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Bangalore, Sept 22, 2009: The revised edition of HMAR E-BIBLE prepared by the Hmar Students’ Association, Bangalore Branch, is up again to be downloaded.

The last version was "bulky to download", some people had said. This time, the software has been compressed to just 10 MB, which will take about 5-8 minutes of your time.

The earlier edition was recalled due to some mistakes in the Delhi Hmar Baibul version section.
We at, Inpui, after a peek into the new edition were quite satisfied by this new technological achievement. Maps and Bible GK are some the new features added in this edition.

Here is the Download Here(Last updated link on Dec 8, 2011)


Here’s the Direct Download Link Hmar e-Bible
Here's the .NET ver 1.1 Download Link (WindowsXP Must-have for e-Bible to function. If you are using Windows 7, you don't need this)

(We are giving the direct download link only for a limited period.)

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  1. when can i get the mac version???

    1. Baibul Society le Bibles for the World haiin ngaituo vat hai sien. An thaw ding awm tak, HSA in an hang thaw pek el hi chu a muolpho thlak ang reng ka ti kher el a.

  2. Windows 8 a install ding bible society a mi aum am? .Net 1.1 ngai loa install thei ding...

    1. Ka download ve thei naw. Help pliz

  3. Window 8 ahmanggtheiikaa ditngawttell...


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