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way2sms As of April 14, 2010, Way2SMS now serves 10 million people across the country. Just 8 months ago the company served less than half as many people and it is trying to reach every corner of the country by this year end.

{This sms service is one of the fastest in the industry. Most of the private SMS Inpui.com admin sent are via way2sms.com. To use service. register here}

“The rapid pace of  our growth is humbling and exciting for us, and it affirms that people everywhere are realizing the power of staying connected to others via Way2SMS. So today as we celebrate our 10 millionth user,  we’re doing what we like doing most—building and launching new products for users. This week we’ll host a celebration at our headquarters, and we’ll release a handful of new things that will improve users experience on way2sms, including a couple that users  have requested a lot,” the company said.

Several facts behind way2sms

  • The site we all use every day is built by a relatively small group of the smartest engineers who are solving substantial problems and each making a huge impact for the 10 million users using way2sms.
  • Way2SMS is the 5th largest most visited domestic internet property in India.
  • Way2SMS is generating over 250 million page views every month
  • Way2SMS is reaching over 28 million unique mobiles every month
  • Way2SMS is delivering over 225 million messages every month.
  • Way2SMS has delivered over 3000 million messages so far.
  • Way2SMS is reaching over 10% of total internet audience in India according to comscore
  • Way2SMS is managing over 170 million contacts on its platform.
  • Currently way2sms is the fastest growing portal in India with a new acquisition rate of over 25000 new users a day.
  • Way2SMS has delivered over 800 million IMs(gtalk, yahoo messenger) so far.
  • Every way2sms user is recommending “way2sms” to atleast 2 other people.

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