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Pop star Rihana in Pi Mawii thri siem a awr.

Pi Mawii, a London based Hmar Mizo Indian top jewelry designer has done it again. This time pop sensation Rihanna has picked Mawi’s necklace. The ‘Under My Umbrella’ star wore the ornament during her performance on the X-Factor (UK Reality Show) on Nov 27, 2009.

“The necklace is from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2010 collection which is not yet available in the market,” according to a release by Mawi.

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  1. Wow! Wow! Way to go Pi Mawi. Now that definitely is something one can brag about among friends! :)

  2. Wow!!!! Hi thil kher hi chu ka ngaisang in Pi Mawii hi inpak tlak le lawm tak meua lawmpui tlak anih. Way To Go!!! Hmar Lanu ei duoi bik nawh. DHWA Award indawngtir chi tak anih.


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