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Following are some of the free things you can use while staying at Inpui.com

1. BBC Radio (You can listen to BBC World News Live, Music, Children Radio, Football, Channel 7, etc) You can also make use of the link at the header section to access BBC Live.

2. InpuiTV (Watch & listen Hmar music)

3. Music Radio (This is one of the best radio platform available on the internet. You can listen to Country hits, rock n’ roll, reggae, instrumental, soft rock, talk shows, comedy, inspirational, gospel songs, etc., by selecting the genres and then selecting the stations)

4. Sudoku (One of the best puzzle games to sharpen your brain. You can select from very easy to very hard)

5. Firefox (This free internet browser is the best available. Internet Explorer is simple outdated)

6. Free Inpui via SMS (You can get our free SMS service.)

7. Weather Report (You can find this on the right footer of the site. The weatherman reports are usually correct)

8. Inpui E-Mail (You’ll need this feature especially when your internet connection speed is below average. It allows you to get all the posts from Inpui.com right inside your e-mail)

9. Inpui on SMS (This FREE feature allows you to get the latest headlines and a brief intro of the posts right on your mobile phone)

10. fCommunity (This feature allows you to login to your Facebook account from Inpui.com. This button is available on the red toolbar at the bottom of the window.)

11. Listen (This feature allows you to listen articles/news posted in English. It comes in handy when you have a long articles. The Listen button is available just below the post title.)

12. Shoutmix (The green colour floating button near the right sidebar allows you to chat with your friend or leave messages for Inpui admin)

These are some of the main features that will make your stay at Inpui a pleasant experience. There are also others like photostream from FlickR, Comments, Top 10 posts, etc.

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