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ici_centenarydvd SIELMAT: The DVD of the Gospel Centenary Celebrations held during February 4-7, 2010 was released on July 25, 2010 (Sunday) at the Roberts' Jubilee Chapel, Sielmat.

It was released by Rev. H. Chungthang Thiek during the Gospel Centenary Renewal Program on the same day.

Hundreds of people came to attend the programme.

The DVD contains 4 (four) disks that covers all programmes of the Celebrations of February, including the preparation, Gospel Torch rally, feasts and arrival of the Roberts Family at Imphal airport.

The total run time of the DVD is approximately 20-24 hours. It is currently sold at all ICI Districts. It has a price tag of Rs. 250.

Src: ICI Info site

wales_hmar_khasi By David Williamson, Western Mail

David Cameron’s Indian tour has made clear he sees the economic superpower as an essential future market for Britain. But, writes David Williamson, Wales has already forged an exciting relationship with India through Bibles, Bollywood and the blasting furnace

IF YOU are hiking through the Khasi Hills in north-east India the area’s legendary rainfall may remind you of a wet day’s walking in Wales.

But true pangs of hiraeth will stir through you if the province’s regional anthem reaches your ears. It is a jaunty re-working of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau.

And if you are blessed with a clearly Welsh surname you are guaranteed a welcome to rival that found in our most gregarious valleys.

The bond of Welsh-Indian friendship was forged by generations of Welsh missionaries who lived in the Khasi Hills from 1841 to 1966.

They founded schools, bringing education to women, and developed a written script for the local language which has unleashed a vibrant culture of poetry.

Thomas Jones, a graduate of the Calvinistic Methodist College at Bala, is now celebrated as the “Father of Khasi Alphabets”. Commemorations to mark the anniversary of his death drew reported crowds of 250,000.

Indian corporations today have the potential to have almost as defining a role on the lives of Welsh communities as the early generations of colonialists and missionaries.

The Corus steelworks in Port Talbot – a blazing icon of what remains of Wales’ industrial heritage – is owned by the Tata Steel empire.

Corus had initially accepted a £4.3bn offer which was trumped by Brazil’s CSN. Tata blew this bid out of the water and bought the Anglo-Dutch steel giant for more than £6bn.

The chutzpah of the deal demonstrated the new confidence which buzzes through India and fuels the international ambition of its brightest entrepreneurs.

This energy, which pulses through a land where dire poverty is found alongside extraordinary wealth, also fascinated Bangor University English and drama graduate Danny Boyle. His Slumdog Millionaire film was a box office hit and triumphed at the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

The success of the AR Rahman soundtrack demonstrated India’s growing cultural power alongside its industrial might.

Wales is already on the radar of India’s mighty Bollywood film industry.

Mayur Verma, who has starred in scores of musical epics, moved his family to Dolgellau in 2007 and praised the location as somewhere to “satisfy my creative appetite”.

Bollywood films have been shot at locations including Caerphilly Castle, Conwy Suspension Bridge and Llanberis.

The country has become a source of home grown productions, albeit with a uniquely Welsh twist.

In 2006, Indian-born Nikhil Kaushik, a consultant ophthalmologist at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital, decided to use his bonus to finance a musical love story featuring two young medical students.

He explained at the time: “Some people thought I was mad and that includes some of my very close family. The bonus was additional income so it was an argument between me and my wife – she wanted an extension to the house.”

Rather than hire professional actors he persuaded real-life health professionals to star in Bhavishya – The Future.

The colossal contribution of Indian doctors to the Welsh NHS is only matched by the escalating value of the country as a buyer of Welsh goods. Exports from Wales to India have jumped from £26m in 1996 to £80m in 2009. This barely scratches the surface of the potential of trade relations.

Bangor University’s Centre for Advanced Research in International Agricultural Development has forged hi-tech collaborations with Indian peers in an EU-funded project to “improve food security through research on the under-utilised grain legume rice bean”.

It is this blend of shared knowledge, fused cultures, dynamic trade and, most importantly, continent-crossing friendships which will ensure Wales and India grow closer together as the 21st century unfolds.

Students from India have flocked to Welsh universities to study subjects such as medicine and engineering. In 2008-09 there were 3,005 enrolled at the nation’s institutions.

In the coming years aspiring business executives from Wales will strive to learn Hindi and take part in exchanges with colleges on the sub-continent.

Despite the horrendous poverty which still blights the lives of so many in India, enduring corruption and the rumbling threat of terrorism, it is hard not to marvel at India’s success in maintaining its status as the world’s largest democracy. With a population of 1.2 billion and more than 20 recognised languages and faiths, it seems a miracle the country has responded to adversity with reinvention, not disintegration.

At a time when many Western countries are struggling with the challenges of pluralism and emerging economies are opting for state autocracy rather than messy democracy, India may provide an essential role model for how tolerance, freedom and growth can co-exist.

Thomas Jones jumped into this melting pot when he left Bala for India in the 19th century and the country’s readiness to take the best of other cultures is demonstrated in the reported popularity of scones and Welsh lacework in the Khasi Hills. Poet Nigel Jenkins’ study of Wales’ links with this area, Gwalia In Khasi, won the Arts Council of Wales Book Of The Year award in 1995.

In sharp contrast with Wales, Presbyterianism is thriving in this corner of India. The city of Shillong is now home to the Thomas Jones School of Mission & Evangelism.

Reports of the 1904 religious revival which swept Wales and resulted in an estimated 100,000 conversions reached the Welsh-planted congregations who prayed for similar events in India – two years later 8,000 people had joined the Indian churches.

And in 1910, 24-year-old Watkin Roberts, whose life had been transformed in the Welsh revival, went as a missionary to the Hmar people, also in northeast India. The British saw the Hmar as notorious headhunters and Roberts enjoyed little initial success but within two generations thousands had embraced his message.

One of the few early converts was a man named Chawnga. His son, Rochunga Pudaite, came to Wales on the 100th anniversary of the Welsh revival to thank the nation for Roberts’ work.

Since 1971 he has had the dream of giving a free copy of the New Testament to all the families of the world, and more than 16 million have now been distributed through his charity.

The secularisation of Wales is reportedly a concern to churchgoers in both the Hmar and Khasi hills. It is possible, in coming decades, missionary fervour will propel Indian preachers to communities which Jones and Roberts once called home.

Just as British colonial rule in India shaped the nation, the country’s economic might, creative and spiritual energy will run through Europe in the rest of this century.

In December Welsh business people will go on a trade mission. But their aim is not to bring solutions to Indian problems. Rather, they hope to make crucial contacts, discover new technologies and strike glittering deals. Britain – and Wales – cannot dominate India in the years ahead but there is every chance for a partnership driven by respect and adventure.


By Pu David Ralsun

John Wesley le John Calvin hai ngaidana inthawka inchuk ding.

(Sandamna hi Pathien thil tlawnpek a nia, nisienlakhawm mani dittlangna ngeia Pathien ang sunga inthawka fe hmang thei a nih)

Sui inthuk taluo lovin John Calvin le John Wesleyhai ngaidanah hang lut nghal el ei tih. Hmar kohran (Hmar sunga kohran) hai a tlangpuia eiin thuruolna chu ‘sandamna hi a bothei ta naw a, chatuon a ding a ni tah. Mi vawikhat a piengthar tah chun a sandamna a bo thei ta nawh’ ti hi a nih. Hi thu hin mi a suktlamuonga, hlimna a mi peka, chu ruol ruolin thabona khawm a mi peksa bawk niin, tulaia ei Kristien nunchang-ah hin hmu theiin an lang. Sandamna a bo thei tanawh ti hmang uor tak laia pakhat chu, theologian ropui, Presbyterianhai hotupa John Calvin a nih.

John Calvin John Calvin inchuktirna

John Calvin in iengleia hi theology hi an chuktir am ning a tih aw! ti hi I lo ngaituo ve hlak am? Nang le keiin sandamna a bothei tanawh ei ti ringawt hin, hi theology hung in intanna hre si lovin nakie lo huoi taluo pal ei tih ti hi inlau a um hle! Hi theology an chuktir nasan zuk thlir met ei tih.

John Calvin a doctrinehai hi TULIP tia inbuk a nia. T=Total depravity, U=Unconditional election, L=Limited atonement, I=Irresistible grace and P=Perseverance of the saints. A tawp taka ‘perseverance of the saints’ hi, eini haiin sandamna a bo thei ta nawh ei ti tak chu a nih.

John Calvin in ‘perseverance of the saint’ an chuktir nasan tak chu hihi a nih. Adam le Evi suola an tluk khan, mihriem chu sieletder (totally depraved) Pathien tieng kir nawk thei ta lo, a dittlangtheina tak khawm suol hnuoia um tah, suol naw tlang ding nei talo, mani khat a in samdam thei talo a nih. (Hi inchuktir na hi chu a tlangpuiin kohran tinin ei pawm ruol a nih).

Chu mihriemhai chu thina cho naw chu hmabak iengkhawm an nei ta nawh. Nisienlakhawm Pathienin mihriemhai chu a lunginsiet leiin, a then vanram kai din a ruot lawka, a then hremhmuna fe dingin a ruotlawk bawka chu chu ‘predestination’ ei ti kha a nih. (Hi thu hi Pu L.Keivom khawma article a hung ziek ngeh ngeh kha “ruotlawk” ti thupuia hmangin).

Chu a ruotlawkhai chu ieng angin lo suolin lo thanawin Pathien lo ngaisaknawhai sienkhawm, Pathien iengkim thawtheiin a ruotlawk an ni tlat leiin an sandamna a bothei chuong ta nawh (‘once save is always saved’) tiin huoi takin hi theology hi a khekpui tah a nih.

Anleh ieng leia Pathienin mi thenkhat a ruotlawka, thenkhat a ruotlawk naw am a na? tia zawna tamtak an in dawn chun. A dawnna hai laia tha em em chu, ‘Tu in am Pathien thilthaw chu hre suok thei a ta? Tu in am Pathien iengkim siemtu le neitu chu cho ngam a ta?” tiin a dawna.

“Nangteh ruotlawk I ni iengtinam in hriet a?” ti a zawna an pek nawk chun, ama ngei khawm a buoi hle a nih. “Who can question against the act of God?” ti’n a dawnkir thei hram a.

Hi hi lei tak hin a doctrine pahnina ‘Unconditional election’ chu huoi takin a khek suok pui nawk ta a nih. A umzie tak chu a san iengkhawm um lova Pathienin a nuompo a tlang dawka a nuom naw po a tlang nawh tina anih. Hi theology hi lovin dik te reng nisienla chu, Pathien ruotlawk a hin ei thangphak ve dim chu maw! Ei lo thangnaw a ni lem chun chu sandamna chu in hnem ding a um nawh. Ruotlawk pawlah ei thang a ni ruok chun chu ei sandamna chu ieng angin suolin, ama lo theinghil inlakhawm a bo chuong tanaw ding tina a ni chu.

johnwesley John Wesley inchuktirna

John Calvin tieng dittawk tum ei ta, John Wesley’n iengtinam John Calvin a theology a hung kala ti tieng hang sui nawk met ei tih. John Wesley ve thung chun, “Grace..it’s all about grace,” ti hi a hung uor ve ta em ema.

Ruotlawk theology chungchang ngat lem hin chu, “Ruotlawk hi a loin dik a ni chun, ei Pathien chu lunginsietna a sip Pathien nithei naw nia, hmangaina bo Pathien ning a tih,” tin a hung khek suok ve thung ta a nih. Mihriem suola an tluk chungchang ruoka hin chu, John Calvin leh indanglamna an nei taluo nawh. Mihriem hi selailetder a nih. A khata in sandam nawk thei talo, bo a nih ti chu a pawmve a. Nisienlakhawm, hieng hin a hril ve thung. “Mihriem hi thil pahnia siem a nia, nature le image. Suola an tluk khan an ‘image’ Pathien an angna takhai kha a sie vawng ta a, ana chu ‘nature’ (an taksa le penghai) ruok kha chu Pathien lunginsietna (Grace) lei choin a sie ve nawh,” ti’n an chuktir ve thung. Chu umzie chu mihriem kha taksa le thlaraua thi ve ve thei an ni lai zingin, lunginsietna, Pathien lunginsietna lei chovin an taksa ‘nature’hai kha a siein a thi ve nawh tina a nih.

‘Prevenient grace’ lunginsietna hmahruoi (forerunner) ti hi a hung hmang uor nawk ta em em a. Chu inchuktirna chu hi hi a nih. Hi ‘prevenient grace’ hi mi po po, a chin a lien, a pasi hausa, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist le mi po po kuomah Thlarau Thienghlim in Pathien tak zawngnachang hre nawk thei dingin sin a thawa. Chu sin thawna ‘grace’ lei chun mi po po in Pathien an hung hriet nawk thei a nih. Prevenient grace chu sandamna a ni nawa, sandamna dinga Pathienin mihai lungril sunga sin a thaw a ni lem. Sandam I ni hma a, nangah sandam ngai I ni ti in hriettirtu kha Thlarau Thienghlim sinthaw mitin kuoma angkhat senga Pathienin a lunginsietna a pek chu a nih. Chu tak chu ‘prevenient grace’ a ti chu a nih.

Hi thu hin ‘predestination’ ruotlawk Calvin in an chuktir kha a hung kal ta hmak a nih. Chu Pathien thlarau sinthaw mihriemin a lo dawng chu zawma Isu Krista tieng a suolhai sima a kir phat chun, Pathienin a lo ngaidam a, a nauah a lovin buk ta lem hlak a nih. Sandamna hi mi po po ta ding a nia, amiruokchu a ring taphawthai ta ding cho a nih ti an chuktir ve ta a nih. Chu sandama umhai chun an sandamna chu hun tawkah an ngai nawa, Pathien ang tumna (Christ likeness) anniah a hung pienga, chu thienghlimna nun chu hraw an tum ta lem hlak.

