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"Don't chase success, chase dreams and excellence. Success will follow "- Quote from ‘3 Idiots’

By Lalmalsawm Sungte

three-idiots The Aamir Khan-starred ‘3 Idiots’ is making waves across the country and getting accolades from critics and audience alike. The 2009-superhit Bollywood film talks of the need to pursue one’s dream even if your dad and mummy want you to become an engineer or a doctor.

The topic of this film is as old as one can remember even in the Hmar society. In the pre-Christian era if a boy is born, he was to become the ‘sa kap thiem ding’ (best hunter); and, if a girl was born her role was defined as ‘puon khawng thiem ding’ (expert weaver) or ‘se man ding’ (to be worth the price of a bison). 

Then comes the IAS-craze era when every Hmar child, boy or girl, was expected to become an IAS officer, regardless of his or her personal interest. Even when a girl was not educated she must find a way to capture the heart of an IAS officer or government babu.

It was not only the parents who encouraged the child to be an IAS babu or government servant. The Hmar community as a whole wanted the child to fulfill its dream, little caring for the tender child’s own aspirations.

The IAS mentality lingers on even to this day and this attitude of parents instead of being beneficial for the young mind has done more harm to the child and in turn to our society. The by-product is such that we have churned out many drop-outs, who otherwise, had they pursued their own dreams, could have made a decent living in their area of expertise.

If a straight question is put  forth to a straight thinking man or woman as to whether Hmars need more ‘idiots’ who can defy their parents and the society with regard to their choice of career, the answer will be a definite ‘Yes!’ 

To remove the social evils and dark veil of hypocrisy in our society, we need; if not one, but hundreds of ‘idiots’. These ‘idiots’ with their exemplary courage and guts will bring overall social harmony and happiness. 

It is a sad fact that many people are seating in chairs they never really loved. These people lacked the passion to change things and do things out of the box. The end product and their actions are, therefore, sub-standard after all; their career is ‘just another job’ for them.

However, it is also important to note that one should not debunk all those Hmars in the IAS or holding government jobs. There are few people who have changed the lives of many with their work. What is more important is to finally accept the correct definition of ‘officers’ as anybody who work in an office setup. Public figures while speaking during HSA functions must now remember that there are also ‘Finance Officers’, Account Officers, in ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Infosys, and even in our very own NEREFS Bank.

Now, let’s see if we have an answer to these questions: 

1. As parents, are you ready set your child free from the clutches of your own aspirations? 

2. As a student, do you have the courage to follow your own dream?

If your answers are ‘YES’, it will be only a matter of few years when there will be first class Hmar writers, comedians, entertainers, engineers, scientists, artists, models, beauticians, designers, web developers and so forth.

Set Hmar children free!

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  1. Kohran ram ah khawm thangtharhai hi zalenna pe inla chu a va tha awm de aw. Centenary khawm hi pakhat in mi lo hmangpui em em an ti. Hiengang ngaidan tha tak um pei mawlh raw se. Amen Haleluiah!

  2. Excellent article! With a whole new world of opportunities before us, why restrict ourselves to becoming a doctor/engineer/IAS/Govt service......

    1. Very true. We need entrepreneurs as well.

  3. Right said and timely. Would like to add a point or two here. I have been in Delhi for more than 10 years. But what pains me the most is the fact that so-called Hmar leaders are still gung-ho about "SORKAR" jobs. Even at the church, only those who have sorkar jobs are feted. "Private" jobs are still considered inferior. Come off it man... To each his own. I know a lot of 25-27 yr old hmar boys earning more than the sorkar 40-touching SO's... pension chau hi ni ei thlakha???

  4. Our outlook towards work culture should also change. Parents need to be more liberal. We need engineers, medics, foremen, etc not just IAS. We are afraid of Tuivai Dam more so becoz we do not have people to fill up vacancies.


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