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There are diverse views on whether times have changed or whether it is the mindset of the people that have changed. The debate will continue. However, the simple truth is that Hmar youngsters have become more outspoken in their angst against the ‘very unethical behaviours’ of their fathers’ era and of their very own generation.

Take a look at Lalrothang Joute’s ‘Tulai papui’ and you’ll be amazed. You’ll see people dancing and cheering in this video. However, the question before us is: Are you laughing or cheering to the lyrics which sadly picturised the sorry state of affairs in Hmar society?

Have a look at the video and see if you draw your own conclusions. It’s up to you to either enjoy or think hard on the subject matter.

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  1. Seriously, this was happening at a Gospel concert??? :o

  2. yep.. i think it is real. the song is one thing... it's the dancing of the people that worries me too. :(

  3. Pathien thu ei lawm dan hi chu aw!!!!!!!!!!!! Hla thu is very very tha. Mipui hai fe dan hi ngaituo um fet el


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