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Aizawl, October 6, 2009 (LELTE.NET): The legend Mizo Gospel singer, song composer and writer, popularly known as ‘The Nigntingale of Mizoram‘ Pi Lalsangzuali Sailo memorial concert will be held on her third death anniversary i.e. October 14, 2009 at Vanapa Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram. In her memorial concert, 40 well known Mizo singers will perform live concert by re-echoing her songs which were composed by herself and the songs which she sung that was composed by others. Preparation is in full swing at ‘Zonun Studio’ Aizawl Zion Street.

Pu P. Lianhrima, Sr. MCS, Secretary Govt. of Mizoram chair the Tribute Organising Committee.

Zonun Studio proprietor Darthuama, Laltea (IMFA), Tluanga (T.Melody), Siama (Vulmawi) and Thuama will take part in the Live Music concert. Sound System will be provided by Active Sound.

The well know singers to perform at the live memorial concert will be Vanhlupuii, Zonunmawii (The Hunt), Tini Mohini Thapa (The Hunt), Zosangliani, Sailothangi Sailo, Zira Hnamte, Lalhungchhungi Pachuau, Ngurthangvela, H. Lalchawimawii, Elizabeth Zodinpuii, TBC Zaithanpuia, Rosy K.Remsangpuii, Lalhmingliana Chhangte, PBK Liankhuma, R.Thangkunga (Invaders), Zoram chhani(Youth Icon), Maggie Malsawmzuali, Zomuanpuii, Moody Chawngthu, Mami Varte, Danny Laldinpuia Chhangte (Youth Idol 2008), C. Lalhmingmawii, C. Sanga, Lalnunmawia, Vansangkimi, H. Lalthakima, Lalropuii Pachuau, Bethsy Lalrinsangi, C.Vansanga and C. Lalthlengliana.

(Source: Lelte.Net)


Name – Lalsangzuali Sailo
Date of Birth – May 15, 1949
Fathers name – S Vanchhuma
Mothers Name – Sapthangi Chawngthu
Place of Birth – Thingsai. South Mizoram
No. of siblings – 7 Brothers & 3 Sisters


Passed HSLC (Matriculate) From St Johns Boscos Convent. Cherrapunji in 1968.
Passed BA (Edu.) Honours from St Marys College, Shillong in 1972.
Passed MA (History) in 2005.
Trained at Central Institute of Hindi Agra U.P in 1973.
Completed Parangat Bridge Course (Hindi) in 1979.
Passed B Ed II Class in Second Class – A Grade in 1981.


Appointed as Teacher at Secondary Schools in Mizoram on Ist February in 1973. Worked as a Teacher in Govt. J.L High School till her promotion to Headmistress in the same School on 23th August 2002 till 2004. Transferred to Govt. Comprehensive Model School 17th February 2006 till her last date 14th October 2006.


Married to Laldinliana on 27th June, 1978 and are blessed with two sons Jonathan Zaithanmawia (April 22nd 1979) and Benjamin Zaithantluanga (October 5th 1981) and a daughter Marina Lalpekkimi (September 16th 1986)

AREA OF EXCELLENCE : Literature, Singing, Music, Song writing (Composition)

MUSIC CARREER AND LITERARY ACHIEVEMENTS : Lalsangzuali Sailo is one of the most celebrated persons of all time in Mizoram. She was undoubtedly a multi faceted person blessed with plenty of inborn talents. She was a great singer, a composer, a prolific writer and a celebrity with exceptional charismatic leadership in various fields of social activities and different organizations. Her rich contributions to the Music Industry and Literary world of Mizoram had earned her a distinctive place in Mizo society and established her as an icon, most popular among old age groups. Over the years she gained admiration for her sweet melodious voice from the people all over the state and was rightly remarked by the Statesman on November 28th 1976 as The Girl with the Golden Voice.

She had her first recording in All India Radio at Shillong in the year 1967 and in 1975. She was upgraded to Grade A Radio Artiste by the Director General, All India Radio, New Delhi. She was the only Radio Artist from the North East India upgraded to Grade A during that decade. She has recorded more than 450 songs which are mainly Love songs, patriotic and devotional songs. Each of her songs always occupy the top chart and the AIR Aizawl station sometimes entertain an average of 1500 request for Lalsangzualis numbers in a week.

