a, mi rawn kai a hung ni a, Governor chen ni thei ding ngirhmunah a hung chuongkai a. Kum thum kum li sung chu a hriet naw karin a liem a. A hung hausak le hmingthang ruolin a hung du-am deu deu a, kha hmaa mawl taka a lungawinaa khan a lungawi ta naw a, a khuo le venghai thìk le theida a hung kai a, an inkar a hung hla deu deu a, a sunghai ta ding takngiel khomin hun a hung nei tlawm deu deu a. Kum ruk a hung tling chun Huota khom chu a hung inlang tran a, an thu intiemkam chu a tawp hnai tah ti Jabez Stone chun a hriet a, a ni têlin a hlim naw tul tul a. Kum thum beka suksei dingin a ngiet a, sienkhom Huota chun an intiem hun taka hlen dingin a nor a.

Chuonga beidong taka an ngaituo lai chun, an thu chu Court-a intlun thra dinga ringna a hung nei a. Ama chu America khuo le tui, Pathien thu ngaisak mi, Baibul khom tiem hlak a ni leiin ram dang mi Huota le an intiemkamna chu a ram danah tlakna neiin a hriet naw a. Chuleiin, an khuoa ukil hmingthang Daniel Webster chu rawn thrain a hriet leiin a va pan a, ama chun thrangpui a lo intiem leiin Huota le chun a ina inhmu dingin thu an rel a. Ziek le suoi nam ngeia thu an intiemkamna chu hang hnawl thei chi niin Huota chun a hriet naw leiin Court-a hnè chu bêl sûng saa a ngai a nih. An thu chu mitthi khuo Court-a rèl dingin an sukthluk a. Court hmaa Daniel Webster-in thiem tak le hnesaw taka an thu a hril hnung chun Jury-hai lungril a’n hmin a, Jabez Stone chun thiem a chang tah a nih. Chu chu a tienami laktawi a nih.

Hlimna kawitan (Shortcut to Happiness)
Hi tienami tawite sunga hin thu tam tak inphûm a um a, chuonghai laia pakhat chauh chu hi artikula hin hril ka tum a, chu chuh: Hlimna kawitan a um am? ti a nih. Hi tienami film kum 2004-a an siema a donna chu: Hlimna kawitan a um nawh (There is no shortcut to happiness) ti a nih. A tawpah keima donna ka hung tar lang ding a nih.

Hi film hi tu lai khawvel nun le inhme dinga an her rem a ni leiin, kum 1941-a an film siem leh chu danglam tak a ni tah. Hi film-a hin chu Jabez Stone kha loneitu ni ta loin lekha ziektu a nih. Novel inlar, best seller ni thei ziek a, hung hausa a, nasa taka hmingthang ni a tum a, sienkhom a hlawtling thei naw leiin beidong takin a um, a tawpah a hlawtling theina dingin Setan kuomah a thlarau a zor a nih. Jabez Stone-a changtu chu Alec Baldwin a nih. Setana changtu khom pasal Huota (Scratch) ni ta loin, nunghak zei deu el, Jennifer Love Hewitt a ni tah thung a, Setan mizie ei hril rop leh khom inhme lem daih dingin ka ring. Daniel Webster-ah Anthony Hopkins a chang a, a hnesaw kher el.

Jabez Stone hlawsam beidong laiin Setana changtunu chun hlawtlingna, hausakna le hmingthangna tiemin a zawr thluk a, a thlarau a’n chawk a, a nuom hun hunah Five Star hotel-ah zawlpuon a zawnpui a. Chu taka inthok chun a lekhabu ziek le sut taphot chu bestseller a hung ni a, hausain a hung hmingthang a; company lien po poin an company le an thil siemhai tarlartu dingin sum tam tak pein an hung dawr a; television channel inlàr taphotin a bawrin an hung bawr huoi huoi a; a bupanga hausakna luong lut hum hum chu mani tranghma kei taka chalai nuom sumpai sukpung thiema in hril financial experts hai chun, thoin thil thlum an bawm angina, an hung bawr hut hut bok a. In le lo a mit la deuh, inchawk theia um taphot chu a’n chawk a, a’n chawk rawn po leh mi thîk le theida a hung kai a, ertu a hung hau a. A sungkuo, laina, a ruol le paihai hmuna hun le inpawlpuina hun a nei ta naw a, ni tinin an kar a hung hla deu deu a. A tawpa chun Setannu (‘Thratannu’ ti ding ni lem awm tak a nih) inkuopui le a ditchingna uoiin le suma inchawk thei thilhai ni tina inruipui chu an hung ni el tah. Hausaa a hming a hung inthang zuol po leh a hlim naw deu deu a. A nun hluia kir nawk a nuom a, sienkhom harsa a ti tah ding bakah a thlarau khom chu ama ta a ni tah tlat si nawh. “Miin khawvel hi nei vong sien, a thlarau inhmang si sien, a ta dingin iem a sawt a?” (Mt 16:26) ti char kha a chana tlu a lo ni tah zing el.

