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DECEMBER 1, 2009: Tarik ni 30,  November zan khan khan DHWA Executive Committee inthungkhawmnaah DHWA Award Jury Panel in an thlangsuok, Jury Panel Chairman, Pu L.Keivomin a hung pek lut chu en tlang a ni hnungin a hnuoia hai hi Award/Certificate pek ding suk thluk a nih: ( citation khom suklang nghal a nih) Attachment en rawh.

Department of Information & PR,
Delhi Hmar Welfare Association.


Achievement Award

1.Dr. Lal Dena: In recognition of his distinguish academic achievements, research works, historical writings and publication

2.Lalmalsawm Selate In recognition of his unswerving and painstaking devotion and adherence to the public good in the field of journalism

3. David Buhril In recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of journalism and his selfless dedication to the cause of human rights and the welfare of his people.

4.Lalchungsiem Thlawngate: In recognition of his outstanding innovative contributions in launching SinlengNews, the first mobile news service in the north east India, and the first mobile phone Bible in Hmar making information accessible to all mobile users at the touch of a button

Men of Century Award

1. Pastor Thangngur: Awarded posthumously to Rev, Thangngur for his indelible contributions to the birth of Hmar hymns and his endearing impact on the evolution of music, literature and language and the spiritual growth of his people.

2.Dr. Thanglung: Awarded Posthumously to Dr.Thanglung for pioneering translation of the Holy Bible in Hmar and for laying the foundation of primary education in Hmar through textbooks authored and published by him.

3.Jamchong Nampui: Awarded posthumously for his pathbreaking achievement in being the first IAS from the Scheduled Tribes in all India competitive exams and for his visionary role in the official recognition of his tribe in the north-east States of India.

4.Dr. Rochunga Pudaite: In recognition of his global mission to distribute Bible to all telephone owners of the globe through Bibles for the World which he founded and his many distinguished contributions to the welfare of his people.

Certificate of Appreciation

1. Upa H.L.Daka Social services

2. S.Damkung: Cultural promotion

3. Vicky Hrangkhawl Philanthropic services

4. Benjamin Khobung: Philanthropic services

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