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Inpui chat Advance krismas Inpui.com team is organising the 1st Hmar Chatters' Advance Christmas on November 28, 2009.

All are invited to come and join this unique event at INPUI LIVE! CHAT ROOM www.inpuichat.tk

The main purpose of the event is to talk about the depth of God’s love. Besides, it is also an attempt to bring together the Hmars settled across the globe to talk about Christmas.

The programme is divided into two sessions. The first would be formal followed by a much more relaxed second session which will include Bible quiz, games, and many other items.

The programme is given below:

1st Hmar Chatters’ Advance Christmas 2009
Tarik: 28 Nov, 2009
Hunbi: 8.30 pm (sharp)
Ahmun: www.inpuichat.tk (inpui.com le hmarrunpui.com ah khom lut thei a nih)

Thuoitu:- Inpui (Inpui.com admin)
Tantu:- JayKay (Baibul chang ‘tiemtu’ ding)
Best Krismas Jokes (pathum):- Bhayanga
Best Christmas Films:- MistyBlue
Krisamas Thucha:- Pu L Keivom, IFS(retired)
Hun kharna:-Thuoitu

Break----mani in sengah fak buotsai ding---Break
(Chat member han an fak siem hai thlalak le video in 'share' thei)

SESSION- II (Hun tiem chin umlo)
Thuoitu/Leader: Gunda (‘Gunda’ hi Inpui Live! Chatroom co-moderator a nih)
Leader in tha a ti dan dan in hun member hai a hmangpui ding a nih.
Items: Bible Quiz, Extempore, Hla type in el...ldd

Hriet ding:
Entirna’n: Thuoitu ‘Gunda’ in @MistyBlue, I most memorable Krismas hung hril ve ta la... a ti chun, member dang han an lo thlir thrap ding a nih. Message inkal ne nuk a um naw na dingin mi 'trawng'/hun nei lai lo trong ve phal ni naw nih. Amiruokchu, hun nei/hmang hai thu hril ei lo 'Amen, Ok,,,' thei.

Organizing committee: (All in nickname)
1. Inpui Admin
2. Gunda
3. Bhayanga
4. JayKat
5. MistyBlue
6. Hmarboy

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