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GUWAHATI, Feb 10: The State Cabinet today accepted on principle the demand tochange the name of the North Cachar Hills district to Dima Hasao district. However, thefinal decision in this regard is awaited.

Official sources said that the State Cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi this evening, also agreed that the other major ethnic groups living in NC Hills including Hmar, Kuki and Jemi Naga would not be allowed to feel deprived and special development councils for them would be created.

Sources said that the State Cabinet had earlier constituted a cabinet sub committee to examine the demand for renaming the NC Hills district and the Cabinet today accepted on principle the recommendations of the sub-committee. However, it would take some time before the final decision is taken in this regard as certain formalities are to be completed.

Meanwhile, in another major decision, the State Government has decided to launch a special tiger conservation project, particularly in Kaziranga, Manas and Nameri National Parks. Sources said that the three national parks have highest concentration of tigers and there is urgent need for taking up special measures to ensure protection of the tiger population.

Courtesy: Assam Tribune

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  1. Dima hai rawi chanpuol lieu lieuva inchang tir tumna step khatna. Hnam tam tak cheng khawm diel dielna hmun, a hnam pakhat hming puol bika bituk ta tlat el chu! Ka kal zawng tak a nih. "Ka sunghai Dima Hasao districtah an cheng a" hei ti ding khawm chu ka tha na deu tlat!

    Hnam hran hran le Dimasa hai inkara inhrietthiem lona boruok um lai laia State sawrkar khawma hieng ang thutlukna a siem el hi ieng am a ngaituo ning a ta? Cabinet hai rawiin thamnan ming deng sup sup hai sien ti an beisei vel am a ni rek?

    "Kuki and Jemi Naga" hai rawi hin ieng tin am an ngai ve chu? Inthuruola do hrawn awm tak a nih. Chu ding chun risie siem ngai rek ding a na...!

    A hrim hrimah, khaw hming thleng vet el khawm hi nghawk a um angreng ngawt el a nih.


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