Chuonga hausakna le hmingthangna hnota lu le mong hre lo khopa a buoi vanglai chun ni khat chu a ruol hlui, thu ziek tieng le thil iengkima lo thrangpui le somdawl hlaktu chun thuom trop tak leh ama hmu dingin a hung a. A ofis thar le a ruolpa incheina chu an intu naw taluo leiin a secretary nu chun a pindana a lut tum khom chu a lo dang a. Pindan danga film shooting thaw dinga a hung suok chun a ruolpa trop tak el, ama nghaka lo inthrung zing chu a hmu a, a barakhai hle a. A dam thra naw leiin ofis sunga chun a’n luok nawknghal a! Poisa a mamaw leia hung ni a ring a, pek a tum a, sienkhom sum dita hung a ni si nawh. A thi hma ngeia a ruolpa thlarau inhmang chu san suok tuma hung a ni lem. Sienkhom, a thu ngaithlakna dingin hun a pek thei si nawh.

Chu zan chun a ruolpa, kansara na a nih ti a hriet lo chu, a thi a. A thi thu a hriet chun a lung chu chemtea sun angin a na a. A hung hmuna san tak hril hman naw sien khom a novel ziek zo hlim chu Jabez Stone-in hung tiem ngei sien a nuom thu chu a thucha nuhnung tak a nih. Chu novel-a a thu mu tak chu: Hlimna kawitan a um nawh (There is no shortcut to happiness) ti a nih. Chu thu a hang tiem chun dang ruol loin a mitthli a sûr a, hun tawite bek a pek thei naw chu a’n sìr èm ém a, sienkhom pengpelep khuo an hnu ta si. A tienami ei hril tah ang khan, hi taka inthok hin Jabez Stone chun a ngirhmun derthawngzie a hung inman suok zuol a, ukil thiem Daniel Webster ruoiin a’n tal suok hràm a nih.

A hun le inmila her rem
A hmaa ei hril tah ang khan, 2004-a an film siem le kum 1941-a an siem chu tienami thuhmun ni siin inang naw tak a ni tah. Hi thil le inzom hin inchuk ding poimaw pahnih a um a, chu chu hang hril vak ei tih.

Pakhatna, thil hrim hrim hi a hun laia mihai pei hriet thiem thei zawnga ei tar lang ding chun an sumphuk le taptebula ngei intrumtir a, an tukvera inthoka an tarmit ngei hmanga inthlirtir a ngai. Chuonga thaw thei ding chun inbuotsai lawk a ngai bok. Sura tienami ei hril ding chun ei hril lai huna mihai hriet thiem thei zawng le Sura mizie khom kong hrang hrangin a thlahai zie-ah an hriet loin a la kop zing a nih ti hril fie thiem a ngai. Chuong chu ni loa a tienami hul ringot ei hril chun invet biling le nuizat bûrah ngai an ta, an mizie le inzomna inthuk tak um chu hmu thei naw ni hai. Ei thaw ve thei zing khom, thaw thei lo anga inngaina lungril ei put thu hrilna, ‘Sura pelte lo tum ang’ ti tronglamkei dam hi ei nunah nghet taka inphûmin, ‘Nahai chu ni sien hieng hin a lo el ding bah’ a ti ang bok khan eini khomin, ‘Saphai/vaihai chu ni hai sien, an thaw el ding a na’ ei la ti ve zing dam hi a umzie an hung hmu chieng pha chun an nunah inthuk takin Suran thu a hril ding a nih.
Chemtattepu tienami khom hi kaikuongin a mazute a va sai ringot thu a ni nawh. Thilthaw (action) pakhatin a kakhawk tung pei dan (chain reaction) hrilna, histawri umzie hrilfiena thra tak a ni bakah a changtuhai khawsakna ngirhmun le hlimthla chieng taka thlir theina tienami var le inril a nih. Chu thu chu thrang la hung thar peihai khoma an hriet chak le ngainuom ni zing a ta, an ngainuom ruol ruolin hieng ang tienami var phuoktu an pi le puhai ngaisangna lungril hung nei an ta, an thlatuhai an ngaisang ruol ruolin anni khom chuong ang thluok thra rochung peitu an nizie hung hrein, an hlutna inthukzie, thudik um sa chu hung man (self discovery) suokin hung pieng thar an ta, chu inhriet suokna (self realization) chun an theina inphûm (latent ability), hmang trangkai nachang hre loa an thrung de mei mei chu thil ropui tak thawna dingin an hung kei suok ding a nih.

Ei ngirhmun tlangpui ei bi veng vengin, a hun le inmila ei nun le khawsakna her rem thiem dinga inbuotsaina hi ei tlasam ti inhmai ruol a ni nawh. Ei hlimthla hmu chieng theina thra tak pakhat chu khaw tina Pathienni zata Sande Sikul ei inthruoi dan hi a nih. Kum za lai liem taa kristien hmasahaiin an lo thaw dan kha zaa sawmkuo vel chun ei la sunzom ngat ngat a nih. A changkang hreta inthruoihai chun inri nuoi nuoi loin mi pakhat thruoina hnuoiah ei thaw a, sienkhom thruoituhai thaw tlangpui tak chu hrilfiena bu tiem suok ringot a nih. Ei hrilfiena bu siemhai bek hi changkang met sien chu zieum hret ding a ni vei leh! Hi taka ei hril nuom tak chu, a hun le hmun, ei hun tong tah le inmila inthruoi dingin inbuotsaina thra ei mamaw a, chu chu ei nei si naw leiin ei sande sikulhai hi ei trangkaipui ding angin ei trangkai thei naw a nih.