Amiruokchu, mihriemin ama dittlangna ngeiin Pathien angsunga inthawkin ama le ama a fe hmangthei ti hi an chuktir ve nawk thung. Sandamna a bothei ti chie naw sienkhawm, mani ditlangna leia Pathien ang sunga inthawka fe hmang thei a nizie hi a hril ve thung ta anih. Nisienlakhawm, hi an chuktir lai zinghin hi hi a hril ve thung. Chuonga mi a nuom thu ngeia Pathien ang sunga inthawka a fe hmang khawm nisien, insira, a suolhai sima Isu Krista a hung bel nawk chun, Pathien chu lunginsietna a sip ani leiin ngaidam ngei ning a tih, tiin a hril nawk thung.

John Calvin in sandamna a bo thei ta nawh a ti nasan le John Wesley inchuktir dan hi a dang rum rum khawpel. Calvin khan ruotlawk hai ta ding chun iengpo khawm lo thawhai sienla ruotlawk an ni leiin an sandamna a bothei ta nawh a tia; John Wesley ruok chun ruotlawk an um nawa, a ringnuom taphawthai tading a nih. Chu sandamna chu mihriemin ama dittlangna ngeiin Pathien angsunga inthawkin ama le ama a fe hmang theia ana chu Pathien lunginsietna a zau em leiin insira a hung kir a ni phawt chun Pathienin lo ngaidam nawk em em a tih ti an chuktir dan chu a nih.

Thu kharna

Awleh ei hang tarlang po a khin, thil fe dan chu ei hriet met chu ring a um tah. Abik takin eini North East context a ding chun, sandamna a bo thei ta nawh ti nekin a bo thei ti tieng hin inchuktir lem ta in la tha ngawt dingin ka ring. Ei Kristien nun hi hang en inla, Kristienhai ei umna naah suol a raptlaka, inthatna, fakrukna, uiretna, fornication le suol chitinrenghai hi maksan phal lovin a hnawtin ei hnawt lem tah a hoia.

Hienga Pathien sandamna olsam taluoa ei lak nasan ni dinga ka ring pakhat chu ‘Sandamna a bo thei ta nawh’ ei ti lei hi nita dingin ka ring. Wesley bawkin hieng hin a lo hrila, ‘Kristien I ni chun tum (goal) I nei ding a nih. Iem a na I thil tum?’ Ama in a lo tum chu, Isu Krista anga thienghlimna nun hrawve ngei kha a goal a nih. Pathien nauhai ei ni ta si chun, ei thiltum ding chu ‘Christ likeness’ Isu Krista ang ni tumna a nih; a thilthaw thei na ka ti nawa, a thienghlimna lem kha a nih. Sandamna a bothei ta nawh ti lei ela Bible tiem talova, tawngtai khawm tawngtai talova um ding a ni nawh. Piengthar tak tak eini chun, ei nunah danglamna um ngei a ta, thienghlimna nun hraw tum ngei bawk ei tih. Eini-ah Pathienthu tiem chaknahai, tawngtai nuomnahai, inpakna hlasak nuomna hai a um si nawa, piengthar ka nih eiin ti si chun eiin entha nawk hle ngai a tih. Sandamna inhrechieng tak tak a ni chun Pathienthu chakna leh ama ah hmuthei khawp danglamna a um ngei ding a nih. Sandamna a bothei tanawh tia luongmuong deua ei um lai hin Pathien sandamna ei lo chang naw khawm a ni el thei a nih aw! Annawleh, Wesley in a hril angin Pathien ring pei talovin ei ni dittlangna ngeiin Pathien angsunga inthawka lo suok hmang ve am ei ni tah? Chuong ei lo ni khawmin Pathien lunginsietna azau em leiin iengtiklaikhawm ama kuom tieng insira ei kir a ni phot chun a mi lo ngaidam ngei ding a nih. Pathien Thlarau thuoia umhai po chu Pathien nauhai an ni si a. Lalpan malsawm raw se. Amen.

human_animal By L.Keivom*, Inpui Columnist

Ka pi kha ka pu a lo ni reng alawm!’

-Tuoi (hming hril awi lo)

‘Khawnvar’ magazine

July 25, 2010 Pathienni Hmar Christian Fellowship, Delhi chawibiek inkhawmah ka thrung fel chauh tiin ka kawpi ding ‘Khawnvar’ magazine an mi hung pek a. Hi magazine lak man hi Saudi Arabia-a ka um lai 1980 khan kum 2014 chena ding ka pek lawk a, a pe lawk sei taka rikawt ka la ni nghe nghein ka hriet. Hi lekha ka ziek lai hin kum 31 zet a lo ni taa chu rikawt koltuhai hi an fel hle ning a ta, address voi tam ka thlak hnung khomin ka umna taphotah chatlak loin an mi la thon char char a nih. Ni tin chanchinbu ‘Sikni Eng’ le hi magazine hi a zawna chanchinbu ka lak zom sawt tak a la nih. Hmar tronga chanchin bu tam tak hi chu a man ka pek lawk hnung ela luhaia tluk thut an chìng a, thaw naw chî tak a nih. Chu thila hmathruoitu chu ‘Inchuklai Nun’ kha niin ka hriet. An vui liem song am an ta ding, thrangtharhai lai khom hin a hming hre lo an kat nok tah ka ring.

Ka ‘Khawnvar’ magazine dong nuhnung tak hi May 2010 suok, a kawma nupui 12 ruol, Shillong-a NEICC Inkhawmpuia thranghai thlalak nal tak chuongna a nih. An inchei dana inthokin suongsama khawsakna khawvel, hrâm bul le insuol nun fe khel tah an ni vong hmel khop el. Kum za liem taa Senvon tlanga Watkin Roberts hung laia nupui ruol thlalak lo um pal sien, chu le chun târ kop inla, hi thla suoka a magazine thupui, ‘I ram hung tlung raw se’ (Mar 6:10) ti chu, taksa hmasawnna tienga inkhi chun, a tlung dèr tah ti inla, ei uor ni kher naw nih. An thlalaknaa inlang khom râp in, inhna trawp kienga an dang khum ni ta loin pakka bilding mawi tak, New York khawpuia khom inthrut inla inzapui um lo dinga fai a ni tah.

Nau a pieng

Ka hang phèt a, Editorial zoa phek thumna Field Report-a chuong hmasa tak thupui chu, Bethlehem phula berampuhai kuoma angel tlangsam dungthulin, “Joshua Rochunga Pudaite a pieng tah” ti a nih. A thu chu hieng ang hin an ziek a: “April 24, 2010, 1:30pm lai khan saprama an um laiin Rev. John L. Pudaite le Ramhmingmawi hai chun naupasalte ditumtak el an nei a. A hminga chun ‘Joshua Rochunga Pudaite’ an sak a. A rikzie chu kg 3 le grm 120 a nih. An lawm hle. A piengni hin an ri thei popo vuok rîka, a hrie phak taphothai kuomah puongdar an nuom a. Tûchal lawmumtak el an neinaah Pathien kuoma lawmthu lo hrilpui seng dingin tiemtuhai popo an mi fiel nghal a nih” tiin.

Lawmpui an um èm ém vei leh, ka zuk tiem zo chu ka nui a’n za, ka lung an suksen bok. A ripawt ziektu le insuotu hi hmu inla, Peter ang khan kei Lungtraupa hin kawlhnam chawi ni lang, a nakawr chauh sat thla loin, a ring ka fik hiel ka ring. Hi ka hril po hi tiem ta a, ka hril umzie a man naw ei la um chun, eini rawi mizie hrim a ni leiin, inthlahrung ding a ni nawh. Hi ripawt hi tiema lungsen nachang hre lo deuh vong ei ni el thei. Chu chu kum za kristien ei nina ei lawm hiel taa chu ei ngaituona hi ramsa le insika intâl zing a la nizie hrilfietu a nih. Kum za liem ta le hrilkhi chun hrietna tam tak khawl khawmin chu tieng chun a let tamin ei inthrang tah. Amiruokchu, lungril mit varna nei ei tlawm deu deu amanih aw! ti dingin a um. A poi khop el.

Hrietna le varna (Intelligence & intellect)

Hi hin san a nei a, chu chu ei thu mu ei khè hmain hang hril sap met ei tih. Hrietna (intelligence) hi puo tienga inthoka chanchin (information) le thil um dan ei lak khawm a nih. Sikul, college, university textbooks, zirtirtu, lekhabu le chanchinbu hrang hrang hai chu ei thu lak khawmna hnârpui tak a nih. Hrietna sukpungna dinga thu ei lak khawm hi Saptrong chun intelligence collection an tih. Sienkhom thil hriet rawn ringot hin nachâng hrietna a siem si naw chun mihriem a sukvar chuong nawh. Futbawl inkhel dan chi hrang hrang a thuin hre ringot la khom a taka i pêt thiem si naw chun sawtpui naw ti nih.

I thil hriethai kha ngaituona inril hmang a, thil um san le a um nawna san indon a, mi hril nazong pom loa mani ngeia lungril taka zong suok tuma i thrang pha leh i ngaituona le lungril hmang dan hung hrieng i ta, i hmang rawn po leh nachâng i hrietna hung pung a ta, kha hmaa ngaituo mang loa i lo pom zam mei mei hlak hai kha pom zam nuom ta loin fel lem le indik lema thlak le sie nuomna hung nei i ta, nangmaah inthlakthleng nuomna lungril hung pungin, chu chun siemtharna nunah thruoi lut a ti che a, damten i mit tuomtu mawlna phuhlip thuo tam chu hung inkhek thla pei a ta, a hung inkhek thlak rawn po leh i sungril mit hung var deu deu a ta, chu chun i taksa mit khom hung el var a tih. Chu chu a nih Isu ngeiin, “Taksa khawnvar chu mit a nih. I mit a thra chun i taksa pumin var suok a tih. I mit a thra naw ruok chun i pumin inthim a tih. I sunga var chu thim a ni chun, chu thim chu a va sà awm de aw!” tia a lo hril khah. Chu chu thlarau rama lem chu a ni zuol. Hmu thei lo an hmu leia tuor fan fantu Mosie le ringnaa mihrang tam tak lo liem tah hai kha lungril le thlaraua mitvarna nei an nih.

Ka hril nuom tak chu hrietna (intelligence) le lungril varna (intellect) inlaichinna le indanglamna a nih. Mihriemin hrietna khawl khawmna dingin hun le sum le pai ei seng rawn a, hming khela taitlil sei fe fe bel thei tah khom ei tam ta hle. Sienkhom var phanaa hmang, hrietna ei khon khawmhai hlawk taka sor thei chu mi tlawmte chauh ei ni el thei. In ropui tak bawl theina khop hmangruo ei khawl khawm thei. Sienkhom, ei châk lakhai kha a hmang dan ei hriet naw amanih ei thiem si naw chun ei trangkaipui thei nawh. Chuong ang char chun, hrietna ei khawl khawmhai hi ni tin nuna ei khawsaknaah hmang dan ei hriet naw amanih, hmang nachâng ei hriet si naw chun, Sura pelte lo tum an hril angin, umzie a nei nawh.

Computer-a hin a thaw thei ding chin a siemtuhaiin prokram an thun treuh sa a nih. Hmang dan i hriet naw chun rûla raw nei ang chauh ning i tih. Entirnan, computer-a chun mei kang threl dan ding iengkim a um vong thei. Amiruokchu, ama ringotin a thok thei naw leiin inah mei a suok khan threlh dingin ‘command’ pe naw ni a, a computer pumin kang se vong lem a tih. A hmangtu le hmang thiem an um a ngai. Chu el khom chu ni loin, a hmaa meikang threlna dinga prokram an lo thun kha a thra tawk naw chun a neka trangkai lem le hmang olsam lem ngaituoa an duong suok a ngai. Chu ding chun thluok, ngaituona le lungvar hmang a ngai. Hrietna (intelligence) ei khawl khawm treuh hi trangkai taka hmang dan ei thiem si naw chun ieng tina khom a ni nawh. Chuong ang hmangchang hrietna chu a nih intellect an ti chuh.


A bebawmah ei cham sawt ta bok a, ei thupuiah lut zai rêl tang ei tih. Ieng leia hi artikul hi ka ziek am a na? Insuosamna rapthlak tak a um lei a nih. Chu chu a suosamtu le suosama umhai khomin an hriet naw el thei. Varna (wisdom) le var (light), thil suol thaw (committing sin) le thil thaw suol (committing mistake/blunder) le khuo (village) le vêng (ward, leikai) indanglamna khom hre loa gospel centenary hmang phak hiel tah le BA chen MIL nei phak tah hiel eini leiin, ei lo hriet naw a ni khomin ngaidamna bawma thlak a thra tak.

