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We, at Inpui, have come up with this poster to show our support for Bangalore HSA football team Sinlung FC, in their campaign to clinch the Bangalore Mizo Association League 2009.

The BMA is celebrating its 25th year and sources said that the organisers are preparing to make this year's prize, and the cup "very special".

So far, HSA team Sinlung FC has defeated two teams in their last two matches. Yesterday (Aug 22) they defeated Kristu Jayanti 1-0.

Sinlung FC's next and their last league match is with the Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology FC (schedule yet to be fixed). And if captain Tv Zairemthang and his men trash Dr AIT FC, they will secure a berth in the semi-finals.

Passions are already running high. Some supporters of Sinlung FC told Inpui that yesterday's match referee was "really unfair". "Why did he turn a blind eye to the fouls committed by Kristu Jayanti players while he was giving cards to our players?" a visibly upset Sinlung FC supporter said.

Passions on and off the field are going to be fully charged during the next match and we at Inpui are also throwing some 'woods' into the 'fire' with this campaign poster! :)

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  1. Bei trang trang ro. Sinlung FC in hrat chun surprise gift hmung in tih. Lo ngaiven zing ro. Pu Admin nice campaign ;]

  2. He he... a awm ve ka tih :)

  3. Cheerrs to Inpui and all the best to Sinlung FC!


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