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Fellowship item being performed on Christmas eve at Lingaraj Puram. Bangalore, Dec 30, 2009: The Hmar community in India’s IT capital celebrated Christmas with rest of the world without any untoward incident.

Preparations for the big day began early this year with youth members of the Bangalore Hmar Christian Fellowship organising carols in and around Lingaraj Puram area. And, on Christmas eve they flocked together again at HSA president Tv Randolf Amos’ resident singing glory to God as they waited for the new-born King until mid-night.

Elsewhere, for those who could not join the ‘lengkhawm’ programme the festive mood was very much alive. Most of the people stayed late into the night to worship and praise the King of kings with family members and friends.

The D-day was marked by religious fervor as over 100 BHCF members came to worship their Saviour. While, (Tv) Rev Lalsandam Songate spoke much on the love of God, Pu Robert L Sungte gave a short message on why Christmas should be observed as a day to glorify Christ. In addition to these, choir, guitar show and other special items marked the main service.

After the church service, a ‘festival of songs’ (lengkhawm) was held outside the church. Heartfelt testimonies and messages were told. A Bible Quiz was also organised to refresh memories of those present. The service went on till 8.00 pm after which the Christmas feast was served.

Here are some photos from Bangalore Hmar Christian Fellowship Christmas 2009. (Krismas urlawk zan  to Krismas ruoi thre chen)

Rev Lalrosiem Songate

wise men That angels were singing. After the birth of Jesus was announced to the shepherds in the field by an angel, a host of angels appeared praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest...” Many preachers preaching during Christmas often referred to this event as angels singing. Nowhere is in the Scripture that says the angels are singing .

That there were three wise men. How many are these wise men? There is also a song in English “We three kings of Orient…” There is nowhere in the Bible where it says that the wise men were three in number. It has been assumed that since the gifts are of three different kinds, the persons giving the gifts must be three in number. This is a blind assumption. They could be more or less, though we can be certain that they are not just one.

The idea of shepherds and wise men coming together to the manger where Jesus was born.  You would often see pictures of shepherds and wise men worshipping baby Jesus in a manger. This is also another wrong assumption. The shepherds were watching their flock in the outskirt of Bethlehem and there is no problem for them to come to the manger in the night the baby Jesus was born. But for the wise men who are from the eastern countries (some have even believed them to be Indian astrologers) coming all the way from their country to Bethlehem the same night Jesus was born is completely untenable.

The idea that Mary and Joseph had to flee for the baby’s life the night he was born. Since the arrival of the wise men would be much at a later date the flight to Egypt could also be quite sometime after he was born.

That Jesus was born on Dec 25. The celebration of Dec 25 as Christmas actually began as early
as the fourth century AD. There is no evident that Jesus was born on Dec 25, though the whole world celebrates this day as the birth day of Jesus Christ. Various dates such as March 28, Nov. 18 and Sept. 11 have been proposed by different historians. The celebration of Dec 25 as Christmas day actually was a pagan origin.

When Christianity became a state religion in the Roman Empire after Emperor Constantine was converted to Christianity, their pagan festival Saturnalia that used to be celebrated during Dec 17-25 had to stop.  To appease the angry pagans it was Christianized and celebrated as Christmas day.  It was because of this reason early Puritans refused to celebrate Christmas day. In fact, the celebration of Dec 25 as Christmas was banned by the Governor of Massachusetts during 1659-1681.

Hope we all enjoyed our Christmas, after all it’s the heart in which we celebrate that matters more than the date. Wishing you all a blessed Happy New Year 2010!

By Rev. Jonathan Pudiate,  TCS Faculty, Sielmat

“Chalta he” mentality neiin poisak an hrol deudeu.

Rawngbawlna le inzoma sin tul a um thut leiin December thlabul khan Senvon ka zun zina. Lampui thatnaw leiin nuom angin kan tlan hrat theinawa. Pherzawl khuo kan zuk tlung chu zan a sawt ta bok le khawsung mihai hang keithoa, zalhmun remna ding hang zong chu in phalam um hle in ka hrieta. Zan khawdei hnuoia tuola khawvar nghak el hlak chu a ni thei bok naw leiin chuongchun zanre hnung chun tlungna ding kan hang zong vela.

Thlasik dei emem hnuoia hmelhriet khom nilo, an kot kik a keitho kan tum lai chun Mary, a naupai inhla tak le a pasal Josefa khuolzin lungrila a hung fu hlok ela. Kum 2000 liem ta laia Krista’n tlungin ding an vai ang bok khan tulai hun a khom hin ringtuhai nunah hin tlungin ding a lan vai zing zie dam ngaituona ah a hung fu a.

Tulai Bluetooth generation a thalai lai hin Krista’n tlungin ding a lan vai hle el. Thalai tamtak lungrila hin Krista chu hnawl in a uma. Ei thawnuom ang thawpui a rem naw leiin Ama chu hnawlin, ei inhoi ti zong thaw dingin Krista chu ei sie hrea. Ei dawn nuom ang dawn pui a rem naw leiin hnoksak um a ei ruota. Isu kan lungril bawngin tlawma hung insieng thar nawk la tia hlaa in awi nekin ei hla ngaisang zawng hlak chu “ham tum ek kamre me bandh he” ti dam a lo ni a. “Chalta he” mentality neiin poisak an hrol deudeu bok.

Ei mobile phone a tlungin hmun insang ei pek hai hlak chu nuhmei pasalna tieng a nun porche a mi thuoi lut thei thilhai khuoltha anga ngaiin hmun insang ei pek bok. Zawlnei Isaiin ei ngirhmun a lo hmulawk “Ama chu mihriemhai hmusit le ditnawin a um a…mihaiin an hmai an hipsan ang chun ama chu hmusitin a um a, eini hlak chun ei ngaisang si nawh” (Isai 53:3) tia a lo hril hi a sukdiktu ei pung deudeu si. Hiengang khawvel setak kara leng ei ni lei hin karhla ruoltha, mani hmun le ram pan loa vairama Lalpieng champha hmangtuhai popo, ei lungrila Krista chu Lal a ruotin, a chunghnung le ropuitak nina in khumtirin 2009 Krismas hi Krista leh hmang dingin ditsakna kan hlan cheu. Lungrila Krista chu chongpu chan in changtirin, Ama chibai ei bukna dingin ei lungril in hlan ei tiu! 2009 Krismas-Krista Leh Aw!

[Pu L.Keivom’s Christmas message to Hmar chatters during the 1st Hmar Chatters’ Advent Christmas event held on Nov 28, 2009 at INPUI LIVE! Chatroom. Earlier report HERE]

keivom-inpui (Ahmasatakin, 1st Hmar Chatters’ Advent Christmas a hung thrang hram ka nuoma chu American diplomat pakhatin a mi fielna kan lo aw ta si a, hang sut nawk a remchang naw leiin mi dang Krismas Thucha ka hung buotsai lo post dingin ka hung dande el a nih. In mi lo hrietthiemna ka ngen malam in “Wishing you all a Happy Christmas Chatting”. LK)

Khawvela hin hnam tin le ram tinin ni poimaw le ‘Kût’ poimaw bik ei nei seng a, chuong nihai chu khùn taka insera hmangin ei lawm hlak. Dannaranin, tu laia ropui taka ram tam lemin ni poimaw ei inser chu ei ramin zalenna a hmuna champha (independence day) a nih. Chu zoa ei inser nawk chu sakhuo indintuhai le mi ropuihai piengcham a nih. Chuong laia danglam tak le hlu tak chu ‘Kristmas’ hi a nih.

Ni ropui ei hmang le piengcham ei lawmhai lai hin khawvel mi po po huop zo pakhat char a um a, chu chu kristmas hi a nih. Piengcham nei mi dang hrim hrim chu mihriem vong an nih. Kristmas neitu ruok chu zaa za Pathien le zaa za Mihriem ni kop a nih. Edena bawsietna leia mihriem le Pathien inzomna lo inchat tah chu mihriem tu khom suizom nawk thei an um nawh. Suizom ding chun Pathien nina le mihriem nina nei kop a ngai. Ieng leiin am?

Pathien chu ‘Hmangaina’ a ni lai zingin Felna, Indikna le Thienghlimna Pathien a nih. Ama angpuia siem mihriem chu ieng angin hmangai sien khom, a thu awi loa a dan bawsetu a ni chun a felna, indikna le thienghlimna kut tuor chu a pumpel thei nawh. Chun, Pathien chu Thlarau a ni leiin thlarau naw chun hnai le inzompui thei a ni nawh. Pathien Thienghlim a ni leiin mi porche chun hnai thei a ni bok nawh. Chuleiin, ieng anga mi fel inti khomin Pathien chu hnai ruol a ni nawh.

Hi lei tak hin, Iengkim LALPA, a thu thua thil inumtir theitu chun ama le mihriem inzomna intan tah chu thil dang anga ‘Um raw se’ tia inumtir el thei a ni nawh. Thaw sien chu ama nina ngei kaltu ning a ta, Pathien ni thei naw nih. Chuleiin, Ama Pathien ngei chun mihriem taksa puta mihriema hung insiem a, Eden bawsietna leia thi dinga trongsephur mihriem intlanna sin chu Naupa nina inbela a hung hlen a ngai tah a nih. Hi lei tak hin Hmangai Johan chun, “Lekhabu ziel chu sût a, a sung en thei vanah tu khom an um naw a, hnuoi le hnuoi sunga khom an um bok nawh. Lekhabu ziel chu hong a, a sung en thei tu khom an um naw leiin ka trap ka trap a. Upa laia pakhat chun, ‘Trap naw rawh, ngai ta, Juda hnama sakeibaknei, Davida Trobul khan inchikna suoi pasari chu honga, lekhabu ziel chu sût dingin a hnè tah” tiin a lo ziek a nih (TP 5: 3-5)

Hi remruotna mak tak el hi thlaraua lo hmutu Zawlnei Isai chun, “A hming chu Remruottu Mak, Pathien Hrât, Chatuon Pa, Remna Lal” (9:6) tiin Isu pieng hma kum 700-ah tlang a lo insampui daih tah a nih. Hmangaina leia Chatuon Pathien remruot, Bethlehem tlanga chatuon hringna bei hung trum thu chu hrilin, Hmangai Johan khomin, “Thu chu taksain a hung inchang a, eini lai a hung chèng a, a ropuizie khom ei hmuh, lunginsietna le thutaka sip, Pa Naupa nei sun ropuina chu” (1:14) tiin a lo hril bok a nih.

Bethlehem tlanga hmangaina ruoi ropui hung threttu chun azenda chieng tak el a nei a. Chu chu Bethlehem phùla riek beram vengtuhai kuoma hung inlang Lalpa vantirko le van zaipawlin an hung puong, mi tin huop zo chanchin thra lawum bek bek kha a nih. Ieng leia berampuhai kuomah an hung puong hmasa tak kher am ning a ta? Ieng leia khaw thienghlim Jerusalemah pieng loa Bethlehema khom bawng inah pieng a, ranthlengah a lu a hung innghat am ning a ta? Ieng leia van tirko le zaipawlin a pieng thu an hung puong am a na? Ieng leia ama chibai buka hung khawsak mivarhai thruoitu arasi kha Bethlehem chungah a chawl am a na?

Chatuon Pathien azenda a bat bata sukpuitling le hlena a hung um lei a nih. Hmangaina ruoi, Hringna Bei, Chatuon Manna chu Bethlehem, bei in (house of bread) a ngei thre tranin a hung um a; mi po po suol thawina ding Pathien Beramte le Berampu le Beram Kotkhar ni fawm vong hung pieng thu chu hnuoi berampuhai kuomah puongin a hung um hmasa a nih. Van ropuina po po neitu SIKHAWVAR hung pieng chu chawimawi dingin van zaipawl chauh ni loin, arasi mak, Bethlehem Arasi a hung inlang a nih.

Van tirko le zaipawl rawl thangkhawk chu Pastor Thangngurin, ‘Bethlehem dar’ a lo ti bakah “Bethlehem le Kalvari tlang chungah suokna dâr an ri tah” tiin hla ropui takin a lo khek suok a. Chu dâr chu Adam bawsietna leia chatuon hremna tuor dinga thiem naw chang tah mi po po ta dinga ‘hmangaina dàr, suokna dâr, zalenna dâr, jubili dàr’ a nih. Aw, a ri a va mawi ngei!

