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Rev Thangngur was recently awarded Delhi Hmar Welfare Association’s ‘Men of the Century’ posthumously for his “indelible contributions to the birth of Hmar hymns and his enduring impact on the evolution of music, literature and language and the spiritual growth of his people.”

LIfe of Pastor Thangngur (1891-1943)

Mizoram Lailen khuoah 1891-in a pieng a, a pa hming chu Thanghlun a nih. Naupang chite a ni lain Senvon-ah an inpem a. Kum 1910-a Watkin Roberts-in Chanchin Thra a hril hnunga ringthara inpe hmasa tak laia pakhat a nih. Senvon-ah Pawlruk a zo hnungin 1918 khan Mission sikulah Headmaster sin a thaw nghal. Kum 1921 khan Mission hmunpui chu Tinsuonga son a ni leiin ama khom son a ni a. Kum 1929-a mission sunga buoina a hung tlung hnungin Watkin Roberts thloptu pawlah a thrang a. Coleman pawlin a mission chu an chang tah leiin a suoksan a, Phulpui khuo, Vangai tlangah an pem a. Kum 1935 khan Independent Church a Assistant Field Superintendent sin a chel a. Kum 1939-ah Pastor-a namnghet a ni a. Kum 1943 khan Field Superintendent sina hlangkai a ni a, sienkhom chel sawt hman loin December 20, 1943 khan muol a lo liem tah a nih.

Pastor Thangngur hi Pathien tri mi, thlarau mi tak el le hla phuok thiem a nih. A hla phuok 80 chuong nia hriet lai hin sak lar naw pakhat khom a um nawh ti khopin a hlawtling a nih. Ama tluka mani kalchar thleka hlutna inril tak nei sakhaw hla phuoktu tu khom an la suok ngai nawh. A hlaa inthokin ‘Hmar trong’ ei ti khom hin zung a hung kei a, a hung inthrang lien pei a nih. A thi chun ‘Hmar Bungpui a tliek’ an lo ti hiel a nih.

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