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Lekhabu hming: Nun Ram
Ziektu: L Keivom

Sut kum: 1991
EBook sut kum: 29.09.09


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Lastly, our sincere thanks to Pu L. Keivom for giving us a free hand in bringing out this wonderful piece of literature.

Proceedings of the General Body meeting of Hmar Gospel Centenary Celebration Committee, HCLF on August 19, 2009 at PMS Bungalow (12:00 noon).

Recording Secretary: Dr. Lalkhawlien Pulamte

Mi 70 fielhai laia inthawkin mi 40 fe khawm a nih.

Chairman, H.G.C.C.Committee in mi fielhai lawmlutna a nei zova, Rev. Dr. J. Khumain tawngaina a hun a hawng zovin inkhawm an a nih.

Gospel Centenary Celebration chungthua Senior leaders hai, thu hril dinga kohai thuhril ngaithlak a nih.

A. Admonition from Senior Leaders:

1. Rev. Dr. Lalthankhum Sinate

Missionary Day chung thua ngaidan lo in ang naw sienkhawm Centenary Celebration thua chu lungril pumkhata um a tul zie hrilin ngenna a siem.Denomination thua inthe khawm hi indemna thila lak ding an naw a, Centenary thua lem chu lungril hmunkhat put a tul zie a hril a, pawl binga Centenary Celebration nei lova renga lungruol taka hmang tlang a mawi ding thu hrilin a hran hrana lawmna nei hin lungril a sukdar lem thei thu a hril.

Simthlang biela Kohran pawl tum tum in a hrana Centenary hmang nek chun a remchangna hmun pakhata hmang tlang hin in unauna a siem hat ding thu a hril a, Pawl binga lo hmang hin Senvona Centenary Celebration hmang tlang ding hi mi a sukphur naw pha inlau a um thu a hril.

In lawmtuo le indawmtuo a pawimaw zie hrilin tuta Hmar Gospel Centenary Celebration hmun pakhata in thuruol taka hmang ngei dingin fielna a siem.

Centenary Celebration hi hlawtling taka hmang dingin theitawp suo dingin inkhawma thanghai a fiel.

2. Rev. H. K. Khawlkung

Ngaidan tlangpui bawzui dinga a dithai :

1. Church reunification thu hi dit a um thu a hril.

2. Kum zabi pakhat tlung phaka ei um lei hin thupui nei a, thiltum ieng am ei nei a? ti hi ngaituo a tul a: Ei thaw dinga thupui ditum hai chu - Chanchinha le in mila ei ram Kohran haiin nungchanga phursuok dan ding lampui zawng nisien.

(a). Chu ding chun indikna le ringumna hai hi thupui a nei inla

(b). Taimakna le tuorselna

(c). Nun le thilthaw a Chanchinha suklang. A bikin thuawina thuah hmalak ngei nisien.

(d). Centenary resolution siema, Kohran tina the dara infuina siem nisien. Chu chu thuhril thiem le thu ziek thiem haiin hrilin semdar hai sien, ei kalchawi dan ding mumal deuva siem nisien.

(e). Hla phuok thua - Centenary thuah Hla phuok thiemhaiin phuokhai sien, screening thaw a, a thahai chu Kohran tin le khawtinin inchukhai sien. A thei lem chun

Centenary Choir buotsaia hlaw buotsai ni bawk sien.

3. Rev. Fimchawnthang :

Ei rama Chanchinha lut thuah ei vangnei a, chanchin ha in ei ram a hnezie chu chap kang ang hiel a kang a nih. Ei tulai le in mila rawngbawl dan ding ngaituo thiem a ul.

1. Chanchinha lut phut lai khan inchuktir dan thua mawl taka fe tlang a ni a. Revival tlungin a zui a, doctrine thu ah buoina a um nawh . Kohran an in pumkhat.

2. Chu zova chun doctrine thu ni lovin ro thuah buoina a suok a, pawl hran hran a suok pha. Tuta Centenary Celebration ei nei le in zawm hin mi Kohranhai sietna thua mani Kohran hai vai hi sim ding a nih. Chu chu Centenary Celebration Committee hin khap thei sien nuom a um.

3. Gospel Centenary celebration chung thuah hin Manipur South Centenary Celebration nei dingin kohran pawl hrang hrang le awng dang dang 36 haiin program buotsaihai sienkhawm eini Hmar awng hmang haiin a bika hmang hi HCLF ah khawm hril a ni a, chu ang chun vawisun a Gospel Centenary Celebration Committee hi nei a ni a. Chuleiin, inthuruol takin hi Centenary Celebration hi hmang dingin inbuotsai nisien.

4. Amiruokchu, inthuruolna suksie thei ding thil reng reng chu Souvenir a khawm ziek lo nisien. Kohran pawl tumin Magazine ei nei senga, tuta inthawkhin chuongang rawng kai thei thil le thuhai khawm chu insuo lo dingin fimkhur an nisien.

5. Tu chena denomination hran hran haiin inthuruol taka beiruol program, Sunday School Subject pakhat, kum khat thupui pakhat neia ei fe mek ang hin Kohran pawl hran hrana Pastor hai khawm hi rawngbawl a insawrtuo dan lampui dam zawng nisien - chu thil chu hi Centenary Celebration hin ra suok sien nuom a um.

6. Senvona Centenary Celebration lawmna ei nei ding le inzawm hin chu hrietzingna ding chun Senvon rama hin in pakhat (Memorial House) bawl ngei nisien, ti a rawt bawk.


1. Secretary

Secretary a inthawkin hma lo lak tah hai chungthua report ngaithlak a ni a. Committee hran hran le Sub-Committee hran hran hai siem a ni a, hma an lak thu report a ni a. A bikin Souvenir Committee haiin article an lakkhawm thu hriet a nih. Chun, ICI Kohran in Hmar Gospel Centenary hminga zawr ding T Shirt an buoipui thu hril a ni bawk.

- Regional Committee, Musical Committee le Committee hran hran siemin hma an lak a, thaw ding tam tak an la nei.

-ICI Kohranin Centenary building an zo thua Secretary in lawmum a ti thu a hril.

2. Finance Secretary Report

Pi Lalremsiem - Rs. 50,000:00 a pek

Dr. L. Fimate - Rs. 10,000:00 a pek

Pu Sanglur - Rs. 20,000:00 a pek

Dr. Chaltonlien - Rs. 10,000:00 a pek

Tuhin Rs. 20,000:00 sum nei a nih.

3. Finance Department:

Dr. Saidokhum Joute, Secretary Finance Committee in report hiengang hin a pek. Committee vawi 6 lai inhungna nei a ni tah a, Department tina inthawka budget siem dinga nghak a ni a, a la hung in lawi naw leiin Finance Department hin Plan Budget an buotsai a chu chu phawr lang a nih.

- Budget chu pawm dingin General Bady hmaa phar suok a ni a. General Body chun lawmum a tih. Amiruokchu Total Budget amount hi Rs. 40 lakhs nisien ha ti a ni a, siemhat tulhai hung siemhaa, an hmattienga approve thaw dingin inkhawm nawk a put lut hai siem ha ti a nih.

- Chun, tuihaphai biel a dinga Rs. 2 lakhs hi a tlawm a an lang leiin la hung belsa hai sien ha ti a nih.

4. Souvenir Board

- Article hrim hrim, tu Kohran pawl khawm sukna zawnga ziek lo dinga inhriettir an nih.

- Editor haiin hma an lak mek. Article peklut ta po 15 an um tah a, mi dang khawmin an hung ziek mek ding thu an hril bawk.

- Editing thua chu harsa lo deuva zo thei ning a ta. Chun May 2010 ah print zo ngei dinga hma lak mek a nih.

- 2009 tawpa hin article po po Board in en a ta, siem hat ul hai siemhat ning a tih.

- Rs. 1.5 lakh budget siem a ni a, quality hataka buotsai beisei a nih.

- Inkhawm khawm nei deu zing a nih.

- Compatition thua ruok chu hang dinga hming hung pe tuchen hin an la um naw leiin thawnaw ha lem dinga ngai a nih.

5. Women Wing

February 28, 2009 hin inkhawm an a nih. Convenor in inkhawm a la ko naw a chu vawisun hin mi 5 an hung hang.

- Job description feltak buotsai pek dingin an hung ngen.

- Design/Decoration hin ieng chen am huom a ta ?

- Budget thua chu Miscellenous Budget or a dang khawm hmang thei ding a nih.


1. General Body thurelhai hi Publicity Departmentin a tul anga publish a Department dang dang hai khawma hma an lak thei dan dingin sem dar nisien kan tih.

2. Woman Wing hai hin hrat lema hma an lak theina dingin Convenor Pi D. Vari hi harsatna a nei nia an lang leiin Pi Chongtuozing hi Convenor ni ta sien ha ti a nih.

3. Gospel Centenary Celebration lungruoltaka hmunkhata Senvon khuoa November 2010 a hmang dinga rawtna hi hati tlang a nih.

Dr. Lalkhawlien Pulamte

Recording Secretary

(Rev. Ros Infimate)

(Rev. Dr. Lalhmuoklien)

Hmar Gospel Centenary Celebration Celebration hi November 2010 hin Senvon khuo a Hmar Hnam pumpui huopa nei tum a ni a. Chu thua Committee hmalakna dan chin hrietna dingin hung in suo a nih.

Rev. Dr. Lalhmuoklien

'Culprits Threatened To Chase Away Manipuris'

New Delhi , Sept 27, 2009: A North East Girl from Manipur was reportedly 'beaten' and 'molested' by her neighbours in Murnika area, on Saturday night.

North East Support Centre & Helpline spokeperson Mr. Madhu Chandra said, " The incident happened last night at around 11:30 PM, when Sonia (name changed) turned off the light in veranda before going to bed. A lady living downstairs told Sonia to keep the light on. Thereafter an argument broke out between them. Sonia alleged that Lady's son came out and beaten Sonia severely and molested her. She got injured and taken to local hospital latter gave complaint to the local police."

The elder sister of the victim, informed North East Support Centre & Helpline that a lady along with her husband, son and daughter threatened to chase all Manipuris from Murnika.

Mr Chandra has spoken to Mr. Palbinder, Station House Officer (SHO) of Vasant Kunj Police station to look into the matter.

SHO Palbinder informed North East Support Centre & Helpline that second party has also given a counter complaint with the allegation of rape attempt by the younger brother of victim.

North East Support Centre & Helpline (www.nehelpline. net) is combined initiative of various human rights activists, social workers, students, journalists and lawyers seeking to prevent harassment and abuses meted out to women, North East People and tribal communities of different states.

[By L.Keivom*, Inpui columnist]

Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sand of time.

Harsatna le thil dang danga inthoka mihriemhai sansuoktu ding le thruoitu dingin a cháng chàngin khawvela hin mi chungchuong le mak danglam an hung inlang hlak niin ziektu hmingthang Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) chun a lo hril a. Chuonghai laia pakhat chu kum 95 mi, September 12, 2009-a kansar leia a umna Dallas (Texas) a thi Dr. Norman Ernest Borlaug kha a nih. India hmar saka cheng eini rawiin mautam trampui lai khom buchangrum ei la bàr tuom tuom hi a san bul tak ei sui chun ama zâr ei zo pei lei a nih. Buchangrum ei beng zat hin Pathien le ama chungah lawmthu hril ding ei nizie le thil thra thaw pei mi fel pakhat lei ringot khoma khawvelah malsawmna le thawvengna a tlung nasatzie ei hriet zuol theina dingin hi artikul hi ka ziek a nih.