Chu hmangaina dâr rimawi chu ei ramah kum za zet a’n rikna kum a lo ni tah. A ri hre sia thina hlim ruoma intâng zing mi ieng zat am ei la um a? Chu suokna dar ri hretu le pomtuhai chu fe suok a, khawvel hnam tin kuomah remna chanchin thra puongdar dinga thu pek ei nih. Ei bau le ei nungchanga inthokin ieng dâr ri am mi dangin an hriet hlak a? Hmangaina ruoi am ei kilpui, an naw leh intheidana ruoi lem? Kum 1993 September 28 chawhnung dar hnia Bethlehema Isu piengna hmuna an biek in Church of the Nativity ka fang nia ka thil hriet le ka lungril sukna em em tu chu a neitu nina hauh seng Roman Catholic, Grik Orthodox Church le Armenian Church hai inngei nawzie le an intuolvuok hlak thu le kristmas khom ni tum senga an hmang thu a nih. Roman Catholic haiin December 24 zan an inpiengtir a, Grik Orthodox haiin January 6-ah, Armenian haiin January 18-ah. Pathien Naupa khom ni sien, ni hrang hrang pathuma pieng ruol chu a thaw thei bik ka ring nawh.

Kristmas ruoi, Krista ruoi, hmangaina ruoi hi mani thlarau ngeia ei kîl hma chun khuong le dar leh lamin, hlimhlopna tinreng leh kîl hlak inla khom ruoi lungsietum inchang zing a tih. Hmangaina ruoi thrang si lo kristmas chun umzie a nei nawh; a ruoi neitu luok ei suksuok mei mei a nih.

Chu hmangaina ruoipui chu a tak taka thlarau le taksaa hlim taka kîl seng dingin tiemtuhai po po kristmas chibai vochuom ka bûk cheu.

Isu, voisun hin kan lungril bawng in tlawmah,

Insieng thar nawk la kan chatuon Lal dingin;

Kan kut inrieng hi Mari kut angina ngai la,

Kumkhawtluonga lawmin hlim kumkhuo tang kan tih.

Dhaka, December 20 2009: A three-day long march towards Tipaimukh Dam site in the Indian state of Manipur will begin on December 24 from the Bangladesh capital to protest the planned Indian project.

An Islamic political outfit Islami Andolan Bangladesh (IAB) will organize the Long March in protest against the Indian move to construct the dam over the common river Barak.

The long march will start from the capital's Muktangon at 11am on Thursday amid an outcry from different quarters about possible adverse effects of the scheme on Bangladesh.

The long march will reach the destination cruising through the Narayanganj-Sherpur-Sylhet route.

The marchers will hold several wayside rallies in course of the long trek of the march.

They are supposed to reach Jakiganj sub-district headquarters in eastern Sylhet district and hold a rally on December 26 demanding cancellation of the dam project.

Ahead of the long march, IAB's student wing Islami Shasontantra Chhatra Andolan demonstrated and held a rally in Dhaka.

Speakers apprehended that 30 districts of the country will turn into a desert if India builds dam over the Barak River.

In the meantime, the government had sent a parliamentary delegation to India for the dam-site visit, and the team returned home with information briefed to them by Indian government leaders about the dam.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also said Bangladesh's experts would examine the data and then the government would take the next step.

Experts in Bangladesh fear, the Tipaimukh Dam would do huge damage to Bangladesh as the Farakka Barrage had done.

When completed in 1970 by India, the Farakka Barrage seemed a rather innocent venture by India at just 'saving the Calcutta Port from silting'.

The reality was felt by the Bangladeshis over the next few decades as the entire south-western region of Bangladesh was affected due to the dearth of water.

The country also faced long term losses in the agricultural, fisheries, forestry, industry, navigation and other sectors.

The barrage also caused some fatal damages over the years through floods, droughts, excessive salinity and depletion of groundwater.

The then-Bangladesh government tried to solve the impending problem through bilateral talks immediately following the formation of the Indo-Bangladesh joint river commission (JRC) in 1972 .

Courtesy: e-pao.net

[By Pu L.Keivom* Inpui Columnist]

zan re lai Silent night, holy night

All is calm, all is bright

Round yon Virgin Mother and Child

Holy Infant so tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace

Sleep in heavenly peace

-Joseph Mohr

Kristmas zùn

Kristmas a hung hnai a, a boruokin a mi hang chim meu hin chu, ngai aw loin iemani ei ti deu hul chu tie! A hang hril suok dan khom ka thiem nawh. Khawsik hung intran dinga a mi thram lai ang deuh hi niin ka hriet. Thaw thrang leia ngaia nei el thei khom a ni nawh. Upat leia rè el chi khom a ni bok nawh. Upat hnunga a mi thram dan le naupang laia a mi thram dan a danglam mei mei chauh a nih. Naupang lai chun hma tieng beiseinain a mi thruoi a, thingtlanga lem chu kristmas phaa silfen thar ei inbel ding chu hril lo, belpuia khu hlut hluta sa an suong, a’n hnikzie khom ei hriet tah hlak chu hang kil nawk ei chak a, hung tlung vat vat sien ei ta, December thla bula inthok lem chun ei thrung khom a’n dèn ta nawh.

Upat hnung ruok chun kristmas sikserin a mi thram pha leh nun hlui chul hnung ramah ngaituona a’n zin kuol a, kumpui sul tamin hnawl anga a lo chim nel tahai chu ruom dapa ru trawl indar phung el, Pathien mi hmang zawlnei Ezekiel rawl hrea an hung tho sung sung ang el khan, an hung tho nawk a, lung hlui a’n leng vong vong a, “Bethlehem ngaina chul hnung, par ang a vul nawk tah’ ti hla hi naah a’n bu veng veng zing el a nih.

Tuta hi lekha ka ziek lai ngei khom hin ka ngaituona chu Pherzawl tlangah a kir nghal a. Lal pieng hun chawimawi dinga tlang tina tlangsam par vul chuk el dam, fai tak le nal taka kristmas hmuok dinga Changpui tuikhur amanih Maukot tuikhur amania puonsawp le insila fiel bikhai leh kan fe lai dam, kan khaw sak Zopuia siel keia kan fe lai dam, hall cheimawina ding sawlfang thing puta kan fe lai dam, ruoithrenaa hmang ding hnachang hna kan lak lai dam, zan tieng in tin deuthawah kristmas bei ding suka an inthumron tlut tlut lai ri dam, meipuia sep ding thing bul trawl kan fom lai dam, zanah Independent Church biek in kotzawla meipui intrek uoi uoi hnuoia,

Hlimna ni ropui chu a var,

Zan tieng ni kawlrawnah a liem;

Hnuoi Bethlehem dai re a nghak,

A hming chu Lal Immanuel

tia khuongpui, khuongte le seki leh inrem bak baka Van Lal nau kan inawi lai dam le thil dang dang ka mitthlaah an hung invir let vut vut a nih. Kristmas hi a tleipuitu ta ding chun ieng kong zawng khomin tleipui tham a lo tling hrim a nih. Tu lai lem chu, a hmang suol ei ti ti hi an hmang dan kia inrui nasa lem lem an ni nuom khop el.

A khulang khangna dinga thu mal zali chuong zet ka zuk ziek hi ka thu ziek tum chu a la ni nawh. Amiruokchu, kristmas zùnpuiah ei hang lut hin chu tonhriet hang phor suok ding a tam taluo a, ei inring naw karin nun hlui chângin a mi lo phi awk nawk el hlak a nih. Hi bung le chang hi pumpel thei mol lo thil a nih. Manipura chenghai lem chun kristmas hi kum za khom ei la hmang tling nawa chu ei ram le hnam le mi mal nunah inpui hluotu a ni ta a, ei Sikpui Kut ropui tak khom a hlân dèr a, a chim pil a, hnam hmangaina kutin khawpuia umhaiin ei kei tho nawk leia hung hring nawk mei mei a nih. Kristmas hi a huhang a na a, sumdawnghai ta ding lem chun an sekibusuok dawbol a ni ringot el. Krista ringnawtu Marwarihai tak tak hi kristmas sor nasatu an nih.

Bethlehem tlang

Chuong chu a ni laiin, Bethlehem khawzawl ruok chu Arab-hai le Judahai inkara pawlitiks boruok leiin, iemani chena inthok khan ni danga a khuo keng lo hiel khopa tam khawvel hmun hrang hranga inthoka biekzin le kristmas hmanga hung an phul el hlak ang khan, abikin kum 2006 hnung lem chun a lùn zo ta nawh. Bethlehem hi Palestinhai ram hluo bik sunga um a ni a, a mihriem chenghai khom Arab kristien deu vong an nih. Israel le Palestinhaiin inremna thuthlung an siem angin Palestinhai chun an ram hluo chin sungah sorkar hrang an siem a. Sienkhom anni sunga mi kukal le turu pawlin Israelhai lakah buoina siem an thrul chuong naw leiin, Israel sorkar chun Palestina le an ramri zar zarah kul bang insang tak a bawl huol vong a, Bethlehem chu kul bang puo tieng, Arabhai enkolna hnuoiah a lo um tah a nih. Remna le muongna a um nawna hmun chu ieng anga hmun thienghlim le inhoi khom ni sien mi an ngampa naw leiin damten rausan a tuok hlak a nih. Manipur khomin chu lampui chu a hraw mek a nih. A poi khop el.

Bethlehem hi Jerusalema inthoka km riet vela hla ni sien khom tu ruok hin chu a karah mi an cheng rawn tak leiin khaw khat ang vong an ni tah. A hming hmasa chu Ephrath ti a nih. Jakob nuhmei Rachelin hi hmun an tlung hin a nau tlum tak Benjamin a nei a, a thipui a, a thlan khom Bethlehem tlung hma hin lam sirah a la um zing. September 28, 1993 Thawleni chawhnung tienga Bethlehem tlang ka kai hmain hi thlân hmuna hin minit sawm ka chawl a, mani thlatuhai thlan hmun sir ang elin lung a’n leng rum rum thei chu tie!

Bethlehem hi Jerusalem neka feet zakhata inzo lem, a sim sak nghaa muol inzam thla diei, hmun mawi tak a nih. A puollawi lienna tak le hmun thengthaw tak chu Shepherds’ Fields an ti a, chuong lai hmun chu beram tlatna hmuna an nei hlak a nih. Hieng lai hmun hi Davida thlatu laia mi, nawchizor Rahabi naupa Boaza le Ruthi an intongna hmun kha a nih. Ruthi chun Obeda a hring a, Obeda chun Jesai, Jesai chun Davida. Hieng lai hmuna hin Davida chun a tleirawl laiin beram a veng hlak a, a beram hung se tum sakeibaknei le savom dam a that a, an ran sehai khom an baua inthokin a’n chù thlak hlak a nih. Filistinhai mi hrat khawkheng Goliath khom kha hieng laia a beram vengna virvom bok hi hmangin a nih a deng thluk bul chuh. Chuong a tonhriethai chu hmangin, a hung upat hnungin,

Mi vengtu Berampu chu,

Ka Lalpa a ni leiin,

Tlasam ngai hrim hrim naw ning

tiin hla ropui takin a khek suok a ni kha.

Chuong lai hmun bok chu a nih beram vengtu danghai kuoma Lalpa ropuina hung inlang a, vantirkoin chatuon thuthlung, mi tin ta dinga chanchin thra lawmum, mihriem sansuokna ding thu a hung puongna le van zaipawl hung chim thla huk a, hlapawl ropui an hung remna hmun kha. Kristmas a hung hnai pha pha leh chu Bethlehem dai re, vanmihai zai hung vawrna hmun chun lungril le ngaituona a hîp a, chu hmuna chun kristien po poin lungrilah sun le zan umni ei kham hlak a nih. Zaipuhai lunglai a run a,

Berampuhai ram truonna,

Serafimhan zai an vawrna chu

Ka Lal piengna i lo nih.

Aw angelhai chun hung sak non nawk sien,

Bethlehem dai hmun khawsawta ka leng lai hin,

An rimawi le an thawmhai chu,

Ka lungrilah kumkhuoin cham raw se.

Aw van angelhai hla sak ri chun,

Bethlehem dai a nghor vel ie,

An lawm hla ri zam velhai chun..

ti le hla tam tak el chu ei khawvel hmun tina inthokin a hung far thla truk truk a, chuong hlahai chu kristmas huna mi’n awitu tak an nih.