Ei thu inbùrna ding chu “Tûchal lawmumtak el an neinaah Pathien kuoma lawmthu lo hrilpui seng dingin tiemtuhai popo an mi fiel nghal a nih” ti hi a nih. A sentence kalhmang indik lo chu a ní nì ni sien, hi sentence-a hin ngaidamna bawma thlak thei lo thil, ngaidam tawpa khom siel le salam bek inchawitir ngei ngeina chi pahnih a um a. Hi ripawta hin Rev. John L.Pudaite le Ramhminglawmin nau pasal an nei thu a ziek phot a. Hi ei sentence bi lai a hung tlung hin kha nau pasal an nei kha an nau ni ta loin an ‘tu’-ah a hung inchangtir phot a. ‘Khawbung a la ti ta deuh deuh’ ti ang khan, chu an ‘tu’ chu mihriem ni loin rannung-ah a hung inchangtir nawk pei a nih. Chu pahnih thawna dinga a trongkam hmang chu “tûchal” ti a nih. Chu umzie chu John le a nuhmeiin tû an nei a, chu chu a chal a nih, tina a nih. “Chal” amanih “Pui” ti hih gender hrilnaa hmang pha mihriemah hmang a ni ngai nawh; rannunga chauh ei hmang hlak. Mihriem le inzoma ‘chal’ ti hmangna a um a ni khomin ramsa leh a mizie hrilkhinaa hmang chang, entirnan ‘insuk-chalngeng’ tia dam chauh hmang a ni hlak.

Trong amanih lekha ziek hi fimkhur lo chun hriet dêr loa leichawina tham hril thei a nih. A chunga ei hril khom hi chuong ang char chu a nih. Court-ah Defamation Case thaw inla, hang intal suokna chi a naw hrim hrim. Entirna pakhat hang la vak inla. Ei Baibul hmang lai, ei suong êm êma chun Sam 42:1-2 chu

Sakhi vadungte tui châka an thuok hlop hlop angin,

Aw Pathien ka hringna hi nangma châkin an thuok hlop hlop a nih.

Ka hringna hi Pathien châkin,

Pathien hring châkin a dangchar a nih

tiin an inlet a. Ngaituona hmanga ei hang tiem chu pangzat a umin sikhlim a puor sung sung thei a nih. Zaa za deuthaw ruok chun mak tina khom ei nei nawh. Hi châng anga châng hur hi Baibula hin a um ka ring nawh. A san iem? ‘Châk’ ti hih mihriem le mihriem amanih Pathien le a angpui mihriem inkara hmang chun hurna leia inchâk tieng a kawk a, trong mawi naw tawpkhawk a nih. Sakhi amanih mihriem khomin vadung tui dawn a châk chu a ni ding hrim a nih. Amiruokchu, sakhi khomin sakhi dang a châk chun a hurna a suok tina a nih. Chuong chu ni siin ieng leia ei la hmang zing? Delhi Version Baibula ruok chu pangzatuma kan ngai leiin hmang a ni ta nawh. Makti zawnga la nuom an um khomin anni nuom thuah sie inla, Hmar trong inthrang dan le danglam sawt dana Doctorate Degree (PhD) la nuom dam an um chun ei Baibul hmasahai le Delhi Version kar hang inhlat tak dan ringot hi kong hrang hrangin sui hai sien, doctorate degree tam tak hmu theina a nih.

Ieng leia hienga trong ei hmang suol, ei hmang suol a nih ti khom ei hriet thei der naw am ning a ta? Ei ngaituona mit inthim lei dam, ngaituona ei hmang pei naw lei dam, thu le hlaa ei inhnuoi lei dam, ei trong ei ngaitha lei dam, ei ngaituona le ei hril suokna trongkam inmil le inmil lo ei ngaituo ngai naw lei dam, ngun taka thil bi loa ei namnul mei mei lei dam, inlusukna thlarauin a mi man lei dam le thil dang dang a ni thei. A tlangpuiin ei thu ziekhai hi ei hang chìk a, sei fe fe ei zieka khom hin thupui fùn hmu ding a vang thei hle. A thren lem hi chu bufùn threta hang thret a, a tuomna ei hang sùt meuh chun êk thring le bu thring fûn khawm mei mei dam a lo ni nuom khop el. Ziektu tam takin ei vêng tak chu thu khêl amanih thu bèl tlak lo ziek sa palh inlauna ni loin, mi mitmei vengna, hienga ka ziek chun iengtin am an mi ngai ding ti ringot a nih. Mani awm thusuok ei ziek ve sunhai khom hi fak tling a tlawm. A san bulpui tak nia ka hriet chu lekha ei tiem tlawm lei le ei tiem ve sun khom ngaituona ril hmanga ei tiem naw lei a nih.

Tu laia ei satpui rak chu thu le hla sukhmasawn dan chungchang a nih. Chu le inzoma thu ziek khom ei tam tah. Literechar sukhausak ei nuom thu hril siin, ziektu a tam lem buoina chu A AW B hawrop a ni dan anga hmang le hmang naw thu mei mei a nih. Ei A AW B hmanga ei trong ei ziek hi ei A AW B hmang thiem lo ruolin kha hmaa an lo ziek dan ang kher khera ziek dinga ngai pawl an um tlat leiin ei thu le hla indar hle angin a um a, sienkhom literechar umzie ei hriet chieng naw leia ei thu indar anga ei ngai mei mei a nih. Ei ziekna hawrop hi literechara ngai pawl an um a, chuonghai chun ei literechar intranna chu hawrop ei nei hnung ni dingin an ngai bok. Zieka ei trong ei sie lut hma khom khan thu le hla tam tak ei lo nei ta a, hawrop ei nei hnunga ei literechar hung intran chauh anga ngai pawl hin literechar umzie ei hriet naw lei a nih. Ei pi le puhai khan ziek le tiem theina hawrop nei si loin trong mawi tak ser suokin, thu le hla mawi tak tak an lo phuok bok a. Eini rawi, B.A M.A inti, thu le hla invoia inhril ruolin ei thiem ta naw el hi inngaisiet a um khop el. ‘Tuchal’ khom dit tawk loin, ‘tunu’ hrilnaah ‘tupui’ dam mi la tipek an tih ti tuin am a hril thei?

Hieng thil ka hung tar lang lei hin, “Keivom chu a pen hmawr a ngei taluo” ti pawl um rêk mei ei tih. A thren ruok chun ‘pen hmawr’ ti loin ‘pen hmur’ ti lem mei an tih. A ieng lem lem khom hmang inla, indik dingin ka ring. A hmasa hi Lusei trong thlek a na, a nuhnung hi Hmar trong thlek a nih. A nuhnung thrat lemnaa ka ngai chu tekhina trongkam pahnih, pen+hmùr inkop, ziekfung (pen) hmangruo chu thu ei hrilna bau (hmùr) anga hmang a ni thu a kawk sa lei a nih. Hieng ang trong mal, inhnai èm êma inlang, ei hmang inthlak hlak, sienkhom inang chie lo hi a tam. Chuonghai chu trong hung inthrang tung pei dungzuiin a hmangna bik ding ei hung thre fel hlak. Entirnan, Delhi Version kan inlet hlim chun ‘chanve’ ti le ‘chenve’ ti hih kan hmang pol nuoi a. Sienkhom kan hang bi chieng hnungin, ‘chanve’ ti hi Lusei tronga an lo hmang dan a nia chu Hmar trong hmangtu tam takin an hmang ve tah leiin a pahnia hmang ve ve a, a umzie thlier hran chu thra dingin kan ring a. Chuleiin, chan amanih mawphurna insem thilah ‘chanve’ ti hih kan hmang a, thil inkhina (measurement)-ah ‘chenve’ ti hih kan hmang thung a nih.

Ka zuk hril nuom tak chu, Keivom pen hmùr a ngei ni loin thudik hmùr a nih a ngei chuh. Keivom-in a ziek huoi lei ni loin thudik chu a huoi leia thu indika a hriethai ziekin a puong suok ngam chauh a ni lem. Keivom chu a var nawh, sienkhom mi varhai thu a hriet phak ve hai chu tri lo le zâm loin a khekpui ngam. Keivom-in tû khom a theida naw a, sienkhom lemderna le amaa indik lona le khawtlanga indik lona a hmuhai chu a ngai thei naw a, hnè le sukbo tumin a do ngat ngat hlak. Keivom chun mihriem ni si ramsaa inchang hi a ngai thei nawh. Ramsa lungril put mihriem chu Pathien angpuia siem a nina tieng pan dinga kawkhmu le thruoi chu Pathien lunginsietna zâr chaua hring le chàng theia um Keivom thil tum a ni rop a, ni pei zing a tih. Chu thawna ding chun Siemtu mitmei chauh naw chu tû mitmei khom a veng nawh. Keivom chu Keivom a nih.

*Hi artikul hi nau pasal lawmum tak Joshua Rochunga Pudaite hringtu Rev. John L.Pudaite le kan tunu Ramhminglawm le Joshua pi Lalrimawi le a pu Rev. Rochunga Pudaite hai lawmpuina dingin ka’n hlan. (Delhi July 30, 2010)

HMARKHAWLIEN: Mahur, Assam Rifles Camp, Dimasa Hasao District (a hmaa N.C.Hills ti hlak) a um ni dinga ringaum Captain Adhinak le a rawi han July 27, 2010 ni khan Muollien khuo, Dimasa Hasao District, Assam-ah dap pui an thaw a, hi k huoa HPC (D) cadre pahni lo um hai laia Vanlalnghak an man a, Chala chu a tlan hmang h man a. Muollien khuoa nuh mei pawl chun sansuok tumin HPC(D) a ni naw h tiin an \hang a.

Sienkhawn,Vanlalnghak hin HPC (D) ani thu an puong a. Assam Rifles hai chun khel in hril tia lungsenin Muollien khuo a pasalhai chu an vuok hrep tawl.

Chun, Vanlalnghak hin an silaimu siena a hrildaw kleiin silaim u ipte khat an man. Silaimu an siena h uon neitu Bawrawarkap Val Upa Jeho va Lalzarzo chu Assam Rifles han mana
nasataka an vuo k leiin a nuhmei Lalremruot in a va san leh Assam Rifles han an lo vuok ve a, a hliem baka a Sera thisen a p ut leiin Pailapool, Cachar District, Assam a Pailap ool
Hospital panpui le enkawl mek a nih. Mrs Lalremruot hi nau thla 3/4 mi pai lai a nih. Assam Rifles han an man Vanlalng hak le Jehova Lalzarzo hai hi an umna le an siena hriet a
la ni nawh tiin a hmuna va fe a, hi thil tlung va en kaitu Pu L . Thanmawia Pajamte of Hmark hawlien chun report a hung pek.

Assam Rifles hai chun Dimasa Hasao D istrict sunga M u o ltlu o ng khuo a in thaw ka Jinam Ghat chena um Hmar han in la tuor nasa d ing a nih, tiin mipuihai kuoma an hril.

Hmasawnna Thar

Mizoram Champhai khaw kawla Lungdai khuoah kum 1886-in a pieng a. Naupang chikte a ni laiin Senvon-ah an inpèm a. Kum 1914-in Kristien sakhuoah inpe-in, 1915-in R.Dala kutah baptisma a chang a. Kristien a hung ni hnung chun lekha a’n chûk a, Lower Primary (Pawl hnih) a tling a. 1916-in H.K.Dohnun dawrah dawrkai sin a thaw a. Chu kum
vek chun Sihphir khuoa Krismas an hmang laiin a piengthar a, sandam inhriet chiengna a nei hnung chun a sumdawngna sin chu maksanin ama sumin tirko sin kum hnih a’n chûk a.

A hung zo chun rongbawlna ding zongin a’n zin suok a. Manipur Rangte biela Lailong an ti hmuna chun umhmun khuorin 1920-a inthokin kum kuo zet tirko sin thawin a um a. Kum 1939-a Pastora namnghet a ni hnungin Tinsuongah Pastor sin thawin a um a. Chu hnung chun Senvon bielah kum ruk a thaw nawk hnung kum 1954-in Senvonah a lut nawk a. Chu taka chun kum 14 a um. Kum 1963-in thla tin cheng sawm hlaw dingin a pension. 1968 kumin Lakhipur khuoah a naupa belin a um a, tar tak a ni hnung chenin Pathien rong a la bawl zui pei. A rongbawl sunga a kuta baptisma chang po po chu mi 2315 an na, nupa tuok 237 a kutah an insui bok.

Pastor Thangler hi Hmar hla chawidingtu le sukhmasawntu laia a hming hmai ngai lo ding chu a nih. A thlarau mitmeng a fel leiin Pathien thuruk inthup mawi tak tak hai chu a hmu chieng a, chuonghai chu topui el thei loin hla ropui takin a hung puok dar hlak a nih.

1922 kum tawp tieng, Lailong khuoa rong a bawl laiin Senvon khuoa a farnu Rohnun chu vangduoi thlak takin nau chungah a thi a. Chu thu a hriet chun a beidongin a khuo a sawt èm ém a. Nau puok pumin Biek in tlangah a fe a, Biek in chu a hêl a hèl a. Chuonga khawsawt taka a um lai chun, Pathien thlamuongna ropui tak chu changin, Pathienah chauh lawmna kum hlun a um ti chu a hung hriet thar ta uor uor el a. Chuong chun hi hla, “Rinna thla zar ila, Kalvari mual lam va fang ila’ ti hi mitthli far zoi zoiin Lusei
tongin a hung sak suok tah a nih.

Lailong (Rangte biel)-a a rong a bawl laiin hla a phuok tan a, hi hmuna a um lai hin inkhawmpui an nei a. A tumtiek tuk chun ringnaa a’n thloppuihaiin ramthima ama khat chaua hma dom dinga an hang maksan nawk el chu a ngai tawl a, “Aw ka unau dittak hai, Ei in thre naw thei naw maw!” tiin hi hla hi a phuok hiel a nih. A rongbawlna nunah, khawsawtna, lungphangna, kalna le hnawchêpna mi dangin an tuok ang bokin a tuok nasa hle a. Mission buoiin a hung nangching a, chuong hun lai chun a biel fangnaah sorkarin an man a. Sienkhom Pathien ringsana kal chawi pei a tumna chu a sukbahla chuong nawh.

