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For teenagers and beauty conscious nothing can be more embarrassing and unsightly than an acne outbreak. Whether it’s contributing to the normal teenage angst or causing personal and professional difficulty for adults, acne can be a frustrating problem. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to heal acne without resorting to medication and steps you can take to prevent further outbreaks.

Acne is caused by the production of sebum in the skin just below the surface layer

This excess sebum causes pockets or pimples to develop. The key to healing acne is treating the skin and keeping it as healthy as possible. This means using mild soaps or cleansers and washing your face twice a day. It is extremely important to keep skin clean, but you want to avoid over-washing as that can actually stimulate sebum production.

You should avoid using any kind of rough brushes or sponges on your skin as that can make breakouts worse. And never pick at pimples or pop them. The more you rub at them, the more the sebum inside will spread, which will just make the outbreak worse. And picking at pimples can result in scarring as well.

One of the easiest ways to both combat and prevent acne is by drinking water

Eight glasses of water a day is generally recommended to keep skin properly hydrated. And well hydrated skin is healthy skin, since water can help flush toxins out of your system. The healthier your skin, the less likely you will be to have more outbreaks.

Often, food can be a cause of acne outbreaks

Greasy and spicy foods, chocolate, and dairy products treated with hormones can all cause acne so if you are prone to breakouts, you should avoid these foods as much as possible. There are also some foods which can help to prevent acne, including green vegetables, vegetable juice and foods rich in zinc.

Exercise and acne

Since sweating can also exacerbate acne symptoms, it is important that you avoid heavy exercise during a breakout. If you are prone to acne, you should try and exercise in moderation to avoid excess sweating. Moderate exercise will also help to improve circulation and ease the expulsion of toxins from the body which can alleviate symptoms.

The effect of stress on acne

The other thing to bear in mind is to try and keep yourself stress free as stress can be another direct cause of acne outbreaks. This is particularly true for adult acne, as the stress of everyday life can easily become overwhelming and cause our bodies to react negatively.

Try to remain calm and relax. Yoga, meditation and massage can all help to relieve the body of excess tension.

Nobody likes dealing with acne, but it can be managed and even prevented if you just make sure to treat your skin right. Remember, you only get one skin so it us up to you to take care of it. Eat right, get the proper amount of exercise and avoid stress and you can be acne free and loving the skin you’re in!

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