Silent Night

Chuong laia hla ropui pakhat chu German tronga Joseph Mohr phuok ‘Stille Nacht! Hidige Nacht!’ ti, Saptronga Silent Night! Holy Night! tia an inlet hi a nih. A phuok hun le a phuok dan chanchin hi hril dan hrang hrang um sien, a chanchin tlangpui nia an hril chu ngainuom a um kher el. Chu chu a tawi thei ang takin hang hril ei tih. Kum 1815 khan Europe ram chokbuoitu Napoleon an man hnungin Europe-a thruoitu lien po po chu Vienna-ah inkhawmpui neiin Europe ram um dan ding an rel a, chu taka an thuthlung zam chu Treaty of Vienna Convention ti a nih. Chu taka inthok chun Europe-ah iemani chen inremna le muongna a hung um nawk a, kum tam kristmas hmang dukdak thei loa umhai chun kristmas hmang dingin an insingsa nawk thei tah a nih

Amiruokchu, Napoleon-in Europe ram a chil sop hrep lai, mani in lum khom nghak thei loa an um sung khan tu khom kristmas hmang mumal thei an um naw bakah an piano le rimawi hmangruohai a lo ngharek zo a, mazu ruol huongtauin lawmsa tiin, ha tât ngei nan an hmang a, an lo rèt siet nasa hle a. A thra sunhai khom a ri a lo dul zo ta a, her thrat lo chun hmang theia muol a um ta nawh.

Chuong ang ngirhmuna an um lai chun, kum 1818 khan chuong laia Prussia an ti, tuta Austria ti hung ni tah rama um, Alp tlangrama Salzburg vadung kama khaw chikte Oberndorf khomin urlawk zana Mass an nei ding chu khùn taka hmang tumin an inbuotsai a. Chu hmuna an Assistant Pastor Joseph Mohr, kum 26 mi chun an kohrana an pianist le zirtirtu Franz Gruber chu zinngtieng a va pan a, kum 1816-a a hla phuok, a thluk la siem lo chu zan inkhawma perkhuong le sak thei dinga a thluk siempui dingin a fiel a. An piano hlak a ripertu ding a kum nawka hung chauh ding a ni leiin perkhuong chauh naw chu rimawi tum ding an nei nawh. Chuong lai chun biek ina hla sakna dinga perkhuong hmang chu thil porche anga an ngai a nih. Kan tleirawl lai chen khom khan ei kohran thruoituhai ngaidan chu chuong ang tho chu a la nih. December 31, 1957 zana kum hlui inthlàna dinga hla ka phuok, perkhuong le Rengkai ICI biek ina kan sak kha biek ina hla sakna dinga perkhuong ei lak lut ka hriet hmasakna tak a nih.

Joseph Mohr le Frank Gruber khomin an biek in St. Nicholas Church-ah December 24, 1818 zan inkhawmah perkhuong le remin zing tienga hla thluk an siem chu an sak a. Chu hla chu khawvelin hla a hriet lar pawl tak laia mi ‘Silent Night! Holy Night!’ ti hi a nih. An sak trum hin inkhawmhai lungril a tawk hle a, tam tak mitthli a tla niin an hril. Amiruokchu, a hnungin a chanchin hriet zui a ni el ta naw a, kristmas nawk khomin an sak zui ta naw khom a ni el thei. Vangnei thlak takin a phuoktu Mohr chun kum 1820 khan a kawpi thra takin a lo siem a, a ziekna phek mong hnuoi voi tieng chun a phuoktuah ama hming, chang tieng monga chun a thluk siemtuah Franz Gruber hming, a phuok kumah 1816 tiin a ziek a. Chu ziek chu um naw sien, hi hla hi kumkhuoa bo song ding a nih. Chu chu Lalpan a phal si nawh.

Kum 1825 khan an biek in St. Nicholas Church chu riper thra vong dingin mi pakhat Carl Mauracher an ruoi a. Chuong lai chun Joseph Mohr chu hmun dangah a lo inson ta a. Carl Mauracher-in piano siena hmun a riper lai chun hla ziek hi a hmu a, an ram Tyrol tlanga Ziller phaia chun a chawi a. Tyrol mihai hi rimawi tieng inhnik mi an ni leiin hi hla hi an sak lar a, “Tyrolian folk carol” ti hming a put pha hiel a. Prussia lal King Friedrick Wilhelm IV-in hi hla hi carol hlaa a dit tak a ni leiin Berlin-a Director of Royal Court Choir chun a phuoktu sui suok dingin hma a lak a, 1854 khan Salzburg bielah an sui lut a, a phuoktuhai hi an hmu suok a, chawimawina an pek bok niin an hril. Amiruokchu, hi hla hi a hung inlar phing leh a phuoktu nia an hril le insâl an hung pung a. A thluk siemtu Franz Gruber ngei khom chuonghai laia pakhat chu a nih. Amiruokchu, kum 1997 khan Salzburg Museum chun a tira a Manuscript le a phuoktu indik tak an hmu suok a, Joseph Mohr chu a hla phuoktu, Franz Gruber chu a thluk siemtu an nih ti chu sel ruol loin an namdet tah a nih.

Saptronga inlet hmasatu tak chu John Freeman Young (1820-1885) a na, chu taka inthok chun chappui kang vanglai ang elin British ramper khawvel hmun tinah a hung in dar tah a nih. Trong tenau tiem sa loin, hi hla hi trong 300 chuongin an inlet ta a, inlet pei zing bok an tih. Mizo tronga inlettu chu thu thiem Upa Lalmama a ni a, Mizorama mingo misawnari hmasahai khom khan a saptronga mi nek hmanin a thra lem an ti hiel a nih. Hieng ang khopa kristien ram le ram naw khom fang dar nasa hla hi vang ngot a tih. Lalpan ama chawimawitu hmangruohai chu inkhel loin a chawimawi hlak hrim a nih. Ring tlak Pathien a ni takmeuh si a.

Ngun takin hi hla hi hang ngaithla veng veng la, a thu le a thluka hin hang cheng la, i hriet naw karin Bethlehem dai re, berampuhai ram truonna, van inthieng em em, arasi paw tuor hnuoia serafimhai zai remna hmuna chun thruoi tlung nghal a ti che. Chu hmun chu a nih lungruol taka tlang hrang hranga cheng Zohnathlakhai kum tina ngaituona le thlaraua ei lengkhawmna hlak chu. Chu hmun fienriel, van hmangaina tuipui a hung fawn lutna, van le hnuoi inzoma an infawpna, lawmna thli a hrang del delna hmuna lungril le thlaraua chengtu chun kristmas ruoi tak tak a kil hlak a nih. Hla phuoktu Patea khomin chu chu thaw dingin a mi fiel zing a nih:

Awleh, tu hin fe veng ei tiu,

Hmun khawsawt tieng chu pan pei ei tiu.

Tiemtu po po kristmas chibai vochuom ka buk a, in kristmas ruoi seng khom taksa le thlarauah khuoizu angin thlum raw se.

[*Editor's Note: INPUI columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian Foreign Service officer, respected Hmar Mizo litterateur and author of 'Zoram Khawvel' series. This article is dated Dec 21, 2009, Delhi]

[By Tv. Zacharia Varte, for Inpui.com]

The Sikpui Ruoi (Sikpui Festival), one of the most awaited festivals Click this picture to for more photosof the Hmar tribe was celebrated with much fanfare here in Delhi on December 5. Organized by the Delhi Hmar Welfare Association (DHWA) the event held at SR Auditorium was  attended by a large section of the Hmars, besides a hosts of dignitaries.

(Earlier report in Hmar)

The Sikpui festival has been an integral part of the Hmar (a clan of Mizo) tribe since a very long time. Scholars are still divided on the origin of the Sikpui Kut, but whatever the origin is, it is a festival when all big or small, rich or poor, young or old come together to celebrate the bountiful harvest.

For the first time in the history of the Delhi Hmar Sikpui Ruoi, a theme was given to this one: The Hundredth Years of Gospel among the Hmars. The Delhi Hmar Sikpui Ruoi 2009 may be divided into two phases: Sikpui Sports and the main festival Sikpui Ruoi/Kut.

Sikpui Sports: Sikpui Sports 2009 was organized by the Delhi Hmar Welfare Association in collaboration with Hmar Students’ Association, Jt. Hqtrs. New Delhi, at Central Secretariat Ground on the 28th of November 2009. With most of the populace of the Hmar community participating, the event was big hit with everyone. Unlike the previous years, where groups items were given more emphasis, this year there were only individual items which included high jump, long jump, musical chair, zawngmeikei, arm wrestling to name a few. In short it was entertaining for everyone: the old, the young, the sturdy and even the frail (read tambola).

Apart from the games and sports, there were various stalls put up by the DHWA and HSA. For those who preferred to be “outstanding” players these stalls had everything from singzu to bawngsa chartang to boiled eggs.

The event came to an end at around 6 pm in the evening, leaving people wanting for more and eagerly waiting for the big day: Sikpui Ruoi.

Sikpui Day: 5th December 2009, an unusual warm winter day in Delhi, perhaps nature’s way of acknowledging the Hmar’s Sikpui. It’s the big day and everyone is simply excited. The programme was segregated into four sessions. The first session for Sikpui Sports-prize distribution and songs, the second for election of new office bearers for DHWA and a musical interlude. The third session was the main formal event and the last but the best session was for musical extravaganza.

The first three sessions were hosted by Zacharia Varte and Chingbawi Buhril. As mentioned, there was prize distribution, singing, election and even more singing. The third segment saw the arrival of the Sikpui Pa (the father/ master of the occasion) Rev. Hrilrokhum Thiek along with Chief Guest Shri. Thangso Baite and Guest of Honour Mr. Herbert Lalsanglur. Rev. Hrilrokhum Thiek, a man of distinguished accomplishment is the Chief Translator of the Hmar Bible (Bible Society of India). Shri. Thangso Baite is a Member of Parliament in the present Lok Sabha from Outer Manipur constituency and Mr. Herbert Lalsanglur is serving as the Director in the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

The arrival of the dignitaries was followed by the coronation of Tonlairang to the Sikpui Pa by Pi Thanghlunkim after which the Sikpui Pa gave a thought provoking speech. The Sikpui Hla (song) and Lam (dance) was led by Mr. Lalchungsiem Thlawngate where everyone danced to the tune of the Sikpui Song which was then followed by the garlanding of the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour. Mr. L.Keivom, a retired Indian Foreign Service officer and one of the most respected men among the Mizos gave a welcome speech, the Chief Guest was then called for a speech.

After an inspiring speech from the Chief Guest, a play ‘The Hmar Civilization-A Musical’ was presented by the ATM Group. The play received tremendous applause from the audience; some people even called it the main attraction of the day. This was followed by the release of a video album Haire Hai III by Mr. Darsiemlien Ruolngul, Chairman, DHWA. The album features singer Lalsanglien Joute and various other renown artistes.

The Guest of Honour gave a short speech which was followed by the Fahrel Tawk Lam (Bamboo Dance) presented by the Cultural Troupe of HSA, Jt. Hqtrs Delhi. Pi Dinpui Gangte, the wife of late Mr. Kaisang Gangte, IRS, presented the Kaisang memorial Trophy, which shall henceforth be a rolling trophy to be given to the highest mark scorer in class XII board examination. Mementos were then given to the Sikpui Pa, Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.

The Delhi Hmar Welfare Association, as a part of the Sikpui Festival, gives away Awards and Appreciation Certificates to outstanding personalities. This year, keeping in view of the theme, the Men of the Century Award was given away to four individuals among other customary awards. The awardees are as follows:


Achievement Award

1.Dr. Lal Dena: In recognition of his distinguish academic achievements, research works, historical writings and publications

2.Lalmalsawm Selate In recognition of his unswerving and painstaking devotion and adherence to the public good in the field of journalism

3. David Buhril In recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of journalism and his selfless dedication to the cause of human rights and the welfare of his people.

4.Lalchungsiem Thlawngate: In recognition of his outstanding innovative contributions in launching SinlengNews, the first mobile news service in the north east India, and the first mobile phone Bible in Hmar making information accessible to all mobile users at the touch of a button

Men of Century Award

1. Pastor Thangngur: Awarded posthumously to Rev, Thangngur for his indelible contributions to the birth of Hmar hymns and his endearing impact on the evolution of music, literature and language and the spiritual growth of his people.