As a singer, she visited 11 major Indian cities during 1975 and received hundreds of invitations to perform in different parts of the country. The occasion when she melted the hearts of the audience with her melodious at Chembur, Bombay in 1976 is treasured in vivid memory by her admirers. She had received invitations from North Eastern States as well where she was accorded grand receptions as a guest of honour, for her extra ordinary talent as a singer.

Between February and May 1978, she visited Canada and 28 states of the USA as member and lead vocalist of the Mizo choir. She made lasting impressions in all the places she performed and shortly after the Mizo choir toured Canada and the USA, a full story of Lalsangzuali with her family and social background came out in a booklet, Her Grandpa was a Headhunter written by Lorry Lutz, editor of Power Magazine, California. The booklet was reprinted several times and sold 50,000 copies in Canada and the United States.

Besides her Radio recordings her solo items in the television programe at the stations of Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta were regularly aired on occasions like Good Friday. She had made two HMV recordings in 1973 both short and extended plays. She also performed as playback singer in some Mizo films.

Lalsangzuali Sailo has released 29 audio cassette albums which is the highest number for a single artiste in Mizoram. In fact, she was the first Mizo singer to have accomplished an audio album when she released her first solo album in 1977. Her album of Christmas and New Year songs sold more than 40,000 copies within a span of 20 years.

She occasionally graces functions with her melodious in churches as well as in social gatherings. She freely extends her God-given talent to everyone who needs it specially those who lost their near and dear ones. Sometimes bereaved people use to come to her house seeking the comfort of her melodious to soothe away their pains. On such occasions, they always have her songs recorded free of cost, judging by the fact that her father became a choir master at a very early age and her mother also was a soloist during her times, it is of no surprise that Lalsangzuali Sailo reaches the summit in Mizo music history.

AS A COMPOSER : She has written 365 songs on a variety of themes which include a marvelous collection of Childrens Songs and Nursery Rhymes, Ballads, Devotional Songs, Patriotic Songs and many other songs that she wrote for special occasions and other purposes such as Awareness on Cleanliness, Protection of Wild Life and Environment, National Integration, Nature, Disabled Persons, Alcohol and Drugs Awareness etc. A good number of her songs were included in Mizoram School syllabus since 15 years ago and are now studied in various classes from Class IV to Class XII. Her hit song of the early 1970s Duhlai Mi U and her poem on Nature, Nungchate Au Aw were selected for studies in Master Degree since 1977 and her historical Poem, Sibuta Lung was later added in 2003. She puts 7 of her rhymes in her book, Naupang Robawm (Childrens Treasure Box).

AS A WRITER : Lalsangzuali Sailo has authored 25 books and three booklets some of which earned high recognition and put her on equal footing with the most proficient writers in Mizoram. She has contributed more than 400 different articles to various magazines and papers. She participated in the First International Conference on Literature in Translation at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi from 15 20 March, 1984 as delegate from Mizoram. She was the Treasurer of the Executive Council of Mizo Academy of Letters (MAL) and Editor of Run Mawitu quarterly Magazine published by MHIP (Federation of Mizo Women) Bungkawn Branch, Aizawl. Occasionally she writes short plays and dramas for AIR programe and critical appreciation and review on Mizo Literature. Her three books that ranked among the top ten for Book of the year nomination are:-

  • Thuthlungthar Hmeichhiate (Women of the New Testament) 1991
  • Sakhming Chul Lo (Names that will not be forgotten about the story of Mizo poetesses) 1995
  • Ka Hring Lamtluang (Her Autobiography) 2004
  • Khuangthli on preservation of wild life and environment also ranked among the top twenty in 1998
  • Her Masterpiece, Tlawm ve lo Lalnu Ropuiliani, a biography of the indomitable Sailo chieftainess Ropuiliani, who refused to subdue before the British Administrators and died in Chitagong Jail won book of the year Award in 1999 and was selected the best out of 174 books published that year.
  • Lalsangzuali Sailo was awarded the Padma Shri in Literature by Government of India and she received the Award from President K.R Narayanan at Rastrapati Bhavan on 12th April, 1998.