(“Thûkna Ropui” lekhabua Pu HK Kawllienthang thuziek ‘Mihrang Pasalthahai’-a inthoka lâksawng a nih. – Editor)

Also published on ‘Hrepuitu’ June 2010 Issue, Delhi Hmar Christian Fellowship chanchinbu.

hmar_langauge_seminar Aizawl: A ‘Seminar on Hmar Language’ will be held in Aizawl on August 5, 2010, Hmar Students’ Association’s  Aizawl Jt Hqrs which is organising the programme said in a statement, reports Mizoramexpress.

“For this we have booked the I&PR Conference Hall at Treasury Square,” HSA officials said.

The seminar papers will highlight several styles of writing in Hmar which may eventually be to be taught at the primary level in schools coming under Sinlung Hills Development Council.

It may be noted that Mizoram government in a peace settlement with the Hmar People’s Convention in 1994 had permitted the teaching of  Hmar vernacular language at the primary level.

The seminar will also deliberate on the setting up of Mizoram chapter of Hmar Literature Society.

Programme Details is given below:-

“Seminar on Hmar Language”

A HMUN         : I & PR Conference Hall
Treasury Square, Aizawl
A NI               : 5th August 2010
A HUN            : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm

Pathien le Hnam hmingin ditsakna chibai kan buk che. Mizoram Sawrkar le HPC Inremna (MoS) 1994, 5.1 a Primary Level a Hmar Medium of Instruction sukpuitling dinga SHDC in hma a lak mek naah mithiem hai rawn a tum mek a. Chulaizing chun Hmarawng ziek dan ah ngaidan/pawmdan inangnaw leia harsatna tamtak um mek hi HSA Jt Hqrs Aizawl chun mithiem hai fiel a an ngaidan lakkhawm nisien a  ti bawk a. Hi chungchang hi bawzuiin midang dang rawnin SHDC hotuhai le khawm hriltlangna nei a ni a. An ngaipawimaw thu le Seminar chen huoihawt ha an ti thu dawng a ni a.

Chulaizing chun, Sinlung Hills Development Council a inthawkin “Seminar on Hmar Language” huoihawt dinga ngenna Dt 15th July 2010 Letter No. B 11011/5/200- 2010/SHDC kan hmu angin Seminar hi HSA Aizawl Jt Hqrs chun hlawtling tak a nei a ni ngei theina dingin hma a lak nghal a.
Seminar hi SHDC in bultumin (Sponsor), Dt 5th August, 2010 (Ningani) hin I & PR Conference Hall, Treasury Square, Aizawl ah  nei nisien tiin ruohmanna a siem a. Seminar thupui ding chu a hnuoia hai hi a nih.

1. Primary Level a Hmar Medium of Instruction chungchang.
Mizoram Sawrkar le SHDC inremna (MoS) 1994,  5.1 a ziek a ni angin Hmar Medium of Instruction hi Primary Level chena hmang ding in pek ei nih a. Hihi chungchang a hin a hnuoia hung tarlang ang hin a ieng lem hi’m hmang inla a hnamin hlawkpui lem eita ti chu hril tlangna nei nisien.
(i) Hmar Medium of instruction hi lo hmang ta ang inla; Primary Level ah Hmar, Middle Level ah Mizo, High School Level ah English. Harsatna thuo thum fe thleng ngai hi naupang tadingin inchukna tienga tlakhnuoi pha na a ni lem el di’m?
(ii)English Medium a anin, Hmar le Mizo Vernacular lain inchukna tieng hmasawnna an tlun lem el di’m?

2. Hmar awng ziekdan chungchang
Tulai Hmar awng ziek dan chungchangah ngaidan/pawmdan inangnaw tak tak a um a. Hi lei hin Hmar awng ziek dan ah harsatna tamtak an tlun el bakah awng hmasawnna ding daltu lientak niin an lang a. Entirna’n: aiah Tr, AW aiah O hmangin tamtak chun an ziek mek a. Chulaizing chun Hmar awng hi School le College Level a chen inchuk mek a ni ta bawk a. Hihi chungchang a hin thuthlukna feltak siem dingin hi Seminar hi huoihawt ani bawk a nih.

3. Mizoram Hmar Literature Society indin chungchang
Mizoramah Hmar awngin hma a sawn pei theina dingin Hmar Literature Society, Mizoram indin hi a ha di’m ti hriltlangna nei ni bawk sienla.

Ei Hnam awng chungchanga harsatna suk kieng a um a, hmasawnna a um thei dan ding ngaituo a hi Seminar hi buotsai a ni leiin ngai pawimaw a hung hang ngei dingin kan ngen takzet che a nih.

Sd/-                                                                       Sd/-
Japhet Rochanglien                                       Lalhratlien
Secretary, HSA, Jt Hqrs. Aizawl              President, HSA, Jt Hqrs. Aizawl


A HMUN    : I & PR Conference Hall, Treasury Sq. Aizawl
A HUN       : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm (05.08.2010)

Hunser : Pastor David R Mihriemate

1st Session
Thupui:     Primary Level a Hmar Medium of Instruction chungchang.
Conductor : Pu Lalmalsawm Darngawn, Chairman, SHDC
Thupui Hawngna : Conductor
Paper Presentation: Upa (Dr) Lalsiemhnun, Principal, Saitual College
Thupui Hriltlangna: Invitees
Refreshment  Refreshment

2nd Session
Thupui :    1. Hmar awng ziekdan chungchang
2. Mizoram Hmar Literature Society indin chungchang

Conductor: Pu Lalthankunga Hmar, Adviser, HSA Aizawl Jt Hqrs
Thupui Hawngna/Presentation: Conductor
Thupui Hriltlangna: Invitees
Vote of Thanks: Pu Lalhratlien, President, HSA Jt Hqrs, Aizawl

Recording Secys 1. Pu Lalvarlien Puruolte
2. Pu Lalbieksang Varte
3. Mr Japhet Rochanglien
4. Ms H.Lalsiemmawi

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KEIVOM3 By L.Keivom, Inpui columnist.

July 18, 2010 Pathienni Hmar Christian Fellowship, Delhi (HCFD) chawhnung inkhawma Sande Sikul sabzek chu Rom 11 pum hlum a ni a, Upa Lalsiemlien Pulamte-in a thruoi a. Minit sawmli lai hril tlang theina hun a um leiin L.B.Tuolte, Rev. Maylawmthang Tuolor, Pastor Lalditsak Inbuon le kei kan ngir a. Kan thu inchuk kha thu tlangban pahnia inbât a ni a. Pakhat chu, ruot-lawk theulawzi (predestination theology) a ni a, a dang chu hlà-bâng theulawzi (remnant theology) a nih.

Hi bunga hin a hnam chanpui Judahai a tran luotin Paulan hril awm rak lo thu iemani zat a phu suok a. Kongkhat zawnga lak chun ngei khom a um khop el. Dawkan pakhat kuola inthrung tlang ni inla, pa thin inrang le lungturuk nei Jentel mi lo um palh sien chu Paula ngheiterepah dumade inleng chuoi khopin a ben nuom ring a um thu ka hril bakah, Paula kha hung tho nawk chu ni sien, hieng ang hin chu a ziek nawk ka ring naw thu ka hril bok a. Ngaithlatu, abikin upa tieng deuh kha a nuhmei a pasalin an meng phawk hlein ka hriet a. Paula ang boka Lungtraupa hi ka phungsor ve nia ngai pawl khom an lo um el thei. Sienkhom, ka phungsor nawh. Kum tam tak ka lo buon tah thu, a hmawr ka phor lang met chauh a nih. Chu chu sunzom dingin hi lekha hi ka ziek a nih.

Hnam le sakhuo tranna chokpol

Ka thu fepui chu: hnam bing tranna le hmakhuo ngaina lungril le sakhaw thil chokpol hi thil trium a nih. Chuonga miin hnam le sakhaw thil a khit kop tum phaa a thaw hmasa tak chu ‘Pathien hnam thlang’ ngirhmuna insie a ni hmasa zat zat. Mani hnam bing ta dinga thrahnemngaina lungrilin mi a pot hlèng pha chu thu lai zong thei a ni naw a, kawl le kienga mihai leh inremna dawkan kìl tlang a harsa hlak. Hnam khat le hnam khat, sungkuo le sungkuo, laibung le laibung, unau le unau lai chen khom chu lungril kholbing chun kâr a siem nghal el a nih. Israelhai chanchin ei tiem chun, an Pathien thruoina hnuoiah an lampui daltu hnam danghai a hmatiema an tukdol hnungin, an ram hluo dinga tiem Kanaan ram an hluo a, pahnam hnamin chu ram chu an insem dar vong a. An histawri ei sui pei chun hnam dang leh an indo an indo bakah anni hnam le hnam inkarah indona le insuotna a nasa hle a. Israel lal Jeroboam le Juda lal Abija an inbei trum lem chun Abija sipaihaiin Israel sipai thra nuoi nga top an that a nih (2 Kron.13:17).

Hnam tranna le hmakhuo ngaina le inzoma thil ei sui amanih hisap chun chu tieng gawla chun pet lut ngei ei tum a, ringvang thu khom taka inchangtir nuomna le tumna lungril a lien a, duthusam chen khom thlaraua hmu anga hril hlut thei a nih. Baibula lekhabu ei hmang 66-hai hi Pathien famkimin famkim lo mihriem kuoma hun hrang hranga a thu a puong suok, a dongtu nina inphu le a dawl tawka a pek, famkim loa a hriet, a thil dong chu a thiem ang tawpa mi dang hriet dinga a ziek thlak, chuonghai laia hmu theia um a thren lak khawm, a bua an siem a nih.

Baibula thu chuonghai hi Pathien thu, Pathien inthuok khumah ringtuhai chun ei ngai. Pathien inthuok khum a ni dan thua ngaidan ruok chu a khuongruol nawh. Hi trongkam hi Baibulah voi khat chie a chuong (2 Tim 3:16). Hi thu Paulan Timothe kuoma a ziek lai khan Thuthlung Thar ei ti hih a la pieng hman nawh. Isu thia inthoka kum 70 sungin Thuthlung Thar lekhabuhai hi ziek zo vong ni sien khom tuta ei Baibul hmang anga bu khata an hlu lutna dingin kum 400 vel veng vong a la lak a nih.

Pathien inthuok khum ti hih dannaranin pom dan chi thum a um: (1) Ngielngan taka inthuok khum (mechanical inspiration), Pathien bau suok, suol thei lo. (2) A ziektu a’n thuok khum (dynamic inspiration), Pathien Thlarauin a chengchil le sukhring, ziek dinga a kut le ngaituona a hmang. (3) A ziektu le a thuziekah Pathien thuhring um, Thlarau Thienghlimin a ziektu a thlang, a chengchil, ziek chak ding le ziek thei dinga a sukhring. A pakhatna hi Pathien thu inchuktirna (theology) le thil inkal a ni leiin tu lai chu pom a ni ta meu nawh. A pahnina le pathumna a ieng lem lem khom pom hi Pathien thu inchukna leh an inzawl lema ngai a ni tah. Chu taka thil hriet ding poimaw chu, a ziektuhai hi ieng anga fimkhur khom ni hai sien, famkim lo mihriem an ni tlat leiin suksuol palh an nei thei ti hi a nih. Chuong anga suksuol palh chu Baibula hin hmu ding a um nok a nih. Chun, mani thil invoi zawng zep sa hi thil um thei a ni a, chu laka chun zawlnei hai, Paula hai, Peter hai, Johan hai khom kha an fihlim bik nawh. Chu huonga chun Paula phungsor thu ei la hung hril pei ding khom hi a tla a nih.

Ruotlawk theulawzi

Hi thu hi Pathien thu laimu pakhat ni si, thu khir tak el, inselna tawp lo cho suoktu le thu hriet thiem harsa, a chika man chun thu olsam te ni angrenga inlang bok si a nih. A tawi zawngin, ruotlawk theulawzi chu, khawvel le thilsiem dang intran hmain thil la hung um ding po po Pathienin a hmu tlang vong a, a hriet fâi kèl a, a thlang lawk a, iengkim a ruot lawk vong bok a nih, ti hih a nih. Hi thua soisel hlaw tak chu, Pathienin mi fel le fel naw, mi thra le thra lo, suol le thra, sandam ding le ding naw a ruot lawk vong ti hi a nih. Chuong a ni chun, Pathienin thu lai a zong nawh tina ning a ta, chuong anga thlei le thlier bik nei Pathien chu lunginsietna le hmangainaa sip Pathien mizie ni thei naw ni a, chuleiin Pathien tak ni thei bok naw nih tia ngai pawl an um. Iengkim ruot lawk sa vong a ni a, thil thra ka thaw ka thaw naw, ka ring ka ring naw le ka um thrat le thrat nawin kongro a suk si naw chun ditthlangna ka neiin ieng am umzie a nei? Ka pieng hmaa ka chungthu iengkim ruot lawk sa vong a ni chun keimain ka chungthuah ieng leiin am maw ka phur ding? Mawphurtu chu a ruotlawktu a ni naw ding am a ni? Hieng zawnahai hi ngaituo tham vong le chu laka chieng a poimaw khop el.

Ruotlawk amanih thlanglawk thu hi pom dan tlangpui chi hnih a um. Pakhatna chu hrietlawknaa innghat (prescient or foreknowledge view) a nih. Pathien chu iengkima um le iengkim hretu a ni a, an sandamna dinga anni ditthlangna zalen taka hmanga Isu Kristaa ringna la hung innghat dinghai chu a hriet lawk leiin, chuong mihai chu leilung insieng hma khan Kristaah a lo thlang a, a ditzawng le tum dan ang takin Krista Isu zara a nau ni dingin hmangainain a lo ruot lawk a nih (Efesi 1:4-5) ti, Paulan a lo hril hi an thu inchuktir a nih. Hi hi evangelical group inti pawl pom dan a ni tlangpui.

