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Bishop Stephen Rotluanga, a Mizo priest, has been in the limelight recently, not for his church activities, but for his nude paintings.

Many people in Mizoram and elsewhere find this Catholic priest's hobby 'unnatural and un-Christian'. Some of his colleagues are even said to be not too comfortable with him around. But, reports by Mizoram weekly 'Zozam' said the Bishop is 'unrepentant' and very much 'comfortable' with what he does.

Take a look at some of Rev Rotluanga's paintings and ask yourself these questions:
1. Should such hobby be encouraged by the church?

2. Is the Hmar/Mizo society ready to accept such 'fine-arts'?
3. Should such priests be suspended/excommunicated from the church?

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  1. the pictures are beautiful. i dont find any wrong in this paintings

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