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Chat rooms seem to be making a comeback after over a decade since the  mIRC Hmarchat days. Just a few days back,Inpui opened up a chat room INPUI LIVE! CHAT ROOM on Chatroll and many users were reminded of the ‘good old days of mIRC Hmarchat’.

Now,with integrated media technology,chat rooms are no longer just a place to unwind one’s thought with texts with a likeminded group of people, but they have become a social-networking place where one can share videos, pictures, links, etc. Of course, one can still remain to be a ‘mystery’ man or woman by using nick names.

At present there are two Hmar specific chat rooms (click the pictures to visit the rooms):

INPUICHAT.TK click to chat Live! Now 1. INPUICHAT.TK This is prepared by Inpui admin for everyone to unwind their thoughts and dreams without being identified.

Features: 1. Free 2. You can use nickname to hide your real identity 3. You can share youtube.com videos 4. Share pictures and websites 5. It requires no Flash player 6. It’s fast

2. HMARCHAT.CO.CC: This chat room is managed HMARCHAT.CO.CC click to chat Live! Nowby Tv Joyful Thiek. It is prepared from Meebo chat widget.

Features: 1. Free 2. You can use nickname to hide your real identity 3. Private message 4. Requires Flash player 5. Loads a bit slower when connection is slow.

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