2.Dr. Thanglung: Awarded Posthumously to Dr.Thanglung for pioneering translation of the Holy Bible in Hmar and for laying the foundation of primary education in Hmar through textbooks authored and published by him.

3.Jamchong Nampui: Awarded posthumously for his path breaking achievement in being the first IAS from the Scheduled Tribes in all India competitive exams and for his visionary role in the official recognition of his tribe in the north-east States of India.

4.Dr. Rochunga Pudaite: In recognition of his global mission to distribute Bible to all telephone owners of the globe through Bibles for the World which he founded and his many distinguished contributions to the welfare of his people.

Appreciation Certificate

Pu H.L.Daka In appreciation of his many-sided pioneering roles in laying the foundation of his people.

Pu S. Damkung In appreciation of his distinguished contribution to the growth and preservation of Hmar traditional dance and songs.

Pu Vicky Vanchoilal Hrangkhawl In appreciation of his dedication and generous

philanthropic contributions to the promotion of games and sports and the welfare of the community.

Pu Benjamin Khawbung In appreciation of his dedication and generous philanthropic contributions to the promotion of games and sports and the welfare of the community.

After the Awards were given to these exceptional individuals, the election results were announced and the newly elected leaders took their oath conducted by Pastor Lallienmawi Buhril.

In the last segment of the third session, the outgoing Chairman of DHWA gave a speech highlighting the activities and achievements of the DHWA under his leadership as a Chairman during the last 10 years. Thereafter Pastor Lalditsak was called for the dedication of the Sikpui Feast. The Sikpui Ruoi was thus feasted.

The fourth session started immediately after the Sikpui Feast with Haulienkung and Ramtanmawi hosting the session. The Chief Guest for the musical session was Mr. Darzakhum Songate, Additional Commissioner, Income Tax and Chairman of Mumbai Hmar Welfare Association. After garlanding of the Chief Guest and a speech from him, the musical session was given an energetic start by artists Lalsanglien Joute and Roslyn Lalumpui. Other artists like Vanlalmuon Joute, Lalremkim Buongpui, John Varte, Michael Joute, Zaithankung, Thanlalmuon, Joseph Pakhuongte, Lalngailien Joute, Borkunglal Hrangkhol and his band were also a great hit with the audience. With prize distribution and a comedy musical show by William and Erwin in between everyone had a splendid time.

As they say, every good things comes to an end; it was time to close the Sikpui Festival. With great hopes for the coming year the closing prayer was finally said by Mr. Lalsiesang Joute at half past ten. People bid adieu to each other hoping that the coming year should bring yet another bountiful harvest so that the Sikpui Festival may be celebrated soon again.

kishalay [By Kishalay Bhattacharjee*]

This is a story of three little children buried without notice.

Twelve year old Lalziding, nine year old Lalmalsawn and four year old Lalrohkim died on the fifteenth of December at nine in the morning in a forest nearby their home in Senvon village.

How does it matter where Senvon is?

No officials have visited the families with coffin, wreaths, condolences or even ex-gratia. No local journalists made the effort to go there. I tried to collect information from local police stations and people I know but there was no official word on it. I explained to myself that by the time I arrive Senvon there would be nothing for me to cover so I tried reporting from the comfort of my table. Obviously there was no report. I managed nothing beyond their names. But something pushed me to try, atleast try to go to the bottom of it. By the end of the day I was exactly where I had started, with a copy of a local newspaper and an unsubstantiated page of information.

But their story must be told.

That morning the three little children were at play when they found something which intrigued them. This description is probably an assumption because they are not here to tell the tale. And others arrived only after that intriguing piece of playmaterial exploded. We still do not know the exact nature of the explosion. Was it an antipersonnel mine or a mortar shell or a grenade? Does it matter? It probably does. A concerned reader had posted this news on a social networking site and the instant reactions were that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act should be removed. That's the most predictable reaction to anything that happens in Manipur though there is no debate that yes the Act must be removed. But this could have happened even without the Act. So I started calling up a few people I knew in the security forces to find out whether anybody is inquiring into it. A simple inquiry can ascertain whether the explosive device was left over by security forces or one of those armed militant groups. There was another theory that the explosive may have been from the second world war stockpile. It may sound unlikely but Manipur was the theatre of the second world war and a lot of explosive is said to have been buried in places. In this case villagers said it was a Chinese grenade (its an easy guess since everything around us is made in China) and if that's the case then its probably one of the several militants groups who are responsible for the death of the three children.

My concerned friend was ofcourse more concerned about spreading awareness so that people know all about landmines. Considering that India has the fifth largest stockpile of antipersonnel mines which is estimated to be between four to five million, awareness is required but for people of Senvon how will that be possible? In the last ten years three thousand people in India are said to have lost their lives in landmines. In 2008 alone twelve deaths were reported from the state.

Meanwhile the district's Superintendent of Police was busy recruiting village defence guards. I had left a message on his phone and he got back informing me that police is yet to reach the site since its very remote and unless the team returns the information is still sketchy. That was two days after the incident. In capital Imphal this incident was considered routine.  

Senvon is a Hmar village in Tipaimukh in Manipur. Once upon a time armed separatist groups like UNLF, Prepak and later the Kuki groups lived in these liberated zones. Later security forces took over co existing with some of the groups now on ceasefire. I am not sure which one was better but a generation of people in these villages grew up with a sense of alienation and since they could not fight for their rights they thought maybe the armed groups are going to help them with it. So they paid them money and gave them food. In return they were harassed and sometimes killed.

They had no sense of entitlement so they were not even sure of their rights. Lets talk basics. I have myself reported on ghost roads, ghost schools and non- existent health centres in this district. Which means schools existed on paper, salaries were being drawn but physically the schools did not exist. Similarly, roads sanctioned years ago are still garden paths and primary health centres have become private dwellings. We reported and that was all. I am not sure even the ghosts noticed them. That's because after the death of the three children their parents could not file an FIR since the nearest police station did not have any police personnel (ghost police stations?) and since there was no FIR filed the question of a post mortem did not arise. (For a post morten they would have had to travel long distances at their own cost). Now since there was no FIR and no post mortem the question of ex gratia does not arise. But there are a lot of compassionate wellwishers in such circumstances who will now begin a series of dharna and protests to realize the compensation and then ensure a kickback. This is routine too. Just like our reports.

No candles will be fashionably lit for these three children. And after clearing my conscience that I have written about them I will move on as usual.

[*Note: The author maintains a blog ‘Heart of the Matter’ on NDTV. Courtesy: NDTV.com]

By Pu Thangsawihmang

Hmarram, Dec 19, 2009: Hmarram Kristien Thalai Pawl (HKTP) Annual Conference le Hmarram Lelte Contest Final Round chu December 10-13, 2009 khan Pathien malsawmna ropui tak dawngin zo a nih.

Hi hun sung hin Lelte Contestant hai chau ni lovin Gospel Singer inlar tak tak Joseph Zaihmingthanga, PBK Liankhuma, Lalramchan, Nk. Lalruathluii (Hlutei) le Nk. Ma Reme ha’n inkhawm an inawi. Thuhriltu; Pi Lalremsiem le Rev. Chungthang Thiek thuhril khawm a hring a, thu le hlaah malsawmna an dawng a, revival ropui tak dawng a nih.

Contestant Top Ten hai hla sak khawm ngainuomum chau ni lovin a hring a nih; chu chu a nih Pathien thil thaw mak inlang chu.

Nk. Lalsanhim Hmarram Lelte hi lawmman Rs. 10,000/- pek a nih a, NEREFS Ltd. Hnuoia sin a phu tawk pek ding ti a nih. Chun, vangnei chungchuong a pahnina chu Tv. Singneikhum Rs. 7000/- le a pathumna Nk. Daisy Rs. 5000/- pek an nih.

“ Ka theina le ka rosum hai hi,

I hmang nuom phawt chun aw Lalpa;

Ka hung inhlan, ka taksa khawm hi,

I hming ropuina dingin ka hung inhlan che.”

A chunga a hlaphuok ei tarlang ang hin sponsortu Pi Lalremsiem nuna inthawkin peka Pathien chu hneban thei an nawzie ei hriet. “Lalhai chun a ropuina la lut an tih” ti angin a neisun khawm inro lova Pathien ram ta dinga an phal dan hi a ropui a nih, a petu a pek ang peiin pekin a um pei ei ring. HK|P Annual Conference hin Hmarram a nghawrhning a, ram dang a la nghawrhning pei nuom a um.

Hmarram Kristien Thalai lai chu Kohran pawl bin a um ta nawh, pawl a tla tah, pawl inpindanna sukchim chu HKTP thiltum a nih. HKTP le Hmarram Lelte Contest hi Pi Lalremsiem rawngbawlna ra a nih. A rawngbawlna chun Hmarram chau ni lovin Mizoram a sukhning dur dur a, Pathienin hla tam tak a pek bawk , chuong hlahai chu Mizoram Salvation Kohran thalai pawlin hlapawla thiem em em a an sak dam hi Pathien ropuina a ni laizingin hnam le tawng khawm dawmsangin a um a nih.

By Pu L.Keivom*, Inpui columnist


Krismas ei tlung nawk trèp ta a, khaw lai hmuna um hai khomin inthuruol taka lungrila Bethlehem dai ei fang tlang hun le nau le te hau deuhai ta dinga lungngaina hapta a ni leiin, thil dang tieng ngaituona a pet thei naw a ni tak. Chuong chu a ni lai zingin, ei Baibul inlet suol leia thil poi ei tawk rawn ding rekzie daih ka ngaituo a, ka trim uoi uoi a. Ei fimkhur theina dingin, hre fu loa poi ei tawkna hlak tam tak laia threnkhat chauh a hnuoia hin ka hung thur suok a nih:

(1) Luka 1:31 : “Ngai rawh, inrai i ta” ti hi a nih. Hi taka thu mal hmang ‘inrai’ ti hin holy conception theology a bawsiet a. ‘Inrai’ chu nuhmei le pasal inpawlna ra suok a na, chu inpawlna chu um si loa Mari chunga thil tlung hi Pathien remruot dan thutak anga ei inlet ding a ni chun “Ngai rawh, nau pai (von) i ta” ti ding a ni lem. Hieng ang hin Delhi Version-a chu sie a nih. Mari kha in vitro technology hmanga Pathienin nau a’n paitir a nih; inrai a ni nawh.

(2) Luka 1:46 ‘Ka nunin Lalpa a chawimawi a” ti hi Thuthlung Thara chang ei sermon suol rawn tak laia mi a nih. ‘Mari nun hi a mawiin a thienghlim a, Pathien a sukropui a, eini khomin Mari angin ei nun danin Pathien ei chawimawi ding a nih’ tiin nuhmei chu hril lo, ei thiempu un tak tak khomin zer far duon duon khopin an sermon hlak. Luka ruok chun Mari nun mawi thu hril a tum nawh. Khawvel sandamtu ding vontua ruot a ni leiin Mari chun vangnei chungchuongah a’n ngai a, a hlim chiri a, lungril le thlaraua Pathien chawimawia lawmthu a hrilna a nih. Mari’n mani le mani inpak a, a nun mawinain Pathien a chawimawi thu a hrilna a ni nawh. Hril pal sien chu, a chungah Pathienin lawm kher naw nih. Pathien lawmzawng ni a thra a, Pathien hmaa mani le mani inpakin kongro a suk nawh. Mizo tronga Baibul inlet nuhnung taka chun, “Lungril takin Lalpa ka chawimawia” tiin an sie a; DV-a chun, “Ka thlain Lalpa a chawimawi a” tiin kan sie thung. A ieng ieng khom hin Saptronga “My soul magnifies the Lord” ti chu a’n let zo chie nawh.

