Halloween party ideas 2015

TUITHRAPHAI, Nov 27, 2009: December 10-13, 2009 inkar sung khin Pherzawl khuoah Hmarram Kristien|halai Pawl inkhawmpui um a ta, chu taka thuhriltu dingin Pi Lalremsiem le Rev. H. Chungthang Thiek hai ruot an nih.

Hi inkhawmpuia hin Mizoram hlasakthiem thenkhat hung thang an tih. Chun, Hmarram Lelte Final Contest um nghal a tih.

A nuom taphawt inkhawmpuia thang dinga fiel anni a, kalman ruok chu mani intum ding a nih.

Src: Hmasawnna Thar

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