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Hmar-hawrawp By L.Sungte

June 22: The Hmar Literature Society (HLS) of Manipur has issued a “strange” and “shocking” diktat declaring those who use ‘Tr’ in place of ‘T’ (see picture) for the ‘tri’ sound and ‘O’ in place of AW as “enemy of the community” and “traitors”.

The organisation in a press statement on June 19 said that while the ‘original’ Hmar alphabet T (with dot below) and AW are being written by many as Tr and O respectively, it warned students and the public that these usages “will no longer be accepted”.

Among the most prominent names in the Hmar community who use Tr and O are Bibles for the World president Pu Dr. Rochunga Pudaite and noted Hmar litterateur Pu L.Keivom (IFS Retd.)

“For those students using Tr instead of T and O in place of Aw in their Class 10 and 12 examinations, even if they get zero the HLS will not be answerable,” the statement said.

It may be noted that many youngsters have been using Tr while sending SMSes and emails, as there is no T (with a dot below) font on mobile phones and computer keyboards.

The HLS diktat has been criticized by many on the public forum ‘Hmar Yahoo Group’ with some even threatening to launch a counter movement against the order. Some called it “shocking”, “unwanted”, “bizarre” and “unnecessary”.

It is not yet known how the HLS leadership will react to the unpopular order.

Src: Mizoram Express


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  1. that's good....

  2. But what if we have to send an sms/email and the necessity of the moment demands a "tr" to get my message through.

  3. sms or email does not need your t" or tr" what important is using the correct form in literature, or exam or articles......Hmar literature society an um chun it is better for you, your children and family to obey them or else do not complain when you get "ZERO".

  4. it's really good that some of our leaders have this idea. a 110% support to them. ei tawng ei humhal thei na umsun a ni ve naw maw?


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