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Awarded DHWA’s ‘Men of the Century’ posthumously for his path-breaking achievement in being the first Indian Administrative Service officer from the Scheduled Tribes in all India competitive exams and for his visionary role in the recognition and settlement of his people in the north-east States of India.

Pu Jamchong Nampui (NA-1989)

Kum 1954 IAS etc exam-a tling, India rama Scheduled Tribe laia IAS tling hmasa tak, tlangmihai thaw thei ruol loa ngai hlak suthongtu, sulsutu ropui tak a nih. Assam cadre a hmu leiin hmun hrang hrangah sin poimaw chelin a um a. Kum 1960-63 a Silchara borsapa a ni laiin tlangmihaiin zalen taka khuo sata an hluo theina dinga jhumland permission ngaituopektu a nih.

Mizo District-a Zo hnathlak borsap ni hmasa tak a ni bok. May 13, 1980-August 26, 1983 le July 1, 1985- February 13, 1986 sung Meghalaya State-ah Chief Secretary a nih. A penson hnung sawtnawteah 1989 khan muol a lo liem tah a nih.

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