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The Imphal Free Press
From Kaimuanthang
April 17 : The rumours doing the rounds at CCpur nowadays are not just an MDC election but as to who will stand and get eelcted as MDC or else who has better chances of winning .

This has been the talking points of people at Government offices, hotels and other places of daily conomic and non economic activities According to sources most of the intending candidates in the fray would vie for 24 MDC constituencies with respect to CCpur district as soon as the government completes the whole hog of the arrangement .The names of the constituencies are Khousabung with 7946 votes, Leimatak with 8785 votes, Henglep 6543 votes, Chongkhojou 6441 votes, Thanlon 6583 votes, Parbung 6553 votes, Vangai 8083 votes, Senvon 6354 votes, Ngjam 4722 votes, Tuivai 4548 votes, Lungthul 4976 votes, Lanva 7484 votes, Kholmun 7696 votes, Tuibuang 11217, Hiangtam Lamka 9664 votes, New Lamka west 9349, New Lamka East 9995, Zenhang Lamka 9188, Saikot 9261, Sangang 6784, Sangngaikot 9744, Haopi Range 7933 , Muallum 9356 and Singngat 4075.

As of now according to IFP findings most of the candidates are seeking for the Congress(I) party tickets only and no other names of parties have come on the limelight.
Most seekers of the Congress tickets are from the constituensies of Senvon, Hiangtam Lamka, New Lamka East and West, Haopi Range, Lanva, Ngajam, Zenhanglamka, Tuivai, Lungthul, Muallum, Chiongklhojou, Thanlon , Parbung , Thanlon, Sangngaikot, Singngat, Vangai, Parbung, Sagang, Kholmun, Saikot, Tuibuang, Leimatak, Khousabung.

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