Ama hi ka mi ngaisang le inza tawp a nih. A hminga inthok ringot khomin English mi amanih, Asia rama inthoka hung amanih a ni nawh ti chuh hre thei nghal ei tih. A pi le puhai hi Norway-a inthoka USA-a inpema Iowa hmar sak Saude-a umhmun khuor an nih. Chu hmuna chun March 25, 1914 khan a hung pieng a, chu chu Manipur simthlang biela mission hmasa tak Thado Kuki Pioneer Mission (TKPM) ngir tran kum a nih. Minneseto University-a inthokin ka pieng hma 1937 khan BA, ka pieng kum1939-ah MA le nene ka la nek lai 1942- khan Ph.D a zo hman der tah a nih.

Ama hi sikul a kai laia inthok khoma thlai ching dan (plant pathology) tienga inhnik mi a ni a. Bu le bal tharsuok tam thei dan ding zongin a thiemna le theina po po a hmang leiin, fak le dawna khawvel kalchawi dan a thlak danglam top thei a nih. Thiemna le remhrietna thar hmangin, kha hmaa bu trin khat an tharnaa khan trin sawm inthar dan a hmu suok a, chu chu ‘Green Revolution’ tia hriet hi a hung ni a, ama hi ‘Father of Green Revolution’ tia ko a hung ni tah hiel hrim a nih. Tràm le a bebawm hri le hraia thi ding mihriem maktaduoi tam tak a san suok bakah ran vai tieng a let tamin khawvelin hma a hung sawn a, bawngnene a hung pung a, mihriem hriselna nasa takin a hung siem thra pha a, ram hnufuolhai khom fak le dawnah an hung intodel ve tran a, chu zâr chun kong hrang hrangah hmasawnna lampui an hung sat tran ve thei a nih. Chu hamthratna a tlampuia dongtu ramhai laia pakhat chu India hi a nih.

Kum 1944 khan Rockfeller Foundation chun Mexico-a an prawzeka thok dingin Dr. Borlaug hi an fiel a. An thiltum chu huit (wheat) tharsuok rawn dan ding zong a nih. Kha hmaa Mexico rama an fak tak chu vaimim a ni hlak a. Spanish-haiin a ram an hung lak hnungin huit ching dan an inchuktir a. Chuong anga kum 400 lai an thaw thaw hnung chun intodel tieng pan loin, an mamaw a zatve chu ram danga inthoka lak lut a hung ngai ta a. Dr. Borlaug chun thaw dan dang zongin, kum khata voi khat chauh bu an thar hlak kha voi hnih inthar dingin tuipui kam hnai hmarthlanga le chu taka inthoka mel 800 vela hla sim tieng Mexico Khawpui hnai tlangramah a ching bok a. Kum li sungin Mexico chu huit-ah ama le ama a hung intodel hman tah a nih.

Mexico huit hi a kung sei a ni leiin hnuoi thratna leh an thaw pha a kung a tliek a, ra thra a suok thei naw a. Chuleiin, Japan huit, a kung inhnuoi chi le Mexican huit kung sei chi chu inthlapoltirin (crossbred) huit chi thar a siem suok a. Chu huit chi chun hri a ngam bakah a let sawma tam a tharsuok thei bok a. Chu chu hrein, thrangpuitu dingin India le Pakistanin an fiel a. Kum 1965 khan India le a sè vel ramah bu tharsok hlawk lem ching dingin nasa takin kampen a thaw a. Hi lei hin kum nga sungin, India le Pakistana bu tharsuok a let sawm velin a hung pung a, bu le balah ei hung intodel tran tah a nih. Chuong lai zing chun International Rice Institute (Philippines) chun Dr. Borlaug thaw dan hmang chu zuiin bu (rice) kung tawi chi, sienkhom a ra hlawk deu el chi an hmu suok a, South East Asia-ah Green Revolution a hung intran ve tah a nih. Chu zoah thrang hni sung zet Latin America ram 6, Middle East ram 8 le Asia khawmuolpui ram 2-ah beipui a thlak a, bu le balah an hung intodel tah vong a nih.

Bu tharsuok sukpung dan ding zonga hma a lak tran lai hin khawvela mihriem tam zat chu tlukledingawn (billion) 2.2 chauh a la ni a, chu chu a thi hin 7 billion vel a kai hman tah a nih. Hnuoi thratna hmanga bu hlawk chi le hrisel lem ching naw chun thaw dan pangngai ringot tharsuok chun khawvel hi inchawm thei lo hulhuolah a ngai a. Chuleiin a hma lakna hi thaw lo thei loah a ngai. Environmentalists hai ruok chun hnuoi thratna le damtûr (pesticides) hrang hrang a hmang nasat chu hani tlumin an soisel ve thung a. An soisel san chu, hnuoi thratna (fertilizer) hmang rawn hin hnuoi hàngna a sukfèp bakah a tharsuokhai chu damdawi hmanga thaw a ni leiin mihriem hriselna kong hrang hrangin a tawk poiin an ngai a. Chun, zuva le thil hrik thatna damtûr (pesticides) hi tûr trium a ni leiin, thlaia kop mihriemin a fak chun a hriselna nasa takin a nghong buoi thei bakah tûr chun hnuoi a sukporche a, vadungah a luong lut pha tui dawn ding chen a sukporche bok a, chu chun mihriem, ran, ram sa, vate le tuia cheng nga le thilhringhai hringna nasa takin a sukpoi niin an ngai bok. Dr. Borlaug ruok chun a thilthaw kaltuhai chu mihriem changkangna dinga hrietna le thiemna thar hmang hlawk pei tumna daltuah a ngai tawl ve thung a nih.
Fak le dawna hnienghnar, tlaksam umzie an hriet nawna USA-a chu Dr. Borlaug hin mipui hriet a hlaw rak nawh.

Amiruokchu, ram hnufuol Asia ram hrang hrang, abikin India, China, Pakistan le Philippines dam, Middle East le Latin America, abikin Mexico-a dam chu Pathien dottu deuthawa an ngai a nih. Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture (A & M University,Texas) a director Edwin Price-in Russia rama Dr. Borlaug inzin a zui trumin Moscow sim tienga Wheat Research Institute an sir a. “Dr. Borlaug hmèl a tak ngeia an hang hmu chu an lawm taluo a, chu taka thok scientist po po chu an trap vong a nih” tiin Price chun a hril. Chuong neka Dr. Borlaug ngirhmun chel ropuizie hang hril fie dan chu a vang hle ka ring.

Dr. Borlaug hi pa inngaitlawm tak el, a sina inbûr ngut mi, mi inpak amanih dem amanih khom ngaisak loa a tum chu sukhlawtling ngei dinga thrang la mi a nih. Kum 1970-a khawvela chawimawina insang le inzaum taka ngai Nobel Peace Prize an inhlan ding thu a nuhmeiin a hriet charin a tlân a, loa a sin thaw lai chu a va hril a. Ama chun, “An fiemthu mei mei a ni chuh” tiin a nuhmei chu kutin a lo zàp kir. Chu chawimawina thuchei (citation) a chun, “More than any person of this age, he helped provide bread for a hungry world. We have made this choice in the hope that providing bread will also give the world peace” (Tu laia mi tu nêk khoma bu pea khawvel tram domtu a nih. Khopkham inpek hin khawvelah remna le muongna intlun a tih ti beiseiin hi thutlukna hi kan siem a nih) tiin an ziek. USA sorkarin Presidential Medal of Freedom le Congressional Gold Medal an inhlan bakah India sorkar khomin vantlang dong thei chawimawina insang tak dottu Padma Vibhusan an inhlan bok a nih.

A sùnna thucha Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh ziek hin India ram ta dinga Dr. Borlaug thaw nasatzie le ei inpamzie chu a hril fie hle: “With the passing away of Dr. Norman Borlaug, an era has ended, in which he spearheaded a scientific revolution in agriculture. At a time in the sixties when the country was facing the spectre of severe food shortages, the introduction of Dr. Borlaug's high yielding varieties of seeds set in motion a technological revolution in Indian agriculture that led eventually to the country achieving self-sufficiency in food grains. The Green Revolution lifted the spirits of the Indian people and gave them new hope and confidence in their ability to tackle the country's daunting economic challenges. Dr. Borlaug's impact on India's science and economy went much beyond the Green Revolution. A science-based approach to the problems of agriculture was a fundamental tenet of his thinking and the success of the Green Revolution spawned other successful interventions in areas such as animal husbandry, dairying and agriculture. Dr. Norman Borlaug's life and achievements are testimony to the far-reaching contribution that one man's towering intellect, persistence and scientific vision can make to human peace and progress. One of Dr. Borlaug's favourite quotations was to 'reach for the stars'. In doing so, Dr. Borlaug helped millions of people escape from a life of hunger and deprivation. On behalf of a grateful nation, I convey my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Norman Borlaug.”

Salaam, Dr. Borlaug!
[*Editor's Note: INPUI columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and a respected Hmar Mizo litterateur.]

[By Pu L. Keivom*, Inpui Columnist]

Zo hnathlakhaiin trong ei hung ser tung pei dan ei sui chun sirbi thum insersuon ni deu takin a’n lang. A hmasa takin trong bul, thumal trobul (root words) ei ser phot a. Chuong ang thumal zungpui (root words) ei ser hai chu lam khat thumal an ni vong. Entirnan, sa, thing, mei, ruo, mit, ke, hnar, sam le a dang dang. Hieng ang thumal hi Zo hnathlakhai trongah 500 vel um dingin tu chena research kan thawnaa chun kan sui suok tah a, kan la sui zui pei tum a nih. Hieng root word-a inthok hin thumal hrang hrang, lam hnia sei a hung pieng nawk a, chu chu sirbi hnina a nih. Entirna dingin, ‘sa’ a inthokin sakei, sazuk, sakhi, saku, sazaw, sanghal le a dang dang, lam hnia sei an hung suok a. A tira ei pi le puhaiin an hmu le hriet hlak sakei ang ni lo, baksam nei an hung hmu chun ‘sakeibaknei’ tiin an ko a; sa, a ring/nghawng sei deu an hmu phing leh ‘sanghawngsei’ an hung ti ta pei a nih. Hi hi sirbi thumna chu a nih.