Chun, pulpit tlanga zer huom tla raka ei sermon thu tam lem hi ngai chet chun a pasie ngawi ngawi a, lungnonaa tuom mawi tumin ei thaw ngiela chu tin bur ruok vuok puok ang chauh a nih. Ei rawl ri a re a, a hriltu le ngaithlatuhai chu ei ruok dan pangngaiin ei trîn diel a, imu thatnaa hmang le hmang nawhai a tu khom ei inchen rong a nih. Abikin, naupang tieng le thralai tieng hin thutak khom ni sien thring taka ei thurpek hi chu law ngaina an hriet naw a ni tak. Ei sana le an sana her mil a ngai takzet a nih.

Pahnina, her mil dan hriet poimawzie ei hril laiin, iengkim her mil tum hi, abikin Pathien thuah, thil trium tak a ni thei bok. Entirnan, hleprûk thil ‘lawmmana’ inchangtir dam, kut tling loa inthoka lak lut sum le pai le hausakna thil hrim hrim Pathien malsawmna dong anga hril mawi le pomzam dam, ei rama Chanchin Thra hung lut tranna ni February 5 ni si, May 7-a her rem tum tlat dam hi thil trium tak, sienkhom inzak nachang hre loa ngampa taka ei thaw tlat si chu a nih.

Chun, kalchar le sakhuo inlaichinna hi hriet fie a trul khop el. Hre fie si loa her rem ei tum chun an thrang nawna dinga inthrang kawkaltir thei a ni a, chu chu thil trium a nih. Pastor Thangngur chun kalchar le sakhuo inlaichinna thiem taka her remin, Kristmas le a hmangtuhai inkara inbiekna le inthlàna thu (dialogue) chu hla mawi takin a siem a, chu chu kristmas trumtriek tienga sak hlaw tak, hla vâng, hnam hmasawnhai hlaa khom hmu ding um lo a nih. Literechar huongah hi hla hi hlu lut ding ni inla, ‘Hla lenglawng’ ei ti laia zel ding a ni laiin kohran hla buah sungpui nau chan changin, tu soisel hlaw loin, tu chen hin hmun a hluo tlat a nih.

A hun zira her rem thu hril tâka chun, Tirko Paulan chawibiek inkhawma nuhmei inchei dan ding le um dan ding a hril dam, nuhmei pasal innei thu a hril dam, Thuthlung Hluia Sabat inser thu dam, sertan thu dam le fak thieng le thieng lo Pathienin a hrilhai dam chu ei her rem dan a khuongruol ta naw khop el. Chuong ang bokin, hlimna thu ei lak dan le pom dan khom a ni tho. Baibul thu inthup ei hrilfie dan lem chu a khuongruol naw nawkzuol. Fundamentalist le Modernist hai inkara inselna khomin tawpintai nei naw nih. A san chu mihriem hrietna le varna a hung insang pei dungzuia Pathien ropuizie ei hriet suok deu deu ruolin ei Pathien ring dan le hmu dan le a thu ei hril fie dan a hung danglam pei a, voisuna Modernist-a ngai kha zingah Fundamentalist-a ngai an hung ni pei a nih. Pathien thutak ruok chu sunhang khat khom a bo thei naw a, bo ding a ni bok nawh. Ei ringna le hrietna mita a nina tawp chin nei lo ei hmu phak chen chauh chu mihriemin ei hril hlak a, ei hmu phak chin a’n ang tawl si naw leiin a thua inselna hi khawvel um sung bo naw nih. A poimaw tak chu ei hmu phak china ei hriet dan hi a’n dik am a’n dik naw hriet fie a ni a, chu taka ei darthlalang hmang ding chu Baibul a nih. Chu khom chu chang khat chauh lak bing a, mani lung tluk zawnga fepui chu thil trium tawp a nih.

Setan kuoma inzor
A nih, hlimna kawitan zongin, ei tlung inhmat thei dan ding a ni phot chun ieng thil khom thaw inhuomin mi tam tak sun le zan ei invir buoi a. Shakespeare tienamia Macbeth khom kha a nuhmei kawitan hriet a hrawpui rok a, thisen tam tak insuoin Setanin a hlem hlum thrak a nih. Pathienin lal dinga hriek a’n nàltir Saula ngei khom kha a hun tawp tieng khan Setan azenda zuia kal chawi a ni leiin a che buoi hle a, a nauhai leh rawng takin an that a, an ruong muolpho takin sahrang lu târin hmelmahai kul bangah an tàr a ni khah.