Pahnina chu Augustin thlir dan (Augustinian view) an tih. Isu Kristaa ringna innghat dinghai chu Pathienin a thlang lawk el chauh khom ni loin chuonghai chun Krista an ring theina dingin ringna a pek seng ti hi an thu inchuktir chu a nih. Chu umzie chu, Pathienin mi a thlang kha a ringna ngirhmun a hriet hmasak leia innghat ni loin, a thlawna ama thu lei lieu lieua Pathien lunginsietna dong dinga a thlang a nih. Pathienin a sandam dinghai chu a thlang a, chuong a thlanghai chun iemani hunah Kristaah ringna an hung innghat hlak, Pathien thlang an ni tlat leiin, ti chu an thu inchuktir a nih.

Hieng ngaidan pahniin zawna a cho suok chu, tu am a na sandamna dinga ditthlangna fong cheltu- Pathien am mihriem?- ti hi a nih. A hmasaa a khaltu, driver thrungnaa thrung chu mihriem a na, a ditthlangna a’n lal a, chu a ditthlangna chu Pathienin a thlang ding le ding naw rêltu a nih. ‘Sakor chu tuikhurah i thruoi thei a, sienkhom tui i’n dawn luitir thei nawh’ ti thuvar ang khan, Isu Krista hmangin sandamna lampui chu Pathienin siem sien khom, chu sandamna chu mihriemin a chang theina dingin a ring phot a ngai. A ring nuom tlat naw chun Pathien khomin a thaw lui thei nawh. Chu chungthua thuneina insang tak cheltu chu mihriem a nih. Chu umzie chu, mihriemin Pathien thuneina a van chù thlàkpek tìna tluk a nih. Ditthlangna chalaitu chu mihriem a na, a ditthlangna ra lo namnghettu chu Pathien a ni chauh a nih.

Ngaidan pahninaa ruok hin chu driver thrungnaa inthrung chu Pathien a nih. Ama chun chunghnungtak a nina chu a nuom ang anga chelekin a sandam dinghai chu a thlang a, sandamna lampui chauh hongpek loin sandam dinga a thlanghai chu a sandam el a nih. Hi thlirna tukvera inthok hin chu Pathien, Iengkim Siemtu le Iengkim Lalpa chu a ninaah a sie thung a nih.

Sienkhom, Augustin ngaidan hi a fel fai vong chuong nawh. Hi ngaidan hin mihriema ditthlangna (free will) chu iengkhom loah a sie a nih. Pathienin a sandam dinghai a thlang chun, mihriemin a ring le ring nawin ieng kongro am a suk a? Chuong a ni si chun ieng leia ringna thu hi ei tlangsampui ding? Pathienin a nuom thua a sandam dinghai a thlang a ni chun, mihriemin ei thilthaw chungah ieng leiin maw ei phur ding?

Hieng zawnahai hi zawna poimaw tak tak vong a ni a, don ngei chi a ni bok. Paulan Rom 9-a Israelhai ngirhmun entirnaa hmanga a donna, Pathien thuneina a hril fie dan hi chik taka bi chi a nih. Hi thu hi Rom 8-a Pathien hmangaituhai, aman a ruot anga a kohai ta ding chun an thratna dingin a thawpek hlakzie dam, a hriet lawkhai chu a Naupa ang taka um dinga a ruot lawk dan dam le a ruot lawkhai chu ko a, a kohai chu thiem inchangtir a, thiem a’n changtirhai chu a chawimawi dan le chu Pathien hmangainaa inthok chun ieng khomin a thre thei naw ding thu a hrilna le inzoma a hril a nih. Bung 10 a hung tlung chun ami Israelhaiin an ring nuom nawna leia poi a tizie a hung hril pei a. Bung 11 a hung tlung zet chun a thil invoi zawng chu awm lo baksak khom dawn loin a hung sim thral bekan puokpui tah a nih.

Paula phungsor

Bung 11-a Paula phungsor san tak chu a sang tela Jentelhai kristiena an lut hum hum laia a mi Israelhaiin a trilsan truk truk a hmuin poi a ti a, a lung a sahal a. A mihai chun thutak an hmu thei nawna dinga inlusukna thlarau an chang thu dam, Jentelhai kuoma sandamna thu tlung chu Israelhaiin inhnar a, thîk a, an hung inlamlet theina ding a nizie a beisei thu a ziek el bakah Jentelhai laia tirko a ni thu le a rongbawlna sin a ngaihlut san chu, “ka chipuihai ka’n thiktir cheu a nih, a thren bek ka sandam theina dingin” (11:14) tiin a testimawni a hril a nih. Chu chauh chu ni loin, “Anni hnawla an umna hman khawvel hi Pathien le inremtirna a ni si chun, anni lawm lut nawkna chu thinaa inthoka hring nawkna a ni naw di’m a ni? (11:15) ti dam, “Oliv kau zar threnkhat a tliek leiin nangni oliv puopa chu oliv kungah zom in ni a, zung hrisel chu in intrawmpui ve tah a (11: 17) ti dam, “Kha hma khan Pathien thu in awi naw a, tu ruok hin chu annin an awi naw leiin a lunginsietna in dong tah” ti dam chen a ziek hiel a nih. Hieng thu hi ka tiem lai chun Paula kha Saula a la ni zing am a ni? ti zawna lungrilah a hung inlang naw thei nawh.

Paulan Jentelhai laia rong a bawl kha a ngaihlut san chu a hmangai tawl lei ni loin a mi Israelhai inthiktir a nuom lei a lo ni? Ni e, ama ngeiin a ziek tlat annawm. Israelhai hnawla an um leia Pathien le khawvel inkara inremna hi a hung tlung a ni? Chu chu Chatuon Pathien remruot dan ning a ti? Chuong chu a ni si chun, ama Paula ngeiin Efesi 1:4-5 ah “Thienghlim le soisel boa a hmaa ei um theina dingin leilung insieng hma khan Kristaah a mi lo thlang a. A ditzawng le tum dan ang takin Krista Isu zara a nau ni dingin hmangainain a mi lo ruot lawk bok a” tia a ziek hi ieng le keikop ding am ni tang a ta? Paula hi a phungsor el ni loin a trong invet deuh am a ni ding maw?

Tuta kum le thla le ni ei tiemna calendar ang chun, Jabbok vadunga Jakob kuoma ‘Israel’ hming pek (Gen.32:28) a ni kum kha B.C 1739 (KJV) vel a ni a, chu chu hi thu ka ziek lai hin kum 4749 a la ni phak chauh a nih. Israel hnama an hung insiemna lem chu a hnung daih a nih. Israelhaiin Isu Krista an hnawl hun lem chu A.D 30 vel a hung ni tah. Chu chu Paula trongkam, “anni hnawla an um” ti leh iengtin am hril kop ei ta? Israelhaiin an hnawl a ni, an naw leh Pathienin Israelhai a hnawl lem? ‘Hnawl’ trongkam hmang khom hi a’n dik ding am maw? Chu chu hlaa umhai thu ei hril, Remnant Theology leh an inmil thei ding? Israelhai hnawl an nia inthoka Jentelhai ta dinga sandamna lampui inhong chauh anga hril hi Eden huona thil tlung, Suol Bul (Original Sin) leh an inkal naw maw? Bethlehem phula berampuhai kuoma Isu hung pieng san, “mi tin ta ding chanchin thra” ti le khom khan an inkhuongruol naw deuh an naw maw? Paula phungsor le inzom hin zawna khir tak tak, hril fie ngai a’n tieng khup el a nih.

Histawri kalchawi dan ei en chun Kaisar Claudia hun AD 48-a Roman lalram sunga intiempui an nei khan Juda mi 6,744,000 an um a, tu hin 1,505,500 (2006) an ni a, 5,313,800 chu Israel ramah an um. Jentel mi tlukledingawn 7 vel ei ni phak ta a, anni chu an pung maw hle a nih. Roman Lalram huna khan a ram pumah 10% vel an ni a, khang hun laia mihai khan pung pangngaiin thla nei peihai sien, maktaduoi 200 bek ni phak tah ding awm an nih. An pung maw em leiin India hmarsak kila hlem theia an ngai eini rawi iemani zat zet khom an fen thlak ta a, chuong sa khom chun khawvelah 0.19% an ni phak trawk a nih. Jentel sorkar lien USA le a sangawi zawnpui Europe le hmun hrang hranga chenghai veng himna thla zar hnuoia thuok la thei mei mei an nih. Paula kha hung tho nawkin ngha vel sien, Rom 11 a ziek hi version tharin a thlak el tah thei a nih.

Ei hril nuom tak chu Pathien thu le hnam bing tranna chokpol triumzie a nih. Chu lungril chun mi a thruoi pha pha leh mani hnam invoina le tranghma ngaina le inmila Pathien thu thlekpui tumna a lien a, chu chun mi a thruoi hmang thei. Ei hnam trobul le Israel ram hril kop phêt tumtuhai hi chu chânga inawk chu an nih. Hnam thlang bika inngaina lungril hi khawvela thisen insuo rawntu laia pakhat a nih. Pathien hnam thlang bik le hnam chunghnung bika inngai Hitler le Pathien hnam thlanga insie tlat Judahai an hang inhmatuok zet khan chu, maktaduoi ruk neka tam hielin thina boruok rimsie an hip pha a ni khah. A reng reng thuin, Pathien thua lem chu, sertan le sertan lo ieng khom a danglamna um ta lona kros khel tieng rama um inti Paulan a hnam nina a la satpui rak el hi chu a fuk chie naw deuh a nih.

Eini rawi, 2010-a Gospel Centenary hmanghai khom hi ei inen fie met ngai a tih. A thren chun hi Centenary hi Hmar Gospel Centenary lo ti tawk khom ei um. ‘Chanchin Thra mansapui bangna’ tonlairang inbel chopin, chu zara chun malsawmna vochuom dong dinga inngai ei um a, ei sermon hai chenin chu thil chun a zem pher nuoi el a nih. A hnam thil zawnga lak ding a ni chun, Senvona Gospel hung intluntuhai lai khan Hmar hnama mi pakhat khom an um nawh. Misawnari hung pa kha Welsh mi, a hung thruoitu mi pahnihai kha Vaiphei hnama mi, an hung thruoina khuo kha Thado-Singson inlalna khuo le a hnunga tirko pathum hunghai le misawnari puitlinga hung hmasa tak hai lai khan Hmar mi pakhat khom an um nawh. Sienkhom, hnam bing ngaituona lungrilin Gospel a hlan a, ni hran sengah ngai sukthra fawm sengin ei hmang thrup el a nih.


Ruotlawk thu hi thu khirh, Pathien thu ril, Baibul inzirtirna thutak, iengkim chunga thuneitu, iengkim hmu tlangtu le hretu thu a nih ti hi pom hmasa phot inla. Khawvel um sung hi thua inselna hi a bo naw ding a na, hrietna le varnaa mihriem ei hung insang pei ruolin Pathien thu le a thil tum ei hung hmu fie deu deu a, ei hmu phak china ei hriet dan angin ei hung hril fie pei a. Kum tlingledingawn tam tak mihriem dam sien khom Pathien nina inthukzie, a hmangaina le lunginsietna hauzie, a felna felzie, a ropuina makzie, a’n rilna inrilzie, a varna inthukzie le a nina hrim hrim zaa sawm khom sui suok ngai naw nih.

Chu Pathien chun iengkim a hmu lawk a, a ruot lawk a, a chatuon remruotnaa chun tu khom a mamaw ngai nawh. Iengkim a thriengin a sie: thil inrem le inaihal; suol le thra; nuhmei le pasal; hringna le thina; lum le dei; mei le tui; thim le var; sun le zan; trapna le innuina; vangneina le vangduoina; hlawtlingna le hlawsamna; inhoi le rinum; hnuoi le van; khawmuol le tuipui; zo le phai le thil dang dang hril seng lo. Ieng leia chuong thilhai chu a siem am a na? ti chu hrietna le varna tienga mihriem ei hung hmasawn dan ang peiin ei la hung hriet suok pei ding a nih.

Chuong a thil siemhai laia danglam tak chu mihriem a siem hi a nih. Chu mihriem chu pila inthoka siem, hringna thuok inthuokkhuma a um leia mihring hung ni tah, thlarau nei le ditthlangna neia siem a ni thu hi Pathien thu ei inchuktir dan kalhmang chu a nih. Chuong Pathien remruot chu a thra tieng a zui leh a thra tieng, a se tieng a zui leh a se tieng a ra a sîk el a nih. Chu chu Eden huona thil tlunga khan chieng takin ei hmuh. A thra naw tieng an zui leiin a thra naw tiengin a zui el a nih. Isu Krista ring leia thiemchangna le chatuon hringna nei nuomtu chun Isu a ring a ngai a, a ring nuom nawtu chun ama ditthlangna lei bokin thiemnaw a chang ding a nih.

Paula chun, “Kristaa a lo ruot lawk ang taka ama ditzawng anga thaw a tum thuruk chu a mi’n hriettir a. Hun a kim phaa Kristaa hlen dinga a thil rêl lawk chu van le hnuoia thil iengkim hi lu pakhat, Krista hnuoia hui khawm vong a nih” (Efesi 1:9-10) tiin a lo hril a. A tawpa chun, ruot lawk po po tawpna chu, a thra a siein, Krista ei ring le ring nawah a’n nghat vong a nih. Chu chu van le hnuoi insieng hma, Adam le Evi um hma, Israel le Jentel pieng hmaa Pathien chatuon remruot sa a nih. Chuleiin Johan chun “Khawvel siem laia that tah Beramte” (13:8) tiin a lo ziek. Paula ngei khomin, “Leilung insieng hma khan Kristaah a mi lo thlang a” (Efesi 1:4) tiin a lo ziek a ni khah. Pathien ditzawng chu mi po po sandama an um le thutak an hriet chu a nih (1Tim.2:4).

