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New Delhi, Aug 29, 2009:
Inrinni khin HSA Jt. Hqrs, Delhi chun Freshers Meet nei dingin programe a siema, hi hun a hin Hmar Mobile Bible Version 2.0 tlangzar dinga riruong siem anih. Hi ni hin Hall tuolah Laptop pakhat sie ning ata, a dit taphawt hai Mobile phone ah a thlawna install pek pei ning a tih. Holy Bible pumpui chu a lien a Mobile phone naranin a kengnaw leiin hienghin the dar anih. Mani phone nei dan a zirin dit ang ang lak thei ning a tih.

1. Thuthlunghlui
2. Thuthlungthar
3. Thuthlungthar, Sam le Thuvar
4. Genesis to Ruthi
5. 1Samuel to Esther
6. Joba to Isai
7. Jeremia to Malachi
8. Bible pumpui bu khat khatin.

Inrinni zantienga inthokin website a khom download thei dinga sie tum ani bawk.

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