Pastor Thangngur ngei khom khan suma a thlarau inchaw dinga dawr pawl a tong a, thlaraua mit varna nei mi ni naw sien chu awk veng a ta, chepchep vuok thlak angin re hmak a ta, ama hmanga thlarau malsawmna hla ropui tak tak hung far thla dinghai chu kang inchat a ta, hla ropui tak tak a phuokhai hi hmu ding um naw ni a, ama hma lakna zuia mi dangin hla tam tak an phuokhai khom hi hmu ding um bok naw nih. Sum le paia zawr thluk tah hai baua inthoka Pathien hla ril hung pieng hi hril ding a vang khop el. Ei kohran chanchin hi chuong ang thila hrepuitu sàkhi (witness) inkhel thei lo ngir zing chu a nih. Sui nuom le nuom naw, hriet chak le chak naw thu mei mei a nih.

Ka ngaituo a, Jabez Stone ngirhmuna intang hi khawvelah mi ei va hang tam awm de aw! Vaihai chun ieng dang neka an biek chu sum a ni tlat leiin, hausak thutna ding a ni phot chun ieng khom thaw an inhuom a lo ni khomin inthiem an um. Sin insang an beisei khom sum tamna tieng a ni zat zat. Sum chu thilthawtheina, iengkim deuthaw inchawk le nei theinaa an ngai a nih. Chuong mihai ta ding chun sum ngainat hi suol tinreng bul ni loin thil tinreng thaw theina bul a nih. Mi tam takin pawlitiks an khel san khom sum hnâr chalai theitu ngirhmun chel an nuom lei a nih. Eini kristien inti, pawlitiks bu zawla inhnelhai khomin chu tho chu a nih ei tum chuh. Remchang hun inhong sien, anni nêk nèka zuola che nuom ei nih. Ei nauhai sorkar sin thawna dinga ei dit tak khom hlepruk treuh theina, sum tamnaa ngai service a nih. India hmar saka silai piellung hmanga zalenna suol suok tuma inhril po po deuthaw tum tak khom sum hnar nei tho a nih. Setanin a mi hung dawr hma khoma ei thlarau inchaw dinga thlut ngat ngat pawl ei tam taluo leiin Manipura lem chu inthlangin umzie a nei ta nawh. Hmun tam taka tlinghai khom Setan le a azen-haiin an tling hmaa an lo inchawk tah sa vong an nih. Ei rorelna inpuia hai hin Setan kuoma thlarau zor ve lo mi ieng zat am um an ti aw?

Kohran khom hi kohran hming ei put lei ela hima ei inngai a ni chun indik kher naw nih. Kohran sunga hin Setanin hnienghnarna chi hrang hranga a chawm lien le ngirhmun poimawa a hlangkai, an thlarau a’n chawk ta sa, thiem taka sakhaw pawl hminga a sor ding mi tam tak a nei a nih. Chuong mihai chu pawla hring, mani pawl lienna le hamthratna ding a ni phot chun iengkim thaw huom an ni nuom hle. Baibula thing thra le thra lo an raa inthoka inkhi ding thu a hril kha eini lai chu hmang mumal thei a ni ta nawh, a san chu ra thra ei inkhina chu sum thaw rawn le rawn naw a ni tâk tlat lei a nih. Ei bùkna lung chu sum a nih. Ieng anga kut porche le tling loa inthoka hung khom ni sien, sum a ni phot chun ei hmu thienghlim fawm vong a, chuong ang pe theitu chu Pathien hmingin mal ei sawm a, thu hrilna hun thra ei inhlàn a, ei pulpithai an chìl porche a, an thlarau inchawtu Setan chu a’n nui ver ver el a nih.

Hlimna kawitan a um am?
Khawvelin a pek thei hlimna kawitan po po chu lam mong ping, Sheol-a tawp vong a ni leiin mong zâng vuka hrawtu po po khom sawt naw teah Jabez Stone ang bokin an bei a dong nghal vong a nih. Chu kawitan po po chu Lal Solomon khomin a hraw vong a, a tawpa a thu kharna, hawroppuia mark a pek chu: IENGMA LO VONG a nih. Thuhriltu bu hi khawvel hrieta chu thila a testimawni a puongna chu a nih.

Hlimna kawitan, chatuon hol tlang, Bethlehem le Kalvari tan tlanga hmangaina tractor-a Krista Isu lam sat hong, ringnaa kal chawituhai chauh hraw thei a um. Ringnaa chu lampui hrawtuhai chauh chun chatuon lawmna PA kuom an tlung thei. Chu chu hlimna kawitan um sun chu a nih. Chu kawitan chu Krista a nih. Chu chu a nih Pastor Thangngurin hla ropui taka a lo insam suok khah:
Nang ngei Isu nei tlak i nih,
Chatuon chena ropui le mawi deu deuh,
Hnuoi le vana malsawmna hlu.
[*Editor's Note: INPUI columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and a respected Hmar Mizo litterateur. This article was written by him on Aug 20, 2009, New Delhi.]