(3) Luka 2:14 “ A chunghnung takah Pathien ropui takin um raw se” tia ‘tak’ zoa ‘ah’ ei bel chun Pathien chu a chunghnung takah ei sie naw leia ropui tak ni dinga promotion ei pek chop a kawk. “Chunghnungtaka Pathien” ei ti ruok chun ama neka insang lema um an um naw thu ei hril a nih. Chun, “hnuoi chunga a lawm em em” ti hi ngaituo tham a nih. Adam bawsietna leiin mi po po an lo suol ta a, hnuoi chunga hin Pathien suklawm thei an um ta naw lei taka Isu Krista a hung an naw maw? Ni e, hnuoi chungah a lawm bek bek an um thei ta naw lei taka Isu kha hung a nih. Hnuoi chunga ama lo lawmtu le pomtuhai kuoma chauh a ni lem inremna a tlung chuh; mi tin ta dinga hung ni sien khom ama hnawltuhai chungah Pathien a lawm thei naw leiin thiem naw changin an um zing a nih. Ei baihat tlor tah lei le indik awma ei hriet leiin a’n dik pha chuong nawh.

(4) Isai 9:6 Lusei tronga Baibul an lo inlet suol chu a kawi a ngila zuiin, rawl sukno fawmin, “Ei ta dingin naupang a hung pienga” ti nawk duol duol mei ei tih. A thri be china ngai pastor-hai hlei hlei hi a uortu an nih. Naute ni loa naupang inpiengtir chu mihriem pieng dan phung a ni nawh. Chuong ang thil chu, ei trong thiem nawna chauh naw chun, tu nu tuorselna khomin dawl zo naw nih. Chun, thilmak hi ei lawm bok a, a hming Maka, Remruottu tiin, thu chaua hril loin hlaa sakin inawi mup mup rek ei tih. Isu hming dinga Zawlnei Isai kuoma hrila um hi title pali, thu mal pahni inkop vong a ni leiin Remruottu Mak, Pathien Hrat, Chatuon Pa, Remna Lal ti lem ding a nih.

(5) Johan 1:14 “Thu chu tisain a hung inchang a” ti hi ei sam rawn pawl tak a ni bok. Hi hin Pathien thu a kal a nih. Tisa thil reng reng chu thlarau thil le inkal, Pathien lawm naw zawng a ni leiin (Rom 8:1-11), ‘Thu’ chu tisain inchang sien chu Pathien theida zawng tak le a kal zawng tak ning a ta, tu khom sandam ni naw bok ei tih. THU chu mihriem ‘taksa’ putin a hung inchang a, mihriemhai lai intlanna sin thaw dingin a hung a ni lem. Chu chu a nih 100% Mihriem Naupa, 100% Pathien Naupa a ni theina san le Ama leia Pathien le mihriem ei inzom nawk theina san chuh.

Tiemtu po po Krismas inhoi tak le hlawk taka hmang seng dingin ditsakna le inremna chibai vochuom ka buk cheu, Kum thar chibai leh.

[*Editor's Note: INPUI columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian Foreign Service officer, respected Hmar Mizo litterateur and author of 'Zoram Khawvel' series. This article is dated Dec 18, 2009, Delhi]

Imphal, December 15 2009(Courtesy: e-pao.net): At least three minor children between the age group of five and seven years were killed when a hand grenade they were playing with unknowingly exploded at a village in interior part of Churachandpur district bordering with Mizoram today.

On the other hand, two of three bombs lobbed by suspected underground cadres exploded at individual homes located in Imphal while another bomb failed to explode.
The blast which claimed lives of three minor children occurred at Senvon village under Tipaimukh police station bordering with Mizoram at about 11 am today, police said here.
The three children were playing with the bomb they found at an isolated place in their village this morning.

Villagers believe that the hand grenade could have been fallen from underground cadres who took shelter at the village recently.

Bodies of the deceased children were badly mutilated, reports received here said.
A team of police from Tipaimukh police station (?) has gone to the village after receiving the information.

Detailed reports are awaited.

[By Bungstar* for INPUI.com]

Saron par “Sharon par I la mawi zo nawh,

Hmartlangpui inthim chunga hin...”

Ei Hmarram lungsietum hi thununna dawnglo nau ang el an ta a. A nuom a ningin an let vel el a ni tak a nih. Kei chu KHA pawl, CHU pawl tia eiin the de’n duon kui hi ami suk KHA tu tak chu ni dingin ka ring thlat. Mani mimal hlawkna ding seng zawngin eiin lap vela; damna tak tlansan siin. Mi thlirtu ta ding chun nuizat bur chau ei nih.

Sun pachang laiin ei nunghakhai tuolpara, ramdang mihaiin an mi sawisak peka, an nuoma ningin an mi pal ziel tah hi te! Mi hmusit le sawp ziel el dinga ei um hi khak dawm meua inngaituo a tul an tah. “Kan hnam kan damna” ei ta. Khawm a mawina? A va zuk thlawmthlak ngei de maw, sun pachang zawla khawm doral muong ta lova nu le nau thlabara an zuk um el ta chu! Hransar an mi lam khum ani tah hi.

“HMAR PASALTHA” Sahrang hmaa zam ngailo hai kha khawlai am an um zo ta leh? Tap rawl ngawt naw chu siksikrieu an hram el ani tie. Ei Hmartlangmawi hi ei damna ni ta lovi tuorna’n eiin changtir tawl el a hawia. Keini pawl, nangni pawl tia inkhik in khalna a sip liem el tah si a. A khawlaitak am ana a Mawina? Ka suong vei tliet leh, suong ding mumal a va umnaw de. A hrut ani hi tie.

Kohran rama hlak an ang tho. Lal rawngbawl le kohran rawngbawl eiin zat rawng ti ding manih. Kohrana hring sia pathiena hringlo khawm kui hi ani tie ami suk Ap tu chu. A ram le felna zawng hmasa lovin kohran eiin din tawla. Bak vuongtum benthlak ang char.Intau intau nek hin Gospel hin inkeithuoi in la chu eng pem pum naw manim maw.Chanchintha ei hmuna hlak chu kum za ni ta raka, Where is the Justice done to the years we called ourselves Christians? Buoipui lo ding ei buoipuia, tlanginsampui lova, ip tawk tawk ding kha ei khekindur puia.(ei hmur themthiem tawlna zawng tak) Thiem ei changnaw na chu a ni pang el hi.

HNAM tlawm terek, ei thlatu hai khawm an thlan haia hadamin zalhmun rem tang an tim aw? Ei ti chauva hienghin eiin cheibawl ta a. Mi hung hmu chie hai sien la, an mi uongpui ding am? ‘Kan thlahai in nih’ khawm an mi ti nuom ping ping dim maw!

Ei ram hi ei hmangai tak tak chun, hung ro, tan thang ei tiu. A sietnawna hrim hrim a um ta nawh. Eiin khawkpui le inkhawkpuiin, muolpho le muolphovin, mitinin mani nun sengah tan in, in siemth’ang ei tiu. Vawisun hin Lalpa’n ei tawng ngeiin ami biek annaw maw? Tum hrilfie ngai chu?

(*The writer is a veteran Hmar chatter at INPUICHAT room. This is his first article).

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1. Thanglienzo
An lang chang chang- Courtesy Hmar.In
Darang Lenglai
Khel Bazar

HT Sangliana Bangalore, Dec 13, 2009: Former Bangalore super-cop and parliamentarian Pu H T Sangliana has been appointed Vice-Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities with the rank of a Minister of State, according to a statement released here.

Pu Sangliana is said to be very close to the Gandhi family and his elevation to the post has not surprised many despite his electoral debacle early this year when he was defeated by a BJP candidate from Bangalore Central constituency.

According to our sources, Pu Sangliana is expected to be in New Delhi most of the time now. His elevation to the ministry was expected since long but the Congress high-command was occupied with many other issues like price rise, sources, close to the maverick Hmar Mizo politician, said.

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Arsa-Hmepok and Bawngsa-chartang Traditional seasonal food varies from people to people and a large variety of dishes are enjoyed today during Christmas season. First, let’s see what are the special dishes and drinks prepared by the Hmar community of India during Christmas season. The community’s traditional ‘official’ Christmas church dishes include:

Christmas Eve: * Buman bei (bread prepared from special breed of sticky rice usually prepared on Christmas Eve) and Thingpui sen (Red tea).

Christmas Day: Arsa-sizo hmepawk (chicken-mashed rice with curry leaves called ‘sizo’ flavoured with baking soda), bawngsa-chartang (beef-chilly), voksa-hmepok (pork-mashed rice with ‘sizo’), hmarcha deng (chutney), siel-sa (mithun meat) and some times people go on ‘sa-inhuol’ trip (hunting party) to capture wild animals like deers and boars to prepare Christmas feast in the church.

Elsewhere in the world;

    Christmas is in midsummer and lunch is often a barbecue of prawns, steak and chicken with ice cream or sorbet for desert, maybe cooked at the beach.

    Czech Republic:
    Traditionally the meal is eaten on Christmas Eve and consists of fish soup, salads, eggs and carp. The number of people at the table must be even or the one without a partner is supposed to be dead by next Christmas. Tricky if you dine alone!

    Traditional Christmas dinner will be a casserole of macaroni, rutabaga, carrot and potato, with ham or turkey. A mixed platter of meat and fish is also popular. After the meal it is traditional to have a sauna and then to visit the graves of relatives.

    Roast Goose is the favoured Christmas meal, accompanied by potatos, cabbage, carrots, parsnip and pickles. The meal is usually eaten on Christmas Eve. Rural southern Germany feast on game like wild boar and venison.

    The Christmas feast may include Little Auks, (these are seabirds that are a bit like Penguins), wrapped in sealskin and buried for months until decomposed. Yum Yum!

    Christmas lunch can run to seven course including antipasto, a small portion of pasta, roast meat, two salads, two sweet puddings followed by cheese, fruit, brandy and chocolates. Phew!

    The traditional Christmas dinner is rice, gungo peas, chicken, ox tail and curried goat.

    Christmas Dinner is cooked brown peas with bacon sauce, small pies, cabbage and sausage.

    The Christmas meal is eaten on Christmas Eve and for coastal regions is traditionally cod, haddock and lutefisk. Inland pork chops, Christmas meatloaf and special sausages are eaten. Farmers leave a bowl of nisse (gruel) in barns on Christmas Eve for the magic Gnome who protects their farms.

    A special Christmas meal is salted dry cod-fish with boiled potatoes eaten at midnight on Christmas Eve.

    Christmas food includes cakes, pies and meat dumplings. The mythical Babouschka is enjoying a resurgence following the ban under Communism. She brings gifts to Russian children rather than Santa Claus.

    South Africa:
    Christmas is during the hot summer season but the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings is eaten at Christmas.

    A Smorgasbord Christmas meal eaten on Christmas Eve includes varieties of shellfish, pork, cooked and raw herring fish, caviar, cheeses and brown beans.

    Huge meat broths are eaten on Christmas Eve after which children await "Father Frost" to bring presents.

    United Kingdom:
    Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies are top grub. The largest Christmas Pudding weighed 7,231 pounds (3.28 tonnes) and was made at Aughton, Lancashire on 11 July 1992. The largest Mince Pie weighed 2,260 pounds (1.02 tonnes) and measured 6.1m X 1.5m. It was baked in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire on 15 October 1932. Sadly the Pie was destroyed in a German air raid when the pilot of a Stuka dive-bomber mistook it for a train. (Actually, that last bit is untrue - but it could have happened...)

    Christmas lunch is often in small town and rural America goose, turkey, a variety of vegetables, squash, and pumpkin pie are traditionally eaten . The USA has such a range of immigrant cultures that just about every type of food is eaten someplace at Christmas.

Christmas Drinks:

    Champagne is a traditional Christmas tipple and millions of bottles of bubbly are enjoyed every year. Scientists calculate that there are 49 million bubbles in a bottle of Champagne. This must be true as scientists never make mistakes or lie.

    Around the World special Christmas Beers are made by Brewers. These are usually dark, sweet brews of exceptional strength and flavour and especially suitable for drinking in extreme cold weather conditions and office parties.

    Mulled wine, (Gluhwein), is a popular Christmas drink in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It contains red wine, fruit, cloves and cinnamon and is served hot by street vendors at Christmas Fairs, (Weihnachtmarkt). It is also sold during the ski season on the slopes of many European resorts.

    With inputs from; Hungry Monsters

Gibraltar's Kaiane Aldorino is Miss World 2009 Johannesburg, Dec 12, 2009 (Courtesy: Yahoo News): Gibraltar's Kaiane Aldorino won the 2009 Miss World crown at a glittering ceremony here on Saturday, defeating 111 contestants from across the world but Miss India Pooja Chopra disappointed by failing to make it to the final round.

