Halloween party ideas 2015

NORTH EAST REGION FINSERVICES LTD, (NEREFS) in Administrative Head dingin a hnuoia hmun le post a dingin pasal or nuhmei a dit a. Inhnikna neituhai chun hnina 20th November, 2009 chen pek thei a nih.
1. Delhi - 2 Posts
2. Silchar - 2 Posts
3. Aizawl - 2 Posts.

(a) Kum: 40-60
(b) Language (|awng) : English le Hindi thiem.
(c) Thiemna : Graduate
(d) Experience : Kum 15 neka tlawmlo sin lo thaw tah, Sawrkar Or Organisa tion a hotu lo ni ta hlak.
HLAW (SALARY): Cheng 20,000/- thlakhatah. Chun, khum le room 2 pek ni bawk an tih.
HNINA PEK THEI HUN: Hnina hi tarik 20-11-2009 chen a hnuoia hmunah hin peklut thei ning a tih.
Rev. Fimthasang Infimate
Secy., SCB, Manipur Region.
Mobile- 09862130977

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