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Aizawl: The Hmar Students’ Association, Aizawl Jt Hqrs will orgainsed Hmar Martyrs’ Day here in the state capital in remembrance of the departed souls who have laid down their lives “fighting for justice” and “basic rights” of the community.

Meanwhile, reports coming from Saiphai, Sakawrdai and other areas like Hmarkhawlien, Muolhoi (NC Hills), Rengkai, Muolvaiphei, Saikot, Saidan, Khawmawi and Hmarram region in Manipur said that the May 16 event was observed with games and sport activities besides having a “minute silent prayer” for all the men who have laid down their lives during the Hmar People’s C0nvention movement.

However, due to some delays, the main event at Aizawl could not be held on May 16, said organisers. “That’s why we have arranged a special ceremony on May 17 at Beraw Tlang Tourist Lodge Auditorium,” they added.

The programme is given below:-


(Organised by HSA, Aizawl Jt Hqrs)

A Hmun: Beraw Tlang Tourist Lodge Auditorium, Aizawl

A Hun: 17.05.2010  11 AM

Meeting Conductor: Pu Lalrawngbawla Ralte, Vice President, HSA Aizawl Jt Hqrs

Recording Secretary: Tv Lalkansang, Tv Zoramthanga

Opening Song: Aw Kan Hmar Ram

Hun Ser:-  Rev Rotuothang

Sunna Hun


1.         Pu Malsawma Darngawn, Chairman, SHDC

2.         Pu Hmingchunghnung, Ex-Chairman, SHDC

3.         Pu Lalrosiem, Ex-Chairman, SHDC

4.         Tv Rothanglien, Asst Gen Secy, HSA Gen Hqrs

Cultural Show : Aizawl Hmar Cultural Club


1.         Nk Caroline Pakhuongte

2.         H.Lalthakima

3.         Tv Lalramchan

4.         Nk Mary Sungte

5.         Nk Lallienzo

Hun Kharna: Thangruolin. .Lungruolin. .

Refreshment etc,    Refreshment etc,  Refreshment etc

Aizawl a Hmar nauhai popo thang dinga fiel ei nih


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