Chuong ang bok chun, thumal hmaah ‘in’ belin thumal dang tam tak ei siem a. Saptronga khom hmakhalah ‘in’ hmanga incapable, inaccurate, inactive le a dang dang an siem ang hi a nih. Ei trong le Saptrong inang nawna ruok chu, eini chun ‘in’ chauh hmakhalah ei hmang laiin anni chun ‘im, il, ir le un’ tihai hi hmangin thumal an siem a, chuleiin impossible, immovable, illegal, irregular, unacceptable ti hai le a dang dang an hung ser a nih. ‘In’ hmakhala hmanga thumal ei siem threnkhathai chu inang, inawi, inba, inbâi, inbàn, inban, inbarh, inbât, inbauh, inbâu khat, inbaw, inbawk, inbawl (rong inbawl), inbawr, inbeng, inbengberep, inbei, inbel, inbèm, inben, inbiek, inbiekruk, inbiel, inbol inbom, inbor, inbu, inbûk, inbuk, inbul, inbûm, inbun, inbûr, inbur, inbuon, inbuotsai, inchang, inchai, inchâk, inchal delh, incham, inchàn, inchapchar, inchat, inchawi, inchawm, inchawn, inchei, inchêk, inchek, inchel, inchemhar lak, inchèn, inchen, inchêp, incher, inching, inchik, inchîl, incho, inchok, inchong, inchom, inchor, inchot, inchu, inchûk, inchuk, inchûl, inchum, indang, indaih, indam, indan, indap, indar, indawha, indawi, indawk, indawm, indawn, indawp, indawr, indawt, indeng, indel, indem, indên, indêp, indep, inder, indêt, indêusaw, indi, inding, indik, indîl, indin, indîp, indîr, indit, indo indoi, indok, indol, indom, indon, indot, indu, induong, indur, inel, inen, inep, iner, infân, infar, infawk, infawn, infawp, infie, infiel, infiem, infin, infui, infûk, infun, infuol, inhai, inhâk, inhak, inhal, inhap, inhawi, inhawk, inhawmthaw, inhawr khawm, inhoithaw, inhêk, inhèl, inhêm, inhen, inher, inhlan, inhlap, inhlem, inhliem, inhîk, inhîp, inhlîp, inhlip, inhmang, inhmangai, inhmai tuo, inhmaton, inhmakhal, inhme, inhmei, inhmelhriet, inhmelmak, inhmu thiem/thiem lo, inhnai, inhnâk, inhnar, inhnâr, inhnawchep, inhnawk, inhnawm, inhnem, inhnît, inhnok, inhnon, inhnot, inhnu, inhoi/ti, inhoi thaw, inhok, inhong, inhriel, inhriem, inhriet, inhriettir, inhril, inhro, inhrol, inhrom, inhron, inhro, inhrosa, inhru/hruk, inhruol, inhûi, inhûk, inhumru, inhuol, inhuom, inhuon, inhuor, inhuot, inhup, inhuphur, in-iel, in-iem, inîp, in-ir, inkal, inkam, inkan, inkâp, inkap zût, inkâr, inkarthlak, inkar thel, inkau, inkawng, inkawi, inkawkal, inkawn, inkei, inken, inkêp, inkeu, inkhang, inkhai, inkhak, inkhal, inkhâm, inkhang, inkhan/lo, inkhâp, inkhap, inkhar, inkhât, inkhaw, inkhawkher, inkhawng da, inkhawl, inkhawm, inkhawn, inkhè, inkheng, inkhek, inkhel, inkher, inkheu, inkhi, inkhing, inkhikkhal, inkhiksaw, inkhir, inkhit inkhor, inkhul, inkhum, inkhuongruol, inkhuokhir, inkhuol tehlem, inkhuop, inkhuor, inkhup, inkhur, inko, inkon, inkop, inkot, inkuo, inkuol, inkul, inkûm, inkungkei, inkur inkuk, inla bing, inla hlei, inla lawn, inlai, inlak hran, inlak lien, inlak vung, inlal, inlang, inlam, inlap, inlâr, inlau, inlaw, inlawng, inlawm, inlawn, inlawt, inle, inlekhal/thal, inlek, inlekkaw, inlet, inlemchang, inlepse, inling, inlir, inlung, inlukhup, inlu lak, inlu ling, inlusu, inmai, inmâk, inman, inmel, inmil, inmit, inmuolvom, inmu le ar, innang, innang ching, innawt, innei, innêl, innêp, inngai, inngai bel, inngai hlu, inngai hnuoi, inngaina, inngai sang, inngai sie, inngai tlawm, inngaituo, inngai sie, inngak, inngam, inngansie, inngawk, innghak, inngei, inngêk, innghirngho, inngur, inno, innong, innok, innon, innor, innot, innui, innufa, innupa, inpafa, inpak, inhlaw, inhlawfa, inpawngnek, inpawl, inpol, inpei, inpe, inpêk, inpengtuo inpenparh, inper, inpêr, inpersan, inpet, inphà, inpha hman, inphahnuoi, inphai, inphal, inphan, inphàn, inphâr, inphat, inphaw, inphi, inphier, inphiel, inphil, inphin, inphir, inphit, inphît, inphon, inpom, inpom chilh, inphû, inphûm, inphun, inphur, inphut, inping, inpom, inpot, inpuk, inpuktir, inpum, inpumbil, inpumkhat, inpumpek, inpun, inpung, inpur, inputu, inrang, inrak, inrâk, inràl, inral en, inram, inrapthliek, inràu, inrawi, inrawp, inrawn, inrawt, inrel, inrem, inren, inrep, inret, inrêu, inri, inriem (khum), inrieng, inrieu, inring, inrik, inrik, inril, inrim, inrip, inro, inrok, inrol, inrom, inrop, inru, inruk, inrul, inrûm, inrum, inrûn, inruolcham/rem, inruohmang, inruom, inruot, inrût, insâng, insangbung, insang mar, insai, insai sa, insap, insa seng, insât, insawi, insawi zoi, insawk, insawp, insiek, insiem, insiem siet, insiem danglam, insieng, insier, insiet, insik, insil, insim, insingsa, insîr, insit,, inso, insok, insom, inson, insop, insor, insu, insui, insuk, insulpel, insûm, insut, intai, intâng, intak, intâl, intal, intâm, intan, intar, intat ngei, intekem, intel, intem, inten, intêp, inter, intet, inthang, inthak, inthal, intham, inthap, inthè, inthel, inthem, inthên, inthêp, inther, inthi, inthiel, inthiem, inthien, inthieng, inthier fihlim, inthîk, inthim, inthin, inthîp, inthir, inthla, inthlada, inthla dul, inthlahrung, inthlang, inthlan, inthlawp, inthli, inthlim, inthlit, inthlo, inthlong, inthuok, inthuom, intîm, intir, intit, inti, intivei, intlong, intlok, intlon, intlung, intluk, intlun, intlur, intodel, intong, intoi, intok, intol, intom, intu, intui, intuithlar, intung, intuk, intuklut, intul, intum, intûn, intuo, intuoi, intuok, intuol vuok, intuom, intuorpui, intûr, inturh, intra, intrai, intrâm, intran, intring, intron, intrum, inthrang, inthrâl, inthrâm, inthre, inthrì, inthril (zu/thingpui inthril), inthrîn, inthro (thral inthro), inthrok, inthrul, inthrum, inthrung, inthruoi, inthruom, inthruong, innui, innuoi, inung, inuire, inuk, inul, inup, inur, inût, inunau, inuoi, inuok, invai, invak, inval, invâm, invap, invau, invè, invêng, inveng, invet, inving, invîn, invir, invit, invo, invong, invoi, invom (in tum suok), invot, invûng, invui, invul, invûm, invuong, invuok, invuol, invur, invut, inza, inzang, inzak, inzàl, inzal (zam-inzal) inzàm, inzam, inzâp, inzap, inzâr, inzar buoi, inzat, inzei, inzel, inzem, inzen, inzêp, inzep, inzi, inzing, inzil, inzin, inzir, inzo, inzong, inzom, inzor, inzum, inzuom, inzuot, inzun, inzût le a dang dang hai an nih.

Hieng neka tam hman hi thu hmakhala causative verb siemtu ‘insuk’ amanih ‘inti’ ti hmangin verb ei siem a, chuong thumala chun ‘na’ belin thumal tin deuthawah noun ei siem thei a nih. Entirnan, insukfel, insukvar, insukfai, insukthienghlim, insuklawm, insukhlim le a dang dang causative verb ei siem treuh thei bakah chuong thumala chun ‘na’ belin noun insukhlimna, insukthienghlimna, insukbuoina, insuksietna, insuklawmna, insukporchena le a dang dang siem treuh thei a nih. Chuleiin, hmabeta ‘in’ hmang le hnung beta ‘na’ bel hi Hmar trong serna faktawri ropui tak a nih ti inla, khel ei hril ka ring nawh.

Hmar trong ziek sukharsatu, sukharsatu a ni ti khom ei hriet naw le ei la sui chieng ngai naw nia inlang chu hieng ‘in’ a intran thu mal hai hi noun amani pronoun amani leh ei hmang kop pha a hmaa pronoun khan a zuitu thumala ‘in’ a ‘n’ chau kha a va lak hlak a. Chu chu khaw lai am kop tang a ta? ti hi a nih ei thu chai ding chu. Ei hriet tah angin, pronoun, hming aiawtua ei hmang chu a, an, i, in, ka, kan, ei, min, lan a nih. A fe. Ei fe. I fe. In fe. An fe. Ka fe. Kan fe. Ei fe. Hi pronoun hai le a hnung zuitu thumal ‘in’ a intran ei hmang zom pha leh a lam inhoi zawngin hieng hin ei ti hlak:

A thilthaw chu an thiem (a+ inthiem) reng reng am?

In thilthaw chu in inthiem reng reng am?

I thilthaw chu in thiem (i+inthiem) reng reng am?

In thilthaw chu in inthiem reng reng am?

Ka thilthaw chu kan thiem (ka+inthiem) naw ngei.

Kan thilthaw chu kan inthiem naw ngei.

Ei thilthaw chu ei inthiem naw ngei.

Hi taka ‘an’ hmasa hi pronoun-a ‘an’ (they, theirs) pangngai ni loin singular third person a ‘a’ le a zuitu thumal intranna ‘in’ a mi kha ‘i’ banin ‘n’ chauh a va lak a, a+n, pronoun le verb insiemna thu bul inbel khawm a nih. A dota ‘in’ hi pronouna ‘in’ (yours) ni loin singular second person-a ‘i’ le a zuitu verb insiemna thu bul ‘in’ a mi ‘n’ chauh a va lak a nih. A pathumna, kan ti khom hi pronoun-a kan ( we, ours) tina ni loin first person singular ‘ka’ in a hmaa zuitu verb siemna thu bul ‘in’ a inthoka ‘i’ bana ‘n’ chauh a va lak, ei lam kop a nih. Zawna poimaw ei hmaa umhai chu:

(1) Hieng an, in, kan tihai hi a hmaa thumal leh ei ziek kop dim a ni, ziek kop lo ding? Ziek kop ding ni ta inla iem a san?

(2) Thluk sei ei pek dim a ni, an naw leh an inkarah apostrophe ei thlak lem ding? Tuta ei hmang dan chu a threnin thluk sei ei pek a, a threnin iengkhom pe loin a hranin an, in, kan tiin ei ziek top a. Hmar Baibul (Delhi Version) a chu hieng ang thil reng reng hi thluk sei pek ding ni loin, thu pahni lak kopa a lamtawi a ni leiin a karah apostrophe a’n, i’n, ka’n tia sie thra le indikin a ngai leiin chuong ang chun sie a, a hran vonga ziek dinga sukthluk a na. Amiruokchu, editing zo tawm trêpa sukthluk a ni leiin a threnah hmang hman a na, siem thrat hman lo tam tak a la um bok.