An HR Clerk by profession, the 22-year old blonde brought her country the Miss World title for the first time. "Thank you South Africa, this is the most wonderful moment of my life," said Aldorino with tears in her eyes.

Gibraltar's Kaiane Aldorino is Miss World 2009

Miss Mexico Perla Beltran finished second, while South Africa's Tatum Keshwar took the third place.

Former Miss World and Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra was one of the judges in the contest whose final round saw a close contest between seven beauty queens.

Aldorino was crowned by Kseniasukhi Nova, the Miss World 2008, of Russia.

Miss India Pooja Chopra, who participated in the contest, nursing an injured ankle, made it to the semi-final along with 15 other contestants but was eliminated in the penultimate round.

Chopra earlier won the 'beauty with a purpose' title for supporting the save the girl-child initiative back home.

[By Pu L.Keivom*, Inpui.com columnist]

keivom-inpui Hnuoi machi in nih. Sienkhom machi hi lo

da ta sien, iengtin am suk-al nawk thei ning a ta?

-Nazaret Tlangval (Mat 5:13)

Mihriem taksa puta hnuoia lêng seng seng lai hin, Nazaret tlangval mámà hin bel chieng a lo dawl tak ie! Ieng leiin am? Eini rawi thu hang vuok thlak ve bok chu ei sui inthûk po leh a pawnlâng deu deu amanih ti dingin a um naw leh hun khat le hmun khata indik thlupa ei ngai le pom khom hun dang le hmun dangah hmang thei lo a ni chang a um tlat hlak. Nazaret tlangval bau suok ruok chu ‘lunginsietna le thutaka sip’ a ni leiin, ei sui inthuk po leh a ropuizie le indikzie ei hmu zuol deu deu; van tonga khawvel dapa lunghlu intieng khup ang a nih. Ei thu buon ding, “Hnuoi machi in nih” ti khom hi chuonghai laia pakhat chu a ni ve.

Machi hi iem a na?

Machi hi damdawi chi khat, Saptronga ‘sodium chloride’ an ti, 40% sodium, 60% chloride inpol, thil al, sienkhom al naran el ni loa thil hâng tak ni si, a hàngna leia thil inhnikna nasa taka sukpung thei, hmang tlakna tam tak nei, a thrang loa mihriem tlei thei lo, a rethei tak le a hausa tak chokaa khom a ser laia a mei ang, thil trangkai tawp el pakhat chu a nih. Chuleiin, tuta truma ei thunon chu machi le machi le machi a nih.

Hnuoi hin a sunga chenghai mamaw let tam machi a siem suok thei a. Machi siemtu tak chu tuifinriet, tuipui le dîl al hai an nih. Tuifinrietin machi a kol po hi la suok vong inla, ton tlukledingawn 50,000,000 (50 million billion tons) vel ni dingin mi thiemhai chun an sut. Chun, hnuoi sunga hin chi lung intieng khup el, a tamzie hriet suok ruol lo a um bok. Tuta USA machi nei zat po khom hi khawvel pumin tlàn inla, kum 100,000 chuong a mi chawm thei a nih. Tu lem hin chu, machi siem rawnah China ramin USA a khûm hman tah a nih.

Tuipuiin alna a pai zat ang hù hi mi hrisel pangngai thisena khom a um ve ti ‘The Sea Around Us’ (1951 bestseller) ziektu Rachel Carson chun a hril. Mihriemin boruok, leilung, tui le mei ei mamaw ang hin machi ei mamaw ve a, chi boin ei khawsa thei nawh. Tu chena thil siemna chi hrang hranga machi hmang trangkaina mi thiemhaiin an sui suok thei po chu 14,000 chuong a nih. Insunga fak le dawn siemnaa ei hmang ruok chu zaa pathum (3%) vel chauh a nih. A dang po chu thilsiemna le thil dang chi hrang hranga hmang a nih. USA-a machi an hmang rawnna tak chu thlasik pha lampuia vûr khal sukzoptuah a nih.

Machi makna tam tak laia pakhat chu, vûr sukzoptu a ni lai zingin vur zop ding a veng theitu a ni bok hi a nih. Ice Cream zorhaiin a thunna bawm an nor hlak sung tieng bang le a vela inkhumtu bang inkara hin machi an beng lut a, chu chun ice-cream bur sunga vur zop ding kha a veng ve tlat thung a nih. Hieng ang khopa thil hâng ni si hi, machi tamna pila chu thlai a thra nawk thei dêr nawh.

Machi poimawzie

A hmaa ei hril tah ang khan, machi boin mihriem ei khawsa thei nawh. Chu dinga a tira inthoka khuonu siem le ruot reng a lo nih. Thil sukhniktu a ni ang bokin sukthienghlimtu a nih. Hmer khat chauin thil inhnikna a sukdanglam a, a hàngna a sukpung. A huntawk chara fak chun mihriemin ei thratpui a, fak rawn taluo ruok chun ei sietpui thei bok. Machi dittawk fak ding an nei nawna thingtlang khuoah orpuom (goitre) an tam hlak. A san chu iodine an tlaksam lei a nih. Tuipuia inthoka siem suok machi (sea salt) chun mihriemin iodine a mamaw zat a pai sa a, hmun danga inthoka machi lak le siem suok (table salt) ruok chun a pai sa ve naw leiin a hrana iodine pol a ngai. Thingtlanga chi khur amani le si-tui (salt spring)-a inthoka lak machi-ah iodine a thrang sa ve naw leiin orpuom le or hrui (thyroid gland) le inzom natna dang dang an invoi hlak a nih.

Machi hi a poimaw em leiin, ei pi le puhaiin khuo an sat hrim hrima an thil hisap poimaw laia pakhat chu chise lakna ding remchang a um le um naw a nih. Hmun threnkhata chu chi khur, chi cho suok theina a um a, chuong ang hmun chu inchuin an indo hlak. Chi khur a um nawna hmuna chun si-tui (salt spring) a um le um naw an zong hlak. Si umna taphot chu ramsain tlàn dinga an pan hlak leiin an kong a bel hun hlak a, olsam taka zong suok thei a nih. Thral hunah zan tam riekin si bulah pasal ruol an inkul a, si tui chu bêlah an suong kìng a, a machi an lak suok a, chuonga machi siem chu ‘chiteng’ an tih.

Hieng lei hin trongnaah, “Ka chi liek” ka ti chun ka mi le sa, ka khuo le tui, ka chawm sa tìna a nih. Ran vai, abikin siel neitu nìna an inchù chânga thubuoi an rèl dan pakhat chu, siel kha thlung an ta, a bula khan neitu nìna inchutuhai khan an kutphaah chi siein liek dingin siel kha ko an ta, a pan lem lem chu siel neitu, chi lo pe hlaktuah an ngai. Hi lei hin machia mi siel zawr ngam a, neipek tah khom an um nok hrim a nih.

Ezra (550-450 BC) lekhabu bung 4:14 ka’n let lai chun “lal in machi liektu kan ni leiin” ti thu hi a chuong a. Hi hi Persia lal Artazerzia hnuoia thoktuhaiin Jerusalema Juda mi hung kirhaiin tempul le a kulhai an indin thrat nawk thu, hel tuma hma an lak nia an hriet leia an thil thaw chu khappek dinga thurawn le rotna lekha lal kuoma an thon chu a nih. Hi thu hi a ngiel a ngana inlet loin, NIV-a an inlet dan angin, “Lal chunga mawphurna latu kan ni leiin” tiin ka sie a. BFW chun, “lal ina inthoka fak le dawn hmu kan na” tiin le BSI chun a ngiel a nganin “lal in ropui chi chu liek kan na” tiin an inlet.

Machi le Roman lalram

Roman lalram khan machi hi an lo hmang trangkai hle a, an sipai hlaw iemani zat kha a sum fai ni loin machiin an pek hlak a. Sipai ei ti, ‘sepoy/sipahi’ tia inthoka ei lo lak ve sawng, Saptronga ‘soldier’ ti hi a hung suokna chu Latin trong ‘sal dare’ a ni a, a umzie tak chu ‘machi pek’ tìna a nih. Chu bakah hlaw, Saptronga ‘salary’ ti khom hi Latin trong ‘salarium’ tia inthoka hung suok bok a nih. A umzie chu machi inchawkna dinga sipai hlaw pek tìna a nih. Rom mihai trongah, ‘machia ngai tlak’ ti chuh mi poimaw, eini rawiin ‘thri be chin’ ei ti ang le ‘machia ngai tlak lo’ ti chu mi poimaw lo, thri be lo chin, an thu bara an khon lo, mi hnuoihnung tìna a ni thung. Chu trongkam chu hawin, Saptrongin ‘to be worth ones salt le not to be worth ones salt’ ti hi an hung ser suok ve a nih.

Machi poimawzie hi hrein Roman lalram optuhai khan an khawpui Rome-a chi an phur lut zut zut theina dingin le an chi siemna hmuna inthoka ram dangah an thon lut theina dingin lamlien thra tak tak an rel sung a. Chuong laia hmingthang pakhat chu Rome-a inthoka an chi siemna tak Adriatic Tuipui suntu lamlien, Via Salaria an ti hi a nih. Chu taka inthok chun German ram kil tin sunin machi lamlien (salt roads) an rel a, chi an thon lut hum hum a, an sum hnâr thra tak a nih. Chu el khelah Africa hmar tieng Sahara thlaler le a se vel ramah sanghawngsei hmangin chiin sum an dawng a, sal tam tak an inchawk a; chuonga chia sal an inchawkna hmun inlar pakhat chu Mali khawpui Timbuktu a nih. Khaw chengker le hmun pilril a ni leiin, “Timbuktu-ah thon ka ti che” inti dam chu invauna le inhmusitna tawpkhawka ngai a nih.

Machi le khawvel pawlitiks

Khawvela khawpui poimaw tam tak hi chi leia hung indin suok an nih. Kum 1500 bawr tung laia Poland-in ram ropui tak a’n din theina san chu a chi khur hau lei le chi a thon suok rawn lei a nih. An chi inchawtu tak German haiin tuipui machi an siem hnungin an sumdawngna a hung chau a, an lalram khom a hung chau tah a nih. Wales ram khawpui Liverpool khawpui dam hi Cheshire vela chi khura inthoka an machi lak an thon suokna hmun a ni leiin longchawlna hmun poimawa hung inthrang lien a nih. Kum 1379-a Venice le Genoa an indoa Venice-in a hne truma an indona san kha chi-a sumdawngna thuah a nih. Kum 1789 a French Revolution intluntu laia a san poimaw pakhat chu chi leiman tam taluo leia lungawi nawna a nih. Amerika histawri ei thlir chun, an indona tam tak chu chi khur inchu lei dam a nih. Mahatma Gandhiin March 12, 1930-a Salt Satyagraha tran a, ke ngota British hai chi siemna Dandi pana hma thruoi a, April 6, 1930-a a kut ngeia chi leiman pe loa machi a laka inthokin India mipuiin British opna hnuoia inthoka zalenna an suol chu a hung tral suok a, tawk chang ruol loa ngai British lalram khom a hung inhning a, kum 17 hnungah a chim thla tah ruop el a nih.

Thil thienghlim

Machi hi thil sukhniktu chauh ni loin vong thienghlimtu le vong himtu a nih. Natna hrikin a tawk siet thei nawh. Natna hrik thattu a nih. I’n sukpop amanih, panna i nei amanih chun chi tui lumah puon fai inchiein a be-ah depin hru la, a sinthaw hre nghal i tih. Hnuk na enkol dan ding daktor tu khom rawn la, chi tui luma hnuk thruo dingin hril vong an ti che. Thlai hnaa hrik le hri kop hrim hrim that dan chu chi tuia iemani chen inchie a nih. I bau rim a sie a, ha nawtna le a hlo i chawi si naw chun chi tuiin i bau thruo rawh. Sa khom thu vak lo dinga vong dan chu chi tuia inchie a nih. Savun siemtuhaiin savun songbawlna dingin chi an phul hlak. Kum 1993-a Israel rama ni sawm ka’n zin sunga hotel-a sa le thlai ka fak po po chu an Juda dana songbawl le chi tuia sukthieng vong a nih. Insung khura thil sukfaina le thil hrik, phaivang chen, dangna dingin chi 60 neka tam machi hmang trangkai dan a um. Entirnan, phaivang hung lo dinga i ti chun an lampuiah chi phul la, hung kan ngai naw ni hai.

