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damdiei2 These are few of the photographs of Damdiei village in Hmarram which were scanned in Shillong back in 1999 when Hmar.org was up on the net. The admin of the time Tv Lalremlien Neitham, fortunately, had saved it even to this day making it possible for us to share with you again.

The photos taken in early ‘99 shows Martyr's Day celebrations on May 16 and the village scene from Hmuizawl. Since then the village has undergone many changes in the layout itself.

damdiei1   damdiei5damdiei4

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  1. Damdiei inkhelzawl hi an hoi ta luo tah. Dozar in a nawr zawl vong a, tui dam chu an hoi si. khuo inhoi a ni


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