(3) Hi hi Grammar ei siem pha leh a hmingah iem inbuk ei ta?

Hi thu hi mani senga ei bi chieng theina dingin entirna iemani zat a hnuoia hin sie a nih. Fimkhur taka lo ngaituo seng dingin ei infiel a nih. Hi taka hin a hmaa ei hril sa lo ‘an’ dang, a+ni a a tawpa ‘i’ bana siem dam, ‘lan’ ti, (la+in) dam, ‘min’ (mi+in) khom a thrang sa.

AN (A+IN):

- I mi don ding a’n leiin ( a+ni) leiin ka hlim.

- Ka sir a’n phet (a+inphet)_ngai nawh.

- Nangma an’ thok (a+inthok) ngei ni raw se.


o Hnam dang mi ka’n ngaizawngpui (ka +inngaizawngpui) el chu lungrilin ka’n thiem naw (ka+inthiem naw) a, ka’n zak (ka+inzak) a, ka’n thlahrung (ka+inthlahrung), chang suol k’an lau (ka+inlau) a, sienkhom k’an thla (ka+inthla) ngam si nawh.


I hmel i’n hmutir (i+inhmutir) reng reng ding an (a+ni) nawh.

I’n zak (i+inzak) hlol naw a nel (ni+el) maw?

Hi hi i’n thawtir (i+inthawtir) chun i’n ditpui (i+inditpui) tina ning a tih.

Ei ramsuok ding chu i’n zo (i+inzo) ta?


In la’n pei (la+inpei) naw zing a ni?

Kan la’n zo (la+inzo) fel naw a nih.

A la’n hma (la+inhma) taluo.

Ei l’an zo (la+inzo) hman naw a ni hih.

An la’n hman (la+inhman) hri naw a nih.


I mawina mi’n hmutir (mi+inhmutir) rawh.

Hmelma’n (hmelma+in) an mi’n huol (mi+inhuol) khum.

Ka’n dikna (ka+indikna) phuin thiem mi’n chang (mi+inchang) rawh.

Mi’n (mi+in) an tia chu mi’n phatsan (mi+inphatsan) naw rawh.

Hieng entirna ei hung lak suokhai hi a hmor phor langna ding chauh a nih. Ei fak thei tawka ka ngai chauh ka hung thur suok a nih. Hi hi i tiem pha leh ei tronga thu ziekhai hi hang tiem la, ei ngirhmun chu hre chieng thei nghal i tih. Ei ziek dan pangngai zuia fe mop mop thra dinga ring pawl hin ei trong umzie le siem phuisui a ngaizie ei la hriet tawk naw khom a ni el thei. Chu ngirhmun chu Sheol leh a’n zom tlat a nih.

*Editor's Note: INPUI columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and a respected Hmar Mizo litterateur.

Coming Up.....

3. HI

INPUI will be a year old in October, 2009 and to mark the occasion, we will be publishing Pu L Keivom’s ‘NUM RAM’ in an eBook format on September 29, 2009.

Much efforts have gone into preparing this eBook and we at Inpui are simply overwhelmed by the endless contributions of Indin@rediffmail.com to make this eBook as error free as possible.

Earlier, we had mentioned that 'Zangkhaw Bungbu' was to be released first, but as there are too many rooms for improvement in the current manuscript we are holding it back.

Lastly, our sincere thanks to Pu L. Keivom for giving us a free hand in bringing out this wonderful piece of literature.

Remember to visit INPUI on 29. 09. 2009!

Employment News issue dated 26.09.09 contains several attractive advertisements from some of the leading PSU/GOVT. Departments as below:-

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2. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bhopal requires 347 Artisans.
3. Staff Selection Commission notifies Tax Assistant Examination, 2009.
4. Union Public Service Commission notifies Combine Defence Services Examination (I), 2010.
5. Oriental Bank of Commerce invites applications for 313 Probationary Officers.
6. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited invites applications for 300 Management Trainees.
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9. Department of Posts, Punjab Postal Circle requires Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant.
10. Union Public Service Commission invites applications for various posts.
11. Indian Navy invites applications from Unmarried Men and Women to joint the Indian Navy as Short Service Commissioned Officers as Observer in the Aviation Cadre of Executive Branch.
12. NSIC Technical Services Centre offers admission to various Technical Courses.
13. National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation invites applications for the posts of Joint Director, Technical Officer and Technical Assistant.
14. Railway Recruitment Board, Allahabad declares the results for the posts of Assistant Loco Pilot.
15. Haryana Warehousing Corporation needs Assistant Manager, Technical Assistant, Manager etc.
16. University Grants Commission notifies Post Graduate Merit Scholarship Scheme for University Rank Holders at Undergraduate Level for academic session 2009-11.
17. Parliament of India invites applications for the posts of Research Assistant, Stenographer, Security Assistant, Junior Clerk etc.
18. Staff Selection Commission declares the results of Junior Translator (CSOLS) Examination, 2009.
19. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited invites applications for Graduate Trainees-2009.
20. Ministry of Labour, Directorate General of Employment & Training offers admission to Women’s Vocational Training Programme.

Employment News issue dated 26.09.2009 contains advertisement for job vacancies of more than 86 Govt. Departments.

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[Inpui Feature]

Bangalore, Sept 23, 2009:
The Bangalore Mizo Association (BMA) verified on Wednesday that this year's BMA League prize will carry a special cash award of Rs 3,000, besides a trophy.

Earlier, some readers of Inpui have pointed out about the "small sum" for "such a big event" when the BMA is "celebrating its 25th anniversary".

Clarifying the issue, BMA general secretary Mâdawnga Hauhnâr told Inpui that a cash prize has never been given in the previous years. "Regarding the prize money, it is only Rs. 3000. It has never been given out the prize money since it's started...because it is not a big tournament and big competition," Mâdawnga said.

Kolodyne FC and Sinlung FC are in the race to clinch the BMA League trophy when the two teams will meet in the final on September 26 at Austin Town playground.

"And this year it is given out just because of the celebration of our BMA's Silver Jubilee," he added.

BMA League was started back in 2005 and it has become an annual event for the various Mizo tribes "to know each other" and to bring about "integration".

Bangalore, Sept 22, 2009: The revised edition of HMAR E-BIBLE prepared by the Hmar Students’ Association, Bangalore Branch, is up again to be downloaded.

The last version was "bulky to download", some people had said. This time, the software has been compressed to just 10 MB, which will take about 5-8 minutes of your time.

The earlier edition was recalled due to some mistakes in the Delhi Hmar Baibul version section.
We at, Inpui, after a peek into the new edition were quite satisfied by this new technological achievement. Maps and Bible GK are some the new features added in this edition.

Here is the Download Here(Last updated link on Dec 8, 2011)


Here’s the Direct Download Link Hmar e-Bible
Here's the .NET ver 1.1 Download Link (WindowsXP Must-have for e-Bible to function. If you are using Windows 7, you don't need this)

(We are giving the direct download link only for a limited period.)

[Photo: (L-R) Sinlung FC and Kolodyne FC players]
Bangalore, 20, 2009: The much-awaited Bangalore Mizo Association Football (BMA) League 2009 final match between Sinlung FC and Kolodyne FC will be played on September 26 at Austin Town Playground (Nandan Ground), according to BMA officials.

The BMA is celebrating its 25th year and a statement released on their website has appealed to "all Mizos in Bangalore to witness the final event."

There's good news for outstation fans and to those of you in the home states, Inpui.com is set to bring you live coverage of the match via Twitter. The updates will be available right here at INPUI Homepage (the number of tweets will be increased on the day). All you have to do is open www.inpui.com, sit back and 'watch' the game. You don't even have to Refresh to see the upadates. It'll be automatically updated the second we tweet.

3rd Place Match (No coverage)
Papa’s FC vs Chukchu’z

Championship Match
(Live Coverage in English)
Kolodyne FC vs Sinlung FC

Semi-Final Report tlangpui:
1.Kolodyne FC 2 – 0 Papa’s FC
Scorers: Beirapachha 10 (35′)
Vabeihrohkhai 11 (60′)

Cards: Vabeihrohkhai 11,Kolodyne FC (YC)

Man of the Match: Falton, Kolodyne FC

2.Chukchu’z 0 – 5 Sinlung FC
Scorers: Stephen Hmar 2 (5′,16′)
Ngurneilal 15 (6′,30′)
Muon Gangte 10 (10′)

Cards: David Laldanfela,Chukchu’z -(YC)
Lalfakzuala, Chukchu’z – (YC)

Man of the Match: Ngurneilal, Sinlung FC

(Khovela Lawmna a kim thei si nawh!)

By Lalringsan Hrangchal

Insung neinung deuva tar hai hin chu thingpui buong dam, bu le hme inhnik deu dam, vitamin tha dam, sil le fen tha le puonthu lum hun tawk dam le enkawlna tha tawk anla nei theia, ngaituo le lungsiet hi anla um naw deuva. Tulaia ka lungril la em em tu le ka lunginsiet em em chu insung pasie tak taka tar hai hi an nih.

Phairama tar hai hi chu facilities anla hmu tha deu in ka hriet hlaka, thingpui buong an hmu phaknaw ani khawma, thingpui sen (athlum) bek hi anla dawn phaka. Tlangrama tar hai mawl te hi anih lungsietum chuh. Good Friday ni a thingpui buong a thlum an dawn hi an dawn nawk inkhat thei hlea, Kristmas a an sa hme hai dam te hi an hme nawk zen zen ta ngainaw anih. Tlangrama chu pawisa ei nei lai le sa that anruol naw lem chun sa hme hi antak em em anih. Chuleiin tar hai tading hin facilities hi a thlawm bik em em in ka hriet hlak a, phairama um Tar hai ruok hi chu, TV dam en ding anla hmu phaka, thingpui le sa fakna ding khawm a pasie deu hai khawmin anla hriet deu hlak.

Tuta Manipur Assembly Election tawm khan, election office thenkhat hai chun Chini le Bawngnene hi ansem zeu zeuva, chulai chun kohran Upa Tar pakha, a nuhmeiin a thisan ta le kohran local committee thenkhat hai, election office a thingpui dawn kha suol ang deuva ngai si, thingpui chak em em si, an ringnaw tieng deia, chini le bawngnene kg. khat khatin present an hmu tawl a. Election hun hi tlangram lo vat lai le hin antuok deu hlaka, an chini le bawngnene hai te chu lo vat riekna ah anphur tawla, lo vat sawl em em laia, thingpui thlum, a buong nawk nghal dawn ding anhang nei el kha ropui an ti em ema. A then chun, vitamin a tam a thingpui dawn zova lo ka hang vat nawk chu ka hrat nuom hle an naw an tia. A then ruok chun, kei chu in lum buoi vel nek khan, chini le bawngnene kha ka mansapuia ka paia, lo vat sawl lai tak ka hang chawla, a phitin ka hang bar chu ka dam huoi huoi in ka hriet el anih an ti tawl chuh.