Pune, Aug 21, 2009: Mr Frankie Lalrinnunga, son of Mr Biakliana of Aizawl, became the first Mizo casualty of the dreaded H1N1 virus here in Pune this morning (August 21)

Sources told Inpui that the 26-year-old, working at a call center, contacted cold and had a running nose some days back. To be on the safer side, Lalrinnunga consulted a private doctor, however, the doctor reportedly told him there was no need to worry. But days later his conditions worsened and after testing his swap at a government hospital he was immediately admitted to the ICU ward of YCM Hospital in Pune.

He was put on ventilator but doctors could not save him as the swine flu virus has already done enough damages to his lungs. He breathed his last at around 8.30 am in the morning.

Doctors, according to our sources, reportedly told family members that Mr Lalrinnunga died of pneumonia. Even mainstream newspapers and media are yet to cover this incident as a swine flu death at the time of this report.

As per the information received by us via SMSes, Mr Lalrinnunga's body will be cremated in Pune itself and later his ashes taken to Mizoram for burial.

There has been no official confirmation from either the Mizoram government or Maharashtra health department that Mr Lalrinnunga indeed died due to the A(H1N1) virus.

[By Pu L.Keivom, Inpui Columnist]

Trong hi mana anga a thlawna vana inthoka hung tla a ni nawh. Ei ni tin khawsakna le inzoma hung insiem tung pei a ni lem. Chuleiin trong hi hnam darthlalang a nih. Trong thiem tak tak ding chun a hmangtuhai kalchar hriet inthuk a ngai. Fiemthu nuiza ei tihai khom hi a nuizatna chu a ‘cultural context’ a inthok a ni deu tak. Eini fiemthu tam tak hi Saphai ta dingin nuizat a um dêr naw ang bokin an fiemthu tam tak hi ei ta dingin nuizat a um nawh.

A chunga tronglamkei (phrase) hi ‘thil awm lo, thil ni lo thaw le hril, a hril rawn po leh ni naw tul tul, thil intu lo deuh’ hrilna a na, sienkhom a hung suok dan kontek (context) hriet naw chun a umzie man ngaina a um nawh.

Mizoram Khawsak Tuipui râl Khawbung khuoa Hmar hnathlakhai an um laiin Sailo lalhai an hung lien a. Anni hnam naw po, anni ngam nawtu chu an bawiah an sie hlak a. Lailen hmuna Kairum Sailo inlal laiin Khawbung khuoa um hai chu an hnam hming indon chieng vong dingin mi a tir a. Tuklut bawia an um nawna dingin tu khomin Hmar an ni thu hril lo dingin a khawtlangin an lo inhril rûk vong a. An ip zo teu vei leh, a tawpah mi ang lo pakhat hi an hang indon leh ‘Hmar ka nih’ an ti el tah a. A khuohai chun an hal sup sup el a. An hang indon chieng nawk leh, “Hmar ka ni tlat chu! Hmara khom Khawbung ka nih” a la ti ta deu deu a. Chuongchun, hi khuoa um Hmarhai chu Sailo lal tuklut bawiah an lut pha tah a nih.

Hi ngirhmuna inthok hin ‘Khawbung a la ti ta deu deu’ ti hi a hung suok a nih. Entirna ding hnâite, chieng deu si hang hmang inla. “ Ei kohran hrivoi siet tawl vei leh, Khawbung a la ti ta deu deu ti ang khan, Rev. L. T. Sinate chun a lekhabu hmingah ‘Kohran Hring’ a mi la ti ta deu deu” ei ti thei.

[*Editor's Note: INPUI columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and a respected Hmar Mizo litterateur. This article was written by him on Aug 7, 2009, New Delhi.]

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  2. High Court of Judicature at Allahabad requires 468 Assistant Review Officers.
  3. Life Insurance Corporation of India requires 100 Sr. Marketing Executives.
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  16. DOEACC Society, Kolkata Centre invites applications for the posts of Scientists/Engineers, Assistant etc.
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  18. University of Pune offers admission to Technical courses CAD, CAM and CAE.
  19. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai offers admission to Ph.D Programme in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer and System Sciences etc.
Employment News issue dated 22.08.2009 contains advertisement for job vacancies of more than 99 Govt. Departments.

Book your copy of Employment News immediately with your local Book Seller.

[Thlalak: Bangalore a hung thar mi 30 vel laia thenkhathai. Lalmalsawm ]

Bangalore, August 16, 2009:
India IT khawpui a Hmarnauhai chun tarik ni 15, August thla khan Freshers' Social 2009 chu inhawi takin Lakshmi Party Hall, Kammanahalli hmunah ruoithe in an hmang.

Inkhawmpui hi Hmar Students Association, Bangalore Branch, in a ibuotsei a nih.

HSA hotu tienga inthawka chanchin ei dawng danin mi thar 30 vel an nia, amiruokchu mi 15 chauh hi ni hin an hung thang nia hriet anih.

