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[Nk Irose L Amo, Mumbai]

We live in a world where we don’t belong. We live among people notIrose Amo known to us. We are different. We stand out among them, but not because of our small eyes or our straight hair or even our clothing. We stand out only for the very fact that we are Christians. We hold a light in us which makes us shine; we hold a truth which can never be challenged. We are powerful people, under God’s grace, and perhaps beyond our imagination. The sad thing today though is that many of us don’t recognize it. Many of us are so blind and our eyes cannot see beyond the human flesh. We fail to identify ourselves in Christ. And hence, many of us don’t know ourselves any more.

We serve a powerful and awesome God. A God who loves us unconditional, who understands our inmost being, a God who forgives and a God so merciful. We are mere human beings with imperfections that need not be defined. However, despite our imperfections, we believe in ourselves. We serve a perfect God, why is it that we fail to believe in Him? Why is it that we remember Him only on Christmas? Why is it that we remember His love for us only on Good Friday? Why is it that we remember His power only on Easter Sunday? And why is it that we remember His presence only on Pentecost?

We walk down the streets of Mumbai forgetting who we are in Christ. Christianity is not something written in our forehead that people will read, it is an invisible cross that we carry along with us in our every day lives.

We laugh, we smile, we cry like all others but yet we are different. A miracle does not lie in smiling when we are happy, the miracle lies in our ability to smile amidst the turbulence in our lives and it is only God who gives us the power to perform that miracle. And what blessed people we are that He is with us!

We equip ourselves with daily news, we know what’s going on around the world and yet many of us fail to equip ourselves with the word of God. The Bible has become just another Sunday ornament in our lives. News will come, news will go. People will come, people will go. But what will never change is the Word of God.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come. We are only sure of our today. Live it in a way that’s pleasing to God. Make everyday a Christmas, make everyday a Good Friday, make everyday a Easter Sunday and make everyday a Pentecost. Let us remember God in all that we do. Our rewards are stored in heaven.

Jesus loves you!

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  1. This is the right attitude for a right Christian. may God bless His choosen people.

  2. nice Irose i love reading it...God bless...


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