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Bangalore Hmar Sikpui Ruoi 200964  Source: Deccan Herald

BANGALORE, DEC 7, DHNS: The300-member strong Hmar community of Bangalore celebrated Sikpui Ruoi, (Sikpui festival) here in the City on Saturday with pomp and show.

‘Sikpui’festival is a colourful winter festival and one of the most awaited festivals of the Hmar tribe of Northeast India. It is celebrated throughout the country on December 5.

“The purpose of the festival is to build a stronger bond among members of the community,” according to organizing president, Randolf Amaw.

Speaking as ‘Sikpui Pa’ (Sikpui Father) the Reverend Lalsandam Songate said, “Sikpui fest is observed to keep alive the traditions of our forefathers. It is also not against our new religion-Christianity.”

Among the special items on show were the famous bamboo dance in which the dancers
move between the ‘clappings’ of the bamboo sticks.

Hmar rapper Puia Sakum and friends performed special numbers to kick up the mood of the festival. Participants dance into the evening and the festival was concluded with ‘Sikpui Ruoi’ (Sikpui feast) in which Hmar traditional delicacies like Bawngsa chartang (beef chilly dish) and Hmepawk (mashed-rice with meat) were served.



By Tv Japhet Darngawn, Zawlbuk Editor.Bangalore Sikpui Ruoi

Tarik 5th Dec. 2009 zani khan Bangalore Hmar nauhan an nghakhla em em, hlimna ni tia kan ko el SIKPUI RUOI chu hlim le inhawi takin hmang liem alo ni tah. A then tamtak ta ding lem chun Bangalore a an Sikpui Ruoi hmang nuhnung tak khawm ni dingin ring a um.

Hnesaw em em le thiem takin Tv. Evan Buongpui le Nk. Sangzuol hai in an mi kai hruoi a. Mipui sukphur an thiem in an hnesaw hle. Mipui in “Aw kan Hmar Ram” sakna neiin hun hawng a nih. HSA Bangalore Branch President Tv. Randolph Amo in mipui hungkhawm hai inhawi le hlimtaka hmang dingin lawm lutna a nei hnungin Sikpuipa Rev. Lalsandam in Sikpui Ruoi hmangna san hai le Hmar Culture sukhring peitu ani thu hai thangthar hai kuoma thiem le ngaithlak inhawi em em a hril a.

Hun karlak a hai artist thiem tak tak Nk. Rose, Tv. Steve, Nk. Mercy Puruolte, Nk. Mary Jone, Tv. Puia Shakum le Tv. Ruoltinkung han mipui hai chu a thum chi dang a lam chi damin an min awi. Mipui lam dup dup hai in an ditkhawp naw hle. Sikpui Ruoi hmang mi suk inhawitu chu an tling ngei ie.

Chun, Bangalore HSA Directory chu tlangzarna nei nghal a nih.

Hmar nau lai a talent nei tha tak el Tv. Samuel Lalrozam Hmar in a talent ropui tak showna ami nei pek a. A talent ropui tak hin thangthar hai lungrilah tumruona le huoisenna a min kawkhmutir ngei ei beisei. Hi zo a hin Sport & Cultural Secretary Tv. Zairemthang in Bangalore HSA annual sport a lawmman lahai kuoma Certificate le lawmman tha tak takhai inhlanna a nei zawm nghal. Ring nekin a thiemin a hnesaw hle.

Mipui sukphurtu tak le hmelthra-fel Mr. le Miss Sikpui Ruoi thlangna nei ani bawka. Tv. Justin Lalkhumthang le Nk. Mercy Puruolte hai chu Mr. le Miss in thlang tling an nih.

Hun liempei in hlasakhai hlak an thiem tuol tuol, mipui an hlim deu deu. Bangalore Hmar nauhai lungruol taka kut insuikhawmin DAR ANG KAN LENGNA sak in kan hang lam tlang chu lamzawl kenglo rak khawpin kan invir a, mit a tlai in an hoi hle. Sienkhawm inhawi ti leia keichai thei an naw leiin, HSA advisor Pu Robert in Sikpui Ruoi kil ding chu Pathien kuomah malsawmna ruoi a ni ngei theina dingin an hlan zo hnungin, inhnik takin thlaithleng kan awt tah a nih.

Aw SIKPUI RUOI kan tawna par ang vul zing rawh!!!

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