Thingtlang Tar chau nilovin, Phairama Tar, du du fa a dawn thei, sil le fen tha an dit dit nei thei le duot em ema an nau haiin an I enkaw hai khawm hin khawvel hi inhawi tina reng reng hi an nei tawl ta nawh. An tadingin beisei ding le hlimna ding hi a vang ta hlea, ruol le insukhlima kholai leng thovenga invak mei mei hai khawm hi an tadingin anhawina reng reng hi a um ta ngai nawh a. An hlimna le lawmna tak chu, an vanglai hun, an nunghak/tlangval hun laia an luck zie dam le an nunhlui dang dang hril puia ngaithlak pek hi ni tah in anlang. An tar chau deu deuva an lungril khawm a naupang deu deuva, naupang hai sawisak bur chau an ni nawk hlaka. An thi phat hlak chu nunghak-tlangval inlengna tha a ni phak chau ta hlak si. An thlan lung mawi tak takin daw inla khawm vate ekche khum chau an ni nawk pei si.

Ei tar naw hlak chun tar hma’n ei thi a ni el ding a na, thi vak hlak chu a nuom ei um bawk nawh, Pathien Thuawi hi hnuoia damsawtna a nia, Pathien Thu ei awi chun ei damsawt ding a na, Tar hi chu ei hmabak a ni ma ma chu a nih. Rev. T. Sungte’n, “Pathien tadinga Martyr in ei thi naw bek leh Hmar Tarin thi inla” a ti angin, ei tar hma’n ei thi naw a ni chun, Hmar tarin ei thi ding chu a ang bawk si. Chuleiin Tar hi mitin hmabak chu a nih. Ei hmabak Tar hi pei a um nawh ei ti em em a, an leh tuta ei nina le ngirhmun, ei khawsak dan le ei hun hmang dan chitah hin Inhawi ti hi ei um reng reng dim aw! Ka nghawk de aw! khawvel hi chu nghawk a um de aw! thi pawt pawt el ta lang! khawvel hi tawp el ta sien! tiin ei chier ei chier el hlak ana. Tuta ei hun hmang dana inhawi ti bawk lo, ei hmabak hlak inhawina nekin rinumna ding a tam lem bawk si! An leh ieng hi’m anhawi ni tang a ta!?

P.B. Shelley’n, “Ei hlim lai le ei lawm lai ni tak khawm hin MITTHLI a lo pai ruk zing a nih” a lo ti hi andik hle in ka hriet hlak. Pathien Thlarau pawlna zara ei nun hlim em em hun lai hai khawm a um hlaka, sungkuo kima hlim dar dara hun ei hmang ni dam le ruol le pai hai or ei hmangai tak hai le hlim taka hun ei lo hmang ni hai khawm a um hlaka. Sienkhawm khanga ei hlim em em hun lai khan mitthli a lo pai ruk zing a nih. Kha ei hlim lai ni hai ngaia khawsawt leia beidawng taka mitthli tlak hun hin a mi zem buoi nawk nghal hlak a nih. Ei khawsot beidawngin hla ei hang ngaia, ei sungkuo hlimlai ni hai dam, ei khingpui nuhmei/pasal hai pur dam, ei hmangai em em ei nu ei pa, ei nau hai pur dam a hung zuol a, ei ruol hai or ngaizong hai le ei hlim lai ni hai dam ngai leiin ei mitthli hi a tla nawk hlak a nih.

“Hun hai an liem peia hnuoi hlimna a bo hlak, khovela lawmna a kim thei si nawh, Lalpa hung leng la aw, ni ropui intlun la, an rieng nau ha’n an hnuoi rinum maksan an nuom, aw Edenthar inhoi a chun mi thoui la, lungngaitaka in the hai kha lengkhawm inla, kan lawm kim tang a ta inpak pei kan che, khawvel hi ngai ta nawng kan ti I ram a chun” Tuta ei nun hmanga hlak hlimna le lungawina hmu bawk lo, thi el hlak chu nuom bawk lo me, ei hmabak umsun chu Tar a ni bawk si, anleh iengtinam hun hmang tang ei ta?

Ka chintea inthawk hin Sipai thang hi kan hawk em em hlaka, Sipai Uniform kimin inthuom lang, Pistol pai lang chu khovel hi inhawi em em dingin ka ring hlaka. Naupang tam tak tak hi ka thuoi khawma, thinghna in Uniform ka siem puia, thingphek bawngin Silai lem kan siem bawka Sikul kainaw ni hai hi chu sunnithlak inhnelin Sipai khawsak dan hi kan sir pui hlaka. Parbunga hin CRPF hai an um hlaka, an Camp tuola hin an duty hlaka, kan za thei em em hlak a, ka rawi hai chu thuoi in salaam ka va buk pui hlak a. Inrinni hin Fanghma phurin Lo a hin ka fe hlaka, ieng angin phur rik phur lang khawm Sipai Camp tuol a Sipai duty hai bul ka phak phat chu khawng em em in salaam ka la buk tho tho hlak a nih.

An Camp chu dai in an inhuon a, an inhuon na bak a chun an hmunhnawk hai hi an dehawn hlaka, chu an thil ditnaw peihawn – bottle ruok, toothpaste bawm, an hnerhmul metna blade, pentui bo hnung, ngatin bur ruok, etc hai hi ka rawi hai ka rut khawm puia, khawhnawm a hin Camp ka bawl puia, chu taka chun kan sie bum rem rum hlak a nih. Ka ngaituoa Sipai hi chu ka lo thang chak hle chu a lo nih, hlaw bo khawmin thang pei em em ka ti ka ti hiel hlak a nih.

Pathien thangpuina zarin ka hung Graduate ve a, Sipai hi kan hawk em leiin thang ngei tumin kan singsa ve hlaka. Pathien zarin UPSC conduct na hnuoiah, Combined Defence Services a dam, Assistant Commandant dam le CPO hai dam written ka fethleng hlak de a chuh Interview a hin ka thla zie hlak leiin Sipai ni ding hin Pathienin a mi phalnaw ning a tih ka ti lungril tah a.
Sienkhawm, Pathien remruot a tlung nita naw nim, a tawp a tawp a chun Sipai chu ka tling (Ka tling nilovin Pathien mi pek) ta khawng khawng a. Sienkhawm khang lawm lawma, Sipai ni inhawk, Sipai nuom luot lei a hlaw neilo khawma thang nuom hiel pa kha, ka hang tling meu chuh thang nuomna le inhawkna reng reng ka nei thei ta nawh! Khovela lawmna a kim thei si nawh!
Nursery kan chuk lai High School kai ve ta lang, lekhabu tam deu deu pai lang inhoi a tih ka tia, ka hang ni chu anhoi chuong nawh, Class – X ni lang ka hang ti nawka, Class – X khawm chu anhoi nawk chuong nawh a. Anleh B.A ni lang, hmun dang, College thatna deuva kai lang, lekhabu pai ta lovin, exercise book pakhat chau chawi lang inhoi a tih ka ti nawk a, ka hang kai khawm chun anhoi chuong nawk nawh. Khovela lawmna a kim thei si nawh!

College chu thatakain ka hang zova, hlim in ring em em kha ka hlim chuong nawh. Ka sin zawngna kawnga hin voi sawmpali hlawsam kan ta lei hin, hlawtlingna hei chang ve reng reng lang inhawi a tih ka ti nawk a. Pathien lunginsietna zar chau in khovela ka nuom tak le ka ni chak em em hlak Sipai ka hang tling a, mi po po chun ka hlim hi mi ring hleng an tih, sienkhawm lungngaina chau a ni si! Khovela hin hlimna kumhlun a um si nawh!

Hi ka sipai ni tum hi kum 2007 a exam ka zo tah a ni a, July ni 17 a final merit list a suok tah ti ka hriet chun ka lungril hi an thin a, Internet a result en dinga ka fe chun ka sungril hi a zawi a, ka huphur em lei chun ka tlan tui hin a mi buok hiel a. Asanchu, Assistant Commandant le Combined Defence Services (Army ah Lieutenant) hai hi tling in ring em em in, tling lovin voi ruk (6) ka um an ta leiin tuta tum a result suok chu tling naw inlau leiin ka taksa hi anlap dar dar in ka hriet hiel a.

Cyber Café khawm chu ka dau na deu (SBI Bank ah-CRE ka tling tum a ka en na Cyber Café) kher kher ah lut ka tih ka ti a. Computer ka hang tawk khawm chun ka kut hi an thin deu leiin ka tawk tha thei mumal naw a. Ka lungrilin ka en zo phat chu ‘Not Recommended for Appointment’ ti inziek rek a ta, zawi ngawi ngawin in inlawi rek ding ka na, ka tia. Aw, ka tling naw ding a ni ti hi hre thei lang chu Medical kha lo thaw ta naw el ding khah ka tia. Asanchu, kha tuma Medical kan thaw khan, Saruok in ka um sawt em em a, X-Ray, Blood le Urine Test kan nei a, saruoka an mi chek chu thu khat deu a na, ‘Tawlkuo Phen’; chu khawm chu phen puma in khul kher kher ding an tia, an strict hle a. Ni dang chu a pawi ka ti nawh, kha tuma tawlkuo phen puma inkhul kha thi rin deu thaw a ka rin a na.

Ka tling naw vei vei a ni chun tawlkuo phen hi ka nuom ta naw a ni leiin Sipai hi chu ka ni ta naw sawng el ding a na ka ti a. Inthin der der in result ka hang hawng chuh, ‘Recommended for Appointment – All India ranking 32*’ ti a lo in ziek kek chuh! darkar hni vel kha chu khawmuol ka hmu duk dak naw am a ni aw ka ti hiel a nih. Cyber Café anthawk ka suok a, Bike (Evanger) ka chawi a na, ka lawm taluo lei chun ka motor khal khawm chu ka hriet mumal nawh a, a metre inkhina in 120 km/hr vel a lo sun hman hiel a ni awm. Kha darkar hni sung vel ka hlim ti bak kha chu lungngaina in a mi chim buoi nawk nghal a. Chuleiin, khovela ka ni nuom tak ni thei ding ngirhmuna ka hang um khawm chun an hawi chuong naw a, beidawngna min tluntu chau a ni lem am an tah aw ka ti lem hiel a nih! Khovela lawmna a kim thei si nawh!

Tuhin ka nuom em em chu, Churachandpur, Teddim Road a khin Dawr lun deu el thaw lang, In inhoi deu nei bawk lang, In hluo man le ka dawra ka lamsuok chu ka fak sengnaw met nisien, sinthaw sawl bek bek lovin fak awlsam takin hmu lang, nuhmei hmeltha deu nei lang, chun TATA SAFARI Motor nei bawk lang chu khovel hi inhoi ka ti bek bek ka ring nawk a na. Amiruokchu, chuongang tak chun hang umin, ka thil dit popo chu nei lang khawm dit dang la nei tho ka ta, hlim chuong naw ningah. Khovela lawmna a kim thei si nawh! An leh iengtinam um inla inhawi a ta?

