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Tuolte Vanglai a...

1. Bike hratnw tak ch a hnungtieng ke a hmatieng a um.LRingum,Blore

2. Nuhmei sam insing u lwm2 chu a sam khui dingin an inchungah an phwk kai twp*Rohmingthang,HKL

3. Thlengpui lien takah ruoi an the a,pa pa1 in bu a zuk beng zo ch,hmepok hme dingin puonthuo leh an thk dwk.MS KHawbung,Rngkai

4. Khoung lientak ch Jan 1 in an hei vuok a Dec 31 in an ri chau(Lalringum.Blore)

5. Ke inbai takpa chu a lawm zatin a bek in hnuoi a hlap zot2 hlak. Nelson D,

[Note: Tuolte Vanglai/Tuolte Tales are taken from the '1st Tuolte Vanglai Competition, 2008' organised by 'Hmars' free SMS service (Inpui admin)]

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  1. Khawvel ah hmel sie hai lawm2 kha, lam ah an in hmu ah, "ana ie mi pheng khum ah" an ti ah. An in baw ta mup2 ani chu.



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