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[Rev Lalsandam and Tv Randolf Amaw release Hmar E-Bible CD at the Freshers' Social Meet in Bangalore on Aug 15, 2009 ]

Bangalore, August 15, 2009: The first Hmar E-Bible was released for public use today here in Bangalore during the Hmar Freshers' Social Meet 2009.

"Hmar E-Bible is a computer-based software that will be very useful not just for Bible students but for ordinary readers like you and me," project in-charge Tv Randolf Amaw told the gathering.

Thanking all the people who made Hmar E-Bible possible, Tv Randolf said, "It is only deu to God and all those contributors who eagerly gave us materials and moral support from time to time."

Dedicating Hmar E-Bible to the Hmar people in prayer Rev Lalsamdam said, "This (HmarE-Bible) will be there till the end of the world and we are fortunate to have our IT people to take such initiative."

According to Tv Randolf, the 50-plus MB size Hmar E-Bible, will be available for free download by Monday or Tuesday at www.hmararasi.com.

Hmar E-Bible project was taken up by the Hmar Students Association, Bangalore Branch in May 2009.

(To Download the Pre-Released Hmar E-Bible Copy. CLICK HERE or DIRECT DOWNLOAD. However, Please read system requirements/Terms and Conditions before downloading. CLICK TO READ REQUIREMENTS )

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  1. Phur a um ta baka.. A tawp taka chun ei hmu ta ding a hoia though there were many opposition party when the project was started....Thanks be to God.. Blore Hmar nauhai Pathiein malsawmin thuoipei raw sen cheu....

  2. D Ralsun: Thil reng reng opposition a um chun a hlawtling lem hlak. Opposite intrek sawk kha power ropui tak lem a nih. And pls do remember that both the charges are equally important for making the system complete.


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