(Delhi, July 24, 2010)

 lkeivomBy L.Keivom, Impui Columnist.

A thi chun Mosie chu kum 120 a ni ta a, sienkhom a mit a la chau naw a, a thâ khom a la chuoi bok nawh. Deut. 34:7

Kum a liem vut vut a, kum 71 ka lo suo ve dèr el tah. Sorkar ringkol ka hlipna khom kum 8 chuong hiel a lo ni hman ta bok. Ngaituona rama ka kum ruok chu a letlingin 17 ziek inla, an inzawl tawk el thei. Kan tleirawl suok laia ka ngaituonahai le sikula kan thu le hla inchukhai kha ka hung upat hnung hin a umzie ka hriet tran ding chauh a nih. Sikul ka kai ve lai huna khan chu kan inchuk lai bua thu inziek kha kan baihat mop a, a thu umzie tak ruok chu darthlalang triel le fie loa phe ruoia inhmu ang tluk khomin kan lo hmu chieng nawh ti a hnungin ka hriet suok chauh a nih. Lekha tiem dan ka’n chuk tran laia ka tranna chu kan ina kan lekhabu nei sun Lusei tronga mi Thuthlung Thara Chanchin Thra Johan 1, “A tirin Thu a awm, Thu chu Pathian hnenah a awm, Thu chu Pathian a ni” ti hi a nih. A hnungin Hmar trongin ka hung inchuk zui a, ui tol inlet tluka innalin ka baihat a, sienkhom a umzie tak ruok chu puitling ka ni hnungin ka hriet chauh a nih.

Chu chu zuk hril zara chun Pawlsawma kan hla inchuk pakhat, thra ka ti em em hlak chu Rudyard Kipling phuok ‘IF’ ti kha a nih. Mawi taka hawrop lien phuora puon zai var inhmia khawng puon (linen) chunga ngeia hi hla pum an ziek, Ireland-a siem, thlalak anga a kawm mawi taka siem, darthlalang an bel khum chu birthday lawmnain Vung & Zo (Hrangthangvung/Zolienmawi) hai nupain an mi pek a. Voi ieng zat amanih ka tiem suok nawk a, ka tiem zatin Pherzawl High School-a kan classroom-ah ngaituona thla zarin ka vuong lut a. Pawlsawm kan inchuk laia hi hla mawina le inrilna kan lo dai phak chin le tuta ka hang tiem nawka mawi le ropui ka ti dan hi a bukna um sien, zaa sawmkuo velin a rik lem tah ka ring chu tie! Hla khom a thu hre map loa a thluk le khuong ri ringot ei hlimpui lai hun a um kha tie! Tu laia ei thralaihai inruipui khom ei hla thu khom ni loin keyboard ri se siem a ni tak tah an naw’m a ni? Keyboard thrat naw leia Halelujah Chorus sak thrulh top khom ei bo nawh.

Naupang lai khan upat le puitling vat vat ei nuom a, ei hung upat hnung ruok chun naupang nawk ei nuom thung. Chu chu mihriem ngaituona fehmang a nih: nina ni nuom lo, ni nawna ni nuom. Hi lai thu sepna hi kum 36 liem tah, April 10, 1974 khan ‘Beiseina Khamhrui’ ti ka ziek a, ka thusep ziek lai chu tiem hlaw tak a la ni ka ring. Part-2 hi ziek dinga ka tina kum sawm chuong a ni ta a, tu chen hin ziek loin ka la um a, pamtrùl song khom inlau a um rum rum el tah. Hieng anga ziek dinga ka sie khawl thu hrang hrang, a ruongam khom ka duong tah, a thren chu ka ziek tran tah, sunzom loa um a dorzona intieng a um. A thren chu ei sie sawt pha a thlarauin a mi trinsan a, inhnikna a bo a, sukthar nawk ding chun a let tama thrang lak a ngai tah hlak. A thren ruok chu lungrila inkhang zing, ngaituonaa a’n khat tawka hung inlang zok a um bok a. Ei bawzui naw chun a liem hmang nawk dai a. A thren nawk ruok chu lungrila inchie zing, a sawt po leh thlum deu deu, thuin ziek suok naw inla khom a taka nuna inlâr suok, ni tin nun thruoitu a um bok. Ziek suok naw inla khom ei nungchang le khawsak dana inthokin miin an mi tiem hlak.

Piengcham hi nun sui kîrna hun remchang a ni ang bokin tum ram thlir lawkna le chu ram chu tlung theina dinga kal chawi dan ding inbuotsai hun a nih. Kum iemani zat liem taa inthoka ka thil invoi laia pakhat chu hnam dam khawsuokna thu a nih. Zo hnathlakhai hi hnama ei dam khawsuok ding chun lien lema ei insung khawm a trul makmaw ti hi hmu chiengtu laia pakhat ni vein kan ngai a. Chu insuikhawmna thu chu tlang insampui dingin Zoram Khawvel ti hminga siem lekhabu bu riet ka ziek ta a. Chu laia a bu lina lem chu hnama hung inder suok dan le insuikhawmna thu lieu lieu a nih. Chu lekhabu chu ram le hnam zalenna suol suok tuma ram rol pawl thruoitu threnkhat lem chun ‘Kan ramhnuoi baibul a nih” tiin an mi hril.

Insuikhawmna lampui hi sat ding chun ei renga ei inleng theina ding in bawl phot a ngai leiin ‘zoram khawvel’ ti trongkam hi ka ser a, chu chu lekhabu hmingah ka hung hmang zui nghal a. Hi trongkam ringot khom hin hmun hrang hranga cheng Zo hnathlakhai lai inunauna le inhnaina a siem a, ka trong ser thar po po lai chu ka la ser fuk tak el awm. ‘Zoram khawvel’ chun mihriem siem ramri (boundary) a nei naw a, kawlrawn (horizon) ruok chu a nei. Kawlrawn chu a khaw tieng tieng khom ei pan hlat po leh a’n son hla hret pei a, tawp a nei nawh. Chuong ang bok chun, zoram khawvel chun khawvel hmun tina cheng Zo hnathlakhai chengna hmun po po, an ngaituona le suongtuona khawvel po po le thi hnunga an khawvel chenin a huop vong a nih.

Zoram khawvel ei hril hi rambung khat, political boundary pakhat sunga um a ni nawh. A remchangna hmuna a tawpa rambung pakhata huikhawm chu a khawvel neituhai duthusam a nih. Chu duthusam sukpuitlingna ding chun kum ieng zat am a lak ding ti tu khom a hril thei ei um nawh. A taka a pieng ding chun thua a pieng hmasa phot a ngai. Chu thil ditna chu lungrilah a pieng phot ding a nih. Ram hrim hrim hi a pieng hmain lungril ramah paiin a um hmasa ngei ngei a nih. A taka rambung khata inhlawm hmain lungrila inhlawm hmasak phot a ngai. Chu chu Saptronga ‘emotional integration’ an ti hi a nih. Lungrila inhlawmna chu nunphung inangnain a thrui khawm hlak a, chu chu cultural integration ei ti hi a nih. Chu chu a tawi zawnga hril chun, a châr khawmtu chu thu le hla a nih. Chu ding chun trong tlanglawn, a tam lemin ei hriet lar nei a ngai a, ei nei naw a ni khomin indin suok a ngai. Zo hnathlakhai vangneina chu, trong tlanglawn (lingua franca) ni thei khop ngirhmuna Dulien-Lusei trong chu ‘Mizo tronga’ a hung inser suok hi a nih. Hi trong le Zo hnathlak hnam dang dang trong le ei kawl le kienga umhai trong le khawvel trong ti khopa hung insiem suok English le inzêl tung peia trong thar hung insiem pei chu ‘Zotrong’ ti la hung ning a ta, Saptrongin a zem hrat taluo ruok chun ‘Zo-lish’ ti pawl khom um bok mei an tih.

Chu lampui buotsaina dinga kum iemani zata inthoka ka lo ngaituo chu, khawvel hmun hrang hranga cheng Zo hnathlakhaiin boruok zai hmanga dawkan pakhat ei kil tlang theina ding website hong a nih. Chu website hminga ka lo duong lawk chu zoramkhawvel.com a ni a. Kum sawm vel liem taa ka lo phan chu a tak ngeia hung inchangin, July 15, 2010 zan khan Isu zirtir zat char mi fiel khawmin Delhi tlanga kan inah kan hong a. Chu taka thucha chu Hmar-Mizo-English a buotsai a ni a. Chu chun hi website thiltum hi a hril fie leiin ka hung zep a nih:

Zoramkhawvel.com message


Varna le thiemnain hma a sawn ang peiin khawvel indawr tuona hrui khom a ni têlin a hung intom a, chu ruol chun hmai intuoa indawr theina dawkan hluo seng lo a hung inhong pei a. Damsunga hriet suok zo ruol loa kan naupang laia kan ngai hlak kha tu hin chu boruok zai hmanga minit khat sunga hriet thei a lo ni tah. Boruok zai bok hmangin khawvel hmun hrang hranga chenghai khomin dawkan pakhat kuolin ei titi tlang thei tah. Chu dawkan bok chu kîlin khawvel hmun hrang hranga cheng Zo hnathlakhai khom ei titi tlang thei ta a, ei Zoram khawvel khom a ni têlin a hung inhnai zuol deu deu pei a nih.

Chu inhnai zuol peina ding sirbi poimawa ngai chu Zoram khawvela chenghai thu le hla zêng khata hlu lutna ding Zo Zêngpui siem a nih. Chu zênga chun Zotrong le Saptronga Zo hnathlakhai kutsuok thu le hla a tam thei ang tak hlu lut a, ei chanchin inchuk nuomtuhai ta dinga thu lakna hnarpui, Zo laibrari-a siem ei tum a nih. Zo hnathlak trong hrang hranga sut lekhabu, abikin Baibul le Diksawnari hai khom a remchang dan ang peiin hlu lut ning a ta; chun, ei hla phuokhai le sakhai khom a tam thei ang tak sie lut ni bok a tih. A tranna dingin, kum 1991-a Book of the Year ka dongna Zoram Khawvel-1 chu a thlawna mi tin tiem thei dingin lawm takin ka pek suok a nih. Lekhabu ziektu le hla rikawt siemtu tu khomin tlawmngaia Zo Zêngpuia sie ding an thu le hla hung pe ve dingin ka fiel zui nghal a nih.

Hi website siemnaa a kûl a tâia thrang Elim R. R. Hmar, Shillong le Lalmalsawm Sungte, Deccan Herald, Bangalore, Lalremlien Neitham, Delhi, Patrick Infimate, Bangalore, Nelson Varte, Associate Professor, Guwahati hai chungah abikin lawmthu tlampuiin ka bun a nih. Hi website kantu le hmangtu po po lai inunauna le inhriet tuona zuol pei sien, mi suikhawmtu hmangruo trangkai tak hung ni dingin ei Zo Bawmpui hi Pathienin malsawm raw se.

Hi website hi la zo fel lo a nia chu a kantuhaiin tiema an lak thlak (download) thei dingin Zoram Khawvel-1 bu le artikul pahnih, Mizo le Saptrong thun phot a ni a. Beisei ang hrimin, a tuk July 16, 2010 ringot khomin khawvel hmun hrang hranga khawsa mi 100 chuongin Zoram Khawvel-1 hi an download hman a, lawmthu hrilna thucha hong seng lo ti ding hiel khop a hung tlung zut zut bakah website hmun hrang hrangah an lo chai bok a nih.

Zoram Khawvel-1 hi Mizoram ka sir thu el khom ni lo, Zo hnathlakhai chanchin tawi kim taka suina le an khawvel hrang hrang hmelhmang histawrian mit hmanga bina a nih. Chun, eini rawi tiem nuom chi lekhabu ziek dan ding chi khat ensinna (experiment) a ni bok a. Eini rawi hi lekha tiem tieng ei tha a bo a, artikul sei deu hlek chu tiem suok ei huphur leiin mi tam takin ei tiem naw pha a, lekhabu sa deu lem chu tiem tinah ei tin naw top a ni tak el. Chun, parakraf sei deu chu ei tiem huphur nghal a, chu chun ei tiem phurna a sukbo. Chu chu hre zingin, Zoram Khawvel-1 hi a bunga thre loin thupui hrang hrang hnuoiah tawi tê tein ka thre a, thil dang thaw pum khoma thupui khat chu hang tiem zo el thei a nih. Book of the Year-1991 an mi peka an thuchei (citation) ziekah hi thu hi a thrang sa ve naw a, an hmu hmai khom a ni el thei. Chu naw khom chu hi lekhabua hin ro phum rûk tam tak a um a, chuonghai chu a tiemtuhai tiem chìk dan le chìk naw dan dungzuiin an hmu suok zat inang naw nih. Mani ngeia tiema zong suok chi a nih.

Kum 71 ral kai hnung khoma hma tieng pana kal chawi pei dinga hratna mi petu Pathien chu mit chau lo le thâ khom chuoi loa kum 120 zet Mosie thruoitu Pathien, zani le voisun le chatuon chena danglam ngai lo a ni leiin, a kuomah ropuina le chawimawina le ka lawm thu hi tlung raw se. Zo hnathlakhai hi hmun hrang hrangah inchek dar inla khom, Lalpa Pathien hi Pathiena neitu hnam ni a, a lakah ringum a, a dit dan anga ama rong ei bawl phot chun mi chawi sang pei a tih; phatsantu ei ni ruok chun mi’n phatsan veng a tih.