  • Woman of the Year 1975 in the first Popularity Poll conducted by Aizawl College.
  • Best Composer in the year 1984, 1988, 1991, 1992 and 1996.
  • Most Outstanding Woman Literature 1994 by Lelte Weekly
  • Writer of the Year 1998 by Mizo Writers Association
  • All India Radio Outstanding Artiste 1998
  • Greatest Singer of the Century 2000 by Zolentu Magazine
  • Most Popular Person Award 2000 by Lelte Weekly
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2002 by Rimawi Khawvel Music Magazine
  • Best Song of the Year 1992 for her song “Kar a hla”
  • Pu Buanga Award 2000 by Mizo Academy of Letters Jt. Hqrs. Lunglei for her contribution to Mizo Literature
  • In the “Five Tops of Mizoram” Contest 1984, organised by Lelte Weekly, she won the following prizes :
    Most Popular Lady in Mizoram
    Second Prize – Female Singer
    Best Female Composer
    Most Outstanding Woman Literature of the Decade
  • In the “Pick your Pop” organised by Ainawn Teenage Weekly, she won First Prize in the year 1981 and 1982 as a singer and Best Composer in 1983.
  • She won prizes in the Competition of Wedding Song Competition organized by Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA) in 1981
    Song Composition Competition organized by Education Department of Mizoram in 1982 and 1986.
  • She received honours and felicitations from the following Organisations :
    Mizo Writers Association – 1998
    M.N.F General Headquarters – 1998
    Mizo Academy of Letters Jt. Hqrs, Lunglei – 2000
    Mizoram State Social Advisory Board – 1998
    MHIP Gen. Hqrs. – 1999
    MHIP Bungkawn Branch – 1999
    District Adult Education Office, Aizawl – 1998
    Thingsai Welfare Committee – 1999
    Y.M.A Nursery Veng Branch – 1998
    M.Z.I (Mizo Singers Association)
    K.T.P (Presbyterian Church Youth Wing) Chanmari West Branch
    Art & Culture Department of Mizoram – 2001
    Former Legislators Association of Mizoram (FLAM) – 2003
    Presbyterian Church Central Women Committee, Pastorate Committee and Branch Committee

Albums Released By Lalsangzuali Sailo

Sl.No | Name of Album | Year of Release | Number of Songs | Classification

1. Hla Lenglawng | 1977 | 16 | Relating to Social Life & Culture
2. Khawhar Hla | 1981 | 12 | Songs commemorating the dead in Christian context
3. Hlimna Isua | 1982 | 15 | Gospel- Devotional
4. Pathian Fakna Hla 1982 15 Gospel-Devotional
5. Krismas, Kumhlui, Kumthar Hla 1982 14 Seasonal-Christmas & New Year
6. Fam Ngaite Hla 1982-83 12 Songs commemorating the dead in Christian context
7. Zoram Hi Kan Ram A Ni 1983 12 Patriotic
8. Krismas Hla 1983 12 Gospel Seasonal-Christmas
9. Chun Nunnemi 1983 12 Songs for her mother
10. Hla Thar Bu 1984 14 Traditional Gospel
11. Fam Ngaih Hla Thlan Khawm 1984 12 Songs commemorating the dead in Christian context
12. I’ll Praise His Name 1984 15 English-Gospel
13. Angel Sak Theih Loh Hla Mawi 1984 16 Gospel-Devotional
14. Fam Ngai Hnemtu 1984 13 Songs commemorating the dead in Christian context
15. Hnam Hla-II 1985 14 Patriotic
16. I’ll Sing To The Lord 1985 14 English – Gospel (Devotional)
17. Ramthim Ramthar Hla 1985 15 Gospel – Evangelical
18. Lunglen Hnem 1986 11 Gospel – Evangelical
19. Kumhlui/ Krismas Volume- II 1990 12 Gospel Seasonal – Christmas & New Year
20. Rualbanlote Hla 1991 12 Songs for Disabled Person
21. I Nu Tanpui Rawh 1992 22 Mother’s Songs
22. Lalsangzuali Sailo & Naupangte 1994 18 With children (Gospel)
23. Zoram Hi Kan Ram A Ni 2000 13 Patriotic
24. The Best Of Lalsangzuali Sailo 2001 11 Gospel(Devotional), Motivationals, Recreational
25. Bethlehem Arsi Engmawi 2002 13 Seasonal – Christmas
26. Hla Tha Thlan Khawm 2003 13 Best Collection: Folk, Gospel-Devotional, Motivational, Recreational


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