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[By Pu T. Zamlunmang Zou*, New Delhi]

[Photo: Two traffic policemen standing and talking on the mobile phone while a number of vehicles crossed the zebra cross sign. Picture captured on October 1, 2009 around 10AM by the author.]

One thing that always comes in my mind, not every second or every minute or every hour but every moment I stop my vehicle at any traffic points, I was so displeased with the behavior of one traffic policeman who was posted at Defence Colony market and Kotla Mubarakpur junction's traffic point. I often witness people/drivers always crossing the zebra points, even crossing over the zebra sign and stopping their vehicle beyond that sign. The traffic Police noticed but did not say anything.

As usual, one day I come for my office, I was a little bit late on that day, there were a few vehicles plying on the road since it was a little late for office timing. While reaching Kotla Mubarakpur traffic point, the traffic red light glowed and I stop my vehicle right on the zebra crossing and pullback till the wheel did not touch the sign. And most of the vehicles stop parallel to my line.

At this hour, the dutiful and shameless traffic policeman came up and took my key away. When I ask, why he did this? He replied, it’s because you broke the traffic rule.

I, at once, got angry and shouted at him...... Is this the first time you saw people crossing the zebra sign in this traffic point? Don't you see people crossing the sign everyday? Even yesterday, I saw people crossing the line and you being aware didn’t say anything and now, what actually do you want? Is it because I look different form others? I know your dirty tricks. Don't you see other drivers who are standing with me touch the line? Why me?

After hearing my hot argument and shouting, people standing by scolded the traffic police for his indifferent attitude towards people with different looks. Even, one aged scooter driver who was standing in parallel with me come forward and offered the traffic police a hundred rupee note saying I do cross the line like my fellow driver. Take this and cut the Chalan.

At last, the traffic police was helpless for his shameless action and handed over my key.

This incident happens in August 2009 at Delhi Kotla Mubarakpur and Defence Colony Market junction. I jotted down this article only after a couple of months because I witness people crossing the zebra signs in the presence of traffic police on the same spot. It still hurts me a lot.

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[Editor's Note: Pu T. Zamlunmang Zou is an IT professional and owner of Zolengthe.net]

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  1. " a hundred bug " .. didn't know people carried bugs around.

    When you write an article, please please look through the dictionary or just do a Google search since you are obviously sitting in front of the computer/internet.

  2. @a well-wisher, thanks for the sharp eyes.

    The said 'a hundred bug' has been replaced by "a hundred rupee note".

    It was a mistake on our part as much as it was on the part of the writer for not going through the material thoroughly before publishing.

    Well, we love corrections, as long as they are for the good of Inpui.


  3. thanks for the correction. it was written during the lunch hour in the office. dont have time for everything....... thanks

  4. The sad truth is race is a very big issue in India...especially against NE people


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