Khawvel hmun hrang hranga inthoka piengcham lawmpuina thu mi hung thontuhai po po le zoramkhawvel.com kantuhai po po kuomah lawmthu ka hril. In thratna chungah Lalpan a let tamin malsawmna vur cheu raw se.

(July 16, 2010 Delhi)

Bangalore, July 11: Voisun khan Bangalore Hmar Christian Fellowship thuoitu thar, karliem tah a thlang, hai inthrungkhawm in an sin ding hai insiemremna an nei a. Hieng ang hin kum 2010-12 sunga sin cheltu ding hai an ni lai an inthlang:-
1. President: Pu Nelson Doungel
2. Vice-President: Pu Robert L. Sungte
3. Secretary: Pu Nelson Songate
4. Asst Secretary: Pu Jonathan Kungate
5. Finance Secretary: Nk Sangzuol
6. Treasurer: Pi Nancy Morton

“Hieng hai bakah hin Committee member ding mi panga ruot an ni a; inhrietirna pek ning an tih,” ti thu thruoitu hai a inthokin dawng a nih.

Chuong hai chu:-
1. Pi Tharte
2. Tv Lalbiekthang
3.Tv Lalramsan
4. Nk Mary Jones
5. Tv Abraham Sellate

keivom By L.Keivom, Inpui Columnist.

Trong hi thil hring, inthrang le inthlak danglam pei a ni ang bokin inthrang loa a um chun a kawl le kienga trong inthrang lemin a dîp rìl a, a tawpah a dîp hlum hlak. Kong danga hril chun, tui thar luong lut zing lo dil ang a ni chun sawt nawteah a hung inhnop a, hmang tlak a hung ni naw vak a, a kang tiel tiel a, a ral hlak. Kum sawmnga sungin trong hi a thi hmin dèr thei a, kum sawmnga sung bokin trong thar a pieng thei bok. Naupang laia ei trong thiem èm ém hi hmang zom loa ei um chun kum khat kum hni sungin ei inhmang nawk vong thei. Trong thi tah hnung sukhring nawk thei dan um sun chu thu le hla hai zieka sie le lekhabua hlu lut le hum thrat a nih. Chu zara Hebrai trong khom hi rong thar puta an sukhring nawk thei a nih.

Kum 1992 February-a Mizoram sim Saiha-a kan inzin hung kir, Marboat-a Tuipui kan hung kan trumin Lawngtlai kaiah naupang kum 13 vel mi hin Lala Khobung le Hmar tronga kan inbiek ri a hriet chun a mi hung pan a. A Hmar trong chu ngainuomum kan ti a, nuizat zawnga lak chun nuizat a um bok a. A chanchin kan indon a. Kum hni vel liem taa a nu le Senvon-a inthoka hung inpem a lo ni zing a. A hang trong kha, iemani chen Hmar trongin, iemani chen Lusei trongin a suok. Hieng ang deuh hin: Ka nu leh Senvon atrangin kan hung inpem a, Mizo trong ngotin min bia a, Hmar trong pawh ka pai vang vang tawh a ni.

Hi naupang hin ngaituona a suksei khop el. Kum hni hnungah hmu nawk inla chu Hmar trong inhmang hulhuol tah dingin ka ring. Ka u Kamzabiek naulutir Mina L.Pari hi a hming ka phuok a ni bakah Bishenpur-a an um laiin College chawl chang an inah umin ka don hlak a. Meitei trong chu Meiteihai ang charin a thiem a. Bishenpura inthoka an inson hnungin Khawmawi-ah an um a, Hmar trong ngot hmangna hmun a ni leiin thla ruk hnunga chu Meitei tronga biek thei a ni ta nawh.

BC 721 laia Assuria lalin hmar tieng Israel lalram hung rùn a, a tam lem salah thruoi a, an ram ruok hluotu ding hnam dang a hung sie bita inthok khan Israel hnam sawm chu an trong pumin kum sawt nawte sungin an pil bo a, tu chen hin an hnung sui ngaina um loin an riral song tah a nih. BC 608 laia inthoka intrana Babulon lal Nebukadnezzar-in Judai Ram-a Israel mi la um sunhai a hung rùn a, mi tam tak Babulon tieng sala a thruoi hnung kum sawt nawte sung khan an trong Hebrai chu Aramik trongin a làn hman a, kum 70 hnunga an rama hung kir nawk hmasa takhai khom khan Aramik trong vong an hmang tah a nih. Isu hung laia an trong hmang khom khah Hebrai ni loin Aramik a nih. Tu laia an Hebrai trong hi Hebrai trong hlui besana hmanga trong thar an ser, a hawrop ziekna khom an siem thrat le vowel an belh a nih.

Hmar trong inthrang dan

‘Hmar trong’ tia hriet hung ni tah hi Hmar pahnam hrang hrang trong le Dulien/Lusei trong inchokpola inthoka trong thar hung suok, kha hmaa Hmar hnathlak thlang tla hmasahaiin ‘Khawsak Trong’ tia an lo hriet hlak kha a nih. Kum 1800 vel hnunga hung insiem tung le kum 1900 chawhma tienga inthoka hung inlang tran le gospel puongdarna tronga hmang a hung ni leia thu le hla ziekna tronga kum 1920 hnunga kristien sakhuo sula inthoka hung inder suok a nih.

Ziek ngeia Hmar trong a chuongna hmasa tak chu G.A.Grierson buotsai Linguistic Survey of India Vol.III Part III (Tibeto-Burman Family: Kuki-Chin & Burma Groups), 1904 kha a nih. Chu taka chun ‘Naupa Tlan hmang’ thu (Luka 15:11-32), Major J. Shakespear inlet chu hieng ang hin a chuong a: (Thlûk sei ‘â’ umna po hi ‘aw’ anga tiem ding a nih)

“Mi tu-na-ma-nih fa-pa pa-nhih a nei-a. A-nao-pang-lem-in a pa kuam-a, ‘Ka pa ro ka chan-tum mi pe-roh,’ a ta. Chuang-chun, a sum chu an in nhin a shem-rel-a. Ni-shât-nâ-tak-in a-nao-pang-lem-in sum a-reng-in a khâm-vong-a’ khua-lam la tak-a a fe-tah. Chu khua chun-in hoi-ta-bek-in a om-a, a sum chu a bo-mhang-ta-vong-a. A mhang-zo-vong-le an khua tiang chu na-sha-deo-vin an tam –a, bak-ding a tla-sham-a. Chuang-chun chu-hai khua chun tu-kuam-am shin thoh-in a va-thang. Chu mi-pa chun vok thlai pe-ding-in a lo tiang a thuai-a. Ziang-tin kâm vok-in a bak kha a-ma khom a-puar-tak a-bak a nuam-a, tu-khomin iang-khom an pe-noh-a. A harh-nâk-phing-le, ‘Ka pa kuam-a sum-lhâ-hai bu bak-shen-lo-va nei an tam-thia leh kei la-khi hi-lai-hin von-tam-in ka thi-vang-vang-a. Tho-ka-ta ka pa kuam-a va-rhil-ka-tih, “Ka pa van-a mi chung-a leh nang-a mit-mhu-in iang-tin ka thâ-shual, ka mhing i nao-pasal a-ring tlak ka ni-noh, I kuam-a sum-lhâh pa-khat ang-in mi shiam-ve-roh” ting-ka-tih.’ Chuang-chun a tho-va a pa kuam-a fe tah-a. Chuang-chun lha-tak-a a la-om-lai-in a pan a lo mhu- a, a khâ-ngai-a, a tlan-a, a ir a shuk-tua a fâp-a. A kuam-a a nao-pasal-in, ‘Ka pa van-a mi kuam-a leh nang-a mit-mhu-in iang-tin ka thâ-sual. Ka mhing i nao-pasal a-ring tlak ka ni-noh,’ a ta. Ni-khom-sian a pan a suak-hai kuam-a, ‘Puan tha tak tak kha hang-la-un-la hang-choi-tir-roh, a kut-a kut-sebi-hai, a khe-a phei-khok hang-bun-tir-roh, se-bâng-te a-thao-tak kha hang-la-un-lan that-ro, lhim-tak-in bak-ei-tih, hi ka nao-pasal hi a thi a a hong-rhing-nok a ni, an mhang nhu kan mhu-nok-ta a nih,’ a ta. Chuang-chun lhim-tak-in an om-tan-nok-ta-a.

A nao-pasal a-len-lem lo-va om. In-a hong-tlung-tâm-in iang-tin shut-ri le an lam-thâm a hong-rhiat-a. Chuang-chun suak tu-ma-nih a sham-a, ‘Chu ia-ma ni-ta-leh?’ a ta, a zât a. “I shang a hong-tlung-tah-a, him-tak-in a-mhu-lei-in i pan se-bâng-te thao tak kha a that,’ a ta. Chuang-chun a lung a shen-a in-a an loi-nuam-noh-a, a pa a hong-shuaka an thlêm a. Nih-man a pa kuam-a, ‘Rhe-roh, kum khâ hi-ang-chen-hi i sin ka thoh-a, i thu lakhi ka nhial-ngai-noh-a, ka rualhai kuam-a lâm-na-ding kel hai-khom ini pek-ngai-noh. Chuang-chun i nao-pasal hi nâ-chi-zuar kuam-a i sum bak-ral-vong-tu hi a hong-fe-phing-leh a-ma-ding-in se-bâng-te thao tak kha i lo-that-pek-zel-a’ a ta-lo-don-a. ‘Ka nao-pasal ka kuam-a i om-zing, an roh ka-ta poh chu i-ta vong an nih. Lhim tak le lâm tak-a om a tha an-nâ, hi i shang hi a thi hong-rhing-nok a nih, an mhang-a kan mhu-nok-ta a nih’ a ta. (p 259-261).

Hi thu inletnaa thrangpuitu chu Zote trong hmang hlak a nih ti ‘fâk’ ti neka ‘bak’, ‘phìng’ ti neka ‘von’ an hmanga inthok hin hriet thei a nih. Chun, ‘ie’ neka ‘ia’, ‘uo’ neka ‘ua’ an hmanga inthok hin Biete pahnama mi khom a ni el thei bok. A ieng khom chu ni sien, tuta ei hmang lai Baibul leh ei tekhi chun trong hmang dan le ziek danah kum za sung hin nasa takin a danglam tah ti inhmai ruol a ni nawh.


Tuta ‘Mizo trong’ tia hriet tah hi kha hma khan ‘Dulien trong’ tia hriet a ni a, Lusei hnathlakhaiin an hung hmang lar hnungin ‘Lusei trong’ ti a hung ni a, chu chu ‘Mizo trong’ tiin an hung thlak nawk tah pei a nih. Hi trong hi zieka sie a hung ni tranna chu kum 1894-a Aizawlah misawnari pahnih- S.W.Savidge (Sap Upa) le J.H.Lorrain (Pu Buanga) an hung a, anni khomin an hmang ve tho Roman hawrop hmanga A AW B an siema inthok a nih. Chu hawrop chu hmangin 1895 khan Luka ziek an inlet tran a, 1898 khan khawla sut chu a hung suok tah a nih. A kum nawk 1899-ah sikul an hong tran a. Hmu theia um, sikula inchuk ding lekhabu an siem hmasa tak Mizo Zir Tir Bu, phek 27-a sa, chu 1901-a Shillong, Assam Secretariat Printing Dept sut (2nd Edition) a nih. Sut khatna hi 1899 laia suok a ni ring a um.

Hieng laia Baibul an inlet dan chu a hnuoia hin a thren ka sie a, ngainuomum tak a nih. Braket sunga italics-a siehai hi inlet nuhnung tak, 2005 edition-a an sie dan a nih. Trong inthrang dan le a fie zuol pei dan hriet theina darthlalang thra tak a ni ka ring. Chîk taka ei bi chun, kum za hmaa ei trong hmang dan le tu laia ei hmang dan hi 30-40% velin a danglam ta a, kum za nawk hnunga chu tu laia ei Baibula ei trong hmang dan hi maktiin, nuizat siemnaah hmang tang an tih. Tu khomin ei hmang mek zing a nih ti a hnuoia ei thu tar langa hin hriet thei a nih.


3:6 Tin, nung na-ran in Pathian chhandamna an hmu ang (Pathian chhandamna chu mi tinin an hmu ang)

4:8 Tin, Jisua’n a hnena “Jihova i Pathian hnena dovan-kai roh, ama rong chaoh bawl roh, ti a ziak a ni,” a ti a. ( Isuan, “Lalpa i Pathian chu chibai buk la, ama rawng chauh bawl rawh’ tih ziak a ni” a tihsan a).

8:10- “Jihova ram thu zep nangni hriat an oih e, ama eraw chu mi dang chu teh-khin thu chaoh-in an oih. (Pathian ram thu ril chu nangni hriat atana tih a ni a, mi dangte tan erawh chuan thu harsa a ni).