Kum dang naw angtakin, prokram chawhnung dar 3 a inthawkin tan ding ti a nia. Amiruokchu, hall hmang hmasa han an prokram an zo fel vat theinaw leiin zantieng dar 4.30 velin prokram tan a nih. Kum dang po po, 'hall' in member hai a nghak hlak kha a nia. Tukum ruokchu member ha'n hall an nghak ta lem a, anhnu khawm an um mang nawh.

Mipui hlasak zovin Pi Lalrodang Kungate in trawngtain
a'n hun a hawnga. Chun HSA president Tv Rama Khobung in Freshers a lawmlut hai chuh adviser Pu Robert L Sungte in infuina thucha a hril. Chu hma chun, Fresherhai stage a an ngir lai zing mipui le prokram thuoitu Nk Merina Infimate le Tv John Ringsan han indawnna tam tak an nei tawl. Fresherhai lai hin Haflong nunghak Rohlupui mipui han an 'sawp' nasa taka chu Miss Fresher dingin an thlangtling nawk.

Fresherhai le inhmelhrietna zo hin inchukna tieng panga pasi hai chu education secretary le president ha'n chawimawina lekha an pek.

Hi zo hin May thla a HSA, Bangalore Branch in a ibuoipui Hmar E-Bible chu Rev Lalsandam in mipui hmangthei dingin Pathien hmaah hawngna a nei. (Hmar-E Bible Hawngna tiem rawh)

Bangalore Hmar Christian Fellowship le HSA in hun iemanichen a inthawka an lo ngaituo tah, Bangalore Hmar Emergency Fund khom hi ni hin mipui hmaah a kalhmanghai BHCF secretary Pu Jonathan Kungate in tiem lang na a nei bawk.

Chun kum tinna election nei hlak a ni ang bawkin kum 2009-10 sunga HSA thuoitu dinghai thlangna nei a nih. HSA Thuoitu thar 2009-10 tiem rawh Pu Robert le Rev Lalsandam han vote an tiem a, chu kar lakah nunghak le tlangval hlasakthiem tak takel han mipui an lo in awi a; lamzawla kut le ke then el dittawkloa kawng hei awt awt an bo nawh. HSA games and sport secretary Tv Zairemthang meuh mipui hmaah Michael Jackson lam dan a thaw ngam tah chun prokram an hawi hle a nih tu'n am ti naw ngam an ta!

Ringbakzetin, tu kum chu, Bangalore Hmarnauhai lai hlasakthiem an lo tam a, prokram an sukhoi hle.

Vairampura Hmarha’n nipui eiin ser changa thupui lo ni rawp hlak: 'A lam thei lam ei ta,...an rui thei inrui ei ta', ti kha Bangalore hai chun 'An rui thei inrui ei ta...' ti po peiin Freshers Meet 2009 chu zan dar 9.30 vel chen inhawi ti takin an hmang a nih. Prokram zo fel a ni hnungin bawngsa-chartang le arsa-hmepawk in an phing an chawm bawk.
[Thlalak: Vanglai hun hrietzingna dingin member thenkhat 'stage'ah an in 'pose'.]
Thlalak Danghai En Rawh

Hmar Students Association, Bangalore Branch, kum 2009-10 sunga thuoitu dinghai chu tarik ni 15, August thla khan mipui in an thlang a. An hming le mawphurna hieng ang hin siempek an nih.

President: Tv Randolf Amaw
Vice President: Pu Rochanglien Infimate
Secretary: Tv Barnaba Infimate
Asst Secretary: Tv Mesak Pakhuongte
Finance Secretary: Pi Lalrodang Kungate
Tressurer: Nk Jessica Joute

A chunga thlangtling hai bakah Education, Info&Publicity le Culture&Games cheltu ding mi pathum thlangsa an ni a. An hminghai chu an sin ding HSA committee hmasatakin a rel fel zo hung tarlang ning a tih.

[Rev Lalsandam and Tv Randolf Amaw release Hmar E-Bible CD at the Freshers' Social Meet in Bangalore on Aug 15, 2009 ]

Bangalore, August 15, 2009: The first Hmar E-Bible was released for public use today here in Bangalore during the Hmar Freshers' Social Meet 2009.

"Hmar E-Bible is a computer-based software that will be very useful not just for Bible students but for ordinary readers like you and me," project in-charge Tv Randolf Amaw told the gathering.

Thanking all the people who made Hmar E-Bible possible, Tv Randolf said, "It is only deu to God and all those contributors who eagerly gave us materials and moral support from time to time."

Dedicating Hmar E-Bible to the Hmar people in prayer Rev Lalsamdam said, "This (HmarE-Bible) will be there till the end of the world and we are fortunate to have our IT people to take such initiative."

According to Tv Randolf, the 50-plus MB size Hmar E-Bible, will be available for free download by Monday or Tuesday at www.hmararasi.com.

Hmar E-Bible project was taken up by the Hmar Students Association, Bangalore Branch in May 2009.

(To Download the Pre-Released Hmar E-Bible Copy. CLICK HERE or DIRECT DOWNLOAD. However, Please read system requirements/Terms and Conditions before downloading. CLICK TO READ REQUIREMENTS )

As the nation celebrates the 63rd Independence Day today (Aug 15), we at Inpui wish you a Happy Independence Day!!!

