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After we were notified of the existence of the just released music album of the Evangelical Free Church of India (Aizawl) Choir on the internet, we came across two such videos from youtube.com uploaded by lkungahmar.

What surprises us at, Inpui, was that this music album was officially released only on August 25, 2009 at Aizawl by Mizoram's Health Minister Upa H.Liansailova. But the videos were already out on youtube as early as March 27&30, 2009 (Upload dates on youtube.com by lkungahmar)

We think they are genuine videos from 'ELSADAI' music video album. But, how and why the they were already available on youtube before the official release is still baffling us. Whatever, the reasons be, we suggest you do buy the orginal after watching these two videos.

Here's a review
Pu Darsuo, New Delhi [Mind It, Pu Darsuo has already bought the orginal CD, I Say]

Aug 30, 2009:
Zani khan Aizawl EFCI Choir Album Delhiah kan lo inchawk ve a, en le ngaitlak an hawi hle.

An hlasak threnkhathai chu Pastor Runremthang, Upa Benjamin Shakum le Tv.Solomon V.Hmar phuok anni tawla; phuoktu danghai ruok chu Mizoram tienga Hmar unauhai anni tawl leiin ka hriet chieng ve nawh.

Hi Album-ah hin Hmar Mizo le Lushai Mizo hla bakah, Kohran Ramthim rawngbawlna hmuna trawng hieng Hindustani, Meiteilon le Tripuri hlahai khawm thiem zetin, pakhat sengin an sak a, Kohran Mission field haia khawm hmang trangkaina um ngei a tih.

An thiem dan hrim khawm hih,CENTRAL CHOIRs, (ICI, EFCI, etc) hai thlukin anthiem filawr ve ti thei a nih. Music/Solfa thiem han iengtinam an ngaive ding chu ka hriet nawh.

Aizawl EFCI KTP rawngbawlna a mawi ie.

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  1. Hla pahnina khi ICI Central choir vol 3 a hla pakhat thlu'k a hoi ka ti ngeiel.


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