8:50 “Hlao shu, ring mai roh, chutichuan a dam leh ta ve ang” a ti a. (“Hlau suh, ring mai la, a dam leh ang” a ti a)


1:5 Johana’n tui in a baptaiz thin kha, nimahsela ni rei lo te an, Thlarao Thatfamkim-a baptizam in chang ang, a ti a. (Johana chuan tuiin a baptis a, nangni erawh chu ni rei lo te-ah Thlarau Thianghlima baptis in ni ang” tiin a hrilh a)

Korinth I

13:1 Mihring leh van-tirhkoh tawngin thu shawi mah ila, hmangaih nei shuh ila, dar ri mai mai emaw, darbenthek ri emaw mai ka lo ni. (Mihring tawngte leh vantirhkoh tawngtein thu sawi thei mah ila, hmangaihna ka neih si loh chuan, dar ri ang emaw, darbenthek ri ang emaw chauh ka ni ang)

Korinth II

7:10 Pathian lama hmangaih-na-in inchhir lo chhandamna turin shima a thawk. (Pathian duhzawng anga lungngaihna hian chhandamna tura simna a thlen a, inchhirawm lo tak a ni)


5:1-2 Libarti atan a Krista in min chhua,: chutichuan ding nghet ula bawi-tanna nghawng-kawl-a chuan lo hnawk tawh suh u. Ngai teh u, kei Pawla’n in hnena ka shawi hi, peritem lo chang ula, Krista engma-in a sawt lo vang che u. (Krista chuan min zalentir ta si a, in zalennaah hian ding tlat ula, bawih nghawngkawl bat leh tawh suh u)


2:11 Ama-a peritem kuta-a shiam a ni lo chuan peritem pawh-in in lo awm, tisha chu a hlip shawn-in, Krista peritema chuan. (Amaah serh tan in ni ta, kuta tisa vun tan ni lovin, Kristaah chuan serh tan in ni)

Note: Tuta ‘ser tan’ tia inlet hi a hmasa tak chun ‘peritem’ tiin an sie a, chu chu Grik trong a nih. Kum 1898-a an inleta chun “Naoshen zang tan” (Luka 1:59) tiin an sie a, kum 1912-a an ennon khomin “Nausen zang tan” tiin an la sie zing a, kum 1924-a ruok chu ‘Nausen serh tan” tiin an hung thlak tah thung a nih. ‘Peritem’ kha lo hmang zing sien chu ‘pulpit, sermon, sakramen, pen’ tihai ang hin eini trong hrim sawn tang ei tih. ‘Lekha’ ti dam hi Vai trong a nia chu ei tuoltro trong ei sawn tah vong a nih.

Hienga bu hrang hrang an inlethai hi siem phuisui peiin kum 1924 khan Thuthlung Thar bu hmasa tak chu an sut a, bu mal mal an inlet le sut trana inthokin Thuthlung Thar bu pum bu khata a hung suokna dingin kum 26 sung a lak a nih. Chuonga fe peiin Lusei tronga Baibul pumpui chu September 6, 1959 khan a suok a; kum sawmah, October 1968 khan Hmar tronga Holy Bible khom a suok ve tah a nih. Hrietna le trong a hung inthrang pei ruolin Lusei tronga mi chu an siem thra zing a, hma a hung sawn deu deu a. Hmar tronga mi ruok chu sut a’n khat bakah a buoipuituhaiin sin dang le fawmkèma an thaw a ni leiin a châng lem chun hma sawn nekin hnung ei intawl lem am a ni aw ti ding hielin a um.

Ei ngirhmun thlalak

Dr. Thanglung inlet Baibul 1968 suoka chun Deuteronomy 11:10-12 chu hieng ang hin Lusei tronga an inlet ang charin, “In va hluo ding ram chu in hung suokna Aigupta ram, thlai huona chi in tuh a, in kea tui in buokna hlak ang a ni nawh a; in va hluo ding ram chu tlanghai le ruomhai le van ruotui dawng ram a ni lem a. LALPA in Pathienin a zawng suok ram a nih; LALPA in Pathien mit chu kum thara inthawka a tawp chenin a fu hlak” tiin a sie a. BSI sut Hmar-Millenium Edition (2005) le BFW sut nuhnung taka chen a ngai charin ei la sie zing a nih.

Hi hi entirnaa ka hung hmang san chu, iemani chena inthok khan trong hmang dan mumal tak ei lo ser suok taa chu indik taka hmang tumna lungril le hmang nachang ei hriet naw amani aw ti dingin a um a, chu chu ei Baibul chang thur suok khi hrilfiena thra tak a nih. Hi taka hin trong hmang dan indik lo, grammar indik lo le inlet suol hulhuol thil pathum a um a. Chuonghai chu inlettuhai le tiemtuhaiin ei hmu thei naw chun trong hmang thuah ei ngaituona mit a la meng tawk nawh tina a ni el thei. Hieng ang chi hi ei Baibul hmang laia hai hin hmu ding a tam em em. A chunga mi chauh khi a bat batin hang hril ei tih. Chu chun ei hma bak nor ding inkozie ngaidan ei nei thei ka ring.

Pakhatna, “in kea tui in buokna hlak” ti trongkam hi ngaituo buoi khom ngai loin trongkam indik lo a nih ti ei hriet thei nghal ka ring. Eini lai hin kea tui buok ei um ta hlak am aw? Kutin an naw tui ei buok hlak? Chu chu ni siin, ieng dinga Baibul thu a ni lei ela kea tui ei buok ding? Hi taka a hril tak chu, ke ngota tui chawia thlai chawm harsatzie le Pathienin van ruotuia thlai a chawmna hmuna chenghai vangnei dan hang inthlauzie thu a nih.

Pahnina, “in va hluo ding ram chu tlanghai le ruomhai le van ruotui dong ram a ni lem” ti hi an ram hluo ding chu phaizawl ringot ni lo, tlang le ruom umna le ruo a surna hlak ram a ni thu a hrilna a nih. Aigupta rama Israelhai umna Goshen phaizawl, tlang um nawna le ruo a sur ngai zen zen lona le an hluo ding Kanan Ram chu a hrilkhi a nih. India hmar sak ram, ruotui tamna hmuna chenghai chun ruo a sur der nawna ram hi ei ngaituona khomin a suongtuo thei naw el thei. Kum 1980-83 sung Saudi Arabiaa kan um lai voi khat char ruo a sur a, chu chu November 14, 1980 chawhnung dar thumah a nih. Hi hi thil vang a ni leiin a ni khom ka hrietzingna khawlin a la vong zing ni mei a tih.

Ei hril nuom tak ruok chu, “tlanghai le ruomhai le ruotui dong ram” ti hi sentence kim lo a ni bakah trul loa plural ‘hai’ voi hni zet inzepna le a hrilfienaa ‘ruotui dong ram’ (adjectival noun) hi a ram um dan hrilfietu pakhat a ni leiin a ram um dan hrilfiena dang ‘tlang le ruom’ hrilfietuin a um thei nawh, ti a nih. Hi hin grammar dan a bawsiet bakah a kawk a fuk thei naw bok. Delhi Version-a chu “in va hluo ding ram chu tlang le phairuom umna, van ruotui dong ram a nih” tiin kan sie. Zo le phai, tlang le ruom ei ti hin plural nina a pai sa a, a hrana plural sinsiena sie a ngai ta nawh. Ei Baibul hmang laihai hi hang tiem inla, Saptronga plural form an siena taphotah eini trong fe dan ni naw sienkhom ‘hai’ ti bel trep trep an tum a, ei trong kal rem le grammar fe dan nasa takin a khak buoi a nih. Hieng ang thu rem dan indik lo hi ei lo pawlnel sawt tah leiin le ngaiah neia chuong anga ziek chu ei ching thrang tah leiin, ei thaw suol a nih ti khom ei hriet thei tah naw a, ei hriet tlat naw leiin insiem thrat trûlah khom ei ngai nawh. Chu chu ei thrangmawbawk laia pakhat a nih.

Pathumna, ‘LALPA in Pathienin a zawng suok ram a nih’ tia an sie hi Lusei tronga an inlet dan ang chara a comma khom pei loa an lo inlet sawng ve top el a nih. Baibul ei en ruok chun ieng tronga zieka khom ‘Lalpa zong suok ram’ ti hi a um naw hrim hrim. Chu chu ni siin, ieng leia ngaingam taka ei lo lak lut ve? Ngaituona hmanga ei bi chieng naw lei dam le Lusei tronga an inlet dan ang anga a hrum a hriela ei kawpi sawng lei dam a nih. Iengkim siemtu, hretu le neitu Pathienin a la zong suok fawm hiel khopa ram pilrila um anga ei inngai leiin, ei ngirhmun le inhmea an lo hriet dan angin an lo inlet ve top el niin a’n lang. Inzakum deu a nih, inzak nachang ei hriet chun.

Delhi Version-a chu Deut. 11:10-12 hi, “In hluo ding ram chu in hung suokna Aiguptaa thlai chi in thlàk a, thlai huon anga harsa taka ke ngot hmanga tuia in chawm hlak ang kha a ni nawh; in va hluo ding ram chu tlang le ruom umna, van ruotui dong ram a nih. Chu ram chu LALPA in Pathien ram duot a na; kum bula inthoka kum tawp chenin LALPA in Pathien mit a fu zing hlak” tiin sie a nih. Duthu a lam chie nawa chu a hmasa le inkarah mel tam a tla tah. Sut nawka chu hi neka nam le fel-fai lema sie ning a tih.

Entirna pakhat dang hang la nawk inla. Chanchin Thra Johan 1: 4 a ‘light’ ti chuh Lusei tronga ‘enna’ tia an inlet leiin Dr. Thanglungin Hmar tronga a’n letin ‘varna’ tiin a sie a, “chu hringna chu mihriemhai varna a nih” tiin millenium kum 2000 ei tlung chen khan ei la ti chur chur a. ‘Light’ chu Hmar trongin ‘var’ a ni a, ‘varna’ chu Saptrongin ‘wisdom’ a ni bok si. BD/MTh/Doctorate iemani zat ei suok hnung khoma inlet dik lo a nih ti hre suok thei loin, inkhaw trawt trawtin a hrilfiena ei siem a, ei tlip mawi a. Ieng leia chu indanglamna chu man suok thei loa ei um? Hi thil hi ka nghok leiin ri ka siem a. Chu zar chun BFW buotsai 2002 suoka chun ‘var’ tiin an hung thlak a, BSI sut 2005-a khom an hung sukdik ve tah pei a nih.

Chu lungmawlna le inthimna chu lungvar neia ei siem phot naw chun ieng angin ei trong sukhmasawn tum inla khom thil thei a ni nawh. Sungril mit varna thrang lo chun taksa mitin hmu kur inla khom ei thil hmu umzie ei hriet thei nawh. ‘Hnam hmelma, hnam inphatsantu’ ti umzie khom hre si lo le thusuok tlawmte khom ziek indik thei mang si loin literechar sukhmasawn ka tum chun, ka tumna le thrahnemngaina chu inpak tlak a ni lai zingin, ka tak bitna le kawrongna hriet suok phot tum chu ka thil thaw hmasak ding ni lem awm tak a nih. A thuphunga hriet le a tak rama tonhriet inkar hi iengkimah a hlat lai zingin, thu le hla khawvela lem chu a hla zuol el thei. Hi lei tak hin a si le a tak critics haiin an buk pha leh John Ruolngulin, “literature-on-demand” a ti ang chi hi chuh Belsazar chan an inchangtir hlak hrim a nih.

Trong hrim hrim hi a hmangtuhai dung nêka insangin a’n thrang thei nawh. Thil thar chi hrang hrang hmusuoktu hnam chun a thil hmu suok hrilna ding trongkam a ser sa ngei ngei. Sura The Great khan mongping operation chauh thaw loin le Phungpuinu sekibusuok ringa lungawi el loin vuongna dam lo siem sien chu, vuongna bung (parts) po po hrilna eini trongin nei daih tang ei tih. Arbawm tâ dàn teknawlawzi chen ei hriet a, a bung tin hrilna ding trongkam khom ei nei. Tu laia arbawm tâ dàn khom hre ta lohai chun arbawm hrilna trongkam khom an hriet ta nawh.

Chuong ang chu ei trong hmasawn dan a ni chun ieng am thaw tang ei ta? Insuo zalen a, hrietna le thiemna tui thara ni tin chawm a, a fintu vadung hrang hrang la lut a, chuonghai chu thlit fim a, mi tin pan tlak, chawi tlak le dawn tlaka siem a ngai. Chu literechar vadung chawmtuhai chu thu le hlaa inhnikna nei, thlarau hrang hrang pawlna donghaia inthoka far thla, zieka an khawl khawm, an kutsuok intling khawm a nih. Ziek dinga mortu le taimakna petu khom annia inkoltir le thok thlarau a nih. Literature-on-demand chu hnar nei lo, mi mawtor-a tui an hung chawi lo inchawk ang mei mei a nih. Hmar MIL ringot thlir le inhûkpuia ei literechar sukhmasawn ei tum a ni chun hmeithai in tiet khom indin suok ngai nawng ei tih. Inpui hrietpui le hrietpui loin literechar khawvelah kongro a suk naw a, a suk thei naw a, suk ngai bok naw nih. AK-47 a kap suok thei chi khom a ni bok nawh.

(July 6, 2010 Delhi)

Hmar BHCF Bangalore: Bangalore Hmar Christian Fellowship (BHCF) members yesterday elected new leaders for the year 2010-2012 during Sunday’s service.

The day also marked the 6th Anniversary of the BHCF. Over 90 believers gathered at Divyva Shanthi Church in Lingarajpuram and a feast was also organized. Rev Robert Vanlallien, who could be the local pastor for Bangalore, delivered the gospel message.

The newly elected office bearers are: - Pu Nelson Songate, Pu Nelson Doungel, Pu Robert L. Sungte, Pu Jonathan Kungate, Pi Nancy Morton and Nk Sangzuol. The election was presided by Rev Robert Vanlallien and Tv Lalbiekthang.

Portfolios and committee members will be decided at the first BHCF meeting after the out-going OBs handover charge to the new OBs.

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