Following is the text of the President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil’s address to the Nation by on the eve of the 63rd Independence Day:

“My Fellow Citizens,

Tomorrow, we celebrate our 63rd Independence Day. On its eve, I extend my warmest greetings to all of you in India and the world over. I would like to convey a special word of gratitude to the brave personnel of the Armed Forces and the Para-military forces who guard our frontiers. I also extend my greetings to the Central and State level police as well as our internal security forces.

Our independence was won after a long and arduous struggle. Countless men and women, yearning for liberation from the colonial yoke, joined the ranks of freedom fighters. Energized by the inspiring leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and his call for an agitation based on the principles of Ahimsa and Satyagraha, they displayed undaunted courage. They willingly went through great hardships guided solely by the desire that the country be independent and its people free to determine their own destiny. This selfless spirit and sacrifices won us our freedom. I call on fellow citizens to join me in paying homage and our deepest respect to our great national leaders, martyrs, freedom fighters and all those who took part in the freedom movement and gave us a sovereign nation.

Freedom was won and the task of nation building brooked no delay. The vision, the principles and responsibilities would now onwards be for the leaders and the people of India to determine. On 15th August, 1947 itself, Bapuji was quick to remind us of this. He said, “From today you have to wear the crown of thorns. Strive ceaselessly to cultivate truth and non-violence. Be humble. Be forbearing … Now you will be tested through and through.” The same day at the stroke of midnight the vision of a free India was enunciated by the first Prime Minister of Independent India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, in his stirring “Tryst with Destiny” speech. He said we would have to, “build the noble mansion of free India where all her children dwell.”

Thus, we embarked on our journey. The four essential pillars necessary to support the edifice of India have been and remain - democracy, inclusive economic development, social empowerment and a value system based on our civilizational heritage. Each one of them is individually important and must be equally strong for a stable and progressive nation.

The 15th General Elections were held this year. Spread over five phases, the effort was to reach out to every voter, even in the remotest parts of the country. That is why even where there was only one voter, arrangements were made for the casting of that one vote. The voice of every citizen is important and the principle of inclusiveness integral to democracy. In accordance with the mandate, the new Government assumed office. The electoral exercise re-affirmed the strong faith of the people, across the country, in democracy. It once again proved that the world’s largest democracy is, indeed, a mature democracy. We can be proud that we have carried forward the torch of democracy in a manner that today the concept of democracy and India are inseparable.

If we can work to ensure that each citizen gets an opportunity to be heard while choosing representatives to Parliament and the Assemblies, it also becomes our bounden duty to ensure that they are heard even in the period between elections. Each elected Member of Parliament represents on an average the voice of over a 1.3 million electorate - larger than the population of some nations, and this imposes a huge responsibility to represent the aspirations of those who have elected them. They have a clear obligation to work for the welfare of the people and the progress of the nation.

At the same time, the expectations of the people are rising as they are becoming more aware of their rights and seek better opportunities. Facilities, amenities and services meant for them whether they are living in rural or urban areas can be delivered smoothly only is there is an effective governance system that is less cumbersome but more transparent and accountable. There is outrage when money meant for welfare schemes is pilfered out by corrupt practices. The flagship programmes of the Government are comprehensive ranging from health to education, employment to expanding social and economic infrastructure. Their implementation will have to be at optimal levels for an impact to be made on the lives of the people. Hence, the emphasis on reform of governance for effective delivery of public services is critical to change the lives of the people. The administrators must be responsive to the needs of the people. Their work is a public service – commitment, dedication and honesty should be the hallmarks of their work.

This year the monsoon has been less than normal impacting agriculture and availability of water. We have to be prepared to face the situation. The Government is taking all possible steps to deal with it. It is also taking necessary measures to handle the H1N1 influenza. Citizens have to come forward to contribute to Government’s efforts in these areas and in other development initiatives through public-private partnerships, NGOs, community groups or Self Help Groups. An enlightened citizenry conscious of its civic duties and social responsibilities, maintaining discipline, following good habits particularly about hygiene and cleanliness, respectful towards nature’s bounty and sensitive to environmental concerns is the greatest asset of a nation.

Fellow Citizens,

Our uninterrupted democratic credentials and our steady economic progress achieved due to our hard work have fortified India’s stature. Even in the face of a global slowdown, which demands that we manage the economy to counter its effects, we must work to continue our upward trajectory. We have a large domestic market and inherent strengths to drive the economy forward. As we focus on areas of proven strength, on building of infrastructure throughout the country and rural development, it should be our incessant endeavor to expand into new areas of growth.

