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Bangalore, Sept 23, 2009:
The Bangalore Mizo Association (BMA) verified on Wednesday that this year's BMA League prize will carry a special cash award of Rs 3,000, besides a trophy.

Earlier, some readers of Inpui have pointed out about the "small sum" for "such a big event" when the BMA is "celebrating its 25th anniversary".

Clarifying the issue, BMA general secretary Mâdawnga Hauhnâr told Inpui that a cash prize has never been given in the previous years. "Regarding the prize money, it is only Rs. 3000. It has never been given out the prize money since it's started...because it is not a big tournament and big competition," Mâdawnga said.

Kolodyne FC and Sinlung FC are in the race to clinch the BMA League trophy when the two teams will meet in the final on September 26 at Austin Town playground.

"And this year it is given out just because of the celebration of our BMA's Silver Jubilee," he added.

BMA League was started back in 2005 and it has become an annual event for the various Mizo tribes "to know each other" and to bring about "integration".

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  1. Yes, we shouldn't cry wolves for the cash prize. It is about honour and pride. We must assume that BMA has a very good reason behind putting Rs.3000 cash prize even before the clarification is made, after all, we all know that the competition is not for the sake of the cash money... Let's keep up the Spirit.. I look forward to a great matches - the championship and the 3rd place on Saturday.

  2. Congrats to Sinlung FC.... you played well today and you deserve the trophy. Kolodyne FC also did well, it was a good game... See you next year...


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