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Hmar Radio Programme is here to stay…

[By Lalmalsawm Sungte]

Hmar Radio For many Hmars who lived far away from Imphal, the capital of Manipur, tuning in to AIR’s HMAR PROGRAMME is almost impossible even with a good radio set. Back in the good old days, listening to the 20-minute Hmar programme was a daily affair.

Many people were even addicted to the 4.00 P.M ‘Hmar Prokram’. It was like an opium. Once people turned on their radio sets and listened to their favourite singers they would altogether forget their hardships. People who could afford to purchase the bulky radio sets used to carry the machine to their fields, fearing they would miss their favourite singer Nienglawmkim, who would crooned away their miseries with emotionally-charged gospel songs. 

These days, villagers in Hmarram have replaced their bulky Philips/Sony radio sets with the new lightweight and compact Chinese transistors, which are Radio Hmarmuch more convenient to carry around. And, with no other news and information source, HI HIH, ALL INDIA RADIO HMAR PROKRAM, A NIH! (This is All India Radio, Hmar programme) still remains their main source of news and entertainment. 

Some may say this observation is an exaggeration, but those who have witnessed the gravity of the situation in Hmarram will 'Amen' it. 


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  1. khawsawt i va suk um de.

  2. nghakhla a um chu tiei!

  3. Inpui ah Hmar programme ei ngaithlak hma'n, announcer (past & present) tu'm a thiem tak ngaidan hang hril inla tie....

  4. Nghakhla a um ta de...!


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