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[Photo: Pu Lalchungsiem (right) at the Hmar Mobile Ver.2 Installation help desk in New Delhi on Aug 29, 2009]

New Delhi, Sept 2, 2009: Sinleng Ruolcham’s Hmar Mobile Bible Ver.2 was released during the Hmar Students’ Association’s Freshers’ Meet on August 29 here at the national capital.

The first Hmar Mobile Bible was released on June 28, 2009.

According to Inpui sources, the free distribution/installation event was a big success as much as the Freshers’ Meet programme which was running side by side.

“According to our register, we installed the free software for 73 people. There were also others who took it in their pen drives,” said Pu Lalchungsiem, who was at the table overseeing the installation process.

Some HSA members whom we have come contact with via emails have confirmed that the Hmar Mobile Bible installation process was a “great success.”

It was also learnt that further versions are in the offing. “We have a lot more corrections and suggestions to incorporate,” Pu Lalchungsiem told Inpui.

According to our sources, there are around 50 new faces in New Delhi. Most of them are students.

[Photo: HSA Freshers' Social 2009, New Delhi. To see more photos of the Freshers' Social, Visit Ceebie Buhril's Album at Hmarrrunpui.com]

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