Pastor Lienrum, Pathien Hming leia chavai em em a fak le dawn le riekna ding khawm hmu zo lova khawhnawm bel a chavai taka anvai lai, nisa tlak a hnai a kawl bul a sen ruom ruom chun ramsa le chungleng vate ha’n an riekna ding thingzar hnuoi belin an so vung vung a, a ma’n bel ding hre lova khawhnawm a bel el lai, Van tieng a hang ngha chun, “Ni tla ngainaw Zion Khawpui, ngaiin kan rum ka tap sun nitinin…………………….” a ti vong vong a. A taksa in tuom lumna ding puon sil ding khawm hre lova dei ti taka a um lai, a tlantu bul a tlung pha a sil le fen a tlaksam naw ding ziet a hang hmu chun, “Puon Ropui silin an leng tlansa hai………, ka va ngai ngei, ka va ngai ngei” tiin voisunni chena hla hring em em, ringtu hai khovela ei cham sunga hla tuoi nawk ta ngailo ding a hung sak suok hiel a ni kha.

Pastor Thangngur biel fangin an vak an vak a, tum khat chu a biel fang, in anlawi chu a phingatam em em ela, in a hang tlunga, a nuhmeiin bu suong ding hre lovin meichawk a lo en el a. A phingatam em em lei chun an sung le kuo deu hai bula bufai va puk dingin a nuhmei chu a tira, a nuhmei chun, an ni chu ei lak rawn tah a ka va hni ngam ta nawh a tia, anleh ei pansak/pantlang chu hai kha hai ta chu lo zu la raw leh ka phingatam hle el sia a hang ti nawk a, a nuhmei chun, an ni ta khawm kan lo lak rawn ta leiin ei puk nawk anphal ta nawh a ti nawk a.
Chuonga phingtam em em a fak ding hre lova a um lai chun, “I aw Lalpa I malsawmna hlu hi, nang nekin tam tak chun an ngai hlu lem……, tlaksam leia mitthli a hnai laikhawm, I ram le I felna min hlat naw la, nang ngei lsu ka nei che chun ieng dang am ngai ka ta maw Lalpa, iengkima ka iengkim I nih……., Lawmna zawngin an tlan vel sang tam tak, hmu lovin thlan thima an inkhel pui, ropuina hlim an hnawt chu sum hlim ang, hmu le changtu khawmin an nei sawng nawh ” ti hla hi a hung sak suok a nih an ti chuh.

Khovela lawmna a kim thei mawl si nawh, sum le pai hausakna le duamna hai hin chinlem a nei si naw leiin chantawka lungoi hi thil theilo chu a lo ni hih! “A harsa ngei khovel hi chu lungawina reng a um naw, insang lemna beiseiin hmun a sip zo………, hnuoi hausakna inlalna le ropuina neinaw lang khawm, Lal Isu nei ka tadin a huntawk ie, iengdinga ka lungngai am iengdinga ka buoi hlak am? Lungawina kim Lal Isu hi ka ROCHAN HLU a ni si”

Pastor Lienrum hai, Pastor Thangngur hai Pathien kha voisuna ei Pathien biek hi a la ni zing a nih. Phingtam dangchar le riekna ding in le lo um lova khawhnawm bel el lai khawma lawmna le hlimna kim pe theitu Pathien le chu fakfawm zawng khawm, Officer khawm, Sipai khawm, pasie khawm hausa khawm, damnaw khawm, dam khawm, thi khawm hi anhawi vawng a nih. Chuleiin Isu le ani phawt chun ram riek khawm, pasie khawm, fak fawm zawng khawm, nuhmei/pasal bo khawm, fahra khawm, hausa khawm, officer khawm, sipai khawm, TAR khawm an hawi vawng a nih.

Chuleiin, unau dittak khovel mawina, lawmna le hlimna hai hnawtin in suk sawl nuom naw rawh, khovel hausakna, ropuina le chawimawina hai hi nei ve naw in la khawm Lal Isu neitu ei ni lei hin Krista zara HAUSA ei nih. I naupang, thleirawl, tlangval/nunghak, papui/nupui hun hai le I tar hun a hai hin khovela chu lawmna hmu ngainaw ti nih. Sienkhawm ISU le chu naupang, thleirawl, tlangval/nunghak, papui/nupui le TAR hun chenin anhoi vawng a nih. Khovel mi hai tadingin TAR hi pei umnaw hle sienkhawm eini ringtu hai tading chun ienngkim el hi Isu le chu anhoi vawng a nih.
===============A tawp tah===============

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[By L.Keivom*, Inpui Columnist]

Survival of the fittest.
-Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)
(Principles of Biology)

A chunga thu ei tar lang hi mi tam tak chun thil hung insiem le inthla sawng pei dan chîk taka suitu scientist Charles Robert Darwin (1809-82) hrilah an ngai. Ama hi Pathienin hnuoi le van a hung inumtir (creation) dan chanchin Mosie ziek kaltu nia threnkhat (Creationist) ngai, threnkhat (Evolutionist) inpak hlaw ni bok si, lekhabu The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection (1859) ti ziektu hi a nih. Amiruokchu, a chunga trongkam hi mi thiem le dawnril Herbert Spencer trongbau a haw lem a nih. Eini ruok chun naupang inhnelnaah ‘A ru no no suokah’ tiin an pieng hma daiin ei lo hmang tah a nih. Chu naupang inhnelnaa chun, thrungna intar takah ei inbeng a, hnengtawna ei thaw a, a hratin a hrat nawhai an hneng suok a, anni neka hrat lem an hung leh an hneng suok nawk pei a, a hrat tawp takhai pei chauhin thrungna chu an chang hlak a nih. Ei indanglamna ruok chu, anni chun khuorèl scientific truth an hmu suok hrilna trongkamin an hmang a, eini ruok chun hringnun le khawtlanga thil tlung zing social truth hrilnain ei hmang thung a nih.

Ei khawvel hi awm nêmhai ni loin awm khauhai, ru inno le innêm neka ru chang le khauh, thaiduop neka mi huoisen, tha hrûla thrang neka tha rila thrang, thabo nêka mi taima, invêt neka mi var, mi mawl neka mi thiem, chongkor mit neka muvanlai mit put, lungmawl neka lungvar nei, ngaituona tawi neka hmathlir hla an dingchangna hmun a nih. A chakvak naw chu an tlum tiel tiel a; chu ruol chun a hrathai chu an insang tiel tiel bok. Hlo amanih thlai inno dura hung mawnghai khom an bul velah anni neka inthrang hrât lem an um chun sawt naw teah an hung chìm pil a, an hung inrìl deu deu a, a tawpah dìp ralin an um hlak. Dîptu umna hrim hrimah ieng khom inthrang thra thei a um nawh.

Leihnuoi hluotu hringna nei po po hin zalen taka ei inthrang lien theina dingin hmun le hma (space) ei mamaw seng a. Hmun indai tawk a um sung chun innêkna a um ngai meu nawh. Sienkhom, ei hung pung a, ei hmun hluoah ei inleng ta naw pha leh ei hmun zauh ei nuom a, ei kawl le kieng ei nèk hlak. Bu chi hlam khat hlam hnih biel velah ei inso a, bit marin a hung mawng a, phun son theia lien a ni pha ei phawi a, lo lien takah ei phun dar a, a hung thra hlut hlut a, ra hlimum tak a’n suo hlak. Ei insona hmuna khan phun son loin inbeng èk hai sien, inthrang thei loin indîp tuong an ta, ra insuo naw ni hai. Chu chu mihriem le ramsa le vatehai chunga khom thil tlung hlak le tlung zing a nih. Ramsa le vate an tlawm deuh deuh san hi mihriemin an tlatna hmun sukchieurieu a, nêk chèp a, ei that rèm pei lei a nih.

Khawvel histawri hi a hrât lem le rem hre lemin a hrât naw lem an nèk chèp dan le hnè ral pei dan chanchin suina a nih. Hun le hmun khata vàn tonga ropui bùng bûng hai khom phêk dang ei hei phok a, an hlimthla hmu ding a um ta nawh. An ram hming khomin hming dang daih a lo put tah hlak. Kum 1971 hma khan Bay of Bengal saka ram Bangladesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram le Arunachal Pradesh tihai hi an la pieng nawh. Kum sang khat hnungah hieng ramhai hin hming dang daih an put el tah thei. Chuong hming hai chun an kawl le kienga cheng, anni chimraltu hming chawi lem tang an tih. Zo hnathlakhai hin Judahai ang boka ei pi le puhai ram lo del tah po po hluo nawk vong dinga lungril siem a, hrietna, thiemna, varna, thil siem thiemna le sumdawng thiemna tieng ei kawl le kienga mihai khûm vong dinga tumru taka indikna leh hma ei lak chun, ei pi le puhai ram chauh ni lo, ei se vela ram tam tak hi kum sangkhat chu hril lo, zanga hnunga khom eini kutah umin, khawvel map-a le UNO list-ah ZOLAND ti fie kulin ieng leiin am ziekin a um naw ding? A ru no no suokna khawvela hin hnam hming hlun le ram hming hlun hrim a um nawh. A var var le hrât hràt chan a nih.

Chu chu a letling charin a um thei bok. A mihriem chenghaiin ei zir naw pei a ni chun kum iemani zat hnungah MIZORAM le CHIN STATE tihai khom hi um ta kher naw nih. Eden huon rûna chokchawrawitu kha sipai honpui an ni nawh; rûl le a sunga cheng chauh an nih. Chuong anga ei Eden huona luta mi rûntu chu sîr tinah an inphu sup sup a ni ta naw am a ni? Eini lai ngei a rûla inchang ieng zat hiel am ei um ta a? Pawl tin, khaw tin, in tin le biek in tinah rûlngan an inkuol hnèr hnûr el tah ni lo maw? Gehenna tienga mi hnûktu, mita hmu thei lo, mi rûn zingtu hrihai hi a langa hmu theihai nekin tri an um lem daih a nih.

Baibul versus Bhagavad Gita
Hi artikul hih ka ziek san chu tu laia Mizorama an satpui rak, Hinduhai lekhabu thienghlim Bhagavad Gita, a tawi zawnga ‘Gita’ tia ko, Mizo tronga inlet, phek 209-a sa, Rs. 20/- man chauh, kum 2007-a Heritage Foundation (Guwahati) sut le insuo, tu laia an hriet suok thar thut chauh chu a nih. Hi lekhabu inlettu hi Ramthanga Khawlhring a nih. Kum iemani zat liem tah khan Varanasi-ah hun iemani chen Gita inleta a thang hnung le a hung inlet zo hnungin Delhi a hung sir a, ka inah a hung leng a, a manuscript (Mss) kawpi a mi pek nghe nghe a. Gita hi voi iemani zat ka lo tiem suok ve tah leiin a thil inlet chu ka enpui thuok thuok a, a Mizo trong khom a luong thra hle a. Fiemthuin, “Eini rawi hi thiempu hnama miin an mi hril namain, indikna chin khom a um ning a tih, sakhaw tieng hin ei daizai a, nang khomin Gita dam chen i lo inlet hiel el chu a ni hih!” ka ta. Sanskrit a’n chùk dan dam, Gita a’n let chanchin dam, sakhaw trongkam, Zo tronga um lo, a umzie phur suoka inlet tuma a buon lai chanchin dam le sakhaw lekhabu inlet khikhawkzie le hautakzie thu dam hrilin sawt tak kan titi a.

