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We at Inpui were surprised to see the new videos from Haire Hai 3 on Youtube.com despite the singer’s reluctance to make it available on Hmar websites for public viewing.

Haire Hai 3The following music videos prepared by popular Hmar singer Tv Lalsanglien Zote is taken from one Youtube user named ‘Fulertal’ and  Raju Deb of Silchar on Ibibo.com.

DeyMr Deb has uploaded four videos from the recenty released ‘Job Card Hlaw Lak Pha Leh’. We don’t know yet if the videos were authorized version.

 The four videos are given below:

1. Ka D’ Thuompui

2. Thanghar a hun

3. Job card Hlaw Lak Pha Leh

4. Darling nuor naw la

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  1. "you reap what you sow"...this is exactly what's happening here..heard that lalsanglien used somebody else's music in this album without the composer's knowledge..

  2. This shouldn't come as a surprise..within the album itself the so called artist have violated the copyright of the original scorer on the track(music) "Zantieng Vangkhuo"...Originality comes from an Original Artist...can't be popular using somebody else's original score...Keep it real Mr.Lalsanglien Zote !! .... you reap what you sow !!!

  3. Even he declared that he is the one who composed "Are Are Lanu". The real composer is Mr Ginlal Seldou, the then resident of Ngurte village..shame on him yaaaar!!


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