We must prepare for the future world whose contours will be shaped by innovation, technology and a spirit of enterprise. India has been playing a leading role in the knowledge economy and in the IT and IT enabled sectors. We are well placed to face the future with confidence, but we must not be complacent. Transformational changes have taken place in India when technology has been used for development. The building of modern India requires a focus on strengthening our academic institutions and research facilities. Our efforts in this direction should be motivated by the desire to achieve excellence. India can set high standards of Research and Development so that these can become the international benchmarks in a knowledge society. The world expects India to be one of the largest economies of the world. We know we can achieve this position. After all, history tells us that since ancient times India was a wealthy nation well known for its riches and its global importance. However, India which is a civilization in continuum seeks in addition to material progress, enrichment of human life through cultural advancement, a constant search for knowledge and understanding, and above all, social justice.

Our narrative of growth should be a story of opportunity and a life of dignity for all. Social empowerment requires considerable amount of work and, hence, must occupy centre stage in our national consciousness. There are the weaker and the vulnerable sections of society who are not full partners in the growth and development process and remain on the sidelines. These sections of society need to be drawn into the national mainstream. They need to be given access to education, health and skill-building - the tools of empowerment. This will equip them with abilities and capabilities and generate confidence about their future prospects. This will give them a sense of control over their destinies. It is within the realm of possibility to achieve this. Signs of change are becoming visible. Today, there are girls joining colleges, whose parents had never ever been to school. This is a development that has happened within a generation. People are today realizing the advantages of being educated and are ready to seize opportunities. The passage of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill is a landmark legislation for achieving our goal of universal education. The National Mission on Empowerment of Women will socially and economically empower women – 50 percent of our population to play an active role in nation building. Giving an equal chance to everybody to get ahead in life is an article of faith for the Republic of India, and building an inclusive society our objective.

I am confident that our nation will move forward to become an exemplary democracy, an economic power and a progressive society. However, what will be the value system upon which we will judge our performance? There will be sweeping changes in the world. What will be our anchor to cope with these changes? In such situations, if we are not rooted in values we become rudderless. Hence, the importance of values in the nation building endeavour. We, as a nation, are fortunate that we are the inheritors of values which have stood the test of time. Harmony and peaceful co-existence have been at the core of our civilization. They are messages relevant for all times and ages. They can, perhaps, never be outdated. Therefore, even as we progress it will be these values which would help to provide us strength as they have done throughout our history. India should build its destiny on a culture of peace and harmony. There should be harmony between good traditions and progress.

India has shown a remarkable capacity to assimilate change as well as the influences that have been brought to its land over centuries by the many groups who came here. This has made us a composite society consisting of many different strands but yet united. This unity has been brought about by the philosophy of harmony which demands a sense of responsibility towards fellow human beings. It seeks to resolve differences rather than widen them. It seeks to bring people together rather than divide them. It looks at change not as a threat but as a reality of the march of time. Peaceful co-existence is inherent in our culture. Terrorism, which targets innocent people, is the very anti-thesis of peaceful co-existence. It is condemnable because it is against the tenets of every religion and faith. It must be defeated in the interest of the collective goal of humankind to build peaceful societies and a peaceful world. We need to work together towards this end as humankind shares a common destiny.

Fellow citizens,

We have struggled since the first war of independence in 1857. We have fought against the sentiments largely created by a divide and rule policy, which aimed at defeating our unity. We won because our freedom struggle was based on noble principles. We have adhered to secularism, equality and respect for all religions. I call upon my brothers and sisters of every religion – whether they be Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Parsees and all others, to live together in harmony. Here, I am reminded of the famous lines:-

‘Mazhab nahin sikhata

Aapas mein bair rakhna’

If we have to progress, communal harmony is important. It is like the thread which holds together a garland of beautiful flowers made of different colours and fragrance. Let us prove that we can be united as human beings and not divided. Let us fight against violence and extremism and be an important part of promoting peace and harmony. If we choose to be bound by the feelings of hatred, mistrust and apathy we will never move forward. Therefore, let us build a strong, united and progressive India for us and our future generations as also a peaceful world. I end with the message contained in these lines:-

Common be our resolve,

Our hearts be united,

Our thoughts be in unison,

So that all may live harmoniously.

Once again, my greetings to all Fellow Citizens on the occasion of Independence Day.

Jai Hind.”

Shillong, Aug 14, 2009: Elections for the 2009-2011 office bearers of the Hmar Students Association, Shillong Jt Hqrs was held today at the EFCI Hall in Madanriting with a “good response” from the public.

"Over 150 people were present at the meeting specifically called for electing the office bearers," sources said.

The election was also conducted in a “cordial yet in responsive manner” under presiding officers Pu Hrangrolien Hrangkhawl (Hmar Inpui president), Pu Louis L Keivom (Hmar Inpui secretary) and Pu Neisel.

Former HSA president and NEICICDS chairman Pu Zarzosang Varte has been re-elected as president "unanimously" as "un-contested candidate". “However, other posts were up for grabs and many names were proposed for each of them,” our source said.

The election was followed by a banquet.

Following are the people elected, with their respective posts.

President: Pu Zarzosang Varte
Vice President: Tv Simon Infimate
Secretary: Tv Joseph Tuolor
Asst Secy: Tv James Mawia
Finance Secretary: Nk Lalawmpui Zote
Tressurer: Tv Vanlalmuon Pakhuongte

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