Hi trum hin Rabindranath Tagore-in kum 1913-a Nobel Prize (Literature) a dongna Gitanjali (Inhlanna Hla), Hmar tronga kum 1973-a ka’n let thu le chu chu tu chena tlangzar loa ka la sie thu le a san ka hril a. Hi hi Gita ang boka hla thua rem, rau hla (spiritual verses) thlang khawm, Siemtu le a thilsiem inlaichinna thu le a thilsiemin a Siemtu hmaa inpakna le chawimawina inhlàn a, lampui indik kawkhmu dinga dawvan a kaina hla a nih. Hla phuoktu hin Siemtu thilsiem tinrengah Siemtu hmel a hmu a. Chu chu leilung siem tira inthoka chieng taka a thilsiema inthoka Pathienin a nina le a chatuon thilthawtheina a puong lang thu tirko Paula khomin a lo hril kha a nih (Rom 1:19-20). Amiruokchu, ringna le Pathien thutak hrietna tieng a mimira ei la’n hnuoi si leiin, hieng ang lekhabu hin mi thruoi suol pal a tih ti inlauna leia ka la tlangzar naw thu ka hril a.

Chu thu char chu a nih tu laia Mizorama an buoipui chuh. An hril dan chun, India hmar saka Hindu sakhuo thè dartu pawlin State hrang hrangah inzompui pawl 34 an nei a, chuonghai laia pawl 5 chu Mizorama inthok an nih. Hienghai khukpui tak chu pipu sakhuo le nunphung vong hring le chu zûl zuia mani nina le zierang puta Khuonu/Pathien biek a nih. Kum 2001 Intiempui khan Mizoram-ah mihriem 888573 an um a, kristien 772809, Buddhist 70494, Hindu 31562, Muslim 10099, Sikh 326, Jain 179 le mi dang (Others) 2443 an nih. A tawp taka ‘Others’ ti, sakhuo nei lohai hi Mizo, kristien inti nuom ta lohai vong ni dingin an ring. Chu bakah, Mizo ni si, Israel nia inhrie, Kristien inchuktirna thlauthlaa Juda sakhuo chel a, an ser le sanghai thaw ve pawl an um bok a. Setan be pawl khom an kat nok ta a, a’n khat tawkin an ri hriet ding a um. Hieng hi an ngirhmun a ni leiin, sakhuo pawl hrang hrang thlaphèna lut theina ding kuo an ver pop tah saa Zotronga inthuom Gita hung lut chun an hmulthi a sukding a, imu inhnik nawna khopa invoi pawl an um a nih.

Kum za chuong kristiena insâl tah le Kristien State-a inhril ngam ni si, ieng leia Mizo tronga inlet Gita chun a mi nghong buoi ei inlau am ning a ta? Pathien hring bea inhril, khawvela lekhabu huoisen tak Baibul hmangtu ni bok siin ieng leia inringzona ei tlasam? Ieng leia mi dang chimraltu ni loa mi chimrala um ei tri èm ém? Deuteronomy 28 le Leviticus 26-a thu awi nawna ra a hrilhai kha a sîktu ni dingin ei inngai lei a ni? Krista Lungpui ngheta ngîr ringtu inti sia ieng leia a ru inno lem le awm innèm lem dinga ei inngai am a na?

Inchîmralna hmangruohai
‘Ar that dan chi khat chauh a um nawh’ ti angin, inchimral dan chi hrang hrang a um a. Chuonghai lai chun langsar taka mi hung rùntuhai nêkin a langa hmu thei lo, sungril tienga mi rûntuhai hi tri an um lem. Chuong inchim ral dan chi hrang hrang chu a tawi thei ang takin hang thlir ei tih.

Pakhatna, tharum le ralthuom hmanga inhnè lâk a nih. Assuria lalin Israel lalram hluotu hnam sawmhai chu BC 721 khan a hung rùn a, a tam lem salah a thruoi a, a ram hluotu dingin ram dang mi a tir a. Chuonga sala a thruoihai chun an chengna ram neituhai khawsak dan le nun dan lain, sawt nawteah an riral dèr a, tu chen hin an chanchin sui ngaina um loin voi boin an bo daih el a nih. Chuong Israel hnam sawm bohai laia mi chu ni phêt tuma thrang lo la, bo dawbola bo khom eini lai ei kat nok a nih. Ieng khom ni sien, hienga tharuma inhnè lâk hi tu hin chu a vâng ta a, hratna le tektik chi dang hmangin ram ei lak tah thung a nih.

Pahnina, intam chilh leia chim ral a nih. Kum 1901 lai chen khan Tripura State-a cheng tam tak chu a ram mihai an nih. Amiruokchu, kum 1971-a East Pakistan buoina leia India rama râltlân maktaduoi sawm neka tamhai laia mi a nuoi telin Tripura ramah an lut leiin thawk le khatah chim pilin an um thut el a nih. H.M.Bareh buotsai Encyclopedia of North-east India Volume VIII-a a rikawt dan chun, hi rama hin a ram neituhai chu a kum têlin an mazu mei tiel tiel a. Kum 1864 khan a ram neituhai tamzie chu 64%, 1901 khan 52%, 1951 khan 37%, 1971 khan 29%, tu hin chu 27% neka tlawm an ni tah. A ram sunga hmun hming zaa sawmkuo neka tamin Korvai hming an put ta bok. Tuta kum za sunga inchimralna chanchin bung le chânga hril hlaw pawl tak chu Tripura bung le châng lungsietum le suongum lo tak hi a ni hrim a nih. Chu chu Mizoram panthlangpa chana tlu, ama chana khom la hung tlu thei thil chu a nih.

Pathumna, lungril inbawi (enslavement) a nih. Inbawi dan chi hrang hrang a um. Sakhuona le kalchar hmanga inbawi hi a nghetin tri a um hle. Mingo misawnarihaiin kristien sakhuo hmangin ei lungril an mi bawi a, an kalchar tuia inchie le an hnam rong kai tah, khawthlang kristien sakhuo chu eini lai an hung tu a, an thaw dán dàn chu Pathien thu tak sawnin ei inchuk a, intrum lo deuin ei thaw ve a. Ei hlut èm ém hlak, ei kalchar le hnam ro hlu tam tak, ringnawtu thuomhnawa an mi belpek taphot chu suontriek anga ngaiin, inro dêr loin ei hluihlawn a, chuonga thaw chu Pathien thu awi thra le thlarau mi ninaah ei ngai. Kristien sakhuo hminga ei thaw a ni phot chun hnam thil hlu ieng khom hnawl fithla vong poitina ei nei nawh. Ei sakhuo thara a tum a hloma inpèm lut chu inchimralnaa ngai nêk hmanin thima inthoka suoka vara lutah ei inngai hmak ngam a nih. Ei hnam thil hrim hrim thim thila ngaina le mingohai thil hrim hrim var thila ngaina lungril indik lo hi piengsuolna pangzatum tak a nih.

Hi thil hin ieng angin am mimal, khawtlang le hnam nunah kakhawk a la hung nei ding ti ei ngaituo phak der nawh niin a’n lang. Lemderna le lemchangna nuna ei lut inthuk èm ém hi a kakhawk laia pakhat a nih. Nina inhmang tu mihriem le hnam khom inza phur le zik suok tak hrim hril ding an um nawh. Ei inkhawmpui nikhuoa kut dawna ding mingo pakhat pahnih an hung inlang ei hmu lei ringota ei chang ei sukpar el dam hih Pathien nêka mingohai ei ring lemzie hriltu a nih. Mingo an hung thrang rawn leia ei inkhawmpui hlawtling hlea ei hril el dam hi inzak a um chauh ni loin, Pathien ei ngainepzie le ei lungril bawitu mingohai mi bawina nghetzie ei tar lang a nih. Chu bawia intang nghet deuh deuh dinga mi khikhmutu le khittuhai chu theida a, “Setan, ka hnungah fe rawh” ti nêk hmanin ei ngai ropui letling nawk nghal!

Palina, inchimralna hmangruo dang chu sumpai (economic) thilah a nih. India hmar sak rama State po po deuthaw hi Kutdaw State ei nih. Infa awk lo State ei um naw tluk a nih. Kristien State inti ti hi infa bat rawn State ei nih. Chuong ang State-a inthoka fe suok misawnarihai thu chuh, ieng anga Pathien thu inril khom ni sien, ieng leiin am ei kutdawnahai chun barah an lo khon ding? Kutdaw chu kut a dawna bawiah a um naw thei nawh. Tu lai khawvela ro nei tak chu sumpai a nih. Ram chikte Japan chu Indopui Pahninaah tlawm sien khom sawt nawte hnungah a thil siem thiemna le chu taka inthoka a sumpai hmuhai chu hmangin khawvel a rùn a, tu khom a dang zo an um nawh. Entirnan, America-a motor siemtu company lien po po, company pakhat chauh ti naw chu a let thal a, a chìm ral vong a nih.

Ei rama ruotui tla po poin inhmaw taka Vairampur tieng an pan nawk nghal hlak angin, ei kutdaw suok sum po po deuthaw hi a ram sukhmasawnnaa hmang nekin ei mamaw tinreng mi petu Vairampur tieng a luong thla nawk nghal hlak. Ei chang ve sun chu ei ek tum a ni el naw maw? A luong thlakna dawt neitu le kontrawltu chu sumdawng hausa mi tlawmte chauh an nih. Manipura lek lem chu India laka zalenna suol suok tuma silai le thranga mi hrawk hrât hràthai hi Sorkar Laipui somdawlna sum inchàn hrat, sum an tawkna kutpar chen khom thlum ti taka liek kawl tawt tawt ruol vong an nih. Silai hmet puok a, bandh an thaw zatin an thlàn ding an cho inthuk deu deu a nih ti an hmu zinga chu an hriet nuom ta nawh. Ni tina mani thlàn ding cho tlut tlut an ni leiin, a hranpaa inthoka chim ral khom an ngai nawh. Mani inlem zo dinga lu hmuom, khuongbai ang chauh an nih. Bandh an thaw zata tuortu chu a ram le mipui an nih. Chuong neka mani lu inhmuom chu ieng am a um a?

Pangana, sorkarin a ram tronga a pom hmangin hnam tenauhai trong chim pilin, an hnam chen an chim ral hlak. Ram khat trong khat hmang rama siem tumna pawlisi a um pha leh hi thil hi a hluor zuol. Burma, tuta Myanmar tia 1988 laia an thlak tah hi entirnan hmang inla. Ram bung 14-in an thre a. Kawl mi (Burmese) hai tamna biel 7- Irrawady, Magwe, Mandalay, Pegu, Rangoon, Sagaing, Tenasserim po chu ‘Division’ an ti a; hnam dang, tlangmihai chengna biel 7- Arakan, Chin, Mon, Kachin, Karen, Kayah, Shan hai chu ‘State’ an ti ve thung a. Tlangmihai chu Kawl trong inthiemtir vong a, damtea chimral an tum leiin kum 1963-a inthok khan sipai diktetor Ne Win inlalna hnuoiah sikul le sorkar ofis le thilthawna iengkimah thawluinain Kawl trong an lak lut a, Saptrong chu Pawlsaria inthokin an inchuktir trantir chauh a nih. Chuonga kum 25 sung a hruol hnung chun, 1988 khan Primary level-ah Saptrong inchuk an tran nawk chauh a nih. Hi hun sunga seilien, dikri insang tak tak neihai khomin Saptrong an lel dèr a, ram puo tieng thrangna zong thei mumal an um nawh. Kawl trong ruok chu a ram phêkin an thiem hman thung. Tlangmihai, eini Zo hnathlakhai ngei khom khawpuia cheng thrangtharhai chun mani trong nekin Kawl trong hmang inhoi an ti lem a, mani trong hluihlawnin an hmang lem hrim a nih. Khing tieng pangah, Kawlhai chimral dit lo le nuom lo tlangmihai chun hnam santu le humtu ding sipai an indin seng a. Hi lei hin Burma chu khawvela helpawl hau tak ram a hung ni a, ram hnufuol lai khom a mong khawnah a thrang char char a nih.

