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By Tv Lalremlien Neitham
26th April 2004

Alone in my empty room
I lay, wide awake on my bed
I could feel the emptiness
The emptiness inside and around me
Without realizing, my eyes were moist
My thoughts went back to our good old days
The good old days
When we were like children playing in the rain
Spending wonderful days together
Having great times together
We laugh, we cry
We make fun, we argue
How I miss those times now!
We were like children
Unconscious of our left and right
Unaware of but our own world
Sharing our happiness and sadness
Nurturing and guiding each other
We were so much in love
Our life was an adventure
You know me and I know you
I trust you and you trust me
We were one
We both had our ups and down
Facing hurdles together
Solving the puzzles together
Climbing the steeply hill hand in hand
We were in a wonderland
And like a puff of smoke
The magic vanishes
What went wrong?
I never can really tell
The riddle defeated us
May be, I made the wrong move
Or may be, you were the one
You are now so far away
Busy with your own world
And I, with mine
Life surely is a puzzling game indeed
Looking back to the good old days
My heart aches missing those times
You always gave me a shoulder to lean to
Wiping away my tears when I cry
But now, there is no more you
Oh! I really miss those days
If I could,
I would turn back the wheels of time
Back to those good old days
You are the best friend I ever had
The closest I ever had to my heart
You will ever be so
And those were the days
Those were the days.

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