Halloween party ideas 2015

Hmar Students Association, Bangalore Branch, kum 2009-10 sunga thuoitu dinghai chu tarik ni 15, August thla khan mipui in an thlang a. An hming le mawphurna hieng ang hin siempek an nih.

President: Tv Randolf Amaw
Vice President: Pu Rochanglien Infimate
Secretary: Tv Barnaba Infimate
Asst Secretary: Tv Mesak Pakhuongte
Finance Secretary: Pi Lalrodang Kungate
Tressurer: Nk Jessica Joute

A chunga thlangtling hai bakah Education, Info&Publicity le Culture&Games cheltu ding mi pathum thlangsa an ni a. An hminghai chu an sin ding HSA committee hmasatakin a rel fel zo hung tarlang ning a tih.

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