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cop out film Cast: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Guillermo Diaz, Ana de la Reguera Director: Kevin Smith.

If there is one thing audience loves about comedy based on cops, it’s usually the unmatched spirit of friendship as seen in ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘Rush Hour’ series. Sadly, the relationship of two NYPD cops Jimmy (Willis) and Paul (Morgan), even after being partners for nine years in the film, hardly generates any such chemistry.

After a botched attempt to get the baddies, the two cops are suspended and with no pay Jimmy decides to sell a family a prized baseball card to pay for his daughter’s wedding. But, baseball-obsessed drug kingpin Po’ Boy (Diaz) is interested in the card for reasons known to him. He tells Jimmy and Paul to retrieve his stolen Mercedes in exchange for the card. However, when they realise that there is kidnapped woman Gabriela (Reguera) in the car, their focus shifts to rescuing her.

This film is one of the worst comedies on cops bonding. Willis and Morgan fail to bring out the Chan-Tucker comedic touch or the camaraderie shown by Gibson and Glover in ‘Lethal Weapon’. The script tries its best injecting some winking moments but is sapped by the slow pace.

‘Cop Out’ is childish and sloppy like the two main characters.

RLS, Deccan Herald.com

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