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INPUI will be a year old in October, 2009 and to mark the occasion, we will be publishing Pu L Keivom’s ‘NUM RAM’ in an eBook format on September 29, 2009.

Much efforts have gone into preparing this eBook and we at Inpui are simply overwhelmed by the endless contributions of Indin@rediffmail.com to make this eBook as error free as possible.

Earlier, we had mentioned that 'Zangkhaw Bungbu' was to be released first, but as there are too many rooms for improvement in the current manuscript we are holding it back.

Lastly, our sincere thanks to Pu L. Keivom for giving us a free hand in bringing out this wonderful piece of literature.

Remember to visit INPUI on 29. 09. 2009!

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