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[By Lalmalsawm Sungte]

BANGALORE, Aug 9, 2009: The much-awaited personal computer-based Hmar Electronic Bible (Hmar E-Bible) is all set to be released on August 15 here in Bangalore.

The day, incidentally, also marks India’s Independence Day.

Sources, in the Hmar Students Association, Bangalore branch, which is behind the first Hmar E-Bible project said that "only a few chapters are left and we will be able to release it on August 15 at the time of our Freshers' Meet’. The student body is organising its Freshers’ Meet on August 15 and the release of 'Hmar E-Bible' is already one of the listed items.

The first 'Hmar E-Bible' which took almost 4-months to complete will have all the three versions of Hmar bibles — Bible Society of India, Bibles for the World and Delhi version.

According to HSA sources the Hmar E-Bible will be available for free downloading at www.hmararasi.com, the web portal of Bangalore Hmars. However, HSA officials also said, “People are free to donate towards the project which will go to HSA fund and for development of revised editions.”

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  1. hmu chak um ta de

  2. interesting information ... hopefully useful.
    respond to your comment, actually still in the process of template development. So I hope you are patient, given that the internet connectivity in place very slowly.

  3. dar iengzat vel am an relese dning?

  4. an release ta am? ka lo nghak ran

  5. Released! A hrildan chun zinga le zing nawk hin website ha lak thei ni a tih


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