Malaya khomin 1957-a independence a hmu hnung kum ruknaah Sabah, Sarawak le Singapore hai kei lutin ram lien lem a siem a, a hmingah Malaysia tiin ko a hung ni a. Kum 1965-a Singapore an inhnuk dok hnungin a la um po chu trong khat hmang hnama indin tumin an trong Bhasa chu iengkim thawnaah an hung hmang lui a, sawt nawte sungin trong khat hmang ramin an hung siem a, trong tenauhai chu an inchimpiltir treuh hman a nih. Chu chun ieng am kakhawk a la hung nei ding ti hril el ngam ruol a ni nawh. Ieng khom ni sien, ram dang le indawrna dingin English thiem makmaw a ngai ti an hriet tlat leiin Burma nek daiin sikulah an lak lut nawk inhma lem a, Burma ang èm chun an konkawpui pha ve nawh.

Tronga inchîm ral hi innui zing puma lu inlak ang a nih. Chîm pila umhaiin chimpiltuhai trong lungawi taka an hmang elah a tawp nawh. An nunphung an hung ngaisang a, a, an thu le hla, lemchang le film le an fak le dawn hai chen an hung ngaina a, an thaw dan kawpi chu changkangnaah an ngai a, an hung innei pol a, an sakhuo biek an hung biek ve el a nih. Vai film en ngai thrak naw nêkin a en thrang le ngainatu chun a hriet naw karin an pathien ban sawm nei ta dingin a lungrilah hmun a lo inruok lien lem daih tah hlak a nih. Chuong ang bokin, lung lut taka English film, entirnan The Ten Commandments entu chun a chanchin la hre ngai naw le a film la en ngai nawtu nekin Israelhai Pathien tieng a lungril thle lem dai a tih. Ei thil hmu le hriethai hin ei hriet naw karin ei ngaituona sei tak a lo thruoi pèt tah hlak a nih. Inrùnna hmangruo trium laia pakhat chu TV hi a ni hrim a nih. Iemani ti lai khan chu, Baibul nekin ‘Kasauti- film-in eini lai ram a lâk hrat lem daih a nih.

Parukna, sikul hi hrietna le thiemna inchukna ringot ni loin mihriem serna pumbuk thra tak a ni leiin, thuneina cheltuhaiin sikul hmangin hnam tenauhai chimralna sin an thaw rop hlak. Silebas siem thuah, naupang lungrila thu ei tu nuom ang dungzuia buotsai a ni hlak a, ei thu inba chun an ngaituona le thil thlir dan nasa takin a thruoi bok. Abikin, histawri ei inchuktirah fimkhur a ngai zuol. Chun, trong thuah, entirnan, Hindi chauh thiem le hmang dinga pawlisi an neina hmuna chun trong dangin hmun a chang thei nawh. Chu pawlisi chun trong tenau lem hung inthrang ding a hluo a, a dîp hlum hlak. Amiruokchu, Hindi chauh hrehaiin an ram puo tieng sin an zong pha, khawvel dang le indawrna trong English an hriet si naw leiin rawl bang baw ang an ni nawk. Chuong ang char chun, Mizo trong ei ti hi hung lien peiin Zo hnathlak trong hrang hrang chim pil khom ni sien, hrietna le thiemna insang lem inchuk theina le sumpai zongna hmangruoa hmang thei a ni si naw chun trong hmang tlak lemin damtein la chim ral tho tho a tih.

India rama thruoitu hmasahai kha an lo var inril leiin, ‘Unity in Diversity’ chu thuthlunga neiin, a ram tronga Hindi pom siin English leh a thriengin an intlontir a, State tinah an trongpui seng sorkar le sikula hmang nuom nuomin hmang an phal sa bok a. Chu ruol chun hnam tenauhai trong humhal le sukhmasawn dingin hma an lak a. Hi lei hin damten, mani hnam nina le zie seng put zing siin ‘India mi’ ninaah ei hung inhui khawm tiel tiel a, ei nghet deuh deuh bok a nih. Hieng ang pawlisi hi lo hmang naw hai sien chu ‘Hindi’ trong inba lui tumna dodalna lei ringot khomin India ram hi bung tamin koi dar vong ta mei a tih.

Hi thu le inzoma HRD Minister Kapil Sibal intarviu ka ngaithlak chun ka na a ver khop el. Sorkar laipui pawlisi kengkaw tum chu trong pathum bêk naupanghai inchuktir a nih. Chuonghai chu (1) An zung keina State leh an inzom zing theina dingin an ram trong; (2) India pumpui leh an intringmit theina dingin Hindi; (3) khawvel dang leh an indawr tuo theina dingin English. Hi thil pathumhai hi an nina muol sengah an poimaw dan an inang vong a nih. Ei nu trong ei hriet tah naw chun ei kungpui le ei inzomna zung poimaw a chat tina a ni leiin, chu chun mihriem nunah siksawina hrang hrang a siem thei.

Ram hrang hranga um darh Zo hnathlakhai insuikhawm dan ding daptuhai khomin hmathlir hla tak neia kal ei chawi ve chun, damten hnam ropui takin ei la hung ngir suok ve thei a nih. Chu ding chun India sorkarin a rama cheng hnam hrang hranghai hnam hlawmpuia indin suok dinga lampui a sat dan hi enton tlak ni mei a tih. Hindi suklar tumnaah inbalui pawlisi hmangin, Saptrong le rambung hrang hranga tronghai dehawnin, Hindi mi’n hmang luitir sien chu, a hmaa ei hril tah angin, koi dar vong tang ei tih. Chun, trong ei inhmang zat hin hnam ro ei inhmang bok a nih.

Lusei trong besana hmanga Zotrong hung insiem tung mek khom hin a chawmtu hnâr Zo hnathlak trong hrang hrang hi ei inchìm piltir pal hlauh chun trong hausa, thatho le hmang tlakin suok naw ni a, a baksamna phuhruk tumin hnam dang trong la lut treuh ei ta, chu chun damten Zotrong a chie hlum ding a nih. Tu khom hin, entirnan, inthlang thu ei hril ding chun, Saptrong thumalin a chim pil tluk a ni tah: enumeration, electoral roll, election, election manifesto, election agent, candidate, party candidate, independent candidate, contest, vote, vote counting, vote bank, polling station, polling booth, polling officer, ballot box, voting machine, election duty, valid/invalid vote, booth capturing, election result, election petition, ministry, ruling/opposition party le a dang dang. Lainatum deuh a nih.

Pasarina, mihriemin a chengna leilung le khawvel a suosam nasat leiin siksawina chi hrang hrang a hung hring suok a, chuong thilhai chun kakhawk thra naw tak an nei leiin hmun le ram tam tak chu rausanin a um a, an sulhnung ropui tak tak an maksan hmu ding la umhai ti naw chu an thlahai takngiel khom sui thei mumal loa riral tah an tam èm ém. Mihriem an hung pung pei ruolin ram an sukpawn a, thlalera inchangtirin umna tlak loah an siem a, a leilungin hàngna a hung tlasam a, thlai a thra nuom naw a, a, ruotui tla lo hìp tàngtu ram hnawng a um ta naw leiin tuihnarhai an hung kang a, ram sa an hung bo a, tuia chenghai an hung rèm a, a ramin a ngei naw chi an hung lak lut le chinghai chun a leilung an fak siet a, mihriemin hma an hung sawn ruola an hmang seng lo nei tuma hnuoi hausakna an hung hnot leiin leilung hausakna an sukcheureu a, boruok thra lo an hung phu suok rawn a, chu chun sik le sa a hung khak buoi a, a hunah ruo a sur naw pha tràmin a hung zui a, hri le hrai a hung inleng a, civilization ropui tak tak khom an hung ram dèr hlak a nih.

Hieng ang thu suina le thlirna hi tu laia ziektu inlar Jared Diamond-in a ziek a, a bu hmingah ‘Collapse: How Societies choose to Fail or Survive’ (2005 p.575) a ti nghe nghe a. Ama hi international bestseller The Third Chimpanzee, Why Sex is Fund le khawvela mihriem chenghai chanchin danglam taka suina Guns, Germs and Steel tihai ziektu kha a nih. Ei thu buon hi a hmawr ei phor lang tran chauh a nia chu a lo sei taluo tah leiin hieng lekhabua thu poimawhai hi bau khat khom hril hman loin, inpâm takin ei maksan hri phot ding a nih. Hieng tienga inhnikhai chun tiem ngei dingin ditsak takin ka’n fui. Mihriem hi hrietna tharlâma chawm zing ei ni naw chun tuia chawm lo thlai angin ei nun a hung vuoi a, a hung inhil bor bor hlak. Chu chu a hnam puma ei thaw a ni lem chun inngaisieta indom kun a trul, thihmun suol, thi hmin chauh hmabak ei ni leiin. Chuong ang hnamhai ta ding chun a ru no no suokna khawvela hin dam khawsuokna lampui hrim a um nawh. Hrietna fiertui inthienga inchawm zing mihriem le hnamhai ruok chu va kama thing phun angin an inno hlut hlut a, ra tam tak an insuo zom zing hlak.

Thu khârna
Ei thu bulah lut nawkin suktawp inla. Mizo tronga inlet Hindu lekhabu thienghlim Gita mi hung rùn mek hi tria inthin hawp el nêkin, thiempu inti taphot chun chîk taka tiemin, se chipin, Baibul le an inkalna le an inkalna san sui dapin, ei Pathien thu hi ring a um lemzie le bel tlâk a ni lemzie thu ei beramhai inchuktir lem ei tiu. Chu chu thaw si loa a rawl inlap hmasa taka ei thrang chun ei mawphurna ei phur zo nawh tina a ni thei. Kha hmaa thil inri met a um changa a thu mumal hre map si loa rawl sukpuoma lo inhùmru rîngot ei thaw hlak kha chu a huntawk ta nawh. Inzona zawla um ei nih ti theinghil nawng ei tiu. Ei dohai le ei donaa ei ralthuom hmang ding hai (Ef. 6:10-17) khom hre chieng ei tiu. Ieng kima ei innghatna chu ei ngaidan ni loin Baibul thu hring, kawlhnam ngei tak neka ngei lem chu, ni hlak raw se.
[*Editor's Note: INPUI columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and a respected Hmar Mizo litterateur. This article was written by him on September 15, 2009, New Delhi.]
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