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Pune, Aug 21, 2009: Mr Frankie Lalrinnunga, son of Mr Biakliana of Aizawl, became the first Mizo casualty of the dreaded H1N1 virus here in Pune this morning (August 21)

Sources told Inpui that the 26-year-old, working at a call center, contacted cold and had a running nose some days back. To be on the safer side, Lalrinnunga consulted a private doctor, however, the doctor reportedly told him there was no need to worry. But days later his conditions worsened and after testing his swap at a government hospital he was immediately admitted to the ICU ward of YCM Hospital in Pune.

He was put on ventilator but doctors could not save him as the swine flu virus has already done enough damages to his lungs. He breathed his last at around 8.30 am in the morning.

Doctors, according to our sources, reportedly told family members that Mr Lalrinnunga died of pneumonia. Even mainstream newspapers and media are yet to cover this incident as a swine flu death at the time of this report.

As per the information received by us via SMSes, Mr Lalrinnunga's body will be cremated in Pune itself and later his ashes taken to Mizoram for burial.

There has been no official confirmation from either the Mizoram government or Maharashtra health department that Mr Lalrinnunga indeed died due to the A(H1N1) virus.

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