Machi a da thei am?

Chi makna chu a alna a vong zing hi a nih. A alna a suok ding chun a zop a ngai. A zop hnung, tuia inchang hnung kha i thlit fim nawk chun a alna pangngai char suok nawk a tih. Meiah raw la, a puok hung inper suok kha liek la, a al pangngaiin al zing a tih. Raw inling la, kang hawp der thei khopin raw la khom a al pangngaiin al zing tho a tih.

Kum 1994-96 sung, Maldives-a ka um laiin India sorkar thrangpuinain an khawpui Male-ah Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, khum 200 dong, thra tak el kan bawl a. Special ward lem chu VIP damnaw hluo ding bika duong a ni leiin a banghai khom tuia sawp thei dinga thraa rong man tam ngota zut tlet a ni a. A thar lai chun a mawi bok a, suong khom kan suong hrim a nih. Amiruokchu, iemani chenah pang invung ang hin a hung puom tran a, hmun iemani zatah a hung puor suok a. A san ka’n don leh engineer-hai chun machi lei a ni thu an mi hril a. Maldives hi tuipui huol vel vong a ni leiin a phaiphinhai hin tuipui alna an pai vong a. Chuleiin, cement le chokpol dinga phaiphin (leingawi) kan hmang po po khom India rama inthoka kan lak vong a nih. Chuong leingawi kan hmanghai chu a hung tlung hnungin, hmang hmain, an sawp fai nawk hlak a. Hi an sawpna tuia hin tuipui al an lo hmang ruk chang a um a. Chuonghai chu cement leh an chokpol a, bang zutnain an hmang a. A trawl sung chun iengkhom a ti nawh. Hun a hung sawt a, tui hù lumin a hung uop a, damten machi inphum chu a hung zop thla a, suok tumin an hung mor a, bang chu a hung puor a nih.

Ka ngaituo zui pei chun, nipui a hung intran laia pang puor ‘prickly heat’ ei nei hlak ang hi niin ka hriet. Thlasik sunga machi ei fak po po kha nipui a hung hràng a, ei inthlan hluom hluom a, thlan tui chu ei pang vun kuoah an hung luong suok a. A tam taluo a, luong suokna ding an hriet naw pha leh vun innemna lai an hung mor a. Suok thei si loa an inhnaw khawmna hmun hmun chu a hung puor a, a’n thak em em a, an hung kìng pha leh an hung hnaw mar vun po kha an thi chil a, chi khonin an inchang a, khu sutin ei huot thlak hlak. Kha i vun trawl huot khu sut kha zuk liek la chu al ngei ngei a tih. Hi thil hi scientist haiin ieng tin am an hril ka hriet nawa chu ka hmu dan mawl takin ka hril ve el a nih.

Sienkhom, machi hi thil dang le chokpol chun a al dan a sukdanglam a, a hâng dan ding le inhnik dan ding angin a suok thei nawh. A ni dan ding ang a ni ta naw pha chun a niphung a’n hmang tah tina a nih. Thingpuiah chini sawna machi ei pol hin ei thil hril umzie hi a hril fie hle ka ring.

Machi le Baibul

Baibul pumpuia hin machi hrilna voi 46 a um a, a tam lem chu Tuipui Thi (Dead Sea), Chi Tuipui (Salt Sea) an ti bok le a se vela thil um le tlung hai hrilna a nih. Machi inlang hmasakna tak chu, thu awi lona ra siktu Lota nuhmei, chi lunga a’n chang thu a nih (Gen 19: 26). Machi inlang nawkna chu, bu le bal thilhlanah machi an saw vong ding thu le chu thil chu Pathien le an inkara thuthlung inentirna a nizie hrilna a nih (Lev 2:13). Chu machi thuthlung (salt covenant) chu Pathien le an inkara thuthlung namnghetna a nizie thu Pathien ngeiin Israelhai kuomah a hril a nih (Nambar 18:19, 2 Kron. 13:5). Machi thuthlung hung suok dan nia an hril chu hieng ang hin a nih. Thuthlung thlungtuhaiin an thuthlung nghetzie le thriek thei ta lo a nizie inentirna dingin machi an liek hlak a, chu chu machi thuthlung an ti a, da thei lo dinga thil saw thienghlim, bawsiet ta lo ding tina a nih. Ei pi le puhaiin ‘sa ui tan’ an ti ang kha a nih.

Machi inlangna dang chu thlai iengkhom ching thei lona ram trawl, chi leilung, tu hluo lo (Jer.17:6; Ezek 47:11) hrilna a nih. Zawlnei Zefania-in Moab le Amon chungthu a hrilnaa, “Zakthlai bil le chi khur umna hmun, kumkhuoa rausan ram ning an tih” a ti ang dam kha a nih. Roreltuhai 9:45 a chun Abimelekin Sekem khuo a hne thu, a suksiet vong thu le chi a phul khum thu ei hmu bok a. Hi taka hin chi tak tak a phul khum thu ni loin, Sekem khuo a sukram dêr thu le kumkhuoa rausan a ni tak thu a hril a nih.

Khing tieng panga chun, dit tawka machi hmu thei chu hnienghnarna thu hrilna khom a nih. Ezra 6:9 a chun Lal Daria thupek anga Tempula inhlan ding iengkim a thoktuhaiin Judahai an lo pek ding thu a hrilnaah ran, bu le bal, uoiin le hriek bakah ‘machi’ a thrang sa tlat a nih. Ezra 7:22 ei tiem pei lem chun machi an pek ding zat chu tiem chin nei lo a ni thu ei hmu bok. Hi hin umzie inril tak a pai a nih.

Thuthlung Thar tieng ei en ruok chun Isu ngeiin ama zuituhai chu ‘hnuoi machi’ an nizie le machi hi a lo da a ni chun ienga khom hmang tlak a ni nawzie thu a hril ei hmu a (Mt 5:13). Chun, ama ngeiin inthawina tinreng chu chi-a saw thienghlim a ni ang boka mi tin chu meia raw/saw thienghlim an ni ding thu le mi tinin maniah machi nei a, inngei diel diela um ding an ni thu a hril bok a nih (Mk 9:49-50). Tirko Paula chun, “In bausuok chu hawihawm tak, chia saw ni rop raw se” (Kol 4:6) a lo ti a. Inlet threnkhata chu “chia saw, lunginsietna thrang ni raw se” ti a nih. Chu chun ‘mania machi nei’ thu Isun a hril umzie chu a sukchieng hlein ka hriet. Ei pi le puhai thuvar, ‘Trongkam thrain siel a man’ ti le ‘Lampui chang khatah mi biek siet ngai a ni nawh’ ti leh lai hrui inzom a nih. Jeriko khaw mihaiin an tui tlàn hrisel nawzie le thlai khomin a ngei naw thu zawlnei Elisa an hril khan an tuikhurah chi a phul/saw a, fiertui inthieng le hriselah a hung inchang el chu a ni kha tie maw! (2 Lalhai 2:19-22). Chun, naute an hung pieng thlak pha, an hriselna dinga machi an nal hlak thu hrilna khom ei hmu bok a nih (Ezekiel 16:4).

Hieng ei hung tar langa inthok ringot khom hin machi poimawzie chu ei hriet fie tah uor ka ring. Thil sukthienghlimtu le sukhniktu, a thrang loa khawvel hi seramu thûr thei lo a nih. Chuleiin, Nazaret tlangvalin, “Hnuoi machi in nih” a hang ti el dam hi thutak hlùm, chîk taka ngaituo tham a va ni ngei! Kristien intihai lai hin machi pai ieng zat am um ei ta? Chuong ang pai mihai chu khawvel dàpa inphu le infân mur mur suolna invotin an hung kai le dawk ngam i ring am? Ngam teuh lo e! An hmurin an tawk char khan an tla top top el a nih.

Kristien intihai machi pai hi suolna chihrak le kawrapson hnawlin a chim nel zo am an tah ti hi mani sengah inen fie a trul khop el. Ei machi pai hi chok pol nunah ei lak lut a, a al inhnikna le hàngna kha thil dang ei inpol buoitir chun, machi hming put zing sien khom a al dan indik thei naw ni a, chu chun a al inhnik dan (savour) suksieng a ta, ei thlai suong kha fak tlak ni naw ni a, peihawn tuok ngei a tih. Chu tak chu Isu thu laimu khom a ni el thei. Chuleiin, machi chu a alna pol sop le sukdanglam thei laka vong him a ngai. Chun, ei machi pai hi a dazât, pilvut khom tluk lo, a lo ni el thei bok. Machi hi a da tah chun, dehawn a, mihai sir pher mei mei naw ding chun ienga khom tlaktlaina a nei nawh (Mt.5:13). Hnuoi machi, Krista ringtu intihai hin ei nina kengkaw zo inla chu, ei khawvel hi thienghlimin a va hang hàng inhnik awm de aw! Kristien intihai hin ei nungchang inen fie inla, hnuoi machi am ei ni, an naw leh hnuoi machi letling?

[*Editor's Note: INPUI columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian Foreign Service officer, respected Hmar Mizo litterateur and author of 'Zoram Khawvel' series. This article is dated Dec 12, 2009, Delhi]

[By Lalringsan Hrangchal, for Inpui.com]

Ieng leiin am Vai hai Hotel a hin Khawhri hi an tam hlak ka ring leiin ka khat chau hin chu ka riek ngam ngai naw a. Allahabad ka fe tumin ka ruol haiin ka Hotel riekna ding an milo booking pek vawnga, riek tak tak dinga ka hang um chu ka Ti em leiin, Allahabad Agriculture Deem University ah eini Hmar mi Hostela an um a, an bula ka va riek tawp.

Bangalore ka fe dam hin kan thilthawna ding le a kar Km 30 vel nisienkhawm, Wilson Garden a dam, Shantinagar a dam ei ni mi hai Hostel siemna ah ka va riek nal nal pei hlak a nih. Chu ang bawkin Kolkata a khawm Bagjola (Dum Dum Airport) a inthawkin Nagaland House Km 30 vela hla a riek dingin zana ka la fe pei lem hlawl hlak a nih. Ieng Khawhri tak am ka Ti anih ti lem chu ka hriet ngai nawa, anachu Vai Mithi Thlarauhai hi ka ti zuol bik tak hlak a nih. Sienkhawm Mithi Thlarau reng reng khawm chu ka la hmu si nawh. Hieng hi ka ni leiin Bhopal a ka fe ding vawihni lem chu ka thul pha hiel a nih.

Chuonga ka dawi vanglai tak chun Tezpura um dingin ka hang fe chu ka bei hi a dawng thei em em a, ka ruolhaiin ka In hluo ding Rs. 1,500/- man an milo siemfel pek vawnga, zan a hung nia, zuk zamna ding reng reng hlak umlo, kar khat vel kha chu ka meng khawvar deu zing hlak a. Vai naupang inhlawfa a mi hung riekpui ding ka hang zawng hlak chun, zana ka in kar mi that pal an ti ka ti nawka ka riekpui ngam si nawh. Ka beidawng chun Km 70 vela hla, Balukpong, Arunachal Pradesh ah ei ni mi Missionary an um tawla, ka va fe tawp el hlak a. Nitina Km. 70 lai fe zing el hlak chu thilthei zozai a ni si naw leiin, SSB hai Camp a dam ka va fe thang mei mei el hlak a. Khawm chu va fe zing zing thei a ni si naw leiin lotheiloa ka khata ka riek a ngai hlak leiin, cham lovin ka khat chau chun ka riek hlak a, chu taka inthawk chun ka Khawhri Titna hi a re thei chau a nih. Pathien Nau ka ni leiin Khawhri haiin anmi chawkbuoi ngam ding kan nawh ti hi chu ka hriet hle a, anachu Pathien Nau ka ni lei hin Vantirko hai damin mi hung bie pal an ti aw tiin ka TI nawk tho tho hlak a nih. A khawlai Vantirko riengvai khawma an mi hang biek nuom naw em em ding vei leh Vantirkohai mi biek chu ka Ti tlat hlak a ni chu!

Kristmas a hung hnaia Mari chanchin hi ka ngaituo hlaka, a khat chauva a umlai Vantirkovin a hung biek thut el kha Ti tam a um ding ziet hi ka ngaituoin ka hang TI pui em em hlak a. Vantirko khawm khan khanga Mari ama khat chauva a umlaia a hang biek thut el kha Mari kha a ti hle a nih ti a hriet nghal ni naw nim, “Mari Ti naw, Pathien ngaisak zawng I nih” a ti el a ni kha. A hang hril zawm peia, “Ngai raw, inrai I ta, nau pasal nei ita, a hminga Isu I sak ding a nih” a hang ti phawng el kha, Mari tading chun TI TAM hi a um bek bek el a ni kha!

Mari kha an khawsunga chu nunghak virgin, mi fel le nungchang tha, Pathien Ti mi tak a ni kha. Chuonga a khawsung mihai khawma an nunghak suongtawlawi le an ngaisang em em, a pa khawm hriet nilova a hang inrai el ding chu! Mari kha Ti naw thei ding a ni naw reng reng a nih. Chun a pa bik khawm hrietlova nau hang pai puom pung el chu a hmangai em em Josef kha a chan pha ngei ngei ding a ni bawk si. Hang ngaituo tum, ei ngaizawng haiin ei inhmangai em em lai tak hrietlo nau hang pai el hai sien chu ei hei The chieng vang vang ding ziet chu. Chun Thuthlunghlui Dan a lem chu, a pa bik hrietlova/pasal huol neita zinga nau pai reng reng chu lunga denghlum ding an ni bawk si. Chuleiin Mari tading chun Vantirko thuhril kha TI a um bek bek el a nih.

“Mari TI naw, Pathien ngaisak zawng I nih, ………………, a chunghnungtak thilthawtheina chun hliekhung a ti che, …………………., Pathien tading chun thawtheinaw iengkhawm a um si naw a” tia Vantirkovin a hang hril nawk khan chu Mari khawm khan Pathien Hming lei a ni phawt chun, an khuo mipui popohai laka khawm Pathien Hming leia muolphona dam, khovela a hmangaitak Josef khawm chan hiel dingin Vantirko kuoma khan, “I thu ang tak chun ka chunga thlung raw seh” tiin a hang Amen el kha a ropui hi ka ti hle hlak a. Ani ngei Mari khan Pathien Hming leia muolphona dam, channa dam, tuorna le tapna dam, hrilsietna le hmingsietna chitinreng tuor ngama Pathien tadinga anpek ngam lei khan, a chunghnungtak thilthawtheina khan a hliekhu a, khovel a nu vangnei tak a ni ta kha!.

Khovela um ei na Mithi Thlarau le Khawhri chu ei Ti naw el thei, sienkhawm eini Churachandpura Pathien ringtuhai te hin, a tak taka Pathien hnungzui hi ei TI em em in ka hriet hlak a. Kristmas a hung hnai a, nu le pa tadinga TIT ding le beidawngna ding tam tak a hung inhersuok nawk ding an tah a. Khawhri chi dang dang- khawhri lukawl dam, lu kek dam, mit pawng dam le khawhri var le a dang dang ei insunga an hung inlawilut tan nawk ding an tah a. Inhlawna ding hrelo damin um ei ta, Sorkar sinthawtuhaiin hlaw dam hung la theinawng ei ta, naupanghai thuom inthar hung tul a ta, a kum thara an sikul kaina ding ngaituo ngai bawk a ta, Kristmas thawlawm pek theinawna ding ngirhmuna dam hung um ei ta. Annawleh, mi tam tak chu ei nu ei pa, ei nau hai le ei hmangai lo fe ta hai pur hung suok nawk a ta. Sum le pai indainawna le harsatna dang dang ei insunga an hung lut nawk ding ani leiin mi tamtak chu TI dawr dawrin hun ei hmang ding a nih. Sienkhawm, TI naw, Pathien NGAISAK zawng I nih, ………………, a chunghnungtak thilthawtheina chun a hliekhung ding che a nih.

Tuta tum thlasik chu Mazu hin an mi sukbuoi hle a, khawmuol a hung dei a, thuomhnaw lum hak ding ka hang lakdawk chu ka thuohnaw lum hai chu hak thei talovin an milo se ek pek nghien nghien el a, kan pam em em leiin pawi hi ka ti em em el a. A se ektu ni awma ka hriet Mazu pakhat chu ka man a, ka hrem zeka sienkhawm thuomhnaw tha a ni hmel a hrietnaw leia a se ek ning a tih ka ti leiin ka hremzo chun kan suo nawka, anachu a tlan hmang nuom der naw a, a ngir tawk tawk lei chun ka hnam em a, tui ka buok khuma, ka vawihni buok khumna a chun a tlanhmang nuom hram a. Chuzova chun, ka thuomhnaw siena a bawk chun ka thuomhnaw tha nei sun hai te khawm chu anlo se ek nawka, Bu an sepa, nau anlo nei vel nawk chu ka lung hi a awi tanaw em em el a. Pathum chu ka man a, hruiin ka khit tawla thinglera hnuoi tawk vang vangin ka khai kang tawl a, sawtnawte hnunga chun ruo a hung sura, ka hnam tawl em lei chun insuo nuomlovin ruo chu kan do tir tawl ngat ngat a.

Ruo sur hnuoia ka hang en tawl chun dei hi an ti tawl hmel em em el a, ka lunginsiet tawl hle a, Pathienin an fakzawnga dinga a ruot a na, ka thuohnaw hai hi se ek kherlovin lo zal mei mei hai sien chu hieng hin hrem tuoklo ding an na aw, ka ti a. Ruo sur zo phat lalut ka ta mei in awi tir tawl ka ta, insuo nawk ka ti ka tia. Ruo surzo chun ka hang zawng nawk leh ka hmuzo tawl ta der dal a. Ka ngaituoa, aw khang Mazu inhuot em em hai te kha iengtinam fak anzawng tawl tading chu maw! Iengdinga ka lo hrem tawl kher kher am ani aw ka tia kan sir em em el a.

Chutaka inthawka ka hang ngaituo chun, aw kei hin khang Mazu inhuot em em hai te kha an suol vei leh an fak zawng dan ding le an dei ti ding kan lauva ka hang ngaituo rak rak a chu, keia neka an hmakhuo ngaitu le an ni siemtu Pathienin an fakzawng danding le a lum le deia an in humhimna dinghai chu a ngaituo pek tawl ding a ni zie ka ngaituo dawk pha a.

Khovela thilsiem popo hai hi Pathienin a hun peia a ngaituoa, chungleng vatehai le hnuoia thilhringhai popo hi an fakzawngna ding le an khawsak danding chu an ni’n ngaituo sawl lovin siemtu Pathienin an tul ang peiin a ngaituo tawl pei ana. Thilsiemhai popo neka chunghnung le hlu lem Pathienin ama angtaka a siem, a hmangai luot leia a naupa thisen hiela an tlansuok a nauhai hih ei dangchar le phingtam ding dam le sil le fen ei inthuom lumna ding thlasam leia TI dawr dawra ei um hi thisena min tlantu Pathien hin a phal teu teu naw a nih ti a min ngaituo suok tir pha hiel a.

Ka Sin zawng le inzawma Interview vawisawmpanga (15) ka fe ding tum chun Pathien kuoma ka tawngtaia, chuonga ka tawngtai laizing chun, “…nauhai bei lakpeka Uihai kuoma pek chu a mawi nawh” ti Bible chang hi a hung inlang hlawk el a. Ka thla hi a sie em em el a, “Lalpa, ka sin zawng le hrietna imi pek khawm hi anphu tawk ta a, ka lekhatiemna khawm ka sawl tawk ta baka sum le pai khawm kan thlasam ta an nawm, lunginsiettakin min fethleng tir ta raw, en ta I Nau duot ngawi ngawi ka na, vawisawmpanga hiel written imin fethleng tira hmun hla tak tak a Interview imin fe tir hlaka, sienkhawm a tawp a hlawsamin imin kir tir nawk pei hlak si hi iem asan an ta leh? I nau duot ngawi ngawi hi iengleia hieng ringawta mi sawisak am in ta leh?” tiin ka tawngtai nawka sienkhawm, “..nauhai bei lakpeka Uihai kuoma pek chu a mawi nawh” ti bawk chun dawnna ka hmua. “Lalpa, ni chu a nih, sienkhawm Uihai khawmin an puhai dawkan hnuoia beinawi tla chu anrut I phalpek tho an nawm, chuleiin Lalpa, I nau mitha le mifel tamtak I dit ang le tha iti anga khawsa tam takhai ditnaw bek Sin ka chan dingin lunginsiettakin mi siempek ve ta rawh” tiin tap zawi zawiin ka tawngtai nawk a.

Chutaka Pathien mi dawnna chun, ka nau duot ngawi ngawi ini leiin mihai I nei lo Van khuo le tui neitu le ka Rohluotu ini an nawm, iengdinga tri dawr dawra um am I na? iengkim neitu Pathien nau ini leiin thil popo hi I ta a nih. A chawngpu ini leiin mi dang eila pek hmasa an nawm tiin Pathienin a mi dawn a. Ka hang ngaituoa, kum khat lai khan General Assembly Inkhawmpuia mikhuol sawmhnipakuo (29) kan nei a, ka nu chun bu le hme a tam, fa teu teu ro a ti hlak a, mikhuolhai anfakzo hnung keinin kan hang fak phat hin, hme le bu hi kan indainaw chang a tam hle a. Ka nu chu kan suosal a, nangin bu le hme a tam fa teu teu ro iti zinga, eini khawplovin ei um ani hi, nang I lei vawng a nih kan ti hlaka. Ka nu chun, eini chu a neitu ei na, mikhuolhai an khawp phawt leh ei ni chu ei khawpnaw khawma apawi nawh ami ti ka hriet dawk vawng vawng a.

Rev. H.P Runremthangin, “Achang hin chu nuor ngawi ngawiin, dawntu neilo ang el ka nih, sienkhawm thununna hlawlo chun I nau duotlai ni thei ka tim Lalpa” a lo ti angin. Achang hin chu beidawng le thlasie em em a TI DAWR DAWR a ei um chang hai hi vawi tam tak a um hlaka. Pathien nau eini lei hin mihai neka ropui le vangneina dawng rawn ding dama in ngai changhai hi a um hlaka. Keikhawm ka ngaituo hlaka, kei chu Pathien nau ka ni leiin hieng Vai ruol Pathien hring neilohai nek hin chu ka hlawthling lem reng reng ding a nih ka ti hlaka, sienkhawm Pathien nau ka ni lei tak hin mihai neka nasalema hlawsamna tuok ding ka lo ni lem an nawm. A Chawngpu ei ni leiin midanghai letza tama chan le tuor ding ei ni lem anih.

Tiemtu dittak, sum le pai harsatna dam, hriselnawna dam, hrilsietna dam, channa le muolphona dam le a dang dang tuok ding ei ni a, hi khovela hin hmun le hmanghai le intuomlumna ding sil le fenhai khawm a tha neizo lovin, mihai fak ang khawm fa phak lovin harsa le rethei taka khawsa in beidawngtak le TI DAWR DAWR in um la khawm Pathien nau duot ngawi ngawi, a mit nauleng I ni leiin TI naw Pathien NGAISAK zawng I ni kha, …. A chunghnungtak thilthawtheina in a hliekhu zing che a nih, … Pathien tadingin thawtheinaw iengkhawm a um si naw a. Krista zara mi hausa I ni ti kha hrezingin Pathiena iengkim in nghat la, I hnuoi beiseina popo in hning hnung khawma Pathien NGAISAK zawng I ni ti kha theinghil ngai naw raw aw…

“Hnungtieng hmelma ral antho ie, suolin a thlan a zar hman ding che, Jehova Jire tlang ahung kai la hossana hung chawiin, Salem puonzar hnuoiah. Salem puonzar hnuoia himna, Salem Lalpa kuta malsawmna, Jehova Jire tlanga mihai chun an chang ngei ding a nih. Halleluia Amen”

Krista leia ropuina chau nilovin Krista leia chan ngam, Krista leia tuor ngam, Krista leia rethei ngam le Krista leia muolphonahai popo phur ngam dingin Lalpa’n a I NGAISAK em em a hmangai a nauhai hi TI lova kalchawi